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Glowing, Dewy Skin in Like 5 Seconds

best cc cream ever | by the skinny confidential

Oh me oh my…so many of you have asked when wedding content is coming!c

It’s coming but there are SO many pictures/video/etc to go through so bear with me…I promise to take you on the whole journey. In the meantime be sure to check out The Welcome Party.

ALSO have no fear because next week the Bare Naked Cucumber is coming on TSC Podcast & we’re going to share the lovely details of his…display?…at our wedding. Yup, it requires an entire podcast.

Shifting gears here.

Wanted to introduce you to a product I talk about ALL THE TIME on Snapchat.


( Not sponsored, just VERY MUCH INTO THIS RIGHT NOW ).

OK so here’s the thing: this CC Cream has changed my skin/makeup game.

Since you guys really responded to the post about my horrendous, brown sun mustache, I figured SHIT…I NEED TO SHARE what’s helped cover the stache too.

That’s where the magical CC Cream comes in.

…I mean really, the best, best, BEST CC Cream on the planet.

( Stop reading right now if you’re not into glowy, dewy, flawless skin ).

Ok so I originally found this so randomly on YouTube. It wasn’t anyone famous or huge on YouTube. Just kind of off the beaten path YouTube foundation tutorial.

For some reason, I was intrigued. I’d link the video, but it was so damn random that I don’t even know where to begin to search for it.

Anyway, immediately I bought a bottle in ‘light.’

Ok so here’s the deal, try it make sure you’re priming your face with a very good primer before application!! A primer sets the canvas & makes all the difference in the world. Right now I like Hourglass primer or a good caffeinated sunscreen ( << been using this everyday, every second lately because the caffeine tightens my skin BIG TIME- love a quick facelift, LOL ).

Every time I apply this CC Cream I blot it with a beautyblender, my ride or die beauty companion. Make sure when you’re using a beautyblender you BLOT, not rub. TRUST ME on this! It looks more natural.

ALSO, I just recently discovered to wet my beautyblender before applying foundation. SUCH a game changer. Try it & be prepared to JUST DIE.

The wet beautyblender & CC Cream together make for this dewy, glowy, Snapchat-filter finish that you will become addicted too. To be real, I’d rather not do my makeup without this CC Cream honestly. It’s that good.

You should know I apply my caffeinated sunscreen first with beautyblender, then eye brightener concealer ( if you get this get #2 ), then CC cream, & then a little powder when I’m going out!


So all products used for skin currently:

+ Caffeniated sunscreen ( or sometimes Hourglass primer )
Stroke of Light Eye Brighter concealer in #2
+ IT Cosmetics CC Cream in ‘light’
+ Powder of choice ( my preference )
+ Use beautyblender to apply ALL ( BLOT though! )

And then? Well, your skin will GLOW. Like pregnancy, Megan Fox kind of glow.

Hands down the BEST CC Cream I’ve ever tried. I actually don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s REALLY INSANE for people with hyperpigmentation ( me! )…AND DID I MENTION there’s 50 SPF in this!!! YES I KNOW. Sounds like it was made for me?

Also, I’ve recommended this to THREE professional makeup artists who have come back to me with RAVE reviews !!

Lastly if you follow along on Instagram you know we’ve been on a work/play trip in NYC & London…AND these products ( again, especially the CC cream ) have saved my travel, haggard skin’s ass.

NOTE: make sure you get the ‘illumination’ CC Cream, not the regular. It’s way better.

I’m feeling a beauty tutorial?…maybe in the New Year though because this year has been fucking nuts & I very much need to get my ass into gear on these wedding posts.

Alright, alright- I’m off to read. Reading SUCH a good book right now: What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, And Love by Carol Radziwill ( she was best friends with John F. Kennedy Jr. & his wife, Carolyn Bessette, wife of JFK Jr.’s cousin, Anthony Radziwill, & star of RHONY ). Very deep, raw as can be, beautifully written…& tragic, all in one. Highly recommend. I started a few days ago & I’m already on page 542…so that should tell you something?

Good night guys! Hope you’re all not too crazed with the holidays, work, etc.

