Ready, Set, Cleanse!

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, diet blogger, and lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Tomorrow’s the big day.

Time to cleanse, detox, & rid my bod from any gross, sickie toxins.

Are ya in?

Hope so, because it’s easy, peasy…if you’re thinking about participating ( remember this? ), e-mail me for details at I’m excited to feel energized!!

Oh! And I guess Google Reader is shutting down ( more info here ), so be cool & make the switch to Bloglovin’.

BTW: I die over Bloglovin’— it’s just rad.

Happy cleansing! xx.L

P.S. I wanted to say a quick happy birthday to the most amazing dad ever! Love you Dadsy boy ; ). xo.


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24 replies to “Ready, Set, Cleanse!”

  1. I don’t have Suja in my country, but nevertheless I’m doing a 7-days cleanse, starting on friday with a prep day, then 5 full days of juicing, one follow-up day. After that I hope I will get into the spirit for my well-earned summer holidays!

  2. I’m doing the cleanse!!… it’ll be critical before rocking a swimsuit in front of everyone I’ve known since elementary school on 4th of July

  3. Love and hate that you introduced me to Suja 😉 Such a delicious juice but a pricey addiction! Haha. You’ve motivated me to do a 1 day Suja Juice cleanse on Monday 7/1 to kick start the summer and the midway point of 2013 🙂

  4. I’m in!!! I’m not using suja. I’m actually making my own juice following the 3 day juice cleanse you mentioned in a previous post. Day 1 juice tasted so much better than day 2… Ha ha! And 64oz + water? That is so much liquid. But so far so good!! Thanks!

  5. Hey you!! So, are you planning on cleansing on July 4? Or am I starting a day late? I ate eggs and sausage and gluten free waffles so I think too late to start today???

    Also, can I buy the Suja juices required for the cleanse at Whole Foods?

    I have your at-home cleanse from last time…is it the same one?
    thanks love

  6. In my country they do not have Suja as well,
    does someone know a good juice cleanse scheme with recipes online?

  7. Since you are only taking in carbs and sugars from fruit and veg for three days, don’t you lose muscle mass? xx

  8. Could you post some AM Green juice recipes please 😀
    i want to include green juice in my morning routine and 1) i don’t know how to make .. 2) i don’t know what to make/mix

    Thanks 😀