Chill the F Out With Cucumber Slices!

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Since my stress levels have been ridic lately with work, moving, more work, more moving, working out, cleansing, blog consulting, cooking, cleaning, blah, blah, blah, I’ve really been embracing anything that’s relaxing.

And cucumbers represent pure relaxation.

Doesn’t it make you think of a spa?

Ya know, ya know: cucumber water, cucumber eye pads, cucumber cocktails ( LOLZ ).

Anyway, I betcha didn’t know that cucumbers have tons of badass benefits. Check it:

>> Swelling be-gone! Cucumber slices help reduce swelling around the eyes. Have allergies? Try a few slices on the eyes ASAP for instant relief.

>> Buh-bye, sickie dark circles. No one likes dark eye circles- so use cucumber slices to reduce their appearance.

>> Make your skin glow! Dying for smooth, healthy skin? Try a cucumber mask. Directions: blend four to five leaves of fresh mint. Peel & de-seed the cucumber. Add mint leaves to the cucumber to make a puree. Beat egg white & keep it separate, then add this egg white to the cucumber mixture. Apply this evenly on your face for twenty minutes & then rinse it with water and pat it dry. Voilà! This mask will make your skin soft & dewey.

>> De-stress…Chill the F out. Throw some cucumber slices on your eyes, put on some Sade, & mediate for a few minutes. Mediating is the absolute best for de-stressing & cucumbers are known to help relieve frazzled nerves. Basically they’re the most fantastic natural eye pads out there.

>> Juice it up. Cucumber juice helps control blood pressure, it’s a powerful tonic for skin/hair/nails, aids in digestions, reduces the risk of cancers, promotes weight loss ( because they’re a water fruit & helps cleanse toxins ), & helps strengthen connective tissue.

>> Forget the carbs! Use cucumbers for dip— cucumber slices taste amazing with hummus, salsa, & guacamole. Cucumbers= no chips/crackers/bread.

So. Don’t neglect this wiener-shaped, ugly fruit ( yes, they’re a fruit, not a veggie! )– make sure to add it to your organic grocery list!


P.S. I use this tool to make sure they’re sliced perfectly for eye pads.

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11 replies to “Chill the F Out With Cucumber Slices!”

  1. I go through cucumbers like nobody’s business. Organic English cucumbers are definitely a staple in my diet. I haven’t used slices on my eyes in forever, but I for sure love to eat them! That mask sounds interesting. Might have to give it a try. My skin has been feeling a little stressed lately.

  2. Say wha….! Cucumbers are the best & if it weren’t for them, I’d be snacking on smartfood popcorn all the time! Delish with organic tzatziki!

  3. Didn’t realize cucumbers are fruits and not veggies. Whatever they are, sliced and ice-cold they’re great when placed over your tired eyes 5 to 10 minutes to give you that soothing , relaxed feeling. I don’t know if this has any scientific basis but I also seem to see better and clearer after.