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Current Mood: Getting Back On The Grind

back on the grind | by the skinny confidential

Well, it’s been fun guys.

All that bread, pasta, pizza, & THE DRINKS were sure flowing.

Time to get back on the grind though.

Do you ever go out of town & just feel ready to GET BACK ON IT the second you get home? It’s actually a good feeling. Right? Sometimes a little time away from home gives you the push you need to power through some REAL work & workouts.

SO for any of you that are ready to hit the pedal to the metal (or maybe you’re always in go mode?), here are a few items to get you in the mood to CRUSH IT:

Shit To Do Stamp:

You guys know I love a good to-do list! Making to-do lists will keep you on track, plus it feels amazing to cross things off a list.

BPA Free Bottle:

Getting back on the grind means being healthy too. Throw your morning smoothie or green juice in this BPA-free bottle so you can take it on the go.

“You Are A Badass” Book:

This book is all about learning how to create the life you want, right now. YES, PLEASE! Plus who doesn’t want to feel like a total badass in general?

Palm Print Yoga Mat:

Do you DIE for this yoga mat? Or is it just me? Regardless, yoga & meditation will help you clear your mind so you can work towards those goals with laser focus.

Spearmint Essential Oil:

Diffuse this oil to create an environment that promotes improved mood & energy levels. It also helps with digestion & we all know that gut health is SUPER important because it relates to stress & anxiety.

Rad Sweater:

Cute clothes are a must when getting back on the grind. Opt for something comfortable so you can fully focus on the tasks at hand.

What items help you get shit done?

Happy Friday!


    1. SO glad you’ve been enjoying the recommendations Kathryn! Which books have you enjoyed the most so far?

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