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magic coconut nut buttercoconut almond chocolate nut butter | by the skinny confidential

Boy oh boy am I excited to share this recipe with you OR WHAT?

This one’s a good one so get ready to run to your local market. Actually you may not have to run because most of you will either have these ingredients on hand…or if you don’t, just be lazy like me & get them off Amazon.

My relationship with nut butters is complicated.

It’s like the guy you thought was really cool but ended up being a total asshole dick head. I feel like we’ve all had one of those?

…Well at least that’s how my relationship with nut butter started.

Years ago I thought I was being all good eating peanut butter from my local health food store.

I’d add my peanut butter as protein to smoothies & apples, grinning ear to ear, so proud of myself for picking such a healthy snack.

( And if we’re being honest another pastime was stuffing it down my throat with a huge spoon ).

So then after some nut butter research I realized I HAD BEEN DUPED. Like the guy who tricks you into thinking he’s cool…

Yes. Duped. By peanut butter.

Guys my so-called “healthy” peanut butter contained tons of hidden sugar, PALM OIL, & other random oils.

Here’s the thing: all nut butters are most certainly NOT created equally. I found out the hard way. Hmmm, I feel like that’s usually the way I find out though? The hard way?

BUT REALLY, CAN I LIVE? I just wanted plain old NUT BUTTER. Nothing added. Just plain. How hard is it?

Hard apparently because like I said most of them contain a ton of sneaky ingredients.

Check the ingredients always. Pull out your magnifying glass. Be a badass investigator.

Anyway, luckily I found a good organic one ( just reach for the raw, unsalted version ) OR of course, you can MAKE YOUR OWN…in 5 seconds. Because no one has 4 hours to dedicate to a nut butter. The commitment is just too intense.

So you can imagine my excitement when Val, who manages a lot of TSC day-to-day, came to work & shared this recipe, I FELL IN LOVE. It’s so good. So easy. So, SO delicious. Ready?


1 cup raw almonds

2 tablespoons melted raw coconut oil

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

1 small handful of dark chocolate chips

+ directions: Place nuts in high-powered blender. Blend. Add coconut oil & salt. Blend until it’s the consistency you like. I like to keep it chunky. YUM. Add the dark chocolate chips & mix in with a spoon at the end. This will make enough nut butter for the entire week. Add the nut butter on your sliced apple. SO GOOD.

{ recipe c/o Valerie Amoroso }

Some ideas here? Add this magical butter to celery sticks, apple slices, or on a piece of sprouted toast. My personal fav is to add a scoop to my oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, & chia seeds. REALLY HITS THE SPOT. You get your good fats ( hello coconut oil! ) & proteins ( NUTS ) with a complex carb ( steel-cut oats! ) ALONG WITH cinnamon ( to balance blood sugar ) AND chia seeds ( yes plz, fiber! ). Throw some berries on top too. & look at that, you even have some antioxidants. Ideal right?

coconut almond chocolate nut butter | by the skinny confidential

Why almond butter? Here’s why: it’s rich in protein, like around 6 to 8 grams per 2 tablespoons. AND it’s full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, magnesium, calcium, & antioxidants.

…making it so important to buy the right almond butter OR DIY at home!

( If you buy it make sure it’s raw, organic, with no nasty additives, & in a glass jar like this one ).

Now let’s back up for a moment.

This recipe is going in the new TSC MEAL PLAN. The latest MEAL PLAN is set to launch next Monday. You can expect a lot of easy recipes like this that I make all the time- ones that are filling & delicious but most importantly, a lot of anti-inflammatory recipes. After struggling with jaw surgery swelling for YEARS, I figured a MEAL PLAN focused on keeping the swelling/bloat down was needed.

I’ve been practicing a TON of tips/tricks in my food & drink that have really helped eliminate swelling.

Another fun feature of the latest 7 Day MEAL PLAN is I’ve included a bunch of skinny hacks. Like all my skinny tips/tricks/hacks in one spot. Think how to cut carbs without feeling deprived, my favorite desserts, TURMERIC SOUP, a full grocery list, cauliflower stir fry rice ( << OBSESSED ), cocktail tricks, AND much, much more.

You should know I’m psycho, like really- & I’ve been working on this MEAL PLAN for months & months. Every single tiny detail is inspected, crafted, & put together by me in a way where it’s become my exact guide to eating. Obviously I’m not a doctor- just showcasing what works for me ( …& my swollen-ass face ).

So yes. It will be live Monday! Stay tuned.

If you’re already a TSC Bombshell Body Guide member, you will receive the plan free of charge.

To stay updated, sign up for the exclusive content-filled newsletter & follow @tscbody on Instagram.

coconut almond chocolate nut butter | by the skinny confidential

So guys, just throw away the JIF, Skippy, or Peter Pan peanut butter. Sorry to be a ball buster here but you know I love to play detective and really get to the root of it. If I was an Emoji, I’d for sure be the detective ( watch it, Michael ).

With that, I’m off to watch IMPOSTERS. The main character is so complex- I’m in love with all her dynamics. Nothing better than a dynamic. Also really downing this ginger/lemongrass tea tonight- cannot stop with it lately.

It’s the perfect bedtime medley. Sprinkle some cayenne on top for some added flair. YESSSSS.

Chat tomorrow, lauryn x

+ set your alarms! I’ll be on INSTAGRAM LIVE tomorrow at 4 pm PST answering all blogging/business questions. See you then.

++ be sure to listen to the latest episode of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast with Erica of Fashionlush. We’re discussing the business of blogging, anxiety, relationships, & phobias. 

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  1. YUM! I love recipes like these! I tried to make almond butter once in my food processor – it turned out DELICIOUS but almost broke the damn thing so I’ll def try it in the blender next time! I love the addition of coconut oil & salt! xx Shannon

  2. Yum! I’ve been obsessed with nut butter lately… and nothing better than finding a recipe when you have all of the ingredients already. Yay! Making this ASAP. Also – I listened to the podcast with Erica and loved it!

  3. Can’t wait to try! Where do you buy RAW Almonds? After reading this article about RAW almonds not being what you think they are unless you are buying them from the Farmer I wanted to know your intake!!
    Love to hear from you!

  4. This looks so yummy, I can’t wait to try it out as as soon as possible. Thanks


  5. Oh Lauryn, what have you done. I simply HAD to try this. And then I had to put all my mental strength together not to eat it all at once. I’ve skipped the chocolate drops though and sweetened it with a bit of coconut flower syrup instead. Yum.
    Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading it.
    Cheers from Berlin, Natascha

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