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Christmas Cookies: Totally Faking It Like You’ve Been In The Kitchen a All Day

The Skinny Confidential talks cookies!

The Skinny Confidential talks cookies!

The Skinny Confidential talks cookies!

This isn’t some Suzy Homemaker post.

This is for the girl who just doesn’t have time to ‘do it all.’

Society is so obsessed with the woman who does it ALL ( can I please meet this “woman” so I can interview her for TSC? )

And that woman isn’t me.

I fake it until I make it, remember?

So introducing: five second sugar cookies that look like you’ve spent all day baking away in a bright pink apron with oven mitts on while casually watching The View.

The Skinny Confidential talks cookies!

The Skinny Confidential talks cookies!

I’m huge on bringing a little trinket when I show up at someone else’s house.

The problem is since I’m awful ( like horrendous ) at time management, I don’t have time to always bake.

So I need ways to look presentable that ARE QUICK AND EASY.

Basically these are my go-to for the holidays.

AKA I went to a local grocery store, bought some cookies ( remember that old school blue tin that everyone used to give as Christmas gifts in the 80’s? Yessss ), hot pink frosting, sprinkles, & got to work. Here’s a visual:

Ok so why am I doing a full post if it’s so damn easy?


I want to showcase ways for you guys to fit something cute & fun in to your busy day without it being overwhelming.

Does that make sense?

The holidays are gnarly enough already.

It’s enough to have the day to day work shit…but on top of that you have to make sure you hair hair/nails/blah/blah are presentable, then there’s gifts for 43508 people, AND society thinks you should be fun, flirty ( without being slutty ), funny, witty, sexy, photogenic, well-read, engaging, up on your politics, Instagram-ready ( #flawless ), a Michelin star cook, a baker, a decent singer, smart, thin, charming, etc. And shit, if you have kids, that’s a whole different story.


Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, make your life a whole lot easier with this cookie recipe during the holiday season.

Happy holidays…currently: off to Michael’s parent’s house with my ‘homemade’ cookies. Wish me luck, Lauryn x

+ white thermal found here.

++ video: Chris Tran Media

The Skinny Confidential talks cookies!

  1. Love this article it made me chuckle. It’s great to be able to cook, but i cant so this is a good idea to ‘sugar coat’ someone else’s plain cookies xxx

  2. Thanks Lauryn
    Nice cook and nice look. I always love cookies. Good idea for then who love to cook. I watched all of your videos good job. Your article is so fresh and easy. Keep it going.

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