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I feel like I’ve cracked the code.

Sure, it’s not like a normal code to crack BUT it was just THRILLING to discover.

What’s the code, you ask?

I figured out how to make my green smoothie, hot pink.

The green was wearing on me- I needed something cuter. I wanted that convertible Barbie pink, you know? It’s better for the Instagram Stories.

To get specific I was insanely inspired by the babes over at Vital Proteins. They have the cutest packaging on the planet. You know it’s the kind that you always want to include in flatlays? Come on, you know what I mean- it’s 2017, millennial pink is it! I’m thinking in aesthetics here.

Anyway, they sent me a bunch of products to try & I fell madly ( MADLY! ) in love with their STRAWBERRY LEMON BEAUTY COLLAGEN POWDER. First things first, the packaging is PINK. It contains lemon- need I say more here? Mix this situation with my Barbie pink smoothie tip ( <<< we’ll get to this ) & you have yourself THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL’S BARBIE PINK, COLLAGEN SMOOTHIE.

Which I’m very excited to share…but before you get the details, let’s go over WHY & HOW I incorporate collagen into my day. Collagen is filled with benefits- I mean, real deal beauty benefits like glow-y skin, healthy nails, & increased energy. AND there’s multiple ways you can include it in YOUR day. So I filmed a video to break it down for ya:


Most of my personal holy grail tips come from asking a bazillion questions every second & STALKING wellness research— and this my friends, is one of my favorites! COLLAGEN X POMEGRANATE SEEDS MAKE A BARBIE PINK SMOOTHIE.

Sure, it’s simple BUT think about it: it’s basically a hot pink smoothie full of beauty benefits AND green nutrients.

ANYWAY, what follows is a recipe I am LOVING.


♡ 1 handful of spinach
♡ 1 handful of baby kale
♡ 1 handful of raspberries AND pomegranate seeds
♡ 1 tablespoon of chia seed
♡ ½ lemon, squeezed
♡ 1 heaping scoop of Vital Proteins STRAWBERRY LEMON powder

** Option to add 1 scoop of raw coconut oil

+ directions: blend with ice & water. ADD to a cute cup & get your Insta game on. Tag me in your Barbie pink smoothies.

PLZ note: the trick to this though, have these ingredients on hand at all times. It makes all the difference.

If you’re a traveler or you G2G at all times, collagen is your friend. WHY? Because Vital Proteins made these tiny, little perfect purple packets with lavender lemon collagen in them. I throw them in my purse, makeup bag, & even keep them at all times in my carry-on. Quick, easy, DELICIOUS. Add to water & ice and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE. Add lemon if you want some flair.

What else? Oh, JAZZ HANDS because Vital Proteins & TSC are teaming up to gift one lucky winner $500 dollars in product. FOLLOW along on IG Stories tomorrow morning to win. This one is a GOOD one. So many pretty, delicious products.

How do you incorporate collagen into your day? Are you a fan? Have you tried? Give me the scoop.

And definitely make that Barbie pink smoothie- it’s so fun. Like I said what’s better than a hot pink smoothie filled with beauty benefits. UM, & anything for DEWY SKIN right? YES PLZ.

Enjoy the girly-ness guys! Over & out, x

– lauryn

+ SHOP IT: strawberry lemon collagen | lavender lemon collagen packets.

++ this post is in collaboration with Vital Proteins, as always ALL opinions are my own.

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  1. I just got the Vital Proteins Beauty Greens! It has 100% helped my gut and IBS! I really want to try the strawberry lemon collagen!

  2. Hey! Love this and am really intrigued by the claims. Just wondering if you have any sources you can share to back them up? Especially the part about collagen making nails grow. I need all the help I can get, lol

    1. I think if you look into what collagen does in your body you will see that it is naturally occurring but taking a supplement with a surplus of collagen helps hair, skin, and nails.

  3. Hi Lauryn. What would be the benefit to adding the optional coconut oil? If I’m trying to lose weight should I skip it? I’m taking a spoonful in the morning with the bee pollen you suggested as well. Thanks!

  4. Love this! I swear by 1 scoop of their unflavored collagen peptides and a dash of cinnamon in my coffee every morning. Sometimes if I am feeling extra jazzy I will add in MCT oil. They sent me a container of the lavender lemon, so I cannot wait to test it out. How fun would it be to mix it with coconut water and pureed fruit for skinny popsicles?! <3

  5. I really want to try Vital Proteins, but I have heard that the Strawberry Lemon & Lavender especially taste fishy. Did you notice that at all, Lauryn? I was intending on mixing with water and drinking it without mixing it in a smoothie.

  6. Hi!I am a vegetarian but have been looking for a collagen supplement to add into my daily routine. Do you have any suggestions on brands I should try? Thanks!

  7. Can you ever have too much collagen? For instance… collagen protein in AM smoothie and beauty water throughout the day?

  8. This smoothie sounds awesome! Instead of water, I’ve been putting mint tea into my smoothies. I brew it in advanced and keep a bottle of it in the fridge so it’s ready to use. It’s delicious and adds a nice zing!

    1. Found the water bottle :

    2. it isn’t the same though. Hers had the strap and the color looks wrong.

  9. I think if you look into what collagen does in your body you will see that it is naturally occurring but taking a supplement with a surplus of collagen helps hair, skin, and nails.

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