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how to edit your instagram feed branding by tschow to edit your instagram feed branding by tsc

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FANCY seeing you here.

This post is one I have been meaning to do for a very long while. INSTAGRAM! We all love Instagram & it’s something I use daily and I’m sure you do too. As you can imagine I’m very fucking specific about my filters ( but who isn’t? ). Today Instagram is like a résumé- it needs to look fleeky, you know? I think of Instagram as a huge extension of my brand. For more real life, I use IG Stories. And then all the pretty, Instagrammy life goes on my IG feed.

I think the point of this too is KNOW YOUR MEDIUM.

MEANING: Snapchat is like raw, real BTS. Instagram stories: are a day in the life ( keep your fonts & colors cohesive here ). IG feed should be branded & thought out. FB is more for distributing your content so people can read it. Podcasts are about sharing your personality! And blogging needs to be quality all around. Every medium is different- use it to your advantage.

Anyway, I will let the video speak for itself because it really goes through the whole process. I think it’s important to remember you have to do what fits your brand here. You don’t need to do everything I do because maybe your brand isn’t pink, maybe it’s green- I hope you can leave what you don’t like here & take what you can.




+ Instagram
+ Darkroom
+ Facetune
+ Snugg


+ Rudest Thing on IG
+ Consistent Branding
+ Choosing a Name


+ comment your favorite editing app on my latest IG post.

GUYSSSS. Leave your Instagram handle below & I’ll follow all of you! Love stalking your situations. You can find me on Insta: @theskinnyconfidential.

And of course if you have ANY questions, let me know. Happy to share all my tips & tricks. This video was a long time coming so I’m so happy to have it all in one place.

G2G edit an Instagram! Happy Wednesday,

x lauryn

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how to edit your instagram feed branding by tsc


  1. Thank you for doing this video! I am the same as you when it comes to being really picky with my branding. I love the tips you shared. I havent used Darkroom yet, I need to check it out! XO

  2. Your dedication to your color scheme is sooo admirable! Your Insta and branding are so cohesive, I need to take a page from your book. I always feel like my feed is a disaster haha 😐 I defs use the whitening trick, but Darkroom is new to me. Need to try! Loved this video and your tips XO
    Kendra @goodasgoldblog <3

  3. Yay, loved this! I literally edit all my photos the same way except I used the UNUM app to design my lay out but fave app is by far dark room because I too am VERY specific on how my aesthetic looks.
    My handles: @roses_n_rose for my business and @chantteeee is my personal!

  4. YASSS! Love how you break everything down, Lauryn (I have to keep reminding myself to spell your name right, thanks to you for changing it when you were in 6th grade hehe)! I kind of edit my photos the same way, I recently started using Darkroom (I downloaded after I heard you mention it on your podcast, but yet to get Snugg, running out of space on the phone #thestruggleisreal). I sometimes use Snapseed too and the Retouch app (to take out unwanted objects, its amazing).

    But wait, do you edit pictures on the computer at all? or do you just use these apps alone? I know we can take great pics on just iPhone + edit on the phone, but for some reason, I barely like pictures I take on my phone and mostly only use pics taken on my camera, which means the first phase of editing happens on Lightroom for me.

    After all this, still not happy with how my feed looks (#forrealz), I keep switching it up, the biggest pain point for me, ugh! @sveeteskapes

    P.S: There is a long time email coming your way from me (been meaning to send one since Monday and yet to get to it, smh). Neways, LOVE YOU and keep doing what you do, keep changing lives #IAMNOTJustSayingIt (and plz say hello to Michael for me)
    P.P.S: I am only a new fan, hated ‘skinny’ all along, until I actually found out what your ‘skinny’ means xx

  5. Such a fan of your brand and I’m now binge listening to your podcast from the beginning – love it! @hayleycordaro

  6. Thanks for sharing! Great info! Revamping my ig soon and def will be using these tips. @the_floral_lady

  7. I’ll definitely look into some of the other editing apps you mentioned! I use Planoly to help plan out the look and content to make sure everything flows. My Instagram is @malortandmoet

  8. OMG love this! I’ve tried using VSCO before I became more serious about posting on instagram..but now that I’m posting way more content I’m gna have to get better at using the app! I’m a masters student studying dietetics and I found that I FREAKING LOVE making smoothies, specifically smoothies that are good for skin, hair and beauty all around! You’re the cutest! XO @ayatsleymann

  9. Wow… thank you so much for sharing and uplifting others!!! It’s a dream of mine to blogger. My confidence in doing so holds me back. Your trips and tricks are soooo very helpful. I’ve got some work to do!!! Please keep sharing!!!

