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Closet Clean Out!! YES PLZ.


If you know me, you know I’m all about cleaning house.

I swear I have like a weird issue with being a non-hoarder in every single possible way. I feel like the generation above us is opposite. They save everything. My dad will be like “Lauryn here’s your pacifier from 1989!” Eye roll. No thanks, Dad, ew.

After moving into our latest place, it’s OUT with anything that’s not being used or worn.

Out means hand-me-downs to my two little sisters, donating to Goodwill, or adding some cute pieces to Tradesy ( << more on that process here ).

Lately I’ve realized LESS IS MORE. A big part of this came from that one book about clutter called The Life-changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever. Basically the point is, if something isn’t bringing you joy or you’re not using it, it’s not serving a purpose. How easy & simple is that?!

Anyway, that’s my inspiration behind the constant, monthly closet clean out. & honestly it’s incredibly therapeutic!

On that note, a lot of you guys asked where I got this red dress— & I literally just added it to Tradesy. Enjoy! Also if you’re into jumpers, how cute is this number? Shop my full closet here.

Hope you guys are having a relaxing, stress-free weekend before the holiday madness.

Talk soon, lauryn x

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  1. Yes yes yes! I started to go through my closet (and drawers full of other stuff) yesterday cause I really don’t want to take all of the clutter into the next year. It’s pretty cliché I know but the new year always feels like a fresh start to me and a clean and decluttered home & workspace is where the magic starts!

    xx Alex

    1. Hi Alexandra, I completely agree! Clearing out the clutter before January 1st is the best! Thanks for reading

  2. no lie…THEY SAVE EVERYTHING!!! But I won’t say I don’t save SOME baby stuff of my daughter’s lol, neatly tucked away and organized of course!

  3. I’m so happy that all these apps and sites popped up that allow you to sell your clothes online. It really helps to get rid of some of that clutter, those clothes that you LOVE but just never really wear…I’ve sold a bunch of stuff on Poshmark and donated the rest to the Goodwill bins in the city.


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