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Date Night Hair | Part 1

The Skinny Confidential x Wella.

The Skinny Confidential x Wella.

Call me weird but date night is an important part of my life.

It’s an opportunity for me & Michael to go out and talk ( without our phones ) or any other distractions. We typically order a nice bottle of red wine and split an appetizer. Usually we try ( keyword: ‘try’ ) to avoid any convo about work too.

But let’s talk about pre-date night.

Like, you know, how to prepare.

If you know me, you know my middle name is procrastination so prepping isn’t exactly my strong spot? LOL?


Top three priorities:


AKA: duh, duh, & DUH.

Those three things can change your look and don’t require 5 million hours of prep.

Let’s start with hair.

I get a lot of questions on hair so I figured a visual would be the best way to explain. For date night, I utilize the five minute to fab rule. All I do is spray my hair with a little oil ( lately I’ve been loving the Wella Professionals LuxeOil Leave-In Conditioning Spray ). I like to put the oil towards my ends so it seals in/repairs any serious split ends and leaves my hair smelling great ( AND gives Michael a reason to lean in a little closer ).

If you’re afraid of oil on your hair, DON’T BE. It makes such a difference if you’re using the correct kind. And it also matters where on the hair you place it. Obviously you don’t want to rub oil on your roots. Keep it towards the ends of your hair & you’ll be a very, VERY happy camper.

After the oil I put my hair in to a low Sleep Bun.

  The Skinny Confidential x Wella.

The low Sleep Bun allows me to keep my hair off my face while I slab on some quick makeup. Also it primes the hair for exactly the look I’m going for.THENNNN I go in for makeup. Think: quick Laura Mercier foundation, a little brow powder, my prime/curl/prime/mascara method, & last but CERTAINLY not least a bold lip. A bold lip looks like I put a million hours into the look when really I’ve had 20 to 30 minutes to get ready, on a lucky day.

After my makeup is done I’ll throw on a baggy, chic blouse, some tight jeans, and PUMPS!! Pumps are quick to throw on & they add some height which scream sex appeal.


Now it’s time to undo my hair. As you can see from the photos I take out my Sleep Bun clip, shake out my hair, & add the magic ingredient: the Wella Professionals LuxeOil Light Oil Shine Spray. It’s paraben free & absolutely perfect for adding shine to the Sleep Bun wave.

The Skinny Confidential x Wella.

The Sleep Bun wave is the perfect, effortless hair do for date night. I can’t wait to show you guys the final look…

Stay tuned for date night, part two later next week!!

What are your sexy, sassy date night prep tips?

x, Lauryn

P.S. Speaking of date night, Wella is partnering with to encourage woman to show off their date night hair! Submit your date night look when the contest kicks off next week & follow @WellaHairUSA for more deets!

{ pics: Jade Park }

The Skinny Confidential x Wella.


  1. Perfect post! Thank you 🙂 The oil for hair trick is the best beauty secret ever, can transform your hair in an instant!


  2. I hear you lady – I feel like I never have more than 5 minutes for date night. In fact last Sat when I got home from travelling, I literally was too lazy to remove my sweats and leave the house for our usual spot down the street!! SO BAD! Bad bad bad. I like the hair oil suggestion – I am always so concentrated on the dry shampoo that I don’t think of this step! Giving it a shot for sure 🙂

  3. Soooo true with the oil part. I used to be terrified of putting oil since my hair is naturally oily, but as I keep coloring & highlighting my hair it I realize how much my ends need it (my roots are still doing fine without). It’s made styling my hair and even just brushing my hair less of a nightmare. And while not really a tip, having some great date prep music makes getting ready a million times more enjoyable!

  4. Definitely need to give this oil thing a shot! I’m so scared of anything oil on my skin/hair because I’m so oily as it is. Can’t wait to give it a try though!

  5. I seriously respect your date night commitment. I always think that when I read your posts, ‘her and her boyfriend really keep such a good balanced schedule making time for each other!’ It’s inspiring for sure.

    Now I want to schedule my own date night with the man, for our relationship but also to wear heels and such hehe

    Thanks girl!

  6. I hate how much I love you guys! Especially since I didn’t get picked for the TSC workout plan…but I just cant help but read your blog, its good. damnit. I hate you. just kidding I don’t.

    1. Aww thanks babe!! Definitely e-mail me so I can add you next week’s contest! I’m picking 20 more bloggers : ) x

  7. I, like you, go a good while without hair washing so I’ll have to try the oil since my ends are horrific haha (I’m in desperate need of a haircut) Also , if you don’t get to a salon for a blow out do you recommend a shampoo that’s good for weekly washings? Thanks! I absolutely love your blog and you! Xo

  8. I was wondering who you go to get your highlights done in San Diego? I moved here from LA and don’t know who to go to! Love your blog!! Xoxo

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