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Date Night

Insalata Caprese with tomato and mozzarella cheese with basil

Sunday is usually a date night., and we are never short of ideas. We both like to unwind at a charming restaurant in Downtown San Diego, have a spicy bottle of red wine & select a bunch of appetizers to split. Our friend, Westin [ who also happens to craft some of the most avant-garde furniture I have ever seen] recommended Island Prime restaurant, claiming it delivered one of the best ambiences in town, especially at sunset. His recommendation turned out to be amazing & delicious. I chose the Caprese [ contains free radicals ], the green beans [ a natural diuretic ] with pecans [ extremely filling, naturally ] & oysters [ iron & omegas ]. Our dessert was strawberries & cream [ oh… & the Bordeaux too ].

Quick skinny tip: Menu items contain way more calories, sugar & carbs than you think. Modify your order. Ask for extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, lemon & red wine vinegar instead of dressing, and/or grilled menu items instead of fried.

Beautiful view at Island Prime

Appetizers at Island Prime restaurant

Best oysters in San Diego

Best desserts in San Diego



  1. Great post.. Looks delicious! Will be making it this week. Love The Skinny Confidential.

  2. I have the perfect cheese in the fridge and ready to go..tomato this time of year could be a challenge. Balsamic vinegar? 12 year old and fab.

  3. just stumbled across your blog today and read everything! i love it! so cool to know you live in san diego as well. i’ve been meaning to try a class at pure barre but haven’t gotten the chance to! you work at the one in solana beach? do you know shay? i use to work with her! anyway, if you ever sub at the one in hillcrest i woud love to take your class! thanks for the great posts! i can tell i’m going to be addicted to your blog 🙂

    1. Hi Isabelle!! I work at the Pure Barre in Solana Beach and I do know Shay; she is amazing. I do sometimes sub in Hillcrest and I will keep you updated. I am happy you like the site- you are so sweet. xoxo

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