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casetify TSC phone cases | by the skinny confidential casetify TSC phone cases | by the skinny confidential

OMG OMG OMG if you know me, you know I LOVE a good phone case.

You know it’s gotta be something that fits my aesthetic though. Something cheeky. A dash of wittiness. Flirty, of course. Mix in some white, light pinks, a pop of black & I’m happy.

But nothing was doing it for me………….

……… I partnered with Casetify to create my DREAM PHONE CASES.

That’s right, from start to finish we designed TSC-ESQUE phone cases.

I mean shit, makes sense. I’m on my phone enough? But who isn’t? it’s kind of the remote control of our lives. So it’s gotta be cute.


casetify TSC phone cases | by the skinny confidential casetify TSC phone cases | by the skinny confidential

We need to get technical first.

I drop my phone. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. I basically know the Genius Bar team on a first name basis.

In fact, it was cracked for two months until I recently bought a new one.

SO I am VERY thrilled to announce all of these TSC cases completely protect your phone. Casetify’s cases are made of a “durable hardshell exterior, co-molded with a soft, impact-absorbing inner layer for complete protection in a flexible, secure & lightweight form. Raised bezel around perimeter keeps screen protected while durable hardshell exterior provides surface protection.”

Every Casetify product is made-to-order & hand-inspected from corner to corner. They ensure high-quality products & promise 100% satisfaction. YES PLZ.

You should also know that these cases come off & on VERY easily. No prying the cases off to the point where it ruins a good manicure ( SMH, such a waste ). They pop off & on QUICKLY.

…AND they won’t break the bank. Each case is $40 bucks. None of that $85 dollar phone case bullshit. 30% goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation too. October is breast cancer month so timing ideal. FUN RIGHT.



Let’s breakdown each case, shall we?


Boobs because I love boobs! I designed these cases with the Breast Cancer Foundation in mind but definitely mixed in so many TSC vibes.

I mean you guys know I love talking about boobs.

For the record: THE BOOBS case is the one Michael & all his friends want. They’ll all be rocking this case on their phones come Monday. Pretty cool for a guy in my opinion.

This case is super cute for an Instagram selfie in the mirror. I can already see myself holding a glass of rosé in an Insta mirror pic. Not going to lie, may have designed this one ESPECIALLY FOR those mirror pics. Comes in 3 colors.



UM YES. How flirty is this case? We designed this is for the girl who doesn’t give a F. The ballzy bitch. She’s no bullshit, cool, & FUNNY.

Honestly I’ll wear this one all the time because I think it’s hilarious. It’s feisty & a real statement. AND it’s even funnier if you’re in a relationship. I don’t know why this cracks me up but it does ( everyone who’s married should get this as a JOKE. Scare your husbands ).

Obviously very excited to do a couple flat-lays with this one ( yes, this is how my brain thinks, HA! ). I feel like this will look really cute while I’m texting too…is this weird?



UGH. I just love this so much. If you follow along on Snapchat you know I ALWAYS make Michael carry my purse.

“Always make the guy carry your purse” has become my Snapchat motto. Lately you guys have been snapping me pictures & videos from around the world of your BF/husbands/girlfriends carrying your purses. I laugh my ass off every time.

So if you’re a bossy badass, this case is for you. Definitely one of my favorites AND FYI: IT’S TO DIE FOR IN PERSON AND ON AN ACTUAL IPHONE.


Come on now, you know I couldn’t do boobs without a sexy bra right?

The Funbags case is designed for the girl who needs to be a lady killer at work, but likes to let loose afterwards ; ). IT’S VERY FEMININE with a little twist…it’s sassy, but not too risqué. Clearly this one’s screaming TSC vibes. Comes in 3 colors.



Last but most certainly NOT least, THE BOOTY CALL. This case was inspired by Barbie. I did a Barbie-ESQUE/neon sign font & just got straight to the point.

Very much my style, you know. Can’t wait to rock this case at happy hour with friends. I think it’s sexy & CHEEKY.

I designed this case for the bold, powerful, independent babe who likes to HAVE SOME FUN.

( WELL SHIT can you tell I named them? QUITE obvious, isn’t it ).

Color options: white, nude ( transparent because my iPhone is the prettiest gold shade I’v ever seen & I want the world to see it ), French rosé ( light pink ), & bubblegum pink ( Barbie pink ).

+ Case sizes are for 4, 5, 6, 7 iPhones & iPods ( normal, S, & Plus ) & Android phones.

