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Correct, I’ve Tried Botox, So Let’s Discuss.

botox musings | by the skinny confidential

The scene is as clear as day.

I was driving to my sister’s graduation, all dressed up, of course. Think white deep V-neck with a cute mini & some pumps. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. My latest Spotify playlist was blasting from the car’s speakers & it was that time of day where the light shines directly in your face. Around 5 PM-ish I think.

As I was driving along, I casually glanced up at the rearview mirror. & there it was, NO DENYING IT GUYS, a total number 11. That’s right, smack between my eyebrows. The eleven was there. I wasn’t being crazy. And the light? Let’s just say it was very much intensifying the sitch.

Hmmmmm, I thought. That’s annoying.

95% percent of girls are overly critical of themselves. Including me. We could all be a little kinder to ourselves. But the point is I’m no different from you, & the deep-set 11 was annoying. As you know, I’m very detailed-oriented & sometimes…a perfectionist ( which is VERY frustrating at times ).

But I figured I was young & to leave it for a while.

Well, after a year, the 11 BUGGEDDDDDDD. Bugged a lot.

So I did what I do best: research.

I asked everyone with credibility about BOTOX.


So I said ‘what the fuck’ & went for it.

Yup, I got Botox.

( Let’s also keep in mind, this was a few years ago, so I was definitely more carefree… ).

BUT WAIT, hold up. You should know, the reason I’m doing this post is because a lot of you have asked about my thoughts on Botox.

…& the blogger I strive to be every day is someone who’s an open book.

Plus I love taking one for the team ; ).

Sometimes it’s very scary but fortunately it’s way more important to me to provide a transparent space here…which is why I’ve shared intimate details about any & every procedure I’ve undergone: boob job, non-invasive body contouringINTENSE jaw surgery ( jaw surgery being the most traumatic ), & even my birth control situation.

The Skinny Confidential is a community of women. Women who are sharing wellness tips, tricks, advice, mistakes, experience, stories, etc. So yes, a Botox post makes perfect sense. It’s something that A LOT of women are doing…& a lot of them are not talking about it.

Side note: to be entirely clear, the open book part is more about things I’ve experienced myself…like Botox. There are a lot of things I DON’T SHARE on social media & here’s why: most of those intimate, private details, involve other people. Those are not my stories to tell.

This however, BOTOX, is something I’ve experienced on my own so I’m going to simply share the pros, the cons, the good, the bad, the ugly…& well, the truth.

And I’m not telling anyone to get Botox.

In fact, I will never tell you do anything.

The Skinny Confidential showcases different opinions & it’s important to only pull what will work for YOU & YOUR LIFE. I am not you & you are not me. I may kind of like Botox but that certainly doesn’t mean my personal thoughts should sway your own opinions either way.

Take my opinion as just that – an opinion. Because that’s what it is. I do me, you do you!! That’s what makes life beautiful. If we were all the same, it’d be a real snore.


Back to me actually GETTING Botox. So about three years ago I found a doctor who was highly recommended, talked with her, & went in to give it a test.

The real reason I decided to pull the trigger was not just because of Mr. Eleven…the reason was: it’s preventative. Meaning that the 11 wouldn’t continue to get deeper, making the wrinkle worse. If you know me, you know I’m ALL ABOUT PREVENTION. Sunscreen being one of the most preventative things I do on a daily basis.

So yes, the prevention thing is what sold me. I mean I definitely didn’t ( & don’t ) want the 11 getting deeper. Who would?

Before committing to an appointment I tried Frownies, creams, facial massage, massive amount of water, & collagen masks. Didn’t work. Old 11 was still hanging on strong.

( For the record, I’ve never been a smoker. Cigarettes just aren’t my thing! So any fine lines on my face aren’t from cigs ).


Botulinum toxin type A, the popular neurotoxin that, when injected in the face, will reduce muscle movement & lessen the appearance of wrinkles.


For the area I chose, it was like $200 bucks. Prices vary depending the area you choose.


Needles, a lot of scary needles.

I hate needles. Really, I have a condition called ‘Vasovagal syncope.’ It happens when you faint because your body overreacts to certain triggers. Needles is mine.

Every time there’s a needle, I need to eat a banana before, lay down while the needle is administered, AND I have to lay there for 5 minutes after the process.

The needle for this was so small & not as bad as I thought…primarily because my eyes were closed the entire time.

Also, I wanted to be EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE. No Real Housewives BS for me.


I went into the doctor & she told me to lay down ( HELLO FEAR OF NEEDLES ). Then she whipped out a mirror & had me show her what I didn’t like. She agreed that the 11 would be better off with a little Botox AND it would prevent it from getting deeper. She asked if I wanted a numbing cream, I declined because I don’t mind a little pain, I JUST MIND NEEDLES.

After that she got the needles ready ( my eyes were closed ) & she did four injections in like 1 minute. Quick, easy, painless, & I didn’t see the needle. It feels like a more intense eyebrow pluck.

& then I was done.

Every time I’ve had it since, it’s been the same story. Quick.

I don’t do it for anyone other than myself.

The Aftermath:

Since the whole Botox experience, I’ve gotten it once a year ( sometimes twice, depending how long it takes to wear off ). BUT I stopped for a year in 2015 because I couldn’t touch my face for a year after jaw surgery. Jaw surgery was literally the gnarliest thing ever & I wanted NO needles towards my face, remember? It’s been a year since surgery ( June 16th ) & I finally pulled the trigger and got my Botox done a few weeks ago. Double jaw surgery has made my lower face & lips numb, making it very difficult to move normally. I’m finally getting feeling & movement back, thanks to acupuncture & time. I actually think the reason a lot of you have asked about Botox is because of my lack of movement in the numb areas – since I have a hard time moving the lower part of my face, it looks like I’ve gotten Botox there!

