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Day 1 of the 3-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

Lauryn Evarts fitness blogger completes juice cleanse challenge.

After return countless e-mails yesterday/last night/this morning/in the car/while working out/in bed, I have come to three conclusions:

1.) I am developing blisters from typing too much; I may need an e-mail hiatus.

2.) A lot of my readers are named Ashley or Stefanie.

3.) Through this juice cleanse challenge I am thrilled to discover how many of you are motivated towards living a healthy, happy life!

On a different note, so far today has been pretty easy. I have chugged water, drank tons of tea, & sipped my juice [ which I think tastes delicious…weird? ]. How are you guys feeling? I encourage you to comment below & share your Day 1 experience! As for my workout, I did an hour of Pilates.

Tonight I am having this:

Mike’s Super Low-Sodium Soup:

+ Serves four people

– Manishevitz Veggie mix
– 1 sautéed onions
– 1 1/2 cup of celery
– 1 1/2 cup of chopped carrots
– 1 chopped zucchini 
– 7 cups of organic, low-sodium chicken stock
– 1/3 chopped, fine
– 1/2 lemon

Use a large pot. Bring the broth & sautéed veg to a boil. Add dry Manishevitz  veggie mix. Simmer for one hour. Add the zucchini and the cabbage. Cook for an additional 30 minutes. Add seasoning mix that comes in the Manishevitz. Let sit until cool enough to eat. Add a squeeze of lemon. Total prep time: 2 hours.

For the protein part I am having a low-sodium, extra lean, plain turkey burger [ sans bun ]. What’s on your Day 1 menu tonight?

Best of luck- stay motivated; Summer 2012 is just around the corner ; ).

Lauryn Evarts fitness blogger completes juice cleanse challenge.

[ Some teas I’ve been drinking ]

Lauryn Evarts fitness blogger completes juice cleanse challenge.

[ Our homemade low-sodium soup filled with veggies ]

Lauryn Evarts, fitness and health blogger from Southern California with juice cleanse tips.

[ Veggies that went into in my homemade turkey burger ]

Lauryn Evarts fitness blogger completes juice cleanse challenge.

[ Preparing for Day 2 ]

  1. Going well!! Had a coffee– opps. At least it was just iced, no sugar. Also had a handful of almonds, small salad/no dressing w/ avocado and two bananas– I had a work lunch that did not allow me to NOT eat something. This may seem bad- but for me, this is positive. 🙂 I will prob skip dinner, and juice tonight to make up for my bad behavior earlier today!!

  2. Almost through day 1! Feeling great. Hunger has not set in yet. Cannot even remember how much water&tea I have drank today! Tonight’s dinner is going to be scrambled eggs w/ spinach and turkey 🙂

  3. Finished the (yummy, I agree!!) juice around 3:30, and had half a banana… Much like Jules, we had staff meeting at school this morning!! I had SO much water though– I had to get my class covered twice to pee! I had an egg and two egg whites scrambled (with a little hot sauce!!) and a spinach salad with oil and vinegar for dinner. I feel totally full and energized right now, but I do have a little headache– not sure what that’s about. I’m about to have a venti unsweetened half green tea half passion tea- yum! I’m going to do 45 min of yoga and juice for tomorrow at home– whole foods closes and I’m crazy busy!! Going to take instagram pics tomorrow– klaspc8!
    Whee this was long. I’m very excited though– UPS brought my new bikini for this weekend today, eep!
    Xo, Paige

    1. Sounds perfect. Do what works for you- you know your body best! I’m sure your bikini will look super cute. xo

  4. Day 1 was tough, my 1st time doing this. Juice wasn’t bad but have 8 cups of the same thing

  5. That wasn’t bad!!
    I feel good, I had an egg white scramble with turkey and spinach for dinner and I’m ready for day#2!! See you tomorrow for workout min <3

  6. Re: above post and in defense of barre workouts
    I will just say that I have not seen results in years of gym workouts and or outdoor sports (including three mid-distance triathlons and their grueling training schedules) that I have seen in 6 weeks of Bar Method classes (the version we have in my area).
    My heart rate is up the entire time and I sweat just as much as in my high-impact cardio sculpt class. Having danced through high school, I can tell you this dance-based workout is the real deal. The workouts really bring me back to that time too 🙂 Plus, my triceps and abs haven’t felt this strong in years.
    A woman in one of my classes wore a BodyBugg and burned almost 500 calories in the hour. Certain reports have shown up to 700 for women and 800 for men.