  10. Great post! I literally love your podcast! My instagram is @dope_rope_! Can’t wait to connect!

  11. Really enjoyed this video and gained some great tips and of course insight into the TSC brand because I’m obsessed lol.

    Any tips for keeping your brand/instagram aesthetically pleasing not all the place? Thanks!

  12. Really helpful tips! It’s definitely tough for me to get a cohesive IG feed. Thanks for the info! Feel free to add me on IG @theprudenceprofile

  13. THANks! I’m revamping my IG and your tips made my day!
    Also I finally purchased a domain!
    I’m obsessed with your color scheme!

  14. Downloading all these apps now! Thank you for sharing such specific details!!

    – Molly

  15. Yay! Thanks for the tips! Your new photos are amazing! What camera are you currently using? @jwearsprada_

  16. I really admire your commitment to making your feed beautiful but what I like the most is the you take your time to write a good caption. That is something I struggle with sometimes but hope I will get better in time. If you have some time to check out my IG @makeupbyralu I’d really appreciate it! xoxo

  17. I’m slowing starting my own thing and I’m still trying to find my aesthetic – great tips for editing! xx @bestselfbeautybooth

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your editing skills with us.
    Many bloggers simply don’t want to share their editing routine!


  19. Thank you for sharing your IG tips <3 I just discovered Facetune and love it for brightening my whites to pretty up my IG feed @theequilibriumedit but still struggling with cohesiveness

  20. This video was so helpful! I’m not a blogger or anything but I have recently started to work on an instagram aesthetic just for fun so this was perfectly timed! @beccacevilla

  21. Thank you so much – so excited for this! I find it so hard to pack all of the aspects I want to share into one, cohesive theme. Lots of apps to try now!


  22. I recently asked my favorite Instagram influencers (you Lauryn included) to share their tips for a flawless Instagram, and loved the feedback. Here’s the post if anyone would like to check it out:

  23. thank you for this! i’m just starting my blog so i’ve been reading and researching everything and anything. it’s all so overwhelming but i’m so excited at the same time! this has definitely helped shed light on keeping instagram cohesive. @dinelcarmen and @dinelcarmenblog

  24. Thank you for the tips! I just downloaded Darkroom.

    My feed is super not curated as far as colors go, but as I grow, I want to start working on that more. My niche is beer, so I’ve been able to grow pretty quickly regardless of that because men are less picky. Haha. My handle is @drinkingoutsidethebox.

    Love the blog and podcast!


  25. Okay, you just changed my life with the white background trick in facetune! Thank you, Lauryn! So excited to download that and try it.
    Recently found your podcast and thus your IG, blog, etc. and am loving all your content!
    xx kelsey @withalittlegrace

  26. Hi Lauryn! Loved the video and it came at a perfect time! I’m finally trying to build my esthetician Instagram (I’m almost finished with school!) and have been really starting to think about how to make it aesthetically pleasing. I went to your meet and greet at cinepolis in San Diego and had such an amazing time! Thank you for being the most real blogger out there! Can’t wait to go to another meet up! My esthetician Instagram is 🙂

  27. Hi Lauryn! Loved the video and it came at a perfect time! I’m finally trying to build my esthetician Instagram (I’m almost finished with school!) and have been really starting to think about how to make it aesthetically pleasing. I went to your meet and greet at cinepolis in San Diego and had such an amazing time! Thank you for being the most real blogger out there! Can’t wait to go to another meet up! My esthetician Instagram is 🙂 love you!

  28. You are the best and forever an inspo to the instagrams I manage! Thank you xx

  29. I found you just few day ago but I admire you a lot and thanks for sharing all this with us.. @believe_in_moment

  30. Thank you for the amazing tips.
    Am on it.

    Been struggling for awhile as most of my products are colourful #Africa fashion and based in Uganda. but it’s not really easy to balance and find a consistent theme.

    How do I find a consistent theme without using mainly my fashion products and also which themes wold you recommed.

    Thank you so much.

  31. Thank you thank you for sharing! I’m obsessed with your style! I use Preview app to plan my posts and edit photos. You should def check it out!

  32. Thanks for the great advice!! You can find me on @motifdesignsolutions on Instagram. I just filmed an episode of House Hunters Renovation with HGTV and want to finesse my page before it airs. I so appreciate all that you shared!

