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Celebrity Trainer, Seth Browning On Heavy Lifting For Women

SETH BROWNING | by the skinny confidential

Seth Browning came into my life when I was feeling like I needed guidance. You know what they say: every trainer needs a trainer. Even though I have TSC BBG & Meal Plan ( << which you can now buy separately! ) & I taught Pure Barre and Proformer Pilates for years, I’m still constantly looking to learn.

I mean, I sure as shit don’t know everything so I guess I was just feeling like there was a lot more to learn fitness-wise.

Specifically, lifting. Lifting HEAVY. I’ve always been curious about it & wanted to explore weight lifting with a professional.

After a bunch of online/Instagram research, my stalking brought me to Seth. We set up a conference call & instantly had a connection. He’s been an awesome fitness mentor.

I should also note Seth is a celebrity trainer & is very well-known for Scheana Marie’s ( from Vanderpump Rules ) body transformation. With Seth’s help, she literally changed her body! The whole transformation was really amazing.

OH, AND if you want more of Seth, listen to Episode 20 of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast. We had him as a guest to discuss mental toughness, daily routines, carb cycling, meditation, eating healthy, & how to find a good personal trainer. Fun shit.

As you can see, Seth’s enhanced my knowledge in health, food, & spirituality. Mind/body connection is a real thing & with Seth’s help I have focused even more on my wellness. Weight lifting is going AMAZING by the way. My jeans are looser thanks to SB.

Of course every time I learn ANYTHING, I want to share it with YOU GUYS! SO let me introduce you to Mr. hottie Seth Browing, enjoy:

Seth Browning | by the skinny confidential

| Introduce yourself |:

Seth Browning, Celebrity Trainer: My name is Seth Browning. I’m the owner of Body by Browning. I do one-on-one private training, mobile training for people all over the world, & customized carb-cycle meal plans. Along with that, I also have a whole media line – I write blogs, articles, interviews, TV stuff. And then I also teach boot camps. Basically I do a lot in regards to fitness!

| How did you get into training? |:

SB: I have been working out since I was 15 years old and next year I turn 35 so I will be celebrating my 20 year anniversary working out. I don’t know if it makes me sound ancient or what. I just fell in love with fitness since I was young. I got certified as a trainer when I was putting myself through college. I never really did anything about it because I just kind of went on a different path before training. Right around 28 I got really burned out on my corporate career. I wanted to follow a passion and that passion was health. I had gained a lot of weight, I was smoking cigarettes, I was drinking and I was just in an unhealthy state. I hired a trainer and then I just kind of fell back into working out and I hired more trainers and then I got a job doing memberships to a gym. I ended up selling more personal training packages than I did gym memberships and they said  “maybe we should move you to become a personal trainer.” So 24 Fitness then paid for my certification to become a trainer and the rest is history.

| The most important thing when you’re training someone? |:

SB: There are multiple things, but the most important is to keep someone safe. Making sure they have proper form and proper technique. That’s going to ensure that the experience is fruitful. I would say beyond that it’s giving them something that is custom to their particular goal & who they are as a person.

Check out Scheana Marie’s insane results!


| I know you’re big on mind, body, & soul…tell us more |:

SB: Both of my parents are PhD psychologists so I grew up in mental health. I’m a very intuitive person and I believe firmly that the mind and the body are completely connected. And I actually believe that the mind controls the body and if they’re disconnected, no matter how hard you work, you will never see the results you want.

I do everything I can to empower people by not mindlessly going through the exercises but really helping them connect with their body through breathing, knowing why they’re doing a particular exercise, what muscle it works, getting them engaged in the process, and also helping them celebrate in the victories and being very grateful for their accomplishments.

If you go into a workout & you’re just kind of showing up and running through it, you have no appreciation for it. So getting people connected mentally produces incredible results.

| If someone wants to lose fat, what do you recommend? |:

SB: The first thing they need to do is change their diet. I recommend that they eat broccoli every day.

| Ok, so why broccoli? |:

SB: Broccoli is one of the most powerful fat burning vegetables there is & a very powerful superfood. It’s anti-cancer, metabolic, speeds up metabolism, & a GREAT superfood.

seth browning | by the skinny confidential 3


| Recommendations for women between the ages of 18 to 40 for fat loss when it comes to exercise? |:

SB: Lifting very heavy in the beginning is helpful for fat loss. So getting a personal trainer and starting with heavy weights.