The ironic thing is, I haven’t gotten it anywhere other than between the eyebrows.

& here’s why: I don’t want to get into the forehead, I don’t really have fine lines there yet. Would never touch my eyes. There’s something weird about eyes. & lastly, I would NEVER recommend getting Botox by the smile lines because you want to smile & Botox would paralyze the muscles. Also my numbness after jaw surgery is enough…A girlfriend of mine did this & she HATED how she couldn’t really smile. So for now, it goes between my eyes that’s it.

After Botox, it’s important to NOT exercise, bend over, or lie down all day. They say four hours, but I always wait all day. Another friend of mine got Botox & he went to try on shoes afterwards. Well, we all know we lean down over the shoe when trying on shoes. Unfortunately this fucked the Botox up because it was 2 hours after. He had a lazy eye for a month straight. UGH. Hence, why I’m overly careful the day I get it.

Supposedly it will last three to four months. For me, it has lasted up to 9 months. Obviously avoid Botox if you’re pregnant.

As far as bruising, ONE time I got the tiniest bruise in the world that disappeared the next day.

One big pro: it kind of opens your face in the best way. I can’t explain it. I feel refreshed kind of. So yah, getting it between the eyes has opened my face a little which is a tiny plus.

Con: HUGE CON. The shit in Botox is just an overall con. Again, I don’t recommend anyone get Botox unless you’ve done extensive research. This is just my experience. Take it with a grain of salt.

Ultimately, my forehead feels smoother & there’s no more 11. Getting rid of the 11 has even helped any forehead wrinkles calm down because it’s trained my forehead not to move as much.

Needless to say, I’ll probably get it again in 9 months.

Prevention at its finest.

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

Oh & again, I’m all for all-natural remedies. BUT I do try a lot of things that are NOT all-natural too. Some of you guys point out that there are chemicals in my makeup, sunscreen & hair products. Here’s the thing: I use chemicals. In fact, I’ve never claimed I don’t use chemicals. I just TRY to avoid them where I can but sometimes life happens ( like…you get a boob job at 19! HA ). As I’ve always said, I balance my products/food/drinks like a checkbook. I pick my battles.

You can read more about my thought process here.

Dr. Kenneth Arndt, a dermatologist & an adjunct professor of surgery at Dartmouth Medical School states: “it’s been clearly shown for a long time that frown lines, forehead furrows and crows’ feet are due to repetitive folding of skin from normal expressions.”

Arndt says many people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s attempt to fix these wrinkles and folds once they’ve developed. But by injecting earlier, people can keep them from ever happening.

“If you slow down the use of these muscles beginning early in adult life, the lines never develop,” he says. “Rather than going backward and fixing something that’s there, you can inhibit it from starting in the first place” ( Arndt, a dermatologist and an adjunct professor of surgery at Dartmouth Medical School” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>via ).

AKA YOU WILL not need filler.

There’s a lot of doctors that hate Botox too. Many doctors say to simply stay out of the sun, drink a lot of water, exercise, & eat a lot of greens to preserve youth. I do all of these things too, obviously. Many doctors say, “if you’re going to spend money, spend it on sunscreen.”

I could get on board with this opinion too…if it weren’t for Mr. 11. Everyone is different, it’s kind of a case by case thing I think.

By the way, I believe collagen plays a HUGE part in the wrinkle game which is why I’m a big time collagen advocate. Collagen is key. It’s the best ever really. Read more here.

Another opinion: my girls over at Lunchpails & Lipstick ( cutest mommy bloggers in their mid-thirties ) said, “I wish I would have started Botox in my 20s. Why is Botox so taboo? Doctors say it is the ultimate aging preventative and I believe them! I wonder if it would have made a difference. Maybe I should just learn to age gracefully without worrying about it. Nope! I know that won’t happen, so bring on the lasers, Botox, & products!”


Can’t we just all talk about it? Let’s talk about taboo shit. Let’s go there. A lot of women feel the need to lie. Why lie? I feel very good about the decisions I have made for MYSELF. I’m not ashamed. I made them fully informed & was well researched. Getting a boob job & using Botox once a year are entirely my decisions. & I stand by the decisions.

I’m just calling it how it is.

Instead of the whole hush-hush bullshit, let’s compare notes!! 

Since we’re on the topic, I’m thinking about doing a boob job follow-up post because there’s been a lot more questions — thoughts?

OK, ready, set, go: what are you specific questions about Botox? Very happy to answer below.

As always, you guys are amazing. The Skinny Confidential is a total safe space to discuss 2016 realness. Thanks for continuing to cultivate an honest, non-judgemental space. YOU ROCK.

– lauryn x

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, I always love to hear about these first hand so I can get a ‘true representation’ of what something is like! If you’re doing it for you, noone else should care!

  2. Love this post! I started Botox for prevention at 23. Small dose, still have movement but not so much that I wrinkle with my expressions and I LOVE it!! Would much rather prevent lines developing or getting worse than trying to fix them and like you said, it’s all about balance. Thanks for always being real! Can you do a post on laser if you have had any? Interested to hear your experience and opinion on them X

    1. I’ve only had laser tattoo removal Christy but if that ever changes I will definitely write a post! LOL. xx

  3. My question about botox is: why are most girls and women so concerned about their appearance that a tiny wrinkle makes them using botox? why is it always about how you look and not about what kind of person you are? the more I see the current world, the more I see people’s social media, I realize that today’s world is only about not having wrinkles, being skinny, not having wrinkles, being skinny, being good looking, being skinny and so is a shallow world that we live in. And I find it very sad, that an intelligent young woman as you Lauryn, has tried botox at a very young age obviously. That in fact you do not accept yourself as you are. A tiny wrinkle is making you feel uncomfortable. That to me is ridiculous and sad. Just remember, growing old is beautiful. And it is a far better option than dying.

