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Date Night: Part II (AKA A 20 Minute Look)

The Skinny Confidential talks date night.The Skinny Confidential talks date night. The Skinny Confidential talks date night.

So, you guys already read up on ‘Date Night: Part I‘…& well, didn’t want to leave ya hanging so here’s Part II:

Ok, these pictures were shot right after I got ready ( AKA the 20 minute, pull your ass together ASAP for a hot date night kind of ready ). We’ll talk more on that in a sec though.

Michael & I have been walking to nearby restaurants instead of driving because it’s fun, flirty, & sort of romantic don’t ya think? And pre-date night photo opps are always fun ( so casual/normal, lol! )…especially because we were able to steal a few pictures with our babies, Boone & Pixy.

The Skinny Confidential talks date night.

Anyway, here’s the finishing touch details on my date night look:

The hair. After I took out my low Sleep Bun, I added Wella’s paraben-free hair oil ( DO NOT BE AFRAID OF OIL ON YOUR HAIR, I SWEAR- IT’S A GAME CHANGER!! ) to the tips of my locks & a tinnnnnny bit of hairspray to the bottom.

I’m a fan of Wella’s hairspray because it still makes my hair look bouncy & gives it a little shiny-shine. The hairspray helps to hold the low Sleep Bun ‘curl.’ Also, make sure when you’re adding the hairspray you don’t go above your ears, I find the lower on my head the better, extra large ‘curls’ appear.

If you even want to call it a ‘curl?’ I feel like it’s more of a big, soft wave. Basically instead of doing it like super straight you get that effortless look. Does this make sense?

The Skinny Confidential talks date night.

Obviously we already talked about my favorite lipsticks & heels, but in these shots I’m wearing a very specific lipstick color that was recommended to me by my really good friend, Kylie Jenner.

eer, ::crickets::

But really Kylie did a post somewhere that says she swears by this lipstick & this lipliner ( + these ones are flattering shades for teeth ) & I’ve been rocking it out A LOT. It’s the same color as my lips so I do an overline to make them extra kissable for Michael ( nudge, nudge babe ). Next time if I want to look like Kylie, I’ll overline my entire face ( her lips are HUGE! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks date night.

The blue dress was found at Van De Vort & you can also find it here. It’s super flow-y & Marilyn Monroe ( but if she lived in the 80’s ). Kind of obsessed with how it blows in the wind— so perfect for a casual walk to the restaurant. Nude shoes are Ryan Haber mules.

One thing I love about these pics is I’m dressed up & Michael’s dressed down. I loveeeeee when he dresses down, I like the contrast to my flowy dress. Am I weird?

So! That’s a date night look from start to finish— what’s your favorite 20 minute way to prep for a hot, steamy night out?

lauryn, xx

P.S. Wella is hosting an Instagram contest! Find the rules here & check out their makeover video here.

The Skinny Confidential talks date night.

  1. You really shouldn’t say anything negative about big lips. A lot of different races and ethnicities have big lips. I’ve seen you make comments like this before about other things as well, which is why I’m no longer holding my tongue. Used to be a huge fan of yours too.

    1. I am not saying anything negative about big lips. In fact, I LOVE big lips. I did a full post on making my lips look bigger. Check it out babe:

  2. Ahh I miss date nights. My boyfriend and I have been so busy lately that date nights have gone out the window. I like to have at least 2 a month, to keep things from getting boring. It’s been almost 5 years now and date nights are imperative, especially if you live together!


    coffeeslag: what i wore

  3. These sounds like amazing hair products! And can we talk about Micheal´s style? I need his boots!


  4. I think you’ve done a wonderful job! There are so many fantastic blogs out there that narrowing down to 100 is no simple task. Most I already knew, but others were a breath of fresh air. Thank you! I hope my blog be amhere e use tips from this blog

  5. Big soft waves are my fave too! I always love the pics of you guys with the dogs – everyone looks so happy 🙂 Xx

  6. LOOOOOVE the contract between a hot girl dressed up and her man casual, yet cool – nailed it! P.S. if you REALLY want to look like Kylie, you need to inject those those lips . .. lip liner, haha!

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