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Crazy BLENDER Ginger Lemonade

frozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidentialfrozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidential

Hello hello! Happy Thursday.

Absolutely so excited to share this odd ball recipe that I randomly found.


None of that Minute Maid bullshit, fake lemonade guys, this is real deal LEMONade. Why LEMONade? Because it’s technically like a whole lemon. No really, like a lemon GOES IN THE BLENDER. Not peeled.

Like the entire lemon.

But not 5 lemons, ONE LEMON. UNO. JUST ONE.

frozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidential

frozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidential

That’s right one measly lemon makes tons of goodness ( you won’t believe how far it goes actually ).

Are you with me still?

LISTEN- when I find something that A.) tastes good B.) is all natural and C.) is weird & different, I have to share it on The Skinny Confidential.

This is weird & different because who the hell thinks of casually throwing an entire lemon, peel & all, into a blender?

Really though, I’d be overly excited to meet this person.

Props on the creativity & curiosity, well played.


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I just can’t contain myself with this one. It’s so good.

K, recipe time:

As I said, we’re dealing with ONE lemon.

So simply use 2 cups of water, a handful of ice cubes, & a few tablespoons of coconut sugar for sweetness. Add a sprig of mint for garnish & color. Because how fun are yellow & green together?

The Big Bird yellow-ness from the lemon’s peel is DYNAMIC once it’s blended. Prettiest yellow ever.

BY THE WAY, use a legit blender for this. I live & die for this one ( you know this already if you follow along on Snapchat ).

frozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidential

This recipe says to remember to “wash & scrub the lemon thoroughly. It’s going in the blender, peel and all, so you’ll want to be sure it’s squeaky clean. Next, use a paring knife to cut it into quarters and remove the seeds and the pith ( that thick white stuff in the middle ). When you’re done, toss the lemon quarters in the blender along with the water, ice cubes and sugar. Now the fun part: Blend. Make sure you blend for a full minute ’til it’s ultra-smooth. Anything less and you’ll taste the pulp.” { recipe via }

Ginger was in my fridge too, so I literally cut a thumb size amount off & added it to the mix for a twist. Just throw the root in right with the lemon! LOLZZZZ.

Gotta add a little TSC flair.

frozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidential

Since I filmed this with some friends, we got crazy behind the scenes & added Tito’s gluten-free vodka. Obviously you don’t have to add a splash of vodka but if you’re with friends, why the hell not? Oh, & this was filmed 2 weeks ago; I can assure you I’m still fully committed to No Way Rose January. No alcohol all month!

Ok, soooo tired. Off to read more of Elizabeth Taylor’s biography…it’s SO juicy. You have to read it.

Night, lauryn x

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frozen blender lemonade | by the skinny confidential

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of doing something like this with a whole lemon but it sounds yummy. Can’t wait to try it!


  2. This smoothie makes me want to be on vacay! Have a post up on warming winter shakes if you’re stuck in the midwest like moi:)

    1. Hi Jesse, I’ll check it out. I seriously feel like I’m on vacay when I make this drink. Its great but also kind of makes me miss Cabo, LOL!

  3. A whole lemon?! This sounds so interesting and good. Can’t wait to try! (Also, I lovvve your Veuve candle).
    xx, Pia

    1. Hi Jessica, you should get the nutribullet! It’s the best! The link is in the post and at the bottom of the post

    1. Hi Malaika, I’m jealous you’re hitting the slopes! Skiing or snowboarding? SO fun! Let me know what you think of the recipe and here is the link to the candle:

  4. Oh this sounds so silly but good! Going to try this some day very soon! Also, I’m loving your book so far, so many laugh out loud moments because I can relate so well haha! You rock my dear 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Yara! You’re so sweet! So glad you’re loving the book! What part are you at? Have you read the love chub chapter? LOL!!

  5. This looks incredible! Will def give it a try. I’ve seen watermelon thrown into vitamix’s – rind, seeds, & all but never lemons – yet it makes so much sense esp with the ginger… and a little titos never hurt a fly! 😉

    Also, have to say LOVE the Fetty remix! Got entirely too excited when I heard the 1738 – Happy weekend! xx SS

  6. Interesting, I’m going to try this… Have you tried using whole orange the same way?

    And I love your top, let me know if you decide to sell it (o:

  7. Been juicing the entire lemon for years (only organic, of course). The peel has 2.5 times the vitamin C than the juice! Great post and recipe. Miss you a lot! Xxx Uncle Dave

  8. I’ll definitely try this recipe in my vitamix. I’m all about a drink free January, too. Too much champagne over the holidays!

  9. Lauryn!!! I just read something that I thought you would love since you clearly have a love for lemon water and citrus as I do… Microwave the lemon for 10-15 seconds before squeezing or using and it loosens the juices before you squeeze or use!! I am in awe!! Amazing new trick!

  10. Such recipe is flat our original and amazing!!!!! It sounds soooo delicious right now, too. And the photos are wonderful. Thank you for bringing!

  11. Excellent post ???
    I would never have thought of this combo! It’s been about 110 degrees here and this is perfect for this time of year. I’m going to Shakespeare in the park this weekend and I will be bring a pitcher of this recipe ?

  12. I bought my blender last month. There are so many things I want to make, hope I can get the time and energy to do so soon because this blender is just awesome! Thanks for sharing this recipe! This is a must try!

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