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holiday gift guide by the skinny confidential

After a whole weekend of steals & deals, relaxing, enjoying family, & working out ( CONSISTENCY! ) it’s finally time for Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is my favorite because I try to avoid going to stores. Like at all costs on earth. Let’s be real, the mall is a disaster.

It’s JUST so much easier to shop in bed with wine, dogs, & essential oils ( this new winter playlist playing is always nice too…or Christmas music, LOL ). CALMING.

Anyway, these are the items THAT I LOVE:



This dress will be a go-to. It’s knit fabric hugs you in all of the right places & it has a beautiful sparkle. Pair it with my 2 second butt secret and you’ll be on fire. Complete the look with my effortless holiday hair tutorial. Using just a few simple products, you’ll be a show-stopper at every party. I wore it in my latest video & I’m sooooo in love.


Ever since the leopard swimsuit & jacket in Greece I’ve been drawn to more animal prints. They’re playful- don’t you think? These lion earrings definitely take it to the next level. AND YOU KNOW I LOVE NEXT LEVEL SHIT.

They remind me of a vintage knock-off with just the right amount of 2017 SASS. Be sure to wear your hair in a high pony to show off the earrings with a red lip for some EXTRA fire.


I love to set the mood. I feel like you know that though. We’re talking candles, music, decor, yada, yada. Adding the little details makes a VERY BIG difference. Lately I’ve been obsessed with this nectarine candle. It brightens up your home and reminds me of a fresh take on the holidays. Also, when decorating with candles place them at different heights & locations to create depth, drama, & contrast.


Add some sparkle to your look with this sequin dress. The long sleeves make this dress ready for winter. Pair it with some cute tights to keep you warm and a luxe jacket. Or if you live somewhere like San Diego you’ll be all set.


A leather jacket is a YES on every level. I’ve talked about them a million times because they’re such a staple piece. You can easily wear your leather jacket with a t-shirt and jeans or a dress & heels. Both times you’ll look chic. This version by Kourtney Kardashian x PrettyLittleThings is an updated take on the classic. The embellished designs on the sleeves and back add some flair & make this the perfect statement piece. I wore it on one my latest Instagrams if you want to check it out before you pull the trigger.

Hopefully during these past few days you got MOST of your holiday shopping done. I mean I didn’t but I hope that you’re more organized than me. HAHAHAHA.

LOVE YOU GUYS, happy shopping!

x lauryn

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