    1. If someone wants to get botox, let them! You talk about “living in this world of not having wrinkles and being skinny” well how about we let people shape their world into whatever makes THEM happy. We dont need people telling us what to do. I am pretty sure Lauryn loves herself, and if she wants to do something that allows that love to grow then so be it.

    2. It’s a personal choice, just like buying a new dress. Why buy a new dress, when there are perfectly good ones hanging in your closet? Why wear make-up? Because it makes you feel good.

      I think it’s the opposite of sad, when a successful woman can walk into a Doctor’s office and decide to do a procedure for herself, without worrying about approval. It would be sad if she was afraid to be open about it, in fear that someone what might shame her.

    3. I agree to a point. I think usually cosmetic procedures are used even though some don’t need them. They were invented for people that don’t look good and need help. It’s about how you feel inside that counts. If a shot of botox cured depression it might be worth it. I do agree there are many girls doing peels,lasers,botox and already have perfect skin. It’s hype and they end up causing more damage in the end.

  4. Girl, I needed this. I’m 26 and seriously considering botox for my forehead. I just finished law school and there have been a LOT of furrowed brows over the last three years, and the wrinkles are serious. So glad to hear you’ve had a successful experience, and I am going to take your advice and avoid the smile lines!

    1. WOW! I bet, congratulations on earning your law degree Hannah that’s awesome!! Happy this post helped : )) xx

  5. Thank you for this post! I love that you try to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t take it so extreme that it consumes you- everything in moderation! I’m the same way. I am in my mid 20’s and thinking about preventive Botox in the next few years so I loved this post. Thanks for your honesty and sharing. Botox shouldn’t be a dirty word!

  6. SOOOOO HAPPY you talked about this. I am 31 and i’m so interested in getting in the spot you mentioned and was curious about long term effects. But again i also heard from my doctor that it’s preventive and that is what makes me so happy. Happy Friday. xoxo

  7. Hi Lauryn

    This is such a great post, I never understand why people feel they have to hide what procedures they have had done! I had a less positive experience with Botox in my late 20s. I had a little around the eyes and my under eye area got so swollen and I feel like it never really recovered. Like you say though it’s different for different people and you just have to do what works for you. Anyway now I’m in my mid 30s and considering whether to have it in the frown area lol so I guess I wasn’t that put off.

    I would love to know if you’ve had experience of laser treatments and what your thoughts are on them if you have.

    Thanks for the realness as ever!

    Sallie x

    1. Sorry about your less than ideal botox experience Sallie!! I’ve only had laser tattoo removal but if that ever changes I will definitely write a post! LOL. xx

  8. Thank you for being so honest and transparent, Lauryn! This post is one of the many reason as to why I love your blog so much. You are so real and we can all see that.

  9. Lauren,

    I am three weeks out from my wedding day and really want botox for it. Is it too late? Do you think it is a bad idea to do it this close to the wedding day? (I have never done it before)

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Stephanie!!! I would get it three weeks before my wedding Stephanie but definitely consult a doctor first! xx

  10. Like you said, to each their own. I don’t care that other people get botox. My problem is when those people try to tell me how crazy I am for not getting it. Try to tell me how ugly I will be without it. Those people, who are just acquaintances that I have to deal with because I work with them :-/, are the reason I hate talking about botox.
    I fully agree that talking about it will open more minds to it and the reasons why some do get it and some don’t. I am glad you are very honest about it and would never judge others who don’t get it. Unfortunately, sometimes talking about it can lead to more hate and judging. I guess you get some good and you get some bad.
    On another note, I can’t believe it has been a whole year since your jaw surgery! Congrats on that! I remember your posts right after you had it done and time really is flying! I hope it continues to heal and the swelling keeps/does go away completely. 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Katherine! It’s definitely taken time to heal but I’m feeling so much better! You will be gorgeous no matter what. Sorry you have to deal with those people constantly.

  11. I’m not against any procedure AT ALL. I feel like, to eat their own. Who cares? But I will say this — I would be okay with getting a boob job. I don’t HATE my breast, but it would be nice to have a certain shape in certain shirts :-P. HOWEVER, that being said, I will never do it because the thought of having something foreign to my body IN my body at all times freaks me the hell out. It seems so unnatural… and yet, here I am, every once in awhile debating it hahaha

  12. I love how you just brought this discussion out in the open. I’m 28 about to be 29 and luckily I have a forgiving olive complexion, oily skin and a mother who instilled skincare into my brain at a young age, but I can see this decision in my near future. Unfortunately my husband isn’t a fan of botox, mostly because he associates it with The Real Housewives of OC (lol). It’s not that I need his approval but I really like to find a common ground in all of our decisions, especially health related. Oh the struggle…

    1. The more we talk about it the less taboo it will be!! They tend to over-do it on the Real Housewives but start with a small amount and you’ll be golden. Thanks for the support Chelsa!

  13. Great post as always, Lauryn! Thank you!! And on the point of sharing – just ignore anyone pressing for more. I mean, you are a public person in some ways – blog, book, podscast, etc. so I get it. But you are a human being with a private life as well and it never ceases to amaze me what people think they are entitled access to. Don’t justify or make excuses – you don’t owe anyone anything. 🙂 Keep rocking!

