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shower with me 8 by the skinny confidentialshower with me 5 | by the skinny confidential

Well, well we’re getting to know each other VERY well today.

Why’s that?

Eer, we’re going to take a shower together.

That’s right I’m breaking down my top five shower DO’S.

Let’s get right to it, shall we? I mean, might as well considering how intimate we’re getting:

1.) Coconut oil:

How VERY basic bitch of me? Sorry though, I don’t care. I just love raw coconut oil. Everyone on the planet knows how many uses there are for coconut oil BUT I have to add that one of my favorite uses happens to be in the shower.

That’s right. I shave my under arms with it ( have a separate razor for your underarms & legs so it doesn’t get too coconut-y, if you know what I mean? ). Also, I love to rub it all over my body when I’m in the shower & let it kind of sit as a moisturizer while I’m doing other business such as shaving, body-washing, face priming, ETC.

Also, lately I wash my face with it. YES, it’s a THING. AND YES, you should try it. I haven’t had one zit since I started doing this little trick. It’s called ‘oil cleansing.’ Mix it with cold-pressed avocado oil for best results.

Lastly, let’s be real: I try to oil pull but it’s SO damn time consuming. HOWEVER, when you’re in the shower using coconut oil sometimes it’s convenient to throw a little in your mouth. Just make sure you have a separate jar than the one you’re using on your body & face. Gotta keep it somewhat clean.

In my opinion, coconut oil should be in everyone’s shower.

shower with me 9 | by the skinny confidentialshower with me 10 | by the skinny confidential

2.) A body brush:

Dry brushing has CHANGED my life. Well, not really BUT it does give me the GNARLIEST burst of energy. Do it. You won’t regret it.

Lately I’ve taken it a step further ( or maybe I’m just lazy? ) & I’ve been using a body brush in the shower. Actually I love the ‘high’ I get off dry brushing so much that I even went as far to stock the shower with TWO body brushes so I can simultaneously brush with both hands. Really the more intense, the better for me.

If you’re going to be a shower brusher like me make sure you’re brushing UPWARD under your heart & DOWNWARD above the heart.

Ok between us, my favorite part to brush is under my armpits. Weird? I am who I am. It feels oddly good.

So yes, a shower brush ( or two? ) is just essential.

shower with me 1 | by the skinny confidential

3.) A delicious body wash:

Here’s the thing: I get sent a lot of different products to try. I like 5 to 10% of them. Caress recently sent me 4 of their new scents & I fell IN LOVE with their Adore Forever Body Wash. Not surprising though, considering there are hints of melting honey, vanilla, & amber.

Party in the shower.

Considering I haven’t found an appropriate deodorant ( SO sorry, babe ), this scent saves my life because every time I touch my skin, it gives off a hint of scent throughout the day. Literally though— it lasts for like 12 hours. UM YES PLEASE. Normally now after a shower all I need is a couple spritzes of eucalyptus spray & I’m good to go.

This flirty, playful, fun body wash is perfect on a loofah…or even on a body brush. And to be honest, it’s really helping with my little deodorant situation. Pretty much, I’m feeling like a honey, vanilla cupcake ( P.S.— they have other scents, too ).

shower with me 6 | by the skinny confidential

4.) Purple shampoo:

Well, duh. If you’re blonde: USE PURPLE SHAMPOO. I’ve been using it since high school & it really takes the yellow-ish, overly golden hue out of blonde. I’m about it because it adds those ashy, cooler tones. Very much recommend purple shampoo to blondes everywhere.

As far as the recommended use? We all know shampoo only happens once a week in my house. Sorry, I hate washing my hair. Gross? Don’t judge until you try. So I probably end up using it about 3 times a month. Do what works for you.

Purple shampoo is KING for blondes.


5.) Tiny things: razor, toothbrush, all-natural toothpaste:

The usual suspects can obviously be found in my shower: a razor, toothbrush, & all-natural toothpaste. YES IT’S TRUE I JUST LOVE BRUSHING MY TEETH IN THE SHOWER. There’s something perfect about it. You’re all clean & then you brush your teeth & then it’s like you’re Jim Carrey in The Mask. Feeling all sparkly. As you guys know I’m specific about my toothpaste & as far as a toothbrush: lately I like a BIG HEAD.

Sounds weird but for real: a toothbrush with HUGE-ASS bristles. This happened after jaw surgery. I found one at a local health food store that’s just right. Plus, it’s white so it’s cute.

Obviously a razor is in my shower because I’m a shaver. More on that later but I’m LOVING this pink razor lately.

shower with me 7 | by the skinny confidential

So shit, there you have it. We got a little intimate today but what the hell else is new? Your turn: what’s in your shower? Your recommendations are always just right so please share. Get crazy. I can handle it.

Ironically enough, I’m off to take a shower…& brush my teeth of course.

See you tomorrow,

X lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Caress. As ALWAYS all opinions are my own.

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shower with me 4 | by the skinny confidential


    1. I only started recently and I love it. I feel like my skin is cleaner. However, I am still very much confused on how to keep the sponge. Some says to leave it to air dry after you squish out the water. I did this and my sponge which was originally white turned grey in some spots (i suspect that this is mold,ew). the vendor that I got the sponge from told me to keep it soaked in water to keep it alive. Any idea which is the right way?

  1. Great tips! I try keep it as natural as possible in the shower as well and use a tea tree oil body wash rather than drug store brands because I think they’re filled with chemicals and they build up a waxy film on my body.