Muscle burns fat so the more lean muscle you can stack on the better.

Then you also want to do cardio right after you weight train.

| Best snack ever? |

SB: Almonds. They’re a healthy fat and you need fats to burn fat. They are also something that will speed up the metabolism. Eat up.

| I’m busy…well, shit we are! How can we stay healthy when time is limited |:

SB: One of the best tips is to schedule your workouts in advance. Most people work off of a calendar so go into your calendar. Look at the time where you have an hour to two hours a day, and schedule that in like you would any other appointment. Don’t let anything interfere with your workout. The only thing that could is an immediate family issue or a humongous problem at work.

| Let’s talk COCKTAILS! Tips? Tricks? Thoughts on wine? Be kind… |:

SB: I wish that I could be that guy who would make this sound nicer, but I think if there’s anything that’s detrimental to fat loss in the hands of losing weight, it’s wine. I think it’s one of the worst & I don’t recommend it if you’re trying to lose fat.

seth browning | by the skinny confidential 4

|How has fitness evolved to where it is now? |:

SB: Fitness is headed in a such a great direction. Fitness in the beginning was very antiquated and it involved a lot of machines & now fitness is incorporating utilizing your core, using a lot of body weight. There’s so many different exercises that work more than one muscle group. So fitness is really now incorporating all sorts of things like flexibility, mobility, strength, & power as opposed to just being aesthetic.

| Any other tips/tricks? |:

SB: I think just don’t judge yourself. Take it one workout at a time and just focus on today. What do you need to do today? Don’t step on the scale. But think, “what actions can I take right now to have the body I want” and think only in today. Numbers lie so don’t step on the scale and worry about your weight.

Be concerned with what actions you’re taking today.

+ Follow Seth on Instagram for more fitness tips.

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Lauryn’s Wellness Essentials:

  1. Love that you are posting about heavy weights instead of just yoga/barre/spin. I have been heavy lifting 3 days week (benching, squatting, and deadlifting), and heavy cardio 2 days a week with my personal trainer/good friend since November 2015 and I have to say the difference I have seen is incredible. I was part of a very well-known dance company for 13 years of my life, so being in shape has always been important to me.

    Cutting out alcohol has been CRUCIAL. I have maybe 1-2 glasses of wine per month now, which is crazy since I’m 24. But it’s just something I’ve been committed to. Seriously, LOVE this post. I think girls are afraid to lift heavy because they “don’t want to get bulky,” but that just doesn’t happen if you train and diet right! Thanks for sharing this Lauryn! And great advice, Seth!


    Rebecca Rollolazo

  2. Amazing advice! I will definitely be incorporating more broccoli into my daily diet after reading this! I’ve recently begun lifting heavily and I’m really loving it except for one thing…Recovering!!! Is there anything anyone recommends for fast recovery on soreness? We all know the saying “No pain no gain” but I’m wondering if there are any good tips on decreasing that pain. Thank you so much in advance!

    1. I LOVE cryotherapy for recovery Marianeira! You can check out my post on it here to learn more: xx

  3. So glad to see a weight lifting post. So many women kill theirselves with too much cardio, which doesn’t build your metabolism or burn calories like weightlifting can. Did your trainer recommend any changes in your macronutrients at all? I definitely upped my protein intake when I got started with a weightlifting trainer.

  4. It´s really interesting to understand how working out and lifting works. I used to think that only cardio helped you lose weight and lose fat. But knowing that lifting also helps you lose fat is amazing because sometimes I´m just not in a cardio, yoga or barre mood. Sometimes I need something that challenges me harder and I thin that lifting can be a great option. This is great because I will be able to go workout at the gym with muy husband and have a great time! YAYYY!

    I will also moderate my drinking and I will eat broccoli everyday for sure! I will make my kids and my husband eat more broccoli too so that we are healthier. Please share more advices such as this one!

    I really like this post I think you are really helpful and your tips are really useful for my everyday life Thank you so much Seth and Lauryn <3

  5. Great post! LOVE Seth’s (& your!) take on mind-body-soul. Would love to see more of your workouts together. I started lifting heavy only 2 months ago but it’s already made a huge difference to my physical strength and psychologically.

  6. So glad I love broccoli after reading this! I started lifting heavy weights and doing cardio/HIIT sessions as well. These really helped me lose weight and reshape my body. Great tips in this post!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

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