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As you know I had double jaw surgery…which was a real fucking ordeal.

Since I get so many e-mails about this unique surgery, I decided I’d do what I do best & lay it all on the line for you with a little video.

If you remember I was actually SWOLLEN AF for like two years. Ya, two years.

It screws with you- it’s something I haven’t really talked about but I thought it was important to share a peek behind the curtain of what was really happening. I’m finally in a place where I’m ready to open up & share the BTS with you.

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s been through a traumatic surgery. What I went through has definitely made me a more resilient person, HOWEVER it was not fun.

With that, I’ll let the video do the talking?


ICE ROLLER ( post here )


STRIPED PANTS ( similar )

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

corrective double jaw surgery experience | the skinny confidential

As for the foods I ate, let’s just say I drank A LOT of smoothies and the surgery made lose like 20 pounds because I couldn’t really eat. One of my favorite smoothie recipes can be found here.

Also, I do have to say the beauty tips I picked up post-surgery have been UNREAL. Like, nuts. The inflammation tricks are lifesaving after travel, a night of too much champagne, or dry weather. Lymphatic drainage has been one of the most eye-opening things EVER. Swollen? Bloated? Puffy? Try lymphatic drainage with ice therapy & be prepared to see results. Facial massage is really my best friend now. I can literally manipulate my face from being a swollen nightmare to more tight, taunt skin. A TSC reader actually wrote a book all about this & used me as a testimonial for lymphatic drainage- you can check out her book here. Nothing better than seeing a TSC reader HUSTLE.

OK SO if you have any questions about jaw surgery I really am happy to answer them all. In fact, it’s nice to help anyone who’s gone through this random surgery, LOL!

Has anyone else had a traumatic surgery? How did you deal? Any other inflammation tips?

I spent two days in Vegas & last night was back to LA for a work dinner. Will be spending all night getting unpacked, organized, & de-cluttering my inbox/life. Follow along on IG Stories or Snapchat to hang out.

Happy Wednesday, x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with author Ryan Holiday. HE IS JUST INCREDIBLE & SO SMART.

+ more posts on jaw surgery: recap of the surgery | after effects of the swelling.

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  1. No major facial surgeries,but my abs having been still a 6 pack after 4 kids; has a shitload of scars from surgeriesssss.Including the waking up to what I thought was going to be a corrected prolapsed rectum; to a fucking shitbag ileostomy I had for 10 years!Could not absorb ANYTHING,my surgeon passed away before my 3 week follow up,which I then had no help with products,recovery,WTF how to have sex again,( or even feel attractive).Gad that thing removed and reversed almost 3 years ago.To put it mildly,the ileostomy surgery and almost 10 years after,I shit everything and became bedridden at 44 years old!Could go on about the close to 25 or so scars I have,but I feel and look fantastic now,thanks to good nutrition,adaptogens,protein drinks,excercise,and a greasy attitude.Was a dancer and fitness pro into my 30’s,even competed.All this carcass went through,is amazballs!Liver failure,mini strokes,ICU,all behind me and at 56,am better then ever.Love my jade roller!!??

  2. Confused…you said your dentist told you that you were grinding down your teeth and if you kept doing that, you’d grind them down to nothing….why didn’t he recommend a night guard, which would have prevented that? I know it wouldn’t have fixed your jaw, but it does seem like it would have been a really important middle step between “grinding teeth to stubs” and “major surgery.” Thx!!

  3. This is actually a surgery my dentist said I could do if I decided to, since I have all of the same issues you experienced prior to your surgery! When I had first read that you did this a while back, I was like OMG, I’m not the only one that has this issue?! haha. You healed beautifully! 

  4. I got this SAME exact surgery the summer before my senior year in high school (I’m now 24) to fix my bite (my crooked underbite was not cute lol). But my orthodontist said I needed it as my jaw/mouth would really suffer in the future.