  14. I’ve been thinking about doing this for about a year but am always like I’m way too young! Thank you for sharing this!! PREVENTATIVE being my new fave word!

    xx!! Madison

  15. Love this post! Thank you for sharing. I echo what someone else said about their boyfriend being a super averse – my ex would immediately think Housewives-frozen when I would bring up wanting to try Botox. I have yet to get it, but I don’t see how it is any different than highlighting our hair, whitening our teeth, getting a spray tan, etc. – these are all little things we do to alter our ‘natural’ appearances. A lot of people will point out that their grandmother aged “gracefully” and so on – but trust – if Botox was around and bigger in the 70s, my grandma would have DEFINITELY gotten on board, haha. A lil Botox in moderation never killed anyone. Xo

  16. Yes, yes, yes! I love this. I get Botox occasionally, and love it. But, like you said, that’s my choice and wouldn’t tell anyone to do the same! Thank you for being so open and honest <3

  17. Very great post, super informative! I always love your posts. If you’re looking for another way that avoids the needle, Rodan & Fields has a great wrinkle regimen called “redefine” that has amazing results! Google the before and afters, it’s amazing!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing! How old were you when you first got botox? I’m 25 now and my forehead wrinkles are already annoying me, but all my friends think I’m crazy when I talk about wanting to get botox.


  19. Hi Lauren!

    Thank you for sharing. Can you recommend a doctor in the San Diego area? Finding someone amazing is challenging and I’ve done a lot of research without good results!

    Thank you!!

  20. Hi Lauryn! I’ve been toying with the idea of Botox for a while now because the dang 11 is just too annoying to bear. Mind relaying the doctor you went to in San Diego? Would love to go for a consult with someone reputable and you trust.

  21. I cannot tell you what a game changer botox is for UNDER ARMS! Ladies, if you sweat a lot (like a lot a lot) under your arms no matter what you do, try botox. I used to ruin shirts, have to wear black sweaters over everything etc all the time because it was so bad. It was humiliating. No more though! I’ve gotten it in my face and liked it, but Im telling you right now, if you are embarrassed by under arm sweating, look no further

  22. Great post Lauryn. Personally, I wouldn’t choose Botox at this time for me as the “11” on my forehead only shows up if I’m really frowning, but otherwise is not there. In the past I have been a little bit more put off by it mainly because of the Real Housewives and such making it seem so dramatic and altering. You’ve definitely opened me up to the idea of it later in the future, though still in the preventative phase though. I do have really expressive eyebrows though, so I’m scared of losing that part of my personality. However, I have wanted to try botox in my armpits to help with excessive sweating.

    1. I’ve heard great things about using it to help with excessive sweating! If you’re interested I would definitely consult a doctor and do your research!! Also, start small and avoid the Housewives look. LOL. Thanks for the support Astrid

    2. Your comment jumped out at me because I have really expressive eyebrows too and I was worried the first time I got them that I would lose that part of me, but the lady I went to is so great that I haven’t really noticed any change as far as being able to express myself with a raised eyebrow or two 🙂

  23. Disclaimer: This is the first time ever I have commented on a blog of any kind. Not because I am concerned about my internet footprint (oh hey Google Images from my Miami days), but because I just have a neutral approach to another person’s opinions formed as a function of their life experiences that they are unequivocally entitled to, and I have neither the time nor inclination to drink haterade and spit it all over someone’s space. But I’m at the airport waiting for a plane, so here we go.

    I really respect your honest approach to the way you run your shop, but it bums me out on your behalf that woven into your principled realness, ever-so classily and sadly too frequently, is a sense of having to defend yourself and your life process. WHY? The choices you make and the manner in which you elect to live your life aren’t off the grid, deviant pursuits. The topics you bravely discuss have reached a level of cultural acceptance that allow us to celebrate, or at the very least accept, them without feeling the need to constantly defend them. Maybe that’s just my skewed Midwest-turned-Southern California perspective.

    Anyway, you are great, and if people criticize you in your own house, then they need to get the actual fuck out. I understand different points of view and competing perspective are awesome things and discomfort in our brains (aka thinking) promotes growth, but I truly hope you never feel under attack in your own space for making your OWN choices and writing about them. Oh, you didn’t win the genetic lottery?? Go, honey. Get ALL the Botox. Even if you Teri Hatchered-out I would still like and respect your womanness.

  24. How many units did you get at a time? I’m the same age as you and did my 11’s 3 years ago originally, but mine doesn’t last as long. I need more every 3-6 months. Wondering if I should get more for a more lasting effect.

  25. I love Botox for the preventative measures you mentioned! I never really thought about Botox before and never thought I would be the type to get it (like you said, it’s still considered taboo for some reason) but then I started working in a skincare clinic and was able to try it and I love it. I had the beginnings of a small line in my forehead that it’s taken care of and because I started early I only have to use a tiny bit to take care of it.

  26. Never tried botox but I’ve done skin needling, basically mirconeedling to the extreme (I hate needles too it was a mental struggle) and the results were amazing! I was out of commission for a few days but so worth it! I used it for a couple pitted acne scars that like wrinkles are notoriously hard to get rid of once they appear and it worked well and was anti-aging too!

  27. Thanks for sharing. I’m 21 and starting Botox for migraines soon and am low-key hype about the added benefits of preventing wrinkles. Weirdly I love needles, so the only things i’m really worried about is bruising since my mom bruises pretty badly when she does it and the fact that I have to get it in my neck which kind of freaks me out – hopefully my experience goes as smoothly as yours!

  28. Thanks for the post Lauryn! I just started preventative botox treatment this year (I’m 27) for my forehead and under the outer corners of the eyes. My doctor took a super conservative approach (like half units for some spots!) and I loved the results. Sunscreen, lots of greens, and water are GREAT, but wrinkles are a natural aging process despite all the preventative homeopathic care in the world. I don’t see any problem in taking advantage of scientific advances and helping prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place. Seems to make a lot more sense than trying to remedy down the road.

    I see that some would argue that we as women should accept aging and the wrinkles that come with it. I think that’s a great mindset! But I also think that if you can make adjustments to your body with a healthy mentality, i.e. knowing that this is a superficial change that won’t lead to any greater amount of deep, long term happiness, I don’t see the problem in this procedure or any other for that matter.

