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The Best Damn…Flirty Perfume

The Skinny Confidential talks Marc Jacobs.

Lauryn Evarts for Marc Jacobs 4

Lauryn Evarts for Marc Jacobs 4


As you guys know I’m kind of obsessed with Marc Jacobs fragrance ‘Daisy.’ My God-dad, Mike, bought it for me when I was having a crappy day a couple months ago & I’ve been hooked ever since.

First & foremost it’s flirty & sexy without being too overwhelming. BY THE WAY I CAN’T STAND overwhelming fragrances ( << biggest headache in the world- like why do people wear lumbering scents? Ugh! )!! I can’t even pretend to go there— so I always stick to light, fresh perfumes.

In my opinion when you walk in to a room your perfume shouldn’t dominate the whole room, it should complement you ( & your cute outfit )- a la Marilyn Monroe. Because the best thing ever is when you give someone a quick hug & they go “OMG what perfume is that- you smell so yummy?”

Daisy, duh.

The Skinny Confidential talks Marc Jacobs.

The Skinny Confidential talks Marc Jacobs.

The Skinny Confidential talks Marc Jacobs.

Also, I should mention that my house is all white so the bottle really goes well with that vibe.

These pictures were shot before a holiday cocktail party last weekend. I was totally feeling this stunner polka dot top with a couple of gold rings & a spritz of Daisy.

Anyway this is my go-to when it comes to perfume. Best part? I can wear it to gym, a date night, &/or a holiday party.

What’s your favorite go-to scent? Would love to hear?

– Lauryn

+ Photos: Kathryn Page

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Lauryn Evarts for Marc Jacobs 4

TSC talks perfume.

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  1. This has been one of my favourite pefumes for years now and i absolutley love it! theres a Body Shop scent named Orchid Nights thats apparenly only available in Israel that smell really similar, or even better!

  2. Daisy is phenomenal. A few years back i was helping my friends boyfriend pick out a perfume for her – and we picked this because it just smells so amazing. There is nothing like it. I wanted it for so long after that and finally got around to getting it today! so happy. My go to perfume is an Amor Amor perfume (can’t remember the exact one but it’s in a pink and silver box), my boyfriend picked it up for me and it just smells amazing. I can wear it anywhere. It’s just that perfect scent.


  3. I love the idea of a signature scent, and I’m glad that you’ve found yours. I have more bottles of fragrance than I’d like in an attempt to find ‘my’ scent. I call my collection my fragrance wardrobe. I also own Daisy and it is one of my faves. How do I know? I’ve almost used up the entire bottle! lol Out of all the frags I own, I’ve only finished 1 other bottle and Daisy will be the next.

  4. I love Daisy too! I also like body mists from Bath and Body Works when I want to have a light, non-overpowering scent.

  5. Hey I am actually thinking of buying this dress and was wondering which size you’re wearing!
    Also own the perfume and love it 🙂

  6. Love. This would also make a wonderful Christmas present. I may just need to add it to my list ….. Have a great day!!
    XO – Olivia

  7. Daisy is my favorite! For a while it was Ralph Lauren in the teal bottle. I also love Flower Bomb but that’s definitely an up front sexy big night out kinda scent for me.

  8. I also like Daisy and in fact it is going to be my next try!! I too prefer fresh and light perfumes so my all time faves have been Estee Lauder pure white linen light breeze edition and pure by DKNY…

  9. You’re so beautiful Lauryn! Daisy is one of my favorite perfumes, I have been using it for the past 7 years. Do you know of any similar tops to the one you’re wearing that may be more affordable to someone on a college budget?

  10. I usually go for scented body moisturizers over my body oil so that I can smell nice but not be overwhelming. Mostly hubs is all over it.
    xoxo, Laura

  11. You should try Le Labo Santal 33. it is amazing…even cab drivers turn around to ask what i am wearing. Another great one is Frederic Malle Cardinal Flowers (sp?) – sorry i’m on the couch and dont feel like google searching the spelling but you will love both!

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