    After the surgery, I lost a bunch of friends who thought I was just getting ~plastic surgery~ (which there isn’t anything wrong with!!!) and they were awful. BUT I do not regret it one bit – THANK YOU for sharing your journey and making me feel less alone!! xoxoxo

  5. So grateful you shared your story, and didn’t sugar coat it. I have to under go a similar surgery next year, and no one will honestly tell me what the recovery is likely to be.
    Thank you. Xx.

  6. My jaw grew asymmetrically after I got my braces off when I was younger and has since caused so much pain and constant headaches. Now I’m 22 just graduated college and finally have time to take a year off and get the surgery I should have had when I was about 18. I have braces, and my surgery is only a few months away. It sucks being a 22 year old with braces, having to live at home with my parents so I can get this surgery done, but I know it will be more than worth it in the end. It makes me feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only person who has had or is having the same issues. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  7. I had the/double jaw surgery on August 31. It was brutal. Those first five days I didn’t think I could survive, I was drinking maybe 400 calories a day and that was a time consuming struggle. I was wired closed for five weeks, on a liquid diet for six weeks and had to be fed via a small syringe for the first 2.5 weeks. I am returning to work now after eight weeks off. I still cannot use a straw (my lips will not close to kiss/nor is my my jaw strong enough to suck through a straw). I mainly use small paper cups but have started to do soft foods, yay! I still have baby food with me for emergencies since I can’t do protein bars yet. I am still numb which, yes, makes eating and drinking messy… I never know when I have something on my chin. LOL. For the longest time I thought, so I’ve got to take care of my baby…me, because it was such an ordeal leaving the house (baby wipes, food before and after, special cups, meds etc) and well I’m a messy eater ever since 😉 The surgery was traumatic but I also found this time very enlightening and I realized WOW people go through much worse things and for longer or even permanent periods. In this sense, my recovery, although long, was manageable. I took it day by day – if I had know I would have been definitively wired close for five weeks I would have gone mentally crazy. Also I learned you can liquify anything which was a game changer. Lauren, do not feel bad about In n Out burger – I had Shake Shack and it was the best thing ever. You do not realize how important the texture of food is until liquid is your only option. Thanks for all of your posts on this. I feel I could write pages on what to expect and what you need post surgery because no matter how much prep/research you do (I did both extensively) it is impossible to really be ready for it. Also, you MUST have FT preferably, loving/family care those first two weeks. After that I could take care of myself but could not return to work. I’m still anxious now about returning to work since I have a lisp/the change in my face/swelling/numbness/eating but it is what it is and after awhile you explain as a disclaimer and then you don’t care. Also I carry a small mirror with me that I use whenever I’m in public eating or drinking… PS I still have braces for another six months… Also I am 35. Not fun!

    Thanks for your honesty! Good luck to everyone who goes through this… it will be hard but you will survive… I learned a lot about myself as a human, patient, partner, daughter and the value of good doctors and caretakers. Like you, I am grateful and better because of this surgery. Please keep on with the swelling and numbness tips!

    1. Also you need really good probiotics due to the antibiotics you are on.. this will help prevent infection (which I also got..down there) and help with regularity. They don’t let you blow your nose so make sure you get your nose cleaned out by your surgeon as soon as they allow… that first week I had nightmares about being robbed (and not being able to scream) or not being able to breathe at all bc you can’t open your mouth and your nose is filled with blood. Make sure you get anti-anxiety meds, a nutribullet, every kind of protein powder and nutrients/powders for smoothies and be ware certain foods (like acidic tomatoes or spice) can burn your throat initially. I also got bed sores on my heels and buttocks from the surgery.. eight weeks later and I still feel them to a small degree. Walking also helps to reduce swelling.. you will notice when you wake up you are much swollen in the morning then the afternoon. Listen to the Ghost Boy podcast on Invisibilia. I cried listening to that again while I was post surgery but it was also inspirational.. this amazing human being went through much worse things so I knew I could get through. Thanks again and good luck!