    In re-reading my comment I’m sort of bummed this has to be an ethical discussion at all. Thanks for the realness Lauryn! XOXO

  29. Love love LOVE the Botox. I live a pretty much all natural lifestyle – and that’s the one thing I really splurge on. I’m 34 and get told I look 25 all the time. It’s worth it completely. Dr. Nassif in the 90212 is the best if you’re looking for someone in LA.

  30. Got the exact same needle phobia! Totally get eye rolls when I tell the phlebotomist that “I really need to lay down or I’m going down”. Lol. I just got my first Dysport injection a few months ago because, like you, I also have 11’s. I’m really expressive and had a bad habit of squinting and not wearing sunglasses for the longest time. I asked my dermatologist for a more “cost effective” option so he suggested Dysport, it was definitely less costly so that was a plus. My big concern and something I mentioned to him was that I did NOT want to look like I had anything done, just wanted to make it smoother. It really looks very nice and I’m so happy I did it. I have one more treatment that I’m going to do just before my wedding (in September). I’m getting married in San Jose Del Cabo. ;). Thanks for sharing this post, my close friends have no idea I did this. I told my fiancé (and not that he cares one way or the other) that I was embarrassed to admit that I did it to anyone but him. It’s so silly really and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. It’s really not that taboo anymore.

    1. Congratulations on your wedding Sara!!! That’s SO exciting! The more we talk about it the less taboo it will become. Thanks for sharing your experience

  31. Good post! I don’t have any thoughts about Botox for myself right now, but my mom has gotten it, and it was really no big deal

  32. Seriously! Why is botox so taboo?? I’ve been getting preventative botox since I was 21.

    I also get 2 units of botox above my upper lip. It’s very subtle, but it makes your lip nice and pouty without having to get Juvederm. I’ve done Juvederm lip injections in the past but it was too dramatic for me. Botox is a nice alternative.

  33. Please share which doctor you decided to go to! I think that’s one of the most challenging parts of deciding to have something like this done!

  34. Love this post. I just recently learned that Botox is preventative. It seems like a no brainer to start young! I am 23 so will probably hold off until I have some more discretionary income to spend- but after that it’s on. Word of advice from someone who as shadowed a plastic surgeon- the best plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists don’t advertise. They don’t need to! Their work speaks for itself and they thrive on patients’ word of mouth.

  35. I’d definitely consider it as I’ve tried Frownies and they don’t seem to do much – thanks for your honesty. It was also interesting to read about not exercising for a day, such good advice

  36. Hey Lauryn! Thanks for your honesty. It’s super refreshing. Not everyone is willing to admit that they’ve experimented with Botox. I think if something is bothering you no shame in doing your research and fixing something that’s not making you feel too hot. I’m a firm believer in changing what you don’t love if you’re doing it for yourself and yourself only so thanks for your experience with the whole Botox sitch 🙂

  37. Great post, Lauryn! I love your transparency on topics like this. I also don’t get why it’s soo “taboo” per se, but it is nothing anyone should ever feel like they should shy around from. I felt your post wand thoughts are as honest as they come with it. I never considered it for preventative care. That makes all the sense in the world. Anyways, keep these topics coming! I LOVE your honesty, your take, and shedding light and breaking any stigmas! xx S

  38. Thanks so much for sharing. Does it feel ‘tight’? I really want it in my forehead, a little higher than your 11, where I have two deep set horizontal lines. But, right now I have sinus issues that’s causing this tight feeling in my nose and forehead, kind of like I’m constantly raising my eyebrows. It’s dreadful. If botox feels anything like this, I’ll have to pass!

    1. I don’t think it feels tight at all! I would suggest starting off with a small amount to see how it feels Stephanie. xx

  39. Hi!!

    Thank you for the post, it has been on my mind lately. I was wondering what is the best way to go about finding a doctor who can do the procedure and not fuck your face up? I know maybe a referral from a friend is the way to go, but I don’t know anyone that has done this before. Any tips on research would be helpful (in this post and future ones). Thanks!

  40. Hi Lauren, thank you so much for doing this post. I’ve been considering it myself but have worried that im too young (24) and am so glad to hear your REAL feedback on the subject. I am local to San Diego and would love to hear who you trust to do your face, because I have been having such a hard time deciding what Dr to trust. Would you mind sharing the name of the person that did your botox?

  41. Can I just say that I just went into a long TSC binge and I’m so happy I stumbled on this post. I think you really nailed it, were really honest, and it’s a great thing that you’ve experienced it and then can come onto this platform and share YOUR personal experience and state it as that. YOURS. People come to this blog because they love your opinion. I thought it was really insightful, especially for such a taboo topic. <3

  42. I mainly have crows feet–you said not to get botox around your eyes because you feel weird about the eyes. Can you explain this further and why it is bad? My wrinkles around my eyes are the worst, I’m 28

  43. Love hearing about this! Thanks for this post, and I always love the way you address so called “taboo” topics! Would love to read a follow up boob job post 🙂

  44. I appreciate you being willing to discuss your personal experience using botox. It’s good to know that you can choose extremely conservative options so you don’t appear fake after the treatment. I have a fear of needles as well so it’s good to know that you were able to overcome it to undergo this procedure. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Hi Lauryn! I love your article. I love the way you write, not only your honesty but also the way you structure the text. The usage of headlines makes it easier to understand and faster for people to read. Please keep on doing this, scrolling down the headlines or the bolded titles are my favorite things because I only read what I´m interested in… Haha no offense LOL!! Also I love how you describe botox because many people and specially 30s women are against it because it makes you look fake and enables you for smiling or laughing. However we all trust you and we know that you wouldn’t post anything that’s harmful for us!!!

