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eddie bauer | by the skinny confidentialeddie bauer 7 | by the skinny confidential

It’s like Christmas in life when San Diego is cold.

Really though, I SOAK it in.

Every second of the coldness is just really heavenly.

Usually it starts to get chilly mid-November so the other day my girlfriend & I decided to wake up early-ish to reap the benefits of the colder time of year.

We hiked on Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach & caught up over a cup of cold brew coffee. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Also, the chilly-ish weather was such a difference from San Diego’s typically warmer weather.

( When you guys make a trip to SD, you have to go hike Sunset Cliffs, it won’t disappoint! ).

Anyway, if we’re being real, one of the main reasons I love colder weather is because of the clothes! YES the clothes. Cold weather clothes are just so damn chic, & to be honest, I’m a bit bored with tees, hole-y jeans, & tank tops. Been there, done that SD. So obviously any chance I get to wear something warm, I’m very much into it.

eddie bauer 7 | by the skinny confidential

For our chilly hike I wore some black leggings, a workout Heather grey turtleneck, big sunglasses ( because I was up late the night before, whoops ), & a personalized jacket.

That’s right, my very own personalized jacket.

Basically there’s this new feature on the Eddie Bauer website that’s right up any woman’s alley. You get to literally pick out your jacket’s colors, features, prints…you even get to choose zipper colors. It’s technical in all the right way, guys. & pretty much, I had a ball designing my own jacket.

For my jacket’s details: I decided on camo accents for fun. Then I made the middle black because it flatters the waist. I decided on white for the sides because again, it flatters the waistline. Then I picked my colors for the zipper, logo, & back.

eddie bauer 2 | by the skinny confidentialeddie bauer 4 | by the skinny confidential

Lastly, & my favorite touch: personalization.


You can add a word or two inside the jacket. I wrote BOSSTICK. Because when I get married ( one of these days if I start planning? LOL ), that will be my new last name.

So look at me in my BOSSTICK personalized jacket. Fun, right?

Anyway, I’ll be rocking this jacket whenever the weather allows.

Does anyone else actually enjoy cold weather?

x lauryn

+ shop more of my favorite looks here | in collaboration w/ Eddie Bauer.

eddie bauer 7 | by the skinny confidential

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  1. Ah yes I totally agree! I’m in Northern California (San Jose) and the weather is pretty warm all year round so when it finally started cooling down I was sooo excited! For the chic outfits and because I was also tired of wearing shorts, flip flops, and tank tops.. It’s not summer anymore but I was still looking like a beach bum!

    And I love the jacket! Super cute 🙂

    1. Hi Cat! Isn’t it such a blessing a curse?? Winter fashion is just SO chic. I get so excited for the very few cold days we get in SD. Thanks for reading! xx

    1. Hi Malaika, how cold does it get in Boise?? The micro therms are seriously SO warm. Especially with a turtleneck underneath. Stay warm babe

  2. Winter clothes are so much more fun, though I could do for a shorter season here in NJ! I love your look, the top is totally something that needs to be in my closet.

    <3 Vicki @ Wilde in the World

    1. Hi Vicki! Wouldn’t that be amazing?? If the harshest seasons always came but just for a few days or weeks at a time?? LOL!! Thanks for reading! xx

  3. Well there’s cold and there’s cold. I live in Stockholm Sweden andyou get really tierd of wearing winter clothes after six months. IT IS cosy the first few weeks when the air is really crisp. I’d prob be in a bikini if I was in SD 🙂

  4. Lauryn, I love these pieces and you’ve just singlehandedly turned my attitude about cold weather clothing around. It can be super cute, not just utilitarian. : )



  5. This post caught my eye because I, too, LOVE cold weather and the awesome wardrobe that comes along with it! It brings a whole different feel this time of year, something I am constantly looking forward to aside form the holidays. The pictures are great and capture the idea of the post so well. Love everything about it!

  6. I’m in SoCal about an hr away from you and I like cold weather when I don’t have to go outside haha. Just came across your website and I have being going through your posts and I love your style. Im going to check out EB jacket, I love anything that can be customized. What about your turtleneck, what brand is it? It looks super cozy too.

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