    2. I love hearing from other people who had a similar experience, makes me feel inspired. Thanks for sharing. x

  8. Thank you for posting! I currently have Invisalign to prepare my bite before surgery- your post helps a lot!

  9. Hey Lauryn,

    I’m having double jaw surgery in two months and as of right now, am incredibly nervous. I obviously am very excited, as well, to finally be able to breathe out of my nose and have the smile I’ve always wanted. Were you super nervous beforehand? I keep worrying that the surgery might go wrong and I’ll end up deformed or dead. I know, I’m dramatic… but seriously! Did you have thoughts like this? How many days were you in the hospital afterwards? And do you have any recommendations for recovery essentials?

    1. They can do a nose surgery instead.Less invasive. That’s what I did. And, it was $700 with insurance.

  10. Hi, i currently have invisalign to prepare my teeth for the surgery, so i was wondering what insurance company did you have? because i have been searching for insurance companies and most of them seem to not cover the surgery

  11. I was told I might have to get jaw surgery this has definitely put me off. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Lauryn!

    I was watching your new video with Dr. Mona about your skincare routine and I loved your tip about the Clarisonic for facial swelling. I had double jaw surgery in 2006 right out of college and I still get super swollen from flying, a night out with too much drinking or being sleep deprived because of my kids. And yes, it makes me look like I’m wearing a mask! My face gets that puffy!!
    My facial numbness never subsided on my left side and I always have to ask my dining companions to let me know if I have food on my lips as I can’t feel anything. The good thing is I don’t need numbing when getting lip fillers. Some weird side effects that I’m dealing with now 12 yrs out is that I’ve had to get Sculptra to fill in around my upper cheeks as my cheek implants are a bit too low. They looked great at 22 but now as I’ve aged I’ve had to fill in for volume where I’ve had fat loss in my face. Just an FYI….did they put in implants when they fixed your facial alignment?
    I’m so glad I did the surgery, best decision I ever made even though I spent my last year of college and the year post surgery in metal braces. And yes everything changed from the neck down as far as my body alignment.


  13. I had an appendectomy that was caught way later than it should’ve been. As a result I was in the hospital for a week to fight infection. With any surgery, they pump you with antibiotics, killing the bad and good bacteria. I wish I’d known then to replenish with Kefir! It’s so good for you, especially post-surgery to replenish vital nutrients and restore your gut’s healthy bacteria.

  14. Hi! I have gone to so many jaw specialists and dentists because I know something is wrong with my jaw- I can’t even smile anymore – but I haven’t gotten a solution. What type of doctor first diagnosed you?

    1. I did but maybe not everyone has too. Mine were removed before surgery and braces

  15. Hi Lauryn! I have had jaw surgery, and am considering going through it again, unfortunately. I’d love to ask you a few questions – what is your email address? Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  16. So grateful you shared your story, and didn’t sugar coat it. I have to under go a similar surgery next year, and no one will honestly tell me what the recovery is likely to be.Thank you for posting! – your post helps a lot!

    orthognathic surgery Foster City

    1. The recovery straight up sucks. I didn’t sleep for three days and it was two weeks before I slept through the entire night. Best of luck.

  17. Could you share a little about what jaw surgery you did specifically and who your surgeon was?(in looking into having I️t done myself). Are you happy with the results- do you regret having done it because of the two years of recovery? I think I might be missing a blog post bc there’s a lot of blanks. Sorrg— new here! Btw, I just read your blog on superfoods. Zelens prebiotic probiotic spray paired with Joanna Vargas daily serum and mahonia prickley seed oil is my superfood power team. Used daily for a few weeks and your skin starts to get that post facial taught n glow.

  18. Hi I think you look amazing and you are a true inspiration. My daughter just had double jaw surgery 28 days ago and she is still very swollen which is to be expected, my biggest concern is that she just doesn’t look like herself more in person then in photos. Her mouth pulls in a strange way and she looks like she’s permanently pursing her lips in disapproval which is so strange to watch as she was always a beautiful happy girl. Did you experience anything like that? Could it be the swelling or numbness or is this just how she will look?

