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Classic Outfits with a Twist (Whether You’re on a Budget or Not)

Classic black outfit

Today we’re welcoming Brittany Ricketts to the blog to share some of her style tips. Think: classic outfits with a twist, still super chic and timeless.

Brittany is the co-founder of a med spa call House of Preservation and not only is it the most luxurious place, but you’ll also find The Skinny Confidential products, supplements, incredible services like laser, injectables, facials, and microneedling. Enough about skin (how could we say that!), Brittany is here to talk about FASHION. 

As a former fashion blogger, busy business owner and mom, Brittany has mastered classic, timeless looks with a twist so we had to have her on to share.

With that, let’s get to Brittany’s style tips.

Classic Outfits with a Twist (Whether You’re on a Budget or Not)


Hi, I’m Brittany. I live in Dallas, TX and am the co-founder of House of Preservation, a skincare, beauty and wellness brand with medical spa locations in Austin and Dallas.

I met Lauryn in the early days of Instagram at the first-ever Reward Style blogging conference 10 years ago (we can stop counting now). She was beautiful inside and out and just fucking cool. I was in my early 20’s, broke broke, and working a 9-5 corporate job while blogging on the side about how to dress and look chic on a dime.

Fast forward a few years later: I had a “quarter life crisis” and knew it was time to exit the fluorescent lights of corporate world. I reached out to my childhood best friend who was in the same situation and convinced her to take a leap of faith with me and pursue our shared love of skincare and anti-aging. We didn’t know exactly where to start, but took the first step by enrolling in esthetician school and everything evolved from there one day at a time.

Looking back, the tools I gained during the early days of fashion blogging were invaluable for helping me pivot into what I’m doing today. I learned the importance of starting a brand before a business and giving value in order to earn trust and loyalty. My business partner and I spent 3 years candidly sharing our journey and educating prior to opening doors, which was instrumental in gaining a loyal following. If it weren’t for our time in school and working as providers in the industry (I’m talking lasering assholes on Groupon) we would not have earned the trust we needed to get clients in the door on day one and recruit the team of experts we have.

My love for style and aesthetics has always shaped the lens I view the world through, which has translated into the design and ambiance of our business.

HOP was born out of the desire to have a place we’d want to go to. No river rocks crashing against a wave during our facials or US Weeklys in the lobby. We wanted to transport you somewhere sexy and free. Fashion, beauty, skincare, luxury, it’s all the same world to me.

Now that we’ve been open a little over 4 years and hired a beast management team (*key*), I’ve been able to step away a bit and go back to my roots and love of what started all this 10 years ago- fashion. Whether I had money or didn’t, fashion has always fueled me. Thankfully with a bigger budget these days and a baby daddy’s bank account to take risks with- I’ve been able to really let my creative juices flow and have fun with it.

For me, it’s about pairing classic staples that are timeless with a little bit of edge or sex appeal. Adding those elements can elevate the entire look. So the formula is: TIMELESS + SEXY + EDGY. Think to yourself WHAT MAKES THIS INTERESTING TO LOOK AT (shout out to Kim Kardashian for the line).

Classic Outfits with a Twist Brittany Ricketts fashion tips

Examples of classic outfits with a twist:

♡ a ribbed tee or tank layered under a corset top

You’ve seen all the brands do it but it’s more original when you pair it together yourself. You also know you’re going to be the only one in it if it’s original too. This tee or tank would look so chic under this

♡ oversized jacket/men’s jacket

Don’t be afraid to shop the men’s section. If you’re shopping women’s I usually go up 2 sizes. If it’s men’s, I will do a size XS or S. For me, I want it to look intentional-chic-vintage rather than a ‘rolled out of bed & put on the first jacket you see’ feel. Totally my preference but you can find what works for you. Loving this oversized leather jacket & this blazer that Lauryn has. 

♡ elevate athleisure with a jacket + chic flats

One of my specialties is running errands in my workout set but making it appropriate to hit the streets by pairing it with an elevated jacket or leather blazer. The limits I will push an athleisure set in…let’s just say the line has been crossed before. The easiest way to do it is a cool flat-sandal, mule or slide.

♡ cropped white button down

Wearing a cropped white button down under a dress is still flattering the mid section but not adding extra baggage. Something cropped is key.  

Brittany Ricketts Classic Outfits with a Twist
white shirt dress classy style
Brittany Ricketts printed coat outfit

♡ a statement piece with jeans and a white tee

Make it a rule of thumb that you only have one statement piece and everything else is a basic. The example below is an over the top coat with a pattern you DO NOT want to compete with. I paired it with a simple but ever classic dark denim and a white tee.

Hope you all found some style info with this post. We just opened doors to our second location in Austin, Texas and are currently scouting location #3 for @houseofpreservation. Follow me there or find me @brittrix


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x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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