    Love you and the blog <3<3

  46. Dear Lauryn, first of all I want you to know that I respect your blog, your tips and your followers. However I do not agree on this post. Sometimes I believe that being so hard on ourselves becomes damaging for society and specially for your audience target which are mainly young women or teens. I don’t know if you agree but I think we should accept ourselves; either with wrinkles or without wrinkles we should love our faces, our bodies and most specially our insides. I think this post might drive girls to become selfish, self-centered and worry more than they should. You are 26 years old or something like that, you are YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL the way you are. I am 42 and I´m really worried for my 16 year old girl that´s reading your blog all the time and that is stressing about wrinkles next to her mouth.

    Finally I want to congratulate you for your amazing job, because really, your blog is beautiful and I really admire the effort you put into it. However sometimes I believe you should try to look at different perspectives and place yourself on your different readers´ shoes to see how your words can affect their self- esteem as well as their lifestyle.

  47. HEEEEY LAURYN! I LOVE YOUR WORK. I absolutely love the wayy you write and how you share personal experiences with us!!! It is exciting to know that someone has gone trought what you are going right now, it kind of makes me feel like you will always understand how I feel and that’s something I will always thank you. Plus I love that you write as if you were apeaking, it really makes me feel as if we were real friends — which I wish one day could happen hahaha. Anyways this post is amazing and I love that you have the guts of doing whatever things you want to do with yourself, yourbodyy and your image. Keep sharing this kind of articles we all love them. Xoxoo

  48. HEEEEY LAURYN! I LOVE YOUR WORK. I absolutely love the wayy you write and how you share personal experiences with us!!! It is exciting to know that someone has gone through what you are going right now, it kind of makes me feel like you will always understand how I feel and that’s something I will always thank you. Plus I love that you write as if you were apeaking, it really makes me feel as if we were real friends — which I wish one day could happen hahaha. Anyways this post is amazing and I love that you have the guts of doing whatever things you want to do with yourself, yourbodyy and your image. Keep sharing this kind of articles we all love them. Xoxoo

  49. Heyy! You are the definition of queen!!! This is so so so cool and I love you include facts in your tips and reasonings. This is such a trustworthy blog because it´s not only based on your opinio or your experience, it actually includes investigation which is great when we are thinking on something so important such as botox. Plus I love your writing style, english is my second language so I hate whenever someone writes in a really complex way because it takes a while for me to understand. But your posts are absolutely perfect, they include both real info and your experience but both make sense and are so so easy to understand. Thanks for being so amazing!!!

  50. Your posts are so informative that is hard to believe we are reading a blog. I just love it, you are an amazing writter and story teller.

    1. Case discussion about Botox treatment is all we need. Those who are considering to get Botox treatment should consult specialist first, so that they can get to know about various side effects and its purposes. Only after the diagnosis, the specialist will recommend you getting it. We also provide Botox Bristol that you should know about.

  51. I love your blog and how you engage with the audience. It makes me feel like you are talking to me directly and this makes me feel much more confident and closer to you. It is as if we were friends and we were just having a conversation. I don’t only love your blog and you entries but I totally enjoy how you make me feel as if I can accomplish my goals as you did with yours!! Your inspiration is ideal and I wish when I’m older I could be like you

  52. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Making experiences like botox or things like that public is not easy, well that’s what I believe. I LOVE how confident you are with yourself. Also when I look at your posts I feel like it could be me who´s writing because as you can see I always use CAPS ON when I want to make something noticeable HAHAHA I just thought that was SUPER funny. Anyways I love that you use colors and pictures throughout your blog, it catches my attention so much and it makes me enjoy the article even more. Your experiences are admirable and YOU are even more admirable!! You are great!!
    XOXO <3<3

  53. hi Lauryn, your post really helped me a lot. I have the same issues with the feared ’11’ and it got to that extend that my boyfriend thinks I’m constantly angry. I’m ready to try Botox but i’m scared on which doctor to use. Can you recommend any or share the one that you are using, I would feel so much better going to someone that has a good reputation ?

  54. First off, I wanna say I love how open and honest you are! It’s how I strive to be everyday 🙂 Botox related..what made you choose Botox over fillers?! Just curious!

  55. Thank You for sharing this tip which is very necessary in latest strategy. Blog post can be a very good way to interact with others and involve in new and relevant discussion.
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  56. This is a great post! I didn’t start Botox until I was 35, right after I had my daughter. I developed the WORST 11’s ever thanks to lack of sleep and my age. I couldn’t sleep at night because it was constantly furrowed which gave me a headache. I get it every 3 months religiously. Its my guilty pleasure.

  57. I’ve read this post b4 when you first put it on the blog, but I decided to read it again. I just scheduled my first botox appt. a cpl days ago! I’m super excited bc I’ve been wanting it for over a year now. My mom has gotten it for years, and I have no reservations about it whatsoever. Being 30, I now have pretty prominent forehead lines, and bad lines around my eyes. I give a lot of credit to the tanning bed, bc I tanned heavily in my teen years. Sigghh, if I wld have only known! Anyways, I believe if you’re going to get botox, then it’s good to start in your late 20’s bc it is actually preventative for later on in life. My mom’s usually lasted about 6 months, so I’m hoping I can stretch my touch-ups that long as well! I can’t wait for these damn lines to be gone. I know it’s a good choice for me bc I’ve been OBSESSED with getting rid of them. I’ve been taking WAY better care of my skin, but nothing will fully get rid of them like a stick of the needle! Wish me luck, I’m pumped!???

  58. Fantastic Blog! I agree completely with you here. It is a very valuable and helpful collection of blogs. I am trying to gain information from all these. Really helpful post. Thank you..!!
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  59. Thank you for sharing your botox experience, i just found out that botox can cause some body botox done to be rigid, i am glad you tell the solution for that is doing acupuncture. But to avoid risk, botox should be done in a professional place. I advise you to do treatment at The Body Clinic ( ), professional care that is handled by a specialist in their field.

