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Creating a strategic future by design is something I get asked about a lot. It’s a big part of the way I run my life & my business. Creating your own future is magical which is why I want to share it with YOU.

Ok so the concept sounds super simple but it actually requires absolute CLARITY. Clarity is tricky. I mean it’s difficult to figure out exactly what you want & how to actually get there- you know? What works best for me is the above; like actually writing it down & seeing it visually. The backstory on the text part is I actually found this random calendar buried in Michael’s office with a similar worksheet. It was butt-ass ugly though. I posted it on IG Stories & some of you DM’d me on IG asking about the worksheet I was doing & BAM, a lightbulb went off: why not make a printable especially for you guys? But pretty & fab- you know, something more TSC-esque.

So ta-da! You like?

Let’s get down to business: USE THIS WORKSHEET TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Literally use it to create & design your future. Work backwards by starting at WHERE DO I WANT TO BE? Your goals can be anything- friendships, relationships, business ideas, big picture ideas, a book you want to write- whatever. Just write it down. And most importantly: answer the HOW?

ALRIGHT- to print these out: simply save them to your desktop ( by right clicking ) & print them out. If you want to go balls to the walls, take them to Kinko’s or Staples & have them print this out for you on fancy thick paper & in color. FUN. To be honest, that’s what I did! Really, it’s true! I used my own worksheet.

& now it’s hanging on my bathroom mirror.

Why? Well…recently on Tim Ferriss’ podcast he had on professional poker player, Phil Hellmuth. Phil said something that’s been invaluable when it comes to goals, is hanging a piece of paper with his goals on his bathroom mirror. On the sheet is also things he’s grateful for. That way before he goes to work, he sees his goals, overall vision, & a list of things he’s grateful for. I LOVED the idea so much which is why I did my own worksheet & hung that shit UP!


When we attended Tony Robbins we REALLY went over the concept of creating a compelling future by design. Tony says:

1. Find the right strategy.

To make a lasting change, you have to start with a proven strategy. Planning to eat 500 calories a day to lose weight or trying to get rich off one hot stock tip will not be sustainable over the long-term.

How do you find a strategy that works? “I’ve always believed the best way to get a result, the fastest way, is to find someone who has already accomplished what you’re after, & model his or her behavior.”

2. Understand the power of your story.

Even if you have the right strategy, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t follow through. It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make or break our best-laid plans. If you’re not taking action, he advises you consider the story you’re telling yourself.

Someone trying to save more might limit themselves by thinking deep down: “I don’t make enough,” “I can’t save more,” or “That’s only for rich people.” Is your story holding you back or empowering you? Tony always says 80% of success in life is psychology & 20% is mechanics.

( So guys! If you put this worksheet into action make sure you’re paying attention to your narrative after it’s on paper- what you tell yourself everyday has a LARGE part to do with success in all areas ).

3. Change your state of mind.

Tony says: “your mental and emotional state colors your perception and experience of everything in life. If you feel afraid or insecure, it’s hard to make a big change, but if you feel like a million bucks, you’re ready to conquer the world.”

To put yourself in a strong, determined, and empowered state, he suggests you change your physiology. Research by Harvard’s Amy Cuddy shows that adopting “power poses” alters your biochemistry, making you feel more confident & less stressed.

“That’s how you create a real breakthrough — a new state with a new story & a proven strategy,” Robbins says.

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SO! Above is your TSC worksheet to strategize. After the worksheet is done, make sure to pay attention to your thoughts. That’s why I like my worksheet on my mirror- it sets the tone of my day & the tone of my thoughts each & every day. Really though, it very much helps with my inner narrative.

Ok I hope this is helpful- happy to answer any questions.

Anyway, please share your goals with me! Tag me on your Instagram so I can stalk you. Would love to see what you’re up to. OR feel free to post your worksheets in TSC Secret Facebook Group. Would love to see what you’re about.

Do you guys like printables? If so, I’ll do more- maybe we could even make it like a thing to do monthly TSC Printables?

Happy Sunday guys- I’m off to watch Game of Thrones & eat chocolate covered blueberries. We spent the whole day cleaning, working out, doing laundry, & getting organized for the week so my bed sounds very nice right now.

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to Steve Houck on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show. He’s the coach I work with ( & one of my best friends ) who taught me about creating a strategic future by design. Steve is SUPER inspiring. 

++ want more business tips? Cool- I got ya covered here | nude outfit details here.



  1. Thanks for this Lauryn!!! My company is Speak at Home Tonight and I have a big, hairy, audacious goal of creating a bilingual children’s book series. I definitely have been feeling myself mentally blocking myself from making it happen but I’ve set a goal to publish by the end of this year. Still not sure if that’s too crazy of a goal but I’m going to make it happen!

  2. I love this – so helpful and simple. I also love printables, so would totally be up for seeing more on TSC! Just printed out a few copies and am going to go through one at work this morning 🙂

    Also, the GOT finale was insane……..

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! I am def going to be using. Been feeling a bit lost lately as to how to get back on track, so again THANK YOU! My vision is clear (finally) so now it’s time to execute, execute, execute! love you doll, always.

  4. Love this – OBSESSED with printables, please do more! I have a planner/goal list/organizer/crazy book that I’ve made out of my own spreadsheets, collages, etc. (like a complete psycho) that would definitely benefit from some TSC printables!

  5. Typo! Badass boss, not ‘basass!’ Love the printable and functional tools like this though!

  6. I LOVE printable’s!! I learn and focus best with visuals and tangible things so this is perfect. Keep them coming! 🙂

  7. Lauryn, I love this post! The tips from Tony were so helpful as well. Totally agree that the majority of success has to do with psychology and mindset.

    1. TY ! This is an awesome reboot . I have a product idea with all these imaginary images that I need to get off of the pause button and make a reality ! Thank you love this

  8. Am so loving the solo podcast episodes that focus on self-growth and business. Also loving the Morning Quickies. Short podcasts are the best. Thank you.

    Big YES to printables and blogs on personal development. Inspiring and actionable. I got a integrated marketing communications masters degree at Northwestern University, and think the content you are providing is so valuable. We can never stop learning. Thank you for making this content available vs. behind a paywall.


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