    My wax lady in Vancouver (Shout out to Raj!) told me never to keep my razor in the shower, it needs to be in a dry place so bacteria doesn’t build up. AND to exfoliate ‘down there’ every time I shower to avoid ingrown hairs. Been using her tips for 6 months and she is right! I use the 100% Natural Body Brush all over and to exfoliate. Check it out!

    1. Hi Caitlin, great tips! Your wax lady sounds like a real smart woman. Thanks for sharing the tips! xx

  2. I’ve been doing the oil cleansing method for a little over a year now and love it! Do you mix coconut oil with any other oils?

    1. Hi Brittany, yes sometimes! I’m honestly constantly mixing up my oils. I’m like a witch doctor with them. LOL! I’ll also use different ones through out the day. What is your oil routine??

  3. I love using coconut oil for cleansing and shaving too! I take my makeup off with it and also use it to moisturize my body…usually with a drop or two of EO’s.

    My shower is so boring – I will wash my body with Dr. Bronner’s because I’m trying to go 100% toxin free!


    1. Hi Kris, that’s great you’re going toxin free. How do you feel from it? Have you noticed any serious improvements / changes? Would love to hear more! xx

    1. Hi Heidi, you’re welcome! Thank you for reading! & yes you should use coconut oil for other things, it’s the best! Let me know if you try :)) xx

  4. I love oil cleansing, but sometimes I just use olive oil on my body after I wash. I actually use cocnut oil as a face lotion every day and night. Also just made a batch of my coffee infused eye cream to help reduce puffineaa, you soul love! P.S. I need the ice ruler too!!

    1. Hi Erika, so wait. You make your own skincare products?? How? Is that what you do for a living? SO COOL! It’s probably so nice to always know EXACTLY what’s in your skincare products. Thanks for reading

  5. Ok so let me start off by saying I love your blog A LOT! I know you like to be careful about ingredients whenever possible so I just had to say something about caress bodywash, and pretty much every bodywash that’s on the shelves of stores… they are poison! I had to learn the hard way a couple years ago when I developed allergies to fragrance and SLS. I switched to all natural soaps made with essential oils and it changed everything! I know this is a sponsored post and I hate to be that dick head but hey, sometimes you gotta stick your neck out. Here’s more info on the subject

  6. My brother loves brushing his teeth in the shower too! But I find it too strange, I prefer cold water for my teeth rather than hot. But I have have to brush my teeth after I shower to get that sprakly clean-feeling too. Great post and will definitely have to try coconut oil in the shower. The Blonde B

  7. This was such a creative, thoughtful post. I love how you always come up with the best ideas of things to share!

    I am in desperate need of a dry brush, stat and look forward to trying it! It’s weird how things that simple work so well.

    Also Oribe – everything.

    Great shower today! hehe

  8. Thank you for the tips! Question…I know you often get a spray tan. I get them pretty regularly as well. I would think that the use of oils and dry brushing would strip the tan??

    Thanks! =)

  9. I just read an article 101 uses for coconut oil and it says you can use it alone as an all natural deodorant! The link for the article is at the bottom. Can you share what you use as conditioner? I’m always on the hunt for a new one. My hair can’t take the same kind after I use the bottle! My new favorite find is a charcoal loofah that is all natural. I’m really loving charcoal everything at the moment!

  10. Hi Lauryn!

    I’m huge fan of coconut oil, I use it for everything! But people keep telling me that it plugs the pipes because it solidifies. Do you know something about that? Oh and I just tried the Lush Deodorant and I love it! It’s a little strange in the beginning because of it’s texture but it does the job and it’s all natural! 🙂

    X Gina

  11. I only wash my face with coconut or olive oil! When the weather is nice, I use coconut, and when the weather is cold, I switch to olive oil! I also use coconut oil to oil pull and to freshen up with….if you know what I mean 😉 Also I am very blonde and have never ever used anything but blonde and violet shampoo!! Love this post and love you!! 🙂

  12. Hi Lauryn, been a follower for years. Not to throw shade, but…You’re super conscientious about the products you use and foods you eat, yet you’ll put chemical-ridden Caress products on your bod? Eeeks, doesn’t add up or seem like the TSC way!

    1. Hi Marie! I definitely am a fan of balance whenever it comes to products, food, ETC. More here:

      I’m constantly trying beauty products. It’s a big part of TSC! Thank you so much for reading, hope that article cleared things up! x

  13. This post just put me in the mood to take a shower!
    Do you use the coconut oil before or after washing with the shower gel? Do you slather on a layer of coconut oil and THEN brush in the shower?
    How do you wash your face with coconut oil? After you’ve rinsed do you wipe off the smooth, moisturized layer with your towel or do you just pat dry? I’m assuming you don’t need face cream after that?

  14. I believe Botox is a great idea!! I am 22 years old and I loveeeee laughing, one day I came home after a really loooong night and my older brother told me that he could see I had been laughing all night. This really surprised me and it made me super sad and happy at the same time. It was great because it reminded me of the great time I had, but why should I be worried for laughing? I rather have a great time, laugh all I want and still have my cheeks and mouth in its place without any wrinkles hanging there. I think getting botox is one of the best options to be happy, it keeps you pretty and you will never look old. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!

  15. Hi Lauryn thanks so much for your tips! <3<3 I feel great now that Ive started and my body feels so great. I LOVEEEE COCONUT OIL and also the shampoo… My hair looks so much better it used to look like trashh! I cant believeee that you brush your teeth in the shower, I do that too! OMGG!!

    XOXO <3

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