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Date Night Details x Video

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and relationships.

Sometimes I blog about my throw-together-last-minute-because-who-the-hell-has-time-to-plan-a-full-blown-sexy-date-night-once-a-week experiences, but I’ve never gone in to full detail.

SOOOOooo today I put together a little listy-poo of all my favorite quick date night ideas. And of course, I had to show you a peek in to one of our latest date nights…soooo here’s a day in the life video with date night included ( this happens once a week…if we’re lucky!! ):

Ok so, you guys have read about my whole whip together, Brussels sprout salad, so I don’t need to dig in to that whole thing, BUT here are some tips I have for throwing together a super easy, quick date night for your hunny:

♡ CHEESEE!!! I’m kind of like a rat when it comes to cheese. Like, don’t F with my cheese. I could never be full vegan because I just love CHEESE. I’m very specific though when it comes to cheese. During date night I always have a little Brie ( the kind from France is my fav ) and I’M OBSESSED WITH Gruyere cheese. Having a soft & a hard cheese is kind of my thing #totalrat. This cheese board is super cool because you can write the names of the cheese in chalk!

♡ Always add fruit!! Fruit obviously pairs well with cheese. I’m a fan of plump green grapes, berries, or pineapple slices ( use toothpicks in each chunk for easy access ). Cheese without fruit, is just not ok in my book. Usually I’ll add some nuts to the plate, as well as some herbs for garnish. These bowls are fun for fruit.

♡ Music is a real mood setter. As you guys know I’m a huge fan of Brazilian Lounge on Pandora or Spotify. Ask Michael & he will tell you our favorite artist is Sergio Mendes. We’re kind of old school like that…so I always have some sexy Brazilian Lounge playing in the background.

♡ Make the space inviting. Michael loves when my space is warm, cozy, full of food, & music. I also make the space a tranquil spot.

♡ Champagne…because duh! I like plastic ice cubes in my champagne. They don’t melt down the booze so it’s a real win/win. Don’t forget the sparkling water too— I always add it to a wine glass ( because it looks sort of classy, right? ) & add a couple of cranberries or pomegranate seeds.

♡ Also, this is weird, but I like to have a cool show playing on mute. I know, I know…weird? Usually I’ll put on “Sons of Anarchy” to give the atmosphere a rad vibe.

♡ Focusssss. I have a huge problem focusing. If you met me in person, you might call me obilvious or distracted. My mind is always thinking about what to do next so sitting and enjoying someone can be difficult. I make it a point to focus on Michael when we’re having date night…and I also focus on my babies: our chihuahuas, T. Boone Pickens & Pixy.

♡ This might sound super creepy but I always spray lavender aromatherapy in the air before Michael comes home. It has a lot of relaxing properties. If you guys think I’m weird, sorry. If you like this, let me know & I’ll do a full post on it.

♡ And the obvious: candles & dim lighting. These two things really set the tone of a hot, sex-kitten date night. If you have a fire place then I’m jealous and you should utilize it every second. Seriously though, if I had a fire place it would be roaring in the summertime. & by the way, you can find the pink, cozy monster slippers here ( they’re the best things ever ).

What’s your best date night tip? SHARE!!

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video: Chris Tran Media || photos: Max & Friends

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and relationships.

  1. Absolutely love this! It can definitely be hard to find time to have date nights, but it is totally worth it to have them!! <3

  2. what a great idea! I think after my bikini comp I will do a date night for my husband! I love how you two are so close and are always doing sweet things for one another!! Love the video xo C

  3. What a great date night! I’m inspired by all your little touches that aren’t very difficult at all. Simple, easy, but effective.

  4. I love the smell of lavender and use essential oils and dried lavender in my bedroom 🙂 really curious why and how you can SPRAY lavender? Would be awesome if u did a post about that 😀

  5. Love! You’re not weird, tots legit about everything you said. Do a in depth post please! And more cool viddys! My guy and I our long distance so I’d love to hear more! Cause we never see each other, everytime we meet, we keep it sexy and saucy 😉 tips please!

  6. It’s important to be relaxed before romance. I have the same problem. I’m distracted or doing a million things in my head and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to concentrate on what is happening.

  7. Girl, I am with you when it comes to cheese!!! Brie is def my classy fav (especially when its wrapped in a cresant crust with some sort of topping) then some fresh mozz and tomato – drooling.

  8. Great video! If you have clingy dogs like mine who get jealous when you and your partner are affectionate (I also have chihuahuas!), plan a special chew toy or Kong great to keep them busy while you get cozy!

    Also would be interested in learning more about how you use aromatherapy. I have a hard time getting essential oil frangrances to last. But I know lavender is known to put men in the mood! 😉

  9. I know you guys are getting married so obviously you deeply love this person. But I dig how you are all about still seducing him and keeping it interesting. It is incredibly sweet and I dont think we see that enough.

  10. I love cheese, it’s the main reason I could never go full vegan either (okay that and eggs, I frikken love eggs). This is one of my fave videos that you’ve posted and I’m def all about an in depth lavender post!

  11. As far as food for date night at home I love keeping it light. Like with any kind of seafood dish. Maybe grill some shrimp skewers.

  12. Thanks for the Sergio Mendes suggestion, fab for a Sunday afternoon (and of course date nights). Champagne and cheese is just the perfect pairing too 🙂

  13. Love that outfit your doggie is wearing! I just got a chihuahua too! Where is it from? any recs on where to get them cool gear?

    1. She loves going to the local pet store for clothes : ) e-mail me and I’ll send you some links on Amazon too!

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