  19. Ive always wanted to get a jaw reduction surgery, my dr told me once when I was young how much prettier it would make me look if i got it (mistake dude) and to this day I think about it constantly! As far as the difference in appareance, did you notice a difference enough to feel it was worth the process? I want to look in the mirror and not think about how I might look different if I got the surgery..but a few surgeons have told me that it borders for me, on cosmetic instead of a medical procedure, which insurance also wouldn’t cover. If you’re comfortable sharing, do you also remember cost wise about what the surgery runs? I want to know what I’m getting into before I get my hopes up!

  20. Lauryn, I found your blog because I am three days out from my own double jaw surgery and am feeling so hopeless. I’m congested, it’s hard to breathe, and I am so hungry but it’s hard to eat. Thanks for this video— I see a light at the end of this dark tunnel!

  21. Hey Lauryn!
    Thanks for sharing your story. I had jaw surgery about 2 and a half months ago. Recently I have had tingling returning to an area of my chin/lower lip that was completely numb, it has been bothering me a lot – it is very sensitive to temperature, touch, etc. I know you mentioned acupuncture and facial massages as helping with feeling returning, were your symptoms similar to what I mentioned above, and do you think going to do those things 2 years after surgery is too late?

  22. Omg I had this same experience except I thought I looked like John Travolta LOL. I specifically remember being so sick of sweet things I think I straight up drank queso through a straw syringe thing.

  23. Hey Lauren- I just watched your video and it was crazy how much I connected with it. I had an accident that forced jaw surgery in 3 places when I was 22 (my mandibles and chin) it was an experience that changed my life for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have many stories from my experience after my surgery but I can relate to not looking therefore not acting like yourself. It’s been 10 years since my accident and I’m still dealing with dental work. Like you said, it’s no joke and to hear someone else tell their story and turn their lives back into success is motivating. Thanks for sharing <3

  24. I had an accident when I was 22 that required me to get surgery on my jaw in 3 places (mandibles and chin) I had to blend my food too for 6 weeks and struggled with the same identity crisis. I referred to myself as the nutty professor because it looked like I blew up. There are some positives that came with this experience but also many negatives. Still 10 years later I am dealing with dental problems. Jaw surgery is no joke and it was comforting to hear your story to know I’m not alone in this experience

  25. Lauryn, thank you so much for your honesty regarding your surgery. I am 57! I had double jaw surgery in December and it is now February. I thought because I am older that I would deal with the facial change better than someone younger but I couldn’t have been more wrong! On top of the swelling, I am unhappy with the the fact that my lower jaw looks like Reede Witherspoon and when I smile I look like the Joker in Batman. I was hoping it was just my insecurity but I have had other people tell me the same in the last week. I’ve always been told I am a ringer for Jacyln Smith from the original Charlie’s Angel’s. Reese and the Joker are NOT what I was hoping for. I breathe much much better and headaches may be less but the aesthetics are just killing me. My dr also moved my chin forward. It is so difficult to know how much of my disatisfaction is from the swelling or from the chin looking off center. Thank you for expressing exactly what I am sure all jaw girls experience.

  26. Kinda new here’s, per The Morning Toast. Just wanna say while watching this video I just wanted to hug you and cry. I had the same surgery years ago, had the identity crisis and everything, and am so kinda going through it as I’m thinking about doing the surgery AGAIN (I know, sounds crazy) because it was done before my bones were done growing so now my jaw is not symmetrical. Anyway, thank you for posting this (and I live in CA if you have any suggestions for doctors ?)

  27. Hey Lauryn! Thanks for sharing your story!! It was incredibly helpful and now I don’t feel alone. I had a double jaw surgery about a year and a half ago. My chin and lower lip are still numb and my face still feels fat and swollen 🙁 I’m able to maintain my body weight but my face isn’t slimming down. I’d love to get more info about how you did facial treatments for swelling and how long you did acupuncture for the numbness. Thanks so much!!

  28. I just started following you after seeing you on The Morning Toast and GIRL, jaw surgery is no joke! I had reconstructive jaw surgery about 10 years ago and currently have 6 plates and 19 screws between my upper and lower jaw. I had NO idea what my surgery/recovery would really be like and since I was 16 at the time, I didn’t really care – I just wanted it fixed. I lost 15 pounds and was swollen for about 6 months after. I still have one spot on my lip/chin that is still numb today. Thank you for sharing your experience, I wish I had your insight when I was going through it!