  60. I love your open opinion. I had Botox on my 11’s done a few times. I am happy and I agree that your face opens up. Being the woman I am, I have openly talked about it. I stand for my decisions, my life, my decisions. But some feedback has gotten to me. I even hat a discussion with a family member which really bugged me. He has the strangest opinions about “the kind of woman” who do Botox or beauty surgeries in general. And that is why I keep my mounth shot and dont talk openly about it. But reading your story has encouraged me to stand ba my decisions. Thanks a lot! Greetings from Austria

  61. Loved this read. Have been thinking about getting rid of 11! I frown in my sleep so it’s really hard to get rid of him so Botox has always been in the back of my mind! I turn 26 this year and I think this would be a good time to take the bullet (or needles) haha. ALSO love the tip on smile lines because I was totally thinking of getting them there as well.
    Love everything you do lauryn ! Thank you again for the wonderful advice.

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  63. I started getting Botox in March of this year. I’m 23. I was starting to get fine wrinkles on my forehead and 11’s. I’ve gotten it twice so far and have really no complaints. (I did bruise bad when I got it last week) I seriously love it. I get a lot of shit from people I work with (I’m honest about it and I’m a nurse) so I hear that I’m going to ruin my face and that I’m poisoning my body. Honestly though, it’s my body and my decision. People need to understand that and STFU. I trust my plastic surgeon more than anything and I feel great about myself. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

  64. Was it noticeable to others that you couldn’t move those muscles? Does it mke your facial expressions awkward?

  65. I love you for this post! I’ve been contemplating Botox before my wedding for my smile lines but I want to be able to laugh and smile on my day so I think I’ll skip it lol Do you think collagen would have any effect?

  66. My friend had a little around the eyes and his under eye area got so swollen. But your post is so informative and i am really happy to read this.

  67. You say: “I don’t do it for anyone other than myself.”

    So if everyone in the world suddenly went permanently blind except for you and your dermatologist, and no one you know would ever look at you again, you would still get Botox? Somehow I doubt it. There’s no such thing as cosmetic efforts that are “just for myself.” It’s always based in some sense of how you will be perceived by others; the whole reason you look in a mirror is to see what others will see when they look at you.

    As you say, let’s call it like it is.

    You want Botox? Great. Go for it. Just don’t pretend it has nothing to do with other people.

  68. Botox has such a negative judgement in the public eye! I, too, wish I would have started Botox in my 20’s! Plus, injections are a LOT easier than people make it out to be!~

  69. Lauryn, you have shared an amazing post & interesting way of presenting your honest reviews, opinions, and experience about Botox treatment. Looking forward to more posts, thanks!

  70. Amazing!!! I loved how you talked about your experience as a woman, and I think I tough exactly the same one I had my first botox treatment, I had it at a clinic in Miami called and it was super scary at first, but I like the results.

  71. You have shared your reviews and opinions about Botox treatment in a very honest way and that’s what we should do whenever we have undergone any such treatment. It helps others in making their decision about the same treatment. Thanks a lot for the interesting post!

  72. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in getting any cosmetic dermatology surgery done of any kind. If you opt to go for, dermatologist in Vancouver BC you are in the safe hands. Dr. Sutton will help you get the best, most healthy version of your skin without changing your natural beauty.

  73. Do you have a place in San Diego you can recommend? I don’t trust the mainstream places that are at the top when you yelp it!

  74. Brilliant ! You provide plenty of information about botox. i also read similar information in . So, I will consider it especially before taking this treatment….and also like to visit again for more information….!!

  75. Lauryn, not sure if you are allowed to recommend – but where do you get your botox done at? I live in the San Diego area and am considering it 🙂

  76. I’m barely 30 years old and I am thinking about getting botox for crows feet already and I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one! I wish I would’ve listened to everyone about taking care of my skin, and staying out of the sun as I agree natural remedies are probably much more successful than botox. I guess it’s never too late to start preventing further wrinkles!

  77. My aunt wants to have firmer and younger looking skin. It was explained here that botox is a prevention treatment for aging just like applying sunscreen. Furthermore, it’s advisable to go to trusted health professionals for quality botox treatment services.

  78. Thank you for sharing the Botox experience here. Botox injection is a type of treatment is quite popular in the world of beauty. I always read the Botox injection information, many do it and get good results. Botox can fits active lifestyle and it acts fast and its effects can last four to six months.

  79. I’m about to turn 34, is it a good time to consider starting Botox? I don’t want to end up looking too done, but also want to get ahead of the aging process!

  80. My mother wants to try to make sure her skin look better this year. She really doesn’t like her wrinkles around her eyes and forehead. It is good to know that she will need to use sunscreen after a botox treatment.

  81. I got a Botox injection recently, this is the first time in my life. At first this really made me really scared, all the horrible shadows about this needle were visible. Ah, I really gave up on injections, but I always thought about the results I would get. Botox treatment is the best, I’m happy to get the best results for my face.

  82. Thank you for discussing Botox. I really don’t know much about Botox. Many women talk about it and are happy to see the results. They perfect the shape of the nose and chin also remove wrinkles. I want to try it.

  83. I’ve never tried botox. I think whatever you do to get rid of your wrinkles at some point the are still going to show anyways. I find face lift as a more lasting alternative

    1. Many people find botox tabu, but it can boost self confidence. The procedure is not painful. It’s a great way of getting rid of some wrinkles

  84. I like your post, It gave me insight on botox. I might actually try that although I am afraid of needles. Hopefully it’s not painful.

  85. I got Botox last week for the same reason except I have two lines on my forehead that are hereditary. My mom and sisters all have those two wrinkles.. so I said F’it I’m gonna do it.. I don’t want them to get worse.

