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gifts for dads | by the skinny confidential

So my dad is just the sweetest. Ever since I was little he’d give the most heartfelt card for every ( & I mean EVERY ) major occasion from birthdays to weddings. Where my dad really goes above & beyond though are for random holidays. Like guys, we’re talking Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Labor Day- LOL. You name it & there was a card. THIS taught me the importance of taking the time to acknowledge how much someone means to you.

Now if you’re looking for something to go along with the card then YOU NEED TO STALK THESE LATEST GOODIES I FOUND. With that, my top picks for all the cool dads out there:


gifts for dads | by the skinny confidential


Men are funny with their keys, right. They don’t want anything bulky or decorated but at the same time they want something cool without really trying? A simple little key ring is a perfect gift to help dad out. No more carrying around the car key & house key separately.


These headphones are a MUST. Michael originally got these so he can zone me out while I work on the computer…in bed. These are great because there’s no tangled wires & they REALLY block out the noise. Your dad will love them while he’s traveling or just to block out some everyday noise. I actually bought some for myself & they’re JUST AMAZING.


If there’s anything my dad loves, it’s a late night chocolate moment. He does this weird thing where he puts all his snacks into the freezer… like we’re talking everything from fig newtons to peanuts. He says he likes how crunchy they get? Anyway, this candy has everyone’s two favorite things: chocolate and booze.


My dad is huge on remaining playful which explains why he get’s excited about the little things. This dartboard makes the perfect guys gift. Your dad can invite his friends over, enjoy some microbrew, & play darts. FUN. Sounds like a pretty good time, just hand me a margarita ( in a month though because I’m on a non-drinking kick ).


My dad once made his own kombucha…SO I figured the men in your life would probably enjoy the beer version: a microbrew kit! This is really the gift that keeps on giving, ya know. Plus it will look chic on any bar.


Help your dad become a cool dad by gifting him one of these hats. When I asked my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day he immediately said “a cool hat like Michael’s”. Michael wears these hats all the time. The NANZ always loved surrounding herself with young people and believed a youthful spirit is key to staying healthy. Keep your dad young!

DTF | Firme


My dad is in the restaurant business so he KNOWS food. When I got him Blue Apron for the first time, he was so thrilled. He was able to have restaurant quality food easily in his home with very little effort. Your dad will think he’s a stellar chef and everyone else gets a delicious meal. Win-win!

( use code himandher for 3 free meals )


You guys know that I love shaving my face ( part 1 & part 2 ) & while I love a little stubble on a man you should give this to every guy in your life. It’s a great way to trick them into exfoliating & exfoliation is KEY to prevention. My theory on why men don’t wrinkle nearly as much as women? Because they shave their face their whole life. This kit has all the essentials so after they shave ( exfoliate ) your dad can moisturize efficiently.

The end of June is a busy time in my family. We’re celebrating Father’s Day & then, oddly enough, both Michael’s dad & mine have the same birthday on June 30th.

How are you guys celebrating Father’s Day? 

x, lauryn

+ listen to my dad on the podcast: episode 39 & Michael’s dad: episode 57


  1. Great ideas! My dad is absolutely my hero. We’re about to throw his 70th birthday bash, and he’s also still professionally racing cars. Talk about age being nothing but a number! I think mine would love the microbrew kit, especially if we came down to do it with. Now that I’m older, I realize he really just wants to spend time with us kids :). Thanks for the ideas (since it’s hard to shop for the man who already has everything)!

    1. Still racing cars!? That’s incredible. He would get along with The Nanz. I’m sure he would LOVE to enjoy some homemade beer with you. Have a blast Susie! x

  2. I would like to see more posts like this. I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you bookmarked to see new information on your blog.

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