  29. I had this surgery three weeks ago! It’s definitely a real fucking ordeal. Tonight I began massaging my face, just about my top lip a little next to my nose I pushed on something “squishy”. Even made a tiny popping noise. Did this happen to you? I want to call my doctor but trying to get ahold of them (University of Michigan is insanely busy) takes forever.

  30. I’m so glad I came across this post. I had double jaw surgery one year ago and I feel like my face is nowhere near done going back to normal. My surgeon says this is what it will look like but my family, my fiancée, and I still see swelling. Good to know that over the next year it will probably still change.

    1. yes! don’t let down the hope and get on on some lymphatic drainage 🙂

  31. This surgery along with being functional, is also done for aesthetic purposes. The aim is to also improve your physical appearance which you must have been told going in or would have hoped for or perhaps wanted, if it was a goal. You must have known, as I’m sure it would have been discussed that moving your jaws was going to change the way you looked and the change is significant from the before shot.

  32. This is an older blog post I know, but if you’re still checking the comments I have a question! I am getting jaw surgery (most likely double) in March of 2020, and I wanted to ask: at what point did you feel comfortable with yourself regarding the swelling? Like to the point where if someone didn’t know you had it done, one wouldn’t notice anything?

    1. because i got an infection, the swelling was way worse than it would have been originally. but i also didn’t know about any of the great inflammation tips i know now – email for more deets & good luck

  33. I had surgery bimax 2 weeks ago I am going through a very difficult time these last past days I am suicidal at the moment
    Very emotional
    I had to do it without family around me , alone
    No anxiolytics so all in all I feel Like a survivor , I am glad I can finally share My experience on this forum.
    My biggest worry at the moment is the fact I look clearly uglier than before
    I was beautiful I had a wide beautiful smile
    I am experiencing nerves laziness on the right side of my face and the doctor said it will take time but will come back to normal movements and sensation over the weeks, same for the chin.
    As I was saying for now as I am still swollen and I am lacking of sensations and movement freedom on my smile I am wondering is it normal I feel like my mouth cannot smile widely as before and that most of my teeth are not visible anymore especially bottom ones but also the top arcade
    Please see attached before my beautiful smile and now .
    Have some of you had a similar experience ?
    Does it get better once the swelling is more reduced and the cheeks muscles less stiff ?

    1. I am feeling the EXACT SAME THING GIRL ! I had a beautiful wide smile and now I feel like my teeth are not showing. I had a double jaw surgery at 13/04/2021. It was my orthodontists proposal for a better future. Now my face is looking so different. It is still swollen a lot ofcourse, but I am having internal crisis as well.. Hope it gets better soon?

  34. I’m having double jaw surgery in 3 weeks and I’m internally scared and anyone I try to talk to about it seem to brush it off like I’m being over dramatic and will be fine. I do believe it will be fine in the end but my friends and family don’t seem to understand how traumatic this surgery is and I feel a bit alone with no one to talk to about it. My boyfriend will take care of me after surgery and even he seems unaware how messed up I’ll be lol.

  35. I had double jaw surgery on 10/20/20 and I’m still numb and swollen. When did you feel full nerve recovery? I’m getting worried I will never ever feel the same again nerve wise. I’m completely numb on my upper jaw/gums and most of my left side and my tongue. Some skin surface stuff is a little numb too. Did you have to do acupuncture in order to restore your nerves completely? My doctors say it’ll just come back in a year… but I’m not so sure.

