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Child of Wild x The Skinny Conf: A Halloween Gothy Giveaway

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

I’m sure you all remember Eileen Lofgren, creator of Child of Wild, from this post. Also, if you want to read about her love of different cultures/art/jewelry, click here.

Ok, so get really excited because…

We’re hosting a Halloween gothy giveaway today!

If you’re the lucky-ass winner, you’ll be gifted with a Child of Wild velvet choker {!!!}. I have one of these bad boys & I wear it all the time. I love layering it with other rad necklaces from C.O.W. or wearing it by itself with a hot, little tank. Check it:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

Not only are we just hosting a giveaway, but Eileen has provided a 15% off code for Skinny Confidential readers. Just use the code WickedKitty15 ( code ends 11/3/13 @ midnight ) at checkout.

Like, Vanessa Hudgens just Instagrammed her new COW necklaces.


Our poor, poor bank accounts. I mean, right?! Her stuff is to die.

Oh, & not only does Eileen just have jewelry on her site, this babe also does custom orders for skulls. If you follow me on Instagram you know that we just collabed on a gothic skull- his name is The Spanish Inquisition & he’s currently living on my dining room table ( surrounded by black candles, naturally ). Guys, meet the handsome man created by Eileen:

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

Eileen & I totally agree that a girl with a darker edge with depth is way sexier than the typical run of the mill pink princess…so be who you are & rock your own unique style! Child of Wild-style.

Side note: The Skinny Confidential is “The Nightmare Before Christmas Event” in late December with Van De Vort in Del Mar, CA & Child of Wild will be there too. I hope all of you guys can come say hi!

Blogger Erica from Fashionlush ( & my partner in Blog-Doo ) will be there hosting a DIY project. Also, you’ll get to meet Annie co-founder of Suja Juice, Elena from The Lovely Savage, Jacqueline from JNB Jewelry ( my other Style Kitten ), Briana from Brachelle Jewelry, Faye ( my sister ) from Evillarts Vintage, Julie ( my stepmom ) from Burlap and Crystal, blogger Katie from The Fashion Bite, & all the cutie Van De Vort girls.

Included: flowing champs, apps, green juice, shopping, & some chill music/vibes. More deets on the event later this month! xx.L

{ To follow Child of Wild on Instagram, click here }.

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

So. Here’s how you enter to win the necklace:

To win, make sure you: 

+ Like Child of Wild on Facebook

 + Follow @theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

 + Leave a comment below telling Eileen & I know how you’ll rock your Child of Wild choker.

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Eileen Lofgren host a Child of Wild giveaway.

* { Giveaway winner will be announced next Wednesday, November 6, 2013 // everyone eligible to enter }.

  1. I’d pair this with absolutely everything. Perfect for a night in NYC, all bundled up with an awesome neck pieces. Leggings, button down and boots. So many options 🙂

  2. OMG love! I am totally prim and proper, but when it comes to my metal music, I am a secret Slipknot fan. I totally love to rock out and accessories are really the only way I am able to express my “dark side” by adding hints of chokers or crosses or skulls like Child of Wild jewelry. I am loving this stuff, it’s so pretty/dark/awesome/rad. Thanks for having this opportunity – ☪ ✞ ❥

  3. I am in love with everything that is the skinny conf and child of wild.. everything about this blog and child of wild style is me. I love living the healthiest lifestyle possible and I am obsessed with everything bold and individual! I would die to have this choker and well.. everything else on her site and the skinny!! Hopefully I win! (insert hands praying emoji)

  4. I would wear it with my burgundy dress that I found while thrift shopping, my Mary Jane pumps and a leather biker jacket!

  5. I like simple with a bit of edge. would prob wear this with a white tee of some sort. I don’t like much of the 90’s comeback thing goin on right now but I really love this choker !

  6. This choker is to die for. With the kitties out to play in full swing for fall this would be the puuurfect accessory for my San Francisco city living. Whether it be rocked with leather shorts and my favorite peeptoe lace-ups for a night on the town with my girls or with some bell-bottom velvet plants and rock tee for my favorite band playing a show with my man as my other favorite accessory, this piece is sure to be everything and more.

  7. I would pair this bad ass choker with a black lacy maxi dress and combat boots! So freaking rad.

  8. I love it! It’s perfect to spice up a simple outfit or add to a girly dress to add some of that rocker vibe.

  9. I’d pair it with black leggings, bronze/gold shimmer heels, and my black/dark green button up.

  10. this choker will look so good for halloween and also wearing with big oversized jumpers now its getting to winter! In the summer i would wear the choker with a crop top or a black maxi dress 🙂

  11. Love this choker!! Would totally pair with a winter weight maxi dress with a cropped faux leather jacket + boots. So cute.

  12. I love layering necklaces!! I would wear this all the time and pair it with my long chain “Peace Bronze” necklace. I also love mixing black into my wardrobe. This would be perfect for nights out when I don’t want to wear longer necklaces (because they bounce a lot when I dance!!)!!

  13. Oh wow, how gorgeous! Absolutely loving that choker. As someone who’s currently writing a novel set in the 90s, I’d rock this choker for inspiration with a cute crop top! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  14. First can I just say I loveee child of wild, this collab, & can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming event!

