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Clear Lipstick Caps For The Most Efficient Makeup Organization

OMG this is weird. But I’m absolutely obsessed with clear lipstick caps. Hear me out before you judge…

How annoying is it when you’re running late, & you want a lipstick color but you can’t see it, so you need to open up all the colors to see what you’re dealing with.

The hack of the century?


Clear lipsticks caps make the color visible so you can just grab & go. Not only can you grab & go, it will completely satisfy your OCD because you can color code all your lipstick colors.

This is even more exciting when you have a clear lipstick holder ( which is a whole different post I feel ). I have to shout out my friend & makeup artist, Jules Wick, because she’s the one who gave me this idea, & it’s truly life-changing. A while ago Jules ( her company is Deuxaliti ) came to my house & totally redid my makeup & skin care products organization.


To me, this made the whole project come together. This may sound weird to you. I just love details & this was a detail that SCREAMED chic to me. When Jules initially showed me her installment in NYC, this was the one detail I was SO fucking excited about. I think every girl should get these clear lipstick caps to display. Do you love?

Jules really paid attention to how she laid out the colors of the lipsticks too, which I thought was super creative. The clear makes it easier for when you’re running late ( ME, ME, ME ). JUST GRAB YOUR COLOR & GO. How annoying is it to have to open the lipstick to see the color? SO!!! With clear lipstick caps you keep it efficient- just how we like it.

It look so cute when all your lip products are displayed with clear caps. I love to showcase all my colors & keep it out on the vanity. It helps me to never waste any time looking for my favorite color.

You should know that these clear caps fit as good, if not better, than the original caps, the material is quality so you aren’t going to get some cracked bullshit, & they’re all the same height.

Like I said, I really like to keep them out on display. It adds such a cute, pretty touch.

skincare beauty makeup organization by the skinny confidential

& while we’re on the topic of makeup organization, let’s get into  makeup organization hacks as creative ways to store makeup:

Efficient Makeup Organization Tips

Some tips to organize your own makeup installation?


Start with a closet. You can find one at IKEA. And use the closet to create your own custom makeup or skin installation. If you can’t do a closet, do men’s shoe boxes. I did that forever & it worked well. You can find more on that here.


Of course adding a personal detail is so important! Pick a color scheme, add some flair, personalize it to your taste. We used a lot of pink & black ( WHAT UP TSC ) & put a heavy emphasis on skin.


You want a station to do your makeup. Mine pulls out so I can do IG LIVE’s easily or YouTube videos. Plus it’s great for day-to-day. I can pull it out, leave my favorites on there, & shut it quickly when I leave.


Incorporate pieces that aren’t necessary for makeup. The WHITE LIES jar is something we initially had in the kitchen. But now it’s in my installment. We also featured WOO ( coconut sex lube ), some of my favorite perfumes, & even have a Beauty Blender display. I love to bring contrast to everything I do.  You can get creative by using stuff you usually have in your kitchen such as Mason Jars and Spice Rack.  They are great alternatives for your makeup storage.  Be creative!

The bottom line: MAKE IT ART! THIS TO ME IS ART.

skincare beauty makeup organization by the skinny confidential

skincare beauty makeup organization by the skinny confidential


♡ store your glosses upside down so you can also easily ( & efficiently ) see the colors.

♡ throw all your nail polishes into the organization mix.

♡ group similar colors together ( this is a no-brainer ).

Jules truly was a godsend for my bathroom. But clear lipstick caps are #1 in my opinion. It changed everything. It’s so easy, & you can do it at home. Efficient, easy, chic, looks amazing & brings your whole organization game up to a whole new level.

If you always G2G, like me, then this hack is for you.

For those who have a ton of products, share with us how you organize your eyeshadow palettes and smaller palettes, lip products, and other skin care products.  As always, would love to know any organization tips that you guys have.

x, lauryn

+ how I organize my makeup brushes here.

+ scope my ‘no makeup’ makeup here.


  1. Hey Lauryn,
    I love how easy you make it seem to put this type of day time look on. I never grew up wearing make it up, But i have to use it
    If you talk about eye makup it will be best for me to maintain.

    But Overall Good showing
    Thanks //
    Sinthiya Sinha

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