Date Night


Insalata Caprese with tomato and mozzarella cheese with basil

Sunday is usually a date night., and we are never short of ideas. We both like to unwind at a charming restaurant in Downtown San Diego, have a spicy bottle of red wine & select a bunch of appetizers to split. Our friend, Westin [ who also happens to craft some of the most avant-garde furniture I have ever seen] recommended Island Prime restaurant, claiming it delivered one of the best ambiences in town, especially at sunset. His recommendation turned out to be amazing & delicious. I chose the Caprese [ contains free radicals ], the green beans [ a natural diuretic ] with pecans [ extremely filling, naturally ] & oysters [ iron & omegas ]. Our dessert was strawberries & cream [ oh… & the Bordeaux too ].

Quick skinny tip: Menu items contain way more calories, sugar & carbs than you think. Modify your order. Ask for extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, lemon & red wine vinegar instead of dressing, and/or grilled menu items instead of fried.

Beautiful view at Island Prime

Appetizers at Island Prime restaurant

Best oysters in San Diego

Best desserts in San Diego



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  1. AvatarJennifer

    Great post.. Looks delicious! Will be making it this week. Love The Skinny Confidential.

  2. AvatarMike

    I have the perfect cheese in the fridge and ready to go..tomato this time of year could be a challenge. Balsamic vinegar? 12 year old and fab.

  3. Avatarisabelle

    just stumbled across your blog today and read everything! i love it! so cool to know you live in san diego as well. i’ve been meaning to try a class at pure barre but haven’t gotten the chance to! you work at the one in solana beach? do you know shay? i use to work with her! anyway, if you ever sub at the one in hillcrest i woud love to take your class! thanks for the great posts! i can tell i’m going to be addicted to your blog 🙂

    1. AvatarLauryn Post author

      Hi Isabelle!! I work at the Pure Barre in Solana Beach and I do know Shay; she is amazing. I do sometimes sub in Hillcrest and I will keep you updated. I am happy you like the site- you are so sweet. xoxo