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Recently I realized I don’t talk much about my bedroom– I guess it’s because my life is so public that I kept my bedroom off social. My life is so much about optimization that I feel like I couldn’t share with you my bedroom. It’s not even because I want to show you the decor- although I do, I do ! It’s more that I want to share with you the tips & tricks I have collected for making my bedroom decorating as peaceful as possible.

To be real, because of these tips, I have TRANSFORMED MY SLEEP.

Like I used to go to bed at 2 AM after bartending a 10 hour shift…& now I am in bed at 9:45 pm, asleep by 10:15 pm latest.

This is attributed to CBD ( more on that later ) & a peaceful, zen bedroom design.

Here’s the deal: you sleep 7-9 hours a night. That’s A LOT OF YOUR LIFE. So that part of your life should be as seamless & optimized as possible. Like you should think about the way your sleeping conditions are. I mean you should do you. But for me, I spent time really thinking about HOW I slept. Like I said, I very much wanted to optimize the experience.


Let’s get into the details. First off, you should know that with any blog post or content creation I never want to waste anyone’s time. Like I want you to actually get tangible, valuable advice that you will utilize in your everyday life. So my goal with this blog post is to provide you with VALUE- so much value that you will optimize your own sleep experience. You know what I mean?

Ok. So we are ready to get into it.

How To Create A Peaceful Zen Bedroom


LIFE-CHANGING. Get one, or get a night light. The orange light signals to your brain to go to sleep. You should know I absolutely use this EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

But let’s get specific.

Recently I was in London. For the first few days I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling weird, then I realized it was SAD. For anyone who doesn’t know, SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder & is a mood disorder primarily affecting sufferers in the winter months.

I literally couldn’t believe how much I felt like a totally different person. It was a mixture of very few hours of sunlight, not working out, jetlag, & not being on a normal schedule. It’s like there was wool over my eyes & I had this super heavy energy.

From teaching Pure Barre & Pilates, I became very in-tune with my body, & still have that mind-body connection. Something was off- I could tell. I hopped on Google, started researching, came across Seasonal Depression & realized…this always happens when I travel somewhere that’s dark.

Immediately I went into finding solutions for this problem. One of them was a happy light ( which I immediately bought ), supplementing with St. John’s Wort, dawn alarm ( an alarm that wakes you up with light instead of beeping ) – it’s like a natural light that shines from your window, exercise, journaling, aromatherapy, & a salt lamp.

To be honest I didn’t have immediate access to a salt lamp so I kinda forgot about it.

After Christmas was over, we went to Gstaad, Switzerland.

There is the most magnificent spa at the hotel we stayed at in Gstaad. The spa had all these different saunas & steam rooms…I mean ALL THE SAUNAS…wet, dry, wood, herbal, bio, stone, Turkish, Finnish, infrared, steam- like all of them.

Ironically, they also had a salt room. Basically, you go in your hotel robe & sit there & stare at this huge salt lamp. On the wall there was a list of all the benefits & on that list was good for mood, & great for depression & anxiety.

So I sat there for 20 minutes, staring at the warm color palette, shade of soft colors of this salt lamp, waiting for it to work it’s magical powers. After 20 minutes guys…I kid you fucking not, I felt 99% better. LITERALLY couldn’t believe it.   Staring at it gave me a calming effect giving me a sense of relaxation.  I was out of my mind over it & almost wrote a blog post right there, on the spot. But I figured I’d wait & do some more research & get access to my own before I talked to you guys about it.

It’s known to lift depression & anxiety immediately, especially for people who live in dark, rainy areas.

You should know it has tons of other benefits too:

♡ natural antihistamine
♡ good for digestion
♡ improves metabolism
♡ reduces stress hormones
♡ lowers cortisol
♡ good for vascular health
♡ balances electrolytes
♡ prevents muscle cramping
♡ supports a healthy nervous system
♡ improves sleep

It’s said that positive ions can really drain your energy, but a salt lamp releases natural negative ions which can bring your energy back up.

More info here.


So we’ve been using Brooklinen bedding for as long as I can remember. It’s kind of a staple. The sheets are buttery & delicious & will give you the best sleep of your life.

Also. And let’s be real this is important, they’re CHIC. French chic. The kind of chic you want for your bedding.