Just in time for the iPhone 7 launch. The ideal PROTECTIVE case.


Now for the good stuff. Let’s talk TITTIES.

That’s right, tits.

Tomorrow we’re throwing a little launch party to celebrate the announcement of The Skinny Confidential x Casetify collection at Gracias Madre. The theme of the party? Titties!!

How appropriate for the girl with a boob job, HA.

Think full-on titty party: boob cupcakes, boob cases, boob balloons, boob cookies, boob cases…ANDDDDD most importantly, 30% of sales will go towards the Breast Cancer Foundation. Naturally the table will be filled with flower arrangements from Seed Floral, candy vases full of Sugarfina champagne & rosé gummy bears, & some boozy snow cones too. Want to come with? Just follow along on Snapchat. It’ll be fun.

OK SO I hope you love the cases! Really, really took my time designing each one with the amazing Ghostmouse team— they made my vision JUST come to life. Together we made sure to really design each case especially for The Skinny Confidential Community. We wanted something cool but feminine, flirty, witty, & FRESH.

Honestly, I don’t know which one I want to rock first? They’re all my vibe SO I’M CONFLICTED!

Thinking I’ll start with Always Make The Guy Carry Your Purse because YES (!!!).

Which is your favorite? Be sure to tag @theskinnyconfidential in your Instagram photos of the cases so I can STALK !!!

As always, THANK you for your support. Very excited to finally share this cheeky TSC collection with you guys.

Stalk the cases here.

ALSO- if you’re in the market for a computer case, I have this black marble one on my MacBook Air, it kind of matches the esthetic of my house.

Enjoy! – lauryn <3


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the-skinny-confidential-x-casetify-3-by-the-skinny-confidential the-skinny-confidential-x-casetify-2-by-the-skinny-confidential


  1. LOVE! I’ve had breast cancer in my family so I LOVE that you’ve collaborated for the special cause and are donating proceeds! Very Special!


  2. I LOVE the boobs case! Creative design and meaningful cause. It’s so wonderful to see successful folks using their platform for good things!! xx

  3. I saw these on the webinar last night (WHICH WAS PHENOMENAL BTW) and so excited! The names & designs are so on brand and cheeky. I love it. Also, dying at the nippies flat lay (love that it’s going to a great cause). So excited for these! I will absolutely pick up a pair to rock in some insta-mirror selfies 😉 Congrats Lauryn!! xx Shannon

  4. Love the designs and that you are giving back to charity, Lauren!!!
    But please read up on the Breast Cancer Foundation and the whole “pink” campaign thing. Here is an excellent article to start with!

  5. These phone cases are EVERYTHING!!! I will definitely be purchasing “The Booty Call” or “The Gold Digger” or both… 🙂

    Great job and love love love that you are supporting such an amazing cause!

  6. These phone cases are EVERYTHING!!!! I will definitely be purchasing “The Booty Call” or “The Gold Digger” or both… 🙂

    Great job and I love love love that you are supporting such an amazing cause!

  7. Hi Lauryn! I absolutely LOVE the phone cases, but I’m sad… You didn’t include the Android family??. There’s a lot of us out here missing out, The Samsung Galaxy’s are huge! I know it’s either the Iphone, or the Samsung Galaxy for most ppl I know. I just feel like you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market of your readership. I’m not trying to be rude AT ALL, so please don’t take it that way. I think by now you know from all of my comments that I LOVE TSC, and you’re my absolute favorite blogger/podcaster/lifestyle goddess ?. I just thought I’d speak up for anyone that might be afraid too. I really want The Gold Digger. You did such a great job designing them! Congratulations on ALL of your dedication and hard work, you sooo deserve it! I’m not trying to bring you down, or rain on your parade! They’re just sooo cute, and I can’t get one lol!

  8. I absolutely love these! I’ve been dying to see what you’ve been working on and these are the best cases ever!! These seriously reflect you in so many ways and they are so funny! I hope I win one!


  9. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! Makes me with I had a iPhone to snag one. I love your ideas and love how some of the proceeds go to charity. Yay boobs!

  10. Booty Call is my favorite : ) I definitely 157% agree with you on protective cases – I bought one (that was over $50) for my new iPhone 7 and my phone already cracked! I do drop my phone a lot…WOOOOPS but really if you’re paying that much for a case it BETTER DO WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED FOR and protect your phone. So props to you!

  11. Lauryn, this isn’t the “launch” that you’ve been getting our input about on Instagram//the blog//Snapchat, is it? Just curious if there are more goodie to come 😛

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