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Congratulations to All that Completed the Juice Cleanse Challenge!!!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and health blogger from Southern California with weight loss tips.

Congratulations fellow cleansers! How’s everyone feeling?

I woke up today with not one craving and typically breakfast is the first thing I do. This morning I was not hungry at all [ !!! ]. I ate a banana & OJ mixed with a bunch of sparking water. Later I had a green drink [ recipe found here ]. Each time I complete this cleanse, it becomes easier- this time was a breeze compared to my first time [ which was a struggle ].

Dying to know: if you participated in the challenge, what was your rose & what was your thorn? Tell, tell. My rose: the increase in energy levels. My thorn: the “day three juice” tasted too veggie, making it way too difficult to consume 64 ounces.

If you just completed the cleanse, this is what I would recommend for the next week:

 + Tons of water and green tea.

+ Light coffee/alcohol.

+ Practice portion control! You just spent three days detoxing; your appetite will not be as big as it normally is. Use miso soup sized bowls. Kickstart healthy habits.

+ Go low on carbs. If you’re eating carbs think: quinoa, whole grains, Oasis 8 toast with soy nut butter, or black beans.

+ Examples of post-detox bites: fruits, veggies, hummus with rice chips, almond butter on celery, quinoa, lentils, arugula salads with beets, broccoli, lemon juice, olive oil & a sprinkle of cheese, light string cheese sticks, scrambled eggs, nuts, dark chocolate chips for dessert, and/or veggies covered in fresh tomato sauce.

+ Have a small amount of veggie juice late afternoon- because why not?

+ Don’t binge. Enjoy the light weight feeling!

I’m currently blogging in the clouds…we’re off to Cabo for a few days for a much needed vacation [ hence the picture ]. Hope your weekend is stress-free & relaxing!

P.S. A results post will be up tomorrow- super excited to share the results of the juice cleanse! xo,



  1. Have fun minzy!! Thanks for the tips! I have been eating very light today, I feel amazing. This was a great cleanse to kick start my summer body! Have so much fun in Cabo relaxing ks m!

  2. I just finished day 3 and I feel amazing! Thank you Lauryn! Can’t wait to try the cleanse again.

  3. Finished yesterday! i really struggled with day 3 because i found the juice rather disgusting, but i feel great today. I’ve got heaps of energy and feel lighter.

  4. Only made it through day 2. I had to listen to my body and eat some food. I did however have a 12oz portion of day 3’s juice and yes I would agree, it was too veggie. My have juice was from day 2. I would like to try this cleanse again another time. I stomach felt less bloated and did not have one stomach cramp in the 2 days which leads me to believe that I may have a dairy or gluten intolerance since I stayed away from both off them. I also did notice that I am getting fuller faster which leads me to believe my stomach shrank! The worse part of the cleanse was not eating on schedule. I am a server and didn’t eat dinner until 8pm on day one. My energy level was on and off… maybe not enough water? I don’t know…. Overall I would recommend this to others!! thanks Lauryn!! Have fun in Cabo!

    1. Congratulation Stefana! It sounds like you did the right thing by not overdoing it. I can’t believe how less bloated I feel too. I went to dinner yesterday I was barely hungry…

      For energy increases during the cleanse, I would recommend to drink your body weight in ounces and slam iced green tea! xo

  5. If I could keep my post-Cleanse body forever, that would be my one genie wish! I’ve never done a fruit/juice cleanse, but I recently did one through Isagenix and I felt SO great in my bikini! That is the best feeling!

    1. Hey Amy!

      You can find it here:

      I prefer the “sprouted low-carb” one.

      I like it better than Ezekiel because it’s super, super low carb and delicious!


  6. Felt great the day after, cravings down, not too hungry. I think I made a mistake going to the gym early morning before I ate breakfast because I was DYING there, my workout was not what I wanted it to be. So next time I know to eat breakfast first and I think my problem will be solved. Can’t wait to do it again!

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