    1. Acupuncture was for inflammation ;/ it took about a year to feel normal totally

  36. Hello Lauryn? I hope you are doing great and having an amazing begging of the summer so far. This is Zey, pleasure to meet you♥️
    The reason why I am writing to you is , I watched your youtube videos about your experience. You are very strong and beautiful!? I am glad we can share our experiences together , here in this amazing platform? I also has a double jaw surgery 1 month, 17 days ago. Its been a very very hard journey.. ( and still is ) . First couple of weeks.. only made me stronger for the future. Anyone that is going through this you can do it ! I had some questions to ask because reading stuff from the internet doesn’t help at all :(I found some people online, lots of them haven’t seen the messages some did and they informed me about what should I expect, But I still have things that makes me very uncomfortable , so wanted to contact you.. I feel my face is like a balloon. Super swollen. It was thin and long before now its big and circle. Also my nose became flatter. The tip became wider because of my jaw getting upper. I didn’t knew my nose would change.. that made me very sad. But it will still go down my doc said. I don’t feel my chin and the left side of my lower lip. I feel like the upper part will never go down.. I wanted to ask if you were already in a better situation after 1 month.Is what Im feeling normal. Everytime I look in the mirror its like someone else. I love how my teeth feels and how my jaw closes. Feels so healthy. But it changed my face so much that I am having an identity crisis. I am not used to how I am looking right now at all :(, even if its getting better. I would love to share experiences with other people who felt like me too @zeynepalkanz is my instagram and I will be checking Lauryns blog too. Thank YOU SO MUCH LAURYN ❤️ For sharing your experience. Take care and stay safe guys???

    1. I can totally sympathize with everything you’re going through, they had to peel my face off on the left side where my jaw was shattered in order to put a titanium wheel in so from the bottom of my lip all the way to my left ear is completely numb and it’s not from the car accident, it’s actually from them having to lift the skin off of my face.
      My surgeon said it could take up to two years to get the feeling back but that most likely it wouldn’t come back and it hasn’t. It’s been three years for me in April and it’s really an isolating emotional roller coaster 💕

  37. I am curious- did Dr. Loetscher do your surgery? Is he good? I found you by looking him up?

  38. Hello,

    Hope you are still responding to this blog. I was wondering how long it took for your numbness to go Away. And how long after Surgery did you start acupuncture?

    Thank you

  39. Other than the acupuncture what help with numbness. Thank you for this blog. Nice to hear someone who has been thru it.

  40. I just wanna thank you, so much for this because I was in a horrific car accident where my jaw got broke on both sides a.k.a. I had to have double jaw surgery only my left jaw is titanium because it shattered completely so I have a plate and a screw on the right side and the left side has a wheel that is titanium holding my job together so that I can talk.
    The identity crisis is literally no joke, I feel so much better after coming across you because I thought I was the only one and you’re right, nobody will understand how you feel and it’s a very isolating emotionally.
    Thank you thank you.
    I need to get an ice roller but I hate shopping online lol. I’m an instant gratification girl. 💕

  41. Hey!
    So I’ve just recently came across your youtube video about your jaw surgery. 13th April 2022 I had Bimaxillary Osteotomy (Double Jaw Surgery) and as you can imagine, hella swollen. The bruising doesn’t look as bad now, but I just need a quicker way of toning down the swelling 😂. You look amazing by the way.

    Summer x

  42. I am 3 months post op double jaw surgery. Watching this video I am crying. I am so depressed and hate what I see. I compare my old pictures and I’m really struggling. I too feel like Sloth. I say that all the time. I had to have my hardware removed on my right and left lower jaw due to an infection two weeks ago. So more swelling. My face isn’t even on both sides. Please help!

  43. I’m having this surgery in August 😬 moving the top jaw forward and bottom back a little .. I’m so scared. That it’s going to hurt so much.😭 I’m 34 and have waited all my life for this.. now it’s here I’m watching loads of videos and scaring myself 😂

    I’m scared I won’t like my face even more . Or my smile will be really different x

  44. Hi lovely ,
    Super old
    Post but I’ve sudden developed a deep overbite and receeded jaw from
    Teeth grinding and Botox in the jaw . I’m scared . I want my old face back as I hate how it’s become so different now . I’m scared I’ll end up even worse though . Do you feel you feel much better about yourself ? My smile is so much shorter and rounder now that my jaw has shifted . Did it add length and structure to your face and smile ?

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