I opted for the crispy white sheets, throw blankets & pillow cases ( & I say “I” because I picked, sorry Michael ). There are some things I can handle & bedding is one of them, LOL. We have a king size bed frame & these sheets fit nice & tight and make the bed look like perfection when it’s all made in the morning. At night when it’s time to wind down they’re soooo comfortable. You will melt into your bed like a cloud, I’m telling you.

So personally for me I did the Luxe Move-In Bundle in stark white. Like the whiter the better. You get 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 duvet cover, & 4 pillowcases which is just ideal. Also it includes a luscious cloud of a comforter. The bundle is very affordable too- the whole thing is $488 which after shopping around is FAB for all those sheets, pillowcases, & comforters plus a duvet. I MEAN.

A few pluses: the pillowcases use these envelope closures so you don’t have open ends ( I am weird but open ends bug me ). The sheets are longer & stronger than other brands which I personally love- especially when I’m making the bed.

( Side note: you want to get the right laundry detergent too- I like to wash my sheets/pillows separate from my clothes. The detergent, Laundress Signature Detergent is cute ( like I want to display it on my shelves ) & made to gently wash this specific bedding. Also, it’s all NATURAL. I’m about it. If we are getting very specific on the directions: machine wash cold, tumble dry low using a natural detergent like the one I mentioned ).

I have had a bunch of questions on sheets/bedding & I can confidently say you can’t go wrong with these sheets. They’re even very much approved by my Chihuahuas. THEY DO NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED!

You can shop my bedding here. USE CODE  “lauryn10” to receive 10% off orders over $50 at Brooklinen.


WHIP OUT THE MUSHROOM TEA or mint tea or lemon water. Dim the lights, get your cortisol down, step away from electronics, matte black diffuser goes ON. Get the vibe right. All these tips help with the vibe, but make sure you’re getting yourself dialed out an hour-ish before bedtime.


I SPRAY the room every night with this satisfying Settle Down spray– I have been doing it for years. The dogs love it ( it’s dog-friendly ) & it’s created by a The Skinny Confidential reader, Karen, who used all these delightful ingredients to make the best pillow spray ever ( I have one satin pillowcase in the bed I always spray it on). But ya, you can spray it on the sheets, pillows, in the air, on your face- I can’t get enough. You will love it.


ADMITTEDLY, Michael & I very much copied author & podcaster, Tim Ferriss, on this step. Tim recommends a white noise sound machine. We bought the Marpac Dohm one & we love it- it’s not super pricey. We turn on our ceiling fan, diffuse lavender oil, & switch on the white noise sound machine.

The machine has 6 high quality natural sounds: rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, summer night. The thing is that natural sounds mask background noises so you sleep better. Fall asleep easier, sleep better, wake-up refreshed. You get it.

I can’t even explain this weirdness, but it works!


Dim, dim, dimmity, dim. The lights getting dimmed happens at like 8 PM. It signals our brain that it’s time to wind down. I dim the lights & the dogs love it. Of course they also expect their leopard Kardashian blanket to come out too.


I KNOW, I KNOW. But we need to discuss this. First off, & this one is very important, I HAVE TO LIMIT ELECTRONICS. Now this has been VERY difficult for me. I am a night owl & work best at night in front of my computer, with Bossanova, & a cup of mint tea. This comes from my days of bartending until midnight. I’d come home after an extremely long shift & get to work until 3 AM. However lately, I have found the sooner I get off the electronics, the better sleep I have, the better the next day. You know, it’s kind of a Domino effect here. Which again is sort of devastating because I love working at night.

To be completely transparent we are kind of a work in progress here.

So instead of shutting down at 12:30 PM, I’m aiming for 9 PM now. Getting off electronics doesn’t just help sleep guys! It’s good for the libido. No really, Michael likes the bedroom to stay as a sleep/sex room. HA.

AS FAR AS WINDING DOWN OFF ELECTRONIC DEVICES: I use my blue light glasses or computer software called f.lux, or A BOOK LIGHT TO READ a real book, ALL of which help block the blue light that stimulates the brain. I usually throw on my obnoxious but necessary glasses around 8-ish. And of course, CALM or peppermint tea is nearby. Quick tip: lately, instead of tea bags I’ve been using actual fresh mint over hot water & it’s DIVINE!


An essential item for your home decor.  Light them. Everywhere. So peaceful.