  33. Love these tips!!! I’m going to have to take some time and try and put them to good use! Thanks so much for putting this together! @j9inldn and @lbuzzfashion

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    I would be grateful if you could send me your advertising rates for guest/sponsored posts and reviews with dofollow links.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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  35. Aww thanks fo the tips dear <3 I also love using Snapseed to edit pictures 🙂 @isabell_eickhoff

  36. This was an amazing post. I wrote everything down! And put my hashtags in the comments section like you suggested. I used SelfMade app for editing (it’s $49/mo so prob not worth it to you). It’s amazing and so
    admirable the way you read all of the comments. I hope you’ll look at my bookmarkk IG page – It would be so amazing to feature your favorite things on the bookmarkk! Just email or DM and I’ll send you the questions. Thank you so much Lauryn!!!

  37. MyInstagram feed thanks you for the tricks! I’m just starting me blog so I need all the trips and tricks I can get from someone so successful in the business!


  38. love love love this post ! swear you are the jedi of the cohesive instagram feed – love the vibe of your feed . btw curious if your podcast tackles questions on supplementation on anti aging or just for overall wellness

  39. Love these tips, I’ve been using facetune for the white background ever since you mentioned it as your fave editing app! I recently downloaded Snow which is an app that has a million + filters a la Snapchat. Really good for Insta stories!

  40. The obsession with TSC is real!! My husband and I are both entrepreneurs so I can definitely relate to you. In fact, you (and Michael) have inspired me SO much to push myself and my brand…even though I still have a ways to go! 😉


    @ferncandle (that’s my soy candle company)

  41. Hi Lauryn,

    I love your posts and thanks so much for sharing this amazing and insightful article. I saw you in St. Tropez this past summer and didn’t have the chance to introduce myself and my twin sister. I love your IG colors, photos and overall aesthetic. Love to stay in touch !! XoXo Nicky & Suzie @bikinisandwedges

  42. If you were to only use one of the photo editing apps, which would it be?! PS I’m @Laurenschab 🙂

  43. I absolutely love facetune for whites as well! I loved this post, but have never been able to get myself to purchase Lightroom…

    If you want to check out my IG: lexieseamons


  44. Love this post!! I really needed help creating a cohesive IG feed!! this video will help so much!

    Feel free to follow me(: I’m at
    I also run a lifestyle, design, and wellness blog over at!


  45. This was wildly helpful! I have been trying to figure out how to mute certain colors for forever, so I can’t wait to try darkroom! Thank you so much! xo, @mopofosho

  46. Thank you so much! I’m a new TSC follower and I’m in love with everything about TSC. Just got hooked on celery juicing. ? This was incredibly helpful! You are the best!

  47. Badass boss babe! Love your style. thanks for sharing!
    Need all the apps!!! Too much is happening on my insta! Ha @chelseamicole

  48. Love seeing behind the scenes! Also if you haven’t used the the “glow” feature in facetune you are MISSING OUT. I feel like it is right up your alley to make skin look lit from within and amazing!

  49. Now a day Instagram was one of the most popular social media in the work. So everyone one starting using instagram. I especially thank you to create the video for s.

  50. I will definitely have to take a look take a look at darkroom. As a professional photographer I am partial to my Adobe Lightroom app. Thanks for the advice.

  51. Love your tips and tricks! I follow so many of them in my work life! Hope you’re still following people from this. @courtneyhaigh13

  52. Really great article. Thanks for taking the time to explain things in such great detail in a way that is easy to understand.

  53. Seriously been OBSESSED with your content lately, Lauryn! loved this video & I can’t wait to put all these tips to good use!
    I’m a fledgling blogger @passionforplants :’)

  54. I love this, Lauryn! I’ve literally been on your blog for about 2 hours straight just clicking link after link lol. Your content is AMAZING. You know how you tell us to surround ourselves with successful people? Reading your blog and following you on Instagram is my method of surrounding myself with successful people. YOU ARE AWESOME. Keep killing it 🙂 I’m currently a college student starting my own blog and hoping to build a brand! It’s coming together slowly but surely. Here’s my Instagram handle: @vnallur

  55. Great tips for beginners in this field, I will definitely use it. I hope that you will continue to share similar articles and share your experience and knowledge in this niche. I look forward to seeing new content from you.

  56. My instagram is @lazygirlhealthguide I’m learning so much from your blog posts, thank you for sharing and not keeping it a secret!!

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