Talk soon, lauryn x

+ Be sure to follow along on Snapchat tomorrow because we’re going somewhere fun…; ). AND enter the Snap giveaway happening until 11 AM.

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  1. I also just recently got this but somehow got the wrong shade. i ended up looking darker than usual. LOL. But i still love the coverage, the smell and i believe it has a bit of a glitter thing going which gives me the extra glow.

  2. I bought this months ago when you had mentioned it on snapchat and now I have three colours for various stages of my tan. I’m obsessed!

  3. love this CC cream! i’ve been using the illuminating one, have you used it? wondering if i should switch to this

  4. Girl your pale pink lace robe is TO DIE. Where did you get that? Merry Christmas to you and Michael and the pups! XXOO

  5. I have been using the CC Cream for years now & SWEAR by it!! Even in rough Chicago winters, it is hydrating!

  6. What Remains is becoming one of my favorite books! I am reading it now and I’m obsessed!! If you’re into any AMAZING biographies definitely pick up Rose Kennedy’s its called, Rose Kennedy: The life and times of a political monarch by Barbara Perry. Such a great read. Also, After Camelot is so good its like reading US Weekly about all the secrets of their past I HIGHLY recommend both!

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a makeup tutorial!!!! Would love to see the whole routine including bronzer/mascara etc. Love this post os much thank you!

  8. THIS STUFF IS THE BEST THING THATS EVER ENTERED MY LIFE. You can’t get it in Canada yet. So I’ve been wanting to get it forever since you started talking about it last year. Finally, I was in the states and got my paws on one at Ulta (I only bought a small travel size tube just to be on the safe side). It is so wonderful, I don’t like wearing a lot of foundation for day to day things but my skin is on the paler side which makes it uneven and my cheeks are always rosy (especially during the winter) this stuff lasts so long and just gives the most beautiful natural, dewy, finish to your skin. I can’t thank you enough for the recommendation. Also, for anyone thats put off by the price, I have been using a travel size one 5x/week for the past three months and I still have some left.

  9. Love these products! The Cc cream is my favorite. And you got me hooked on it. Thank you! Have you ever tried Josie Maran intensive creamy oil? It is amazingly hydrating and dewy! I love using in the winter to sooth my dry skin!

  10. OMGGGGGG I have been obsessed with this for a little over a year now. 1. SPF 50!!! 2. It’s so light with the coverage I don’t feel weighted down at all. 3. Your skin is pure perfection with it on, no need for anything else. 4. It’s cruelty free which is one of my top priorities with skincare and makeup. If i do need a little extra coverage, I mix Bye Bye Undereye with it and blot with my beauty blender over whatever needs coverage. So perfect, thanks for the post!!

  11. I am reading your article,it’s so helpful take care of your skin,the product is very useful for healthy and glowing skin,it reduces the sun spots and damage,and wrinkles.Thanks for Sharing this post.

  12. I have to tell you….I just bought this and tried it for the first time over the weekend and absolutely love it! It just makes your skin look amazing! I got so many compliments. Thanks for the amazing recommendation, as always 🙂

  13. I totally have tech neck so I am definitely buying this as we speak, as if Ulta doesnt already get enough of my money haha. I was wondering if you had a suggestion for an all natural daily face sunscreen that is good for combo skin. Texas head and humidity melt my face in the summer. At the end of the work day I look like a grease box…not cute. I also have fair skin and dont want to look like the lady in There’s Something About Mary so I need suggestions.

  14. Hi Lauryn, I just got the CC cream and I’m in LOVE! Any suggestions for applying the CC cream with the beauty blender? I feel like mine soaks it right up! Also, I’ve been a devoted Dior Show mascara user for the past 10 years, but I recently watched your insta live make up tutorial over the weekend and decided to give yours a try. So far, I’m a fan, but any tips for using an eyelash curler to 1) make sure you get all the lashes in 2) not smudge your eyeliner 3) not be painful – I feel like when I get closer to the root its a little painful.


  15. I was looking into buying this sunscreen, and apparently it has oxybenzone, which is super harmful to the skin, have you heard anything about this!?

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