We have been using the tiny ones. We LOVE them. Got them at Brooklinen too. The tea light candles create an ideal ambience- also they match with my matte black diffuser ( we’ll get to that ).

Each of their tiny, chic candles says a cute saying on it. They’re fun to put on your side table or on top of books as decor.


CBD: so, so fab. Winds you the hell down! I do two puffs of my gold pen OR I do drops in my fresh mint tea. So easy.

Skincare is always happening- you can find my whole night time routine here.

And of course, a eucalyptus shower. Really calms me down to have a hot shower before bed- especially under eucalyptus leaves with a salt rock glow.


This is a must.

First, get the right oils. I did a post here but tangerine or lavender or valor is always going in our house. Sometimes I mix in grapefruit too. They’re all delicious.

As my sister says ( she loves oils too ): Tangerine is very good for purifying your house and making it smell clean, it is very citrusy ( of course & Lauryn’s all time favorite ). Tangerine oil is an antiseptic & an immune booster as well. It is also a digestive aid and helps with insomnia & memory support. The best part about Tangerine is it regenerates new cells while purifying the blood! That being said, I would buy it as a “Vitality” as well as an oil, so I could put it in my drink to digest!” I AGREE.

When my favorite diffuser is misting, the scent comes out it in the most SEXY way. It’s hard to explain over the computer but like the flow of the essential oils reminds me of the smoke that comes out of the hot-tempered, blue caterpillar’s hookah in Alice In Wonderland– you know what I mean? Like the mist just creates this very therapeutic, sexy situation- very feng shui-y. This is on the pricer side ($108) but worth every penny because it’s a pretty fixture that creates good energy in the home. ALSO, it also comes in matte white. Other pluses: time setting option, runs for 7.5 hours, easy to clean, & it has a little light around the bottom that gives off more delicious ambience. cord isn’t overly chunky which we love. AND. It comes in matte black, white or pink- more here. LOVE.

11.) PLANT:

Plants can offer freshness to any part of the house, therefore depriving your bedroom of a potted plant or two or even a tree ( get my punchline here? ) would be a big injustice. After all, a bedroom plant adds greenery to your sleeping space, which aids in relaxation.  A bonsai tree is a great piece which is very soothing to the eyes.

SO THAT’S THAT! Optimize your sleep. Create a sleep den. Make it peaceful, romantic. And most importantly make sure it lowers your cortisol. It’s easy to create a zen inspired bedroom if you make it a point.

Sleep is your friend. It’s a huge part of your life! Pay attention to how you’re sleeping.

Let’s be real here, I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP OR ELSE. Michael knows this.

With that, I am getting off the computer to wind down- just sprayed my Settle Down spray & I am about to hop in to my buttery sheets with a book ( The Grand Budapest Hotel ). Good night & see you tomorrow!

ZZZzzzz, lauryn x

+  USE CODE  “lauryn10” to receive 10% off orders over $50 at Brooklinen.
++ READ MORE: morning routine & night time skin routine.
+++ READ MORE: Living room, Interior design & home designs – Tips for styling your home 


* This post is in collaboration with Brooklinen- as always all opinions are my own | PICS.


  1. Kkkk, DIEING FOR WHITE SHEETS. BUT, how do you keep them clean? Like between my dog and self tanner and god knows what else. How do you keep them crisp white? How often do you wash??

  2. Sleep is so important to function and to be more energized.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Btw – somehow I can’t pin your post on pinterest 🙁

  3. What kind of mattress do you have? My husband and I have been hunting for one we both love and its not happening. Ugh. Help! Thanks!

  4. I love diffusers but I have cats and a lot of essential oils are bad for them and some are bad for dogs. I recently found out so candles, diffusers are used very seldom 🙁
    Now cbd, my son has a cbd company if your interested I could send you some items

  5. What kind of mattress do you use? We are in the trial phase of the avocado mattress because the toxic fumes aspect of things is HUGE for me, especially being that mom who co-sleeps with our little one. However, we are struggling with the back support aspect of things. Interested to get your take!

  6. All of your tips are always so good! I definitely need to get my hands on some cbd. I have heard such great things about it.


  7. Wow! it’s really looking gorgeous that I have fallen in love with your decorations. The tiny candle works great in decoration and the best for a peaceful bedroom. Thanks for the share.

  8. I scrolled through and read this post and started feeling sooo zen. Excellent tips for creating a peaceful zen bedroom!

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