  86. I liked your post, It gave me insight on botox. I may simply strive that although I am afraid of needles. Hopefully, it’s not painful

  87. Thank you for sharing your experience, I constantly love to hear about these first hand so I can get a ‘true representation’ of what something is like! If you’re doing it for you, no one else should care!

  88. Love this post! I began Botox for prevention at 23. Small dose, still have motion but not so a great deal that I wrinkle with my expressions and I LOVE it!! Would lots as a substitute stop traces developing or getting worse than trying to fix them and like you said, it’s all about balance. Thanks for usually being real! Can you do a post on laser if you have had any? Interested to hear your experience and opinion on them X

  89. I’m about to turn 34, is it a properly time to think about beginning Botox? I don’t desire to give up up searching too done, however also want to get ahead of the ageing process!

  90. Thanks for the great article about botox treatment. It helps to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles on the face which makes a look younger automatically. This will surely satisfy them safety.

  91. I value you being eager to examine your own experience utilizing botox. It’s great to realize that you can pick amazingly moderate alternatives so you don’t seem counterfeit after the treatment. I have a dread of needles too so it’s great to realize that you had the option to defeat it to experience this system. Much obliged for sharing!

  92. I’m a nurse injector of Botox and completely agree with your comment on these treatments as taboo subjects. We have technology to prevent and treat wrinkles, why not use it?! Great article. 🙂

  93. I never realized that Botox could prevent as well as diminish wrinkles! I don’t have a ton of wrinkles on my face, but I can definitely see an 11 starting to form. It doesn’t bother me right now, but I know that if it gets deeper, I may become a little self-conscious about it. Hopefully I can find a great place to get Botox in my local area!

  94. Do you think about a facelift? Your skin undergoes from changes on a daily basis, but you just observe them when they become observable. With the passage of time, fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin take place. There are lots of procedures in cosmetic surgery which help you to look 8 to 10 years younger. Some people use natural home remedies to getting rid of these signs of aging. But if you want to get long-lasting results, then there are so many anti-aging treatments such as Botox injection.

  95. Thanks for the amazing review, you have shared some really important information on Botox. I hope it’ll help many out there who want some honest review. Thanks a lot for sharing this, keep on posting.

  96. Hi to all! I have just completed beauty courses in my state and I have a problem – where to buy Botox online? I have heard about online shopping, but so far there are many different stores on the internet so maybe someone can advise a proven service?

  97. I really loved this post! I got Botox for the first time a couple of months ago (this place was great!, and I did it for the same reason you did: prevention. I’m planning to make this a regular occurrence. Thank you for sharing!

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  99. I like you mentioning that botox was similar to an intense eyebrow pluck. My wife and I have both been noticing a lot of wrinkles on each other’s foreheads and are considering botox. I may consider gifting my wife some botox injections for Christmas this year.

  100. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think that more women need to share like this, so we, as women, know others are out there who feel self-conscious. Also, I read several blogs like this before I went through with my procedure. I had Botox not long ago. Just like you, I was nervous about a needle puncturing my face. The practitioner I chose used a UniTox needle, which I researched before the procedure on UniTox. This botox srynge uses units of Botox, which made me confident knowing that my practitioner would give me the correct amount. My only other concern what the pain, and surprisingly, the injections weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be.

  101. I went to a plastic surgeon for botox on my frown lines and she went deep enough with the needle that it hurt. I could even feel it crunch. After all that pain it didn’t smooth me out that much. Phooey

  102. Thanks for sharing your experience on this and writing this with such honesty. It’s clearly not for everyone but by asking the right questions you can make an informed decision!

  103. This was a very interesting read! An honest account by somebody is always interesting and I can understand the amount of courage you took to come out in open with such intimate detail of your life. I have seen very few women being honest about going under the knife and you are one of those brave ones.

  104. I would not get botox and filler at the same time. Good botox should still give you a natural look but coupling the lack of facial movements (which will alter your appearance) along with fillers, too drastic at once.

    I’d get botox first to see how you like it. It is possible for doctors to give bad botox where they inject in a spot that makes you look like stone if placement is wrong. You won’t be able to tell until the botox sets in over the next few days. If you like it, then i think you should get fillers.

    Not everyone is meant to have lip fillers. if you have thin lips and an angular face with very little fat, injections will be very noticeable and will not look natural. People like that would have to wear lipstick and liner 24/7 to look normal after injections.

    1. Facial muscles are one of the most used muscles in our body. They are used as we smile, frown, when we are in anger, when we squint at screens or when we raise our eyebrows. All of this repetitive contraction of facial muscles results in skin bunching together and eventually leading to permanent lines or what we call as wrinkles.

  105. thanks for the details! i just got for the first time in my upper forehead bc i was getting fine lines prematurely… you really only go once a year?? i’ve seen online people say to go every 4 months. i won’t bc that’s a lot of coin lol. also i paid way more than 200, for sure got ripped off, that’s what i get for not doing more research… now i will!! also i get vasovagal BAD with needles, but totally blanked on this until i was getting it, and fainted. whoops. will prepare better next time too ?

    1. OMG!! SO sorry about the vasovagal that sounds so scary! Hope your second time is better

    2. to the Sophie . Did you really literally faint or is that just a figure of speech and if real where did it happen?

  106. With age, more and more wrinkles appear on the face, and many people begin to think about rejuvenating their skin with Botox injection. The first thing that a modern person does when he or she wants to purchase something is taking their smartphone and searching for an online shop like

  107. I have Botox on my 11’s 3 times a year. I’m in my mid-50’s. Thinking of buying a TSC kit but worried about an adverse effect from rolling over my forehead where I’ve had Botox injected. Any insight on how to do this or do I avoid the area between my eyebrows entirely?
    Thanks XO

  108. Excellent and well-informed piece. I appreciate you giving this important information.

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