    I’d rock it with boots, knee high socks (my go to), a tight little skirt or dress, and my fave army jacket of the season! (Totally sexy & edgy right?)

    I’m so hoping I win && obvi I would snap a pic for insta to give a shoutout / thank you to TSC & child of wild (:

  15. I would totally rock this with a black crop top & denim cut offs with ripped tights underneath! Paired with some combat boots & a beanie = perfect fall goth style. 🙂

  16. I’d put this with a million different outfits but I would first pair it with my black leather lace up thigh high Jeffrey campbell boots, a cute black long sleeve dress and some simple silver jewelry as well! Or maybe even a sweater, but for sure something simple to show off the choker!

  17. I’m nurse by day, bartender by night. I’d without a doubt have the rock this with my low cut cream silk top black leggings and combat boots for a late night shit or night out on the town

  18. I would rock this hottie just about anywhere but on a sexy date with my man is probably the first place i’d wear it!

  19. Obsessed with with all things Child of Wild (and with TSC too obvi, but that goes without saying). Absolutely adore this choker!! Would go perfect with this super chic, simple black romper that I just got. It’s begging to be toughened up! So I would probably pair it with that, my Vera Wang booties, a motorcycle jacket and a messy top knot. So many other ideas too, the list goes on. I Just went to a show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery last night and this was totally the piece that was missing from my outfit. Damn. Better late than never tho 😉

  20. I LOVE this necklace! Dying. over. it. I would pair it with turquoise rings , a black strapless lacey tube top and a floral flowy skirt with hints of turquoise in the floral. Die.

  21. Hey Lauryn – great giveaway !! I would wear this choker with one of my many new crop tops! A crop top life keeps me motivated to stay committed to my healthy lifestyle of nutritious foods and steady work outs:) I don’t do FB or Insta so I hope that doesn’t count against me!!

  22. I’d probably rock this anytime I wanted something more edgy, without going all leather and motorcycle boots. Like some skinnies and a pretty floral shirt,or a soft cozy sweater. But then use this to keep me from being too sweet!

  23. My go-to winter outfit would match perfectly with this necklace. Black tights, Frye boots, velvet miniskirt, and a big comfy sweater! xoxo

  24. I’d rock it with the choker paired with a head piece from child of wild and maybe a kick ass serpent armlette!!

  25. Dark wash Nudie Jeans, with a worn grey tank and possibly a flannel… paired with a pair of modern vice booties and my ray ban glasses… Such a ridiculously rad choker from a great designer.

  26. Ah I’ve been looking for this! Obviously the choker will compliment any outfit but to be completely honest it would look sexiest just worn with a sexy shade of lipstick..nothing else. Haha my boyfriend would definitely be a fan of it to :p THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE xx

  27. I totally love chokers, and I’m big on individuality and I love the fashion style of Child of Wild, as it does show a lot of unique designs. I adore their instagram, I would wear this with my silver elephant necklace which has a lot of personal feelings attached to it, making it special to me, apart from that, the necklace is wonderful and I also make my own jewellery which is another reason as to why I adore this necklace.

  28. I’d style it with my turquoise skull necklace, a black or white t and some liquid leggings or black skinnys. This is totally my style. I love love love this choker. Xxx

  29. I would rock this divine choker with a chambray shirt and harem pants, or with a black Wilfred tee and skinny jeans with a leather jacket; so many ways to wear this piece! I live in chilly Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so I would love to have this stylin piece so that I can liven up my winter outfits during our five to six months of cold cold winter. I just bought a hot long sleeved vneck dress from Aritzia (Wilfred) that this choker would look sick with, along with some red spiky heels <3 LOVE!

  30. I love the necklace! I wear a lot of dark neutrals; grey, olive, black, and this would pair awesome with these colors and skinny dark jeans and boots!

  31. If i won – I would wear it to all the christmas partys comming up – with my new knee long black dress to spice it up a bit 🙂
    Aaaaaand red lips 😉

  32. I’d totally rock this with a leather jacket + john lennon shades + maxi dress | pair it with some long necklaces (made use of the COW discount, thanks!)

  33. While I agree that this is an awesome versatile piece; the first outfit that came into my mind was pairing this with a white lace dress; my leather jacket and my heeled boots. That necklace would make the look complete <3 Or if I would like to go all witchy; I would pair it with my Sabrina Bell Sleeved Dress from Gypsywarrior and some cute All Stars.

  34. I’ve seriously been admiring Child of Wild jewelry for so long so I’m hoping this will be be my first piece! Everything she has is soo beautiful! Thankfully, her instagram brought me to your blog.
    I think it would look amazing with this For Love and Lemons kimono that I purchased a while ago. Its long, black, with lace fringe trim
    (here’s a link just in case you want to check it out 😉

  35. It would be the perfect accessory to my tank distressed jeans & boots,,, to rock a Friday night

  36. I’d rock it with my already heavy black New York wardrobe and bring some west coast boho flair to the streets of NYC.

  37. I’d rock with my black heavy new york wardrobe and add the west coast boho vibe to the streets of NYC.

  38. I would wear this with soo many things!! Especially leather leggings, a white buttons down with a black vest, my SL black hat and some biker boots!

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