TSC Series: The Best Damn…White Maxi

The Skinny Confidential talk fashion.

The Skinny Confidential x fashion.

Want the truth?

The whole truth & nothing but the truth?

Ok, then—well.

For this post: I didn’t wear makeup ( I was running out the door like a psycho & didn’t have time ) and the dress is unavailable ( but I found a better one for you ).

MMMmmmkay, now that that’s out of the way, here we go:

The Skinny Confidential talk fashion.

Let’s discuss: the.best.damn.white.maxi.dress.

Muy importante to have a white, hottie dress that’s sizzling.

& this one’s it.

It’s very 2014 Marilyn Monroe-esque, right?!

The Skinny Confidential talk fashion.

It’s the kinda dress you secretly hopes blows in the wind all supermodel-ish when you wear it, you know?

This white dime also happens to be on sale ( $23 dollars?! )— such a steal!

Oh, & can you guys tell I like black & white? HA!

Happy hump day! x.

{ Again, this isn’t sponsored post; I just really love the dress }

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++ Photos by Soul of Photography

The Skinny Confidential talk fashion.

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26 replies to “TSC Series: The Best Damn…White Maxi”

  1. I love this dress! In fact I always love maxi dresses and think I can pull them off. Then I try them on and I look nothing like I envisioned myself to look like. Being short really sucks sometimes. I look shorter and frumpier 🙁

  2. I love you and your style is amazing. I drool over your outfits, you are so classy and put together yet, perfectly casual. This white dress – to die for.
    Although I have some shirts that are either low cut like that dress and/or have a open back. Are your boobs just naturally that amazing? Or what magic trick do you have for wearing for a bra type thing with these kinds of shirts?

  3. I like white dresses but seems a little late in the year to be buying one. Not sure I’d get much wear out of it for the upcoming months.

  4. So cute but I’m such a klutz I’d have stains on it in a heartbeat! Haha one question though, what do you use to keep the girls in place while wearing something low cut and backless like this? Seriously, I’m clueless.


  5. I just bought the white maxi from Nasty – it was down to $26! Also epic dress sale there today. I bought three dresses for summer x