  7. I’m sorry to butt in but have you done Purre Barre? I mean, actually done it for the amount of time necessary? I exercise often and the Barre method is difficult. It’s not just standing with a barre and pretending to be a ballerina. You burn and you do sweat quite a bit. Spinning is fine if you like high intensity muscle building exercise. I’d rather have long and lean muscles versus bulky muscles from pumping a bike with my legs for an hour. But to each her own.

    Also, the cleanse is not mostly apples or oranges. The few that are in there take away some of the bitterness that the otherwise vegetable juice would have. She is not sitting around drinking apple or orange juice all day and calling it a cleanse.

    I’m sorry that not everyone can do your Blueprint Cleanse. Some people cannot afford that. I like the cleanse Lauren provided to those that chose to ask for it because you are getting so many good veggies in a day.

    Lauryn is a very helpful person and she practices what she talks about. The proof is in her body. She works hard and is very kind to help others leave behind unhealthy life habits. With Lauryn, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. It just feels like I’m making healthier lifelong decisions. I don’t know her personally other than from her blog so I am just calling it like I see it.

    I think Lauryn is a great person and shouldn’t be discredited for the workouts she gives. I mean, calling her workouts “JV” is a little childish. You aren’t comfortable with her workouts? Don’t do them. I don’t do all of the workouts she talks about if I feel they aren’t for me. But I don’t discount them and make it seem like my method of exercising is better.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with Flower!!! If you don’t like Lauryns approach please feel free to get off her site we don’t need your negativity here we all love her and that is why we are here.

  8. Here is my day 1 feedback 🙂

    I felt great…only felt hungry at one point during the day and had grilled salmon and a kale salad (sans dressing) for dinner. I experienced a bit of a headache at night but nothing horrible.

    One thing about getting the juices from Whole Foods (or at least the one I went to)…they can’t put apples, tomatoes or lemons in since they don’t have them in any of their menu item juices and won’t let you buy within the store for them to juice for you. Day 1 I drank without the apple or tomatoes in the juice but I added in lemon juice to the juice myself. Still tasted great!

    When I picked up Day 2 and taste tested I knew it NEEDED the apple juice in so I bought some fresh pressed apple juice from Trader Joes and added it in.

    Thanks again for sharing this cleanse with your readers!

    1. Perfect! You know your body, so in my opinion adding organic apple juice was right for you : ). Congrats Caitlyn!

  9. Hi!! Did anyone get their juices from Whole Foods? If so… did you call or go into the store to place the order? Which department? And how much is it for them to juice everything for you? Sorry for all the questions… this will be my first juice cleanse (I’m planning to start it Monday morning). So ecited!! Thanks!

    1. I am getting them at Whole Foods. It’s pretty expensive. It is $6.99 for a 16oz serving. So at 4 a day you’re looking at about 28 a day. Like Caitlyn the Juice Bar didn’t have certain veggies but they did allow me to buy them within the store and they put them in. Their produce is pricey so be prepared for that. The juices from both days have been soooooo yummy!

  10. Yay Nicole and Flower!! When I read that I was like, “Relax! If you don’t like it then don’t do it!!” I am so impressed with Lauryn’s blog! I came across it about a month ago and have read it everyday since. We do love you Lauryn!!

    Day 1 was difficult towards the end of the night because I am a waitress and was around junk food all night and didn’t get to eat my chicken with broccoli and asparagus until 8. I was getting a little grumpy but after I ate I was ok. Day 2’s juice is REALLY yummy!! But I am finding it much harder today to resist food. I think I am doing a hardboiled egg, some tuna, and veggies for dinner tonight. I really hope I can finish this. Good luck to everyone else!!

  11. Rebecca,

    I am starting Monday too!! I called my whole foods today and they said it would be $4.95 per 16 oz so it’s more like $19 here per juice. I just called and they transferred me to the juice bar and they said I could make my own that’s not on the menu so we shall see how that goes!

  12. I started the cleanse this yesterday, never got around to it last week. I blended the ingredients myself, and found day 1 ingredients end up being more than 64 oz. Day 1 was fine, not as hard as I thought! I never lost energy and even had a ton of energy at night!

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