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The Best Damn…White Oxfords

The Skinny Confidential talks oxfords.

If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE white oxfords ( but I guess I’m a sucker for white shoes in general, but silver is cute too ).

I mean, not only are they flattering ( << real leg slimmers, man ), they’re super cute!! In my opinion, every girl should own a pair.

Not to mention they’re cool as shit.

Now there’s a lot of versions that are EXPENSIVE. And I mean real expensive. Think: like, thanks but no thanks $845 kind of expensive.

YIKES. So I searched high and low and found this pair for $129. Not super inexpensive but I wear mine probably everyday so I figured it’s smart investment ( wink, wink ).

The reason I’m so white oxford-sessed is because they’re classic, a total staple, and sort of go with everything. Some of my favorite ways to wear oxfords: with a baggy sweater & black skinny jeans, with a black maxi skirt & a crop, with little shorts, with jeans & an vintage tee.

By the way, if you’re scared to invest in white shoes, don’t be. I keep mine clean with a white shoe polish so it’s no big deal. Except for that one time T.Boone Pickens peed on my white heels. FML.

What’s your favorite, must-have shoe? Tell, tell.

– Lauryn

P.S. these are the pair pictured. Black & white version here…also this is not sponsored, just realness. Happy shopping!!

|| Cutie Oxfords ||

  1. I LOVE white shoes and I’m on such a kick with them (well, mostly runners haha), that I am excited to see these exist! I would beat them up pretty fast but it would make me love them even more. Going to check them out – t’is the week(ish) to be SHOPPING!!!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Love those shoes – s’cute!! I always have been scared to wear white shoes but these ones would be worth the risk! XO, D

  3. I have banned white shoes since high school, but you are definitely convincing my that I need to bring them back:)


  4. I wear black all the time and never never wear white shoes. I don’t know why. I’m just such a black lover.
    xoxo, Laura

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