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Chic Kitchenware

Chic Kitchenware by The Skinny Confidential

Acrylic Apothecary Jar Marble Rolling Pin Copper Oil + Vinegar Set | A Casa K Engraved Martini Glasses Marble Pastry Slab Silicone Utensils Artland Simplicity Jar Aqua Owl Cookie Jar Old Glory Vintage Silverware Set | Russet Measuring Cups

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so you’re probably going to spend a ton of time in your kitchen cooking, hanging out with friends, & of course— EATING!

Here are some very affordable & chic kitchenware items to spice up your kitchen ( & life ) for the holidays.

Not going to lie, the OCD inside of me is LOVING the acrylic apothecary jars & the Artland simplicity jar.


  1. That marble rolling pin is a MUST have! If you’re ever on the hunt for a delicious set of cocktails to go with your well decorated kitchen, head on over to She’s definitely a go-to!

  2. That marble rolling pin though!!!
    I’m not a kitchen girl, but for those items i would spend my time pretending to cook lol

    Thanx for sharing lauryn xo

  3. Great post Lauryn. Loving the artland simplicity jar and martini glasses. Have you came across any elegant melamine pieces? I know of a brand in Australia called Barel Designs which do simple but elegant easy to clean melamine.

  4. Hey………Lauryn!!

    Your post is very wonderful as you have best collection of kitchenware. I really like each and every thing you have, especially Owl cookie jar is so beautiful and we use it as a showpiece also, if we don’t want to use it in a kitchen. Vinegar set is also good to place it on a dining. thanks for sharing and posting such beautiful items.

    Keep Posting More

  5. That is some incredibly beautiful work…you are so talented and have great taste! I love these chic kitchenware and definitely buy them. They would look absolutely amazing in my the kitchen.

  6. I love the gold vintage silverware, it makes me different from everyone else. The glasses are pretty cool! I’d love to see it in my home. Your post has been so outstanding! Thank you so much for this.

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