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clinique makeup workout fitness tips by the skinny confidential


February 15, 2018

clinique makeup workout fitness tips by the skinny confidential

WELL HELLO! Happy Thursday.

I’m starting this post with a BANG- to be real, I’m super cheery because TSC BODY GUIDE launches very soon here. Like a few weeks. It’s like birthing a baby. But not. But MAN OH MAN has it been a labor of love. Kim ( my trainer ) & I have been working on it for months & months. We want it just right. Filled with skinny recipes, supplement info, efficient workouts, mason jar ideas, boozy cocktails, + more. Really though, it’s literally all of our secrets in one spot. There’s even going to be this community feature which I can’t wait to tell you about…BUT UNTIL THEN- LET’S DO A SNEAK PEEK SHALL WE?

Andddd after the sneak peek, I have to share three fitness items you need.


First things first, here’s three workouts you can do from anywhere. Like I said, a peek into the BODY GUIDE. I want you guys to have complete access to my trainer. Kim is amazing in every which way & her workouts are challenging, quick, & straight to the point for the girl who’s G2G.



+ Bridge Hip Lifts
+ LOW Jacks ( stay LOW, jump out/in )
+ Goddess Squat PULSE w/ alternating HAND TAPS to ground
+ Squat to Alt. R/L  Pendulum Kick ( R/L = 1 REP )


+ HIGH Reach LUNGE BACKS (Alt.) HARDER-make it hopping lunges ( R/L = 1 REP )


+ Forearm Plank Hip Dips ( R/L = 1 REP )
+ Inchworm Walk Out to Walk Back ADD A HOP or JACK
+ 180 DEGREE Squat Jump Turns
+ High Heel NARROW Chair Pulses

*aim for 15 reps of each exercise then rest for 30 seconds between each round*

clinique makeup workout fitness tips by the skinny confidential


1. CLINIQUE’S WORKOUT MAKEUP: THE SUNSCREEN is specifically for working out. Let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than getting your ass kicked & having sunscreen sweat drip into your eyes. LIKE NO. This sunscreen is a lightweight, sweat & humidity-proof foundation. So YES, you get medium coverage and a natural-matte finish that wears for 12 long-lasting hours and protects with SPF 40. The whole situation doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts. AND IT’S OIL-FREE. Into it. My favorite part of their workout line though is the mascara. It’s mascara made for the girl who likes to workout. It’s a volumizing mascara that VERY MUCH defines the lashes. The fitness-y mascara also happens to be sweat resistant, humidity resistant, & wears for 24 smudge-free hours. Mascara that comes falling down your face when you’re working out could possibly worse than sunscreen in your eyes? They’re both bad. That’s why I feel like Clinique is fixing this & giving us fitness lovers a solution. ALSO YOU SHOULD KNOW, they have wipes that are for face & body after a workout which is fab for me because I’m not the biggest deodorant fan. You can find all of CliniqueFIT’s products exclusively at Ulta.

2. PINK STARBUCKS CHILLED CUP: Do you have one? If not, this is a MUST for me. Getting real, I just love the color. I found mine on Amazon. Not in Starbucks. I bought 3. GUYS, I like them THAT much. They keep my water freezing cold AND I like to put my energy powder or TSC Detox Drink in the cute pink tumbler every morning. Most importantly, they fit in a cup holder- which is all I really want in life. You can also go for a Hydroflask here– the white one is super bougie in the best way too. Into both of them.

3. FINGERLESS WORKOUT GLOVES: HAVE YOU HEARD? THESE ARE ALL THE RAGE. Khloe K. was initially wearing them & I was like WHAT ARE THOSE. Come to find out they’re these gloves that grip the ground or Pilates machine which is COOL. Plus it makes all the difference. The gloves allow you to feel super centered. I can’t explain it but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you’re in a plank. They’re chic too. REAL CHIC. Again I bought two pairs. AND I even gave Kim a pair. I LOVE THEM. You can find them here.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

clinique makeup workout fitness tips by the skinny confidential
clinique makeup workout fitness tips by the skinny confidential

What else? I feel like that’s enough info for the day! I always love a fun fitness post, don’t you?

With that, I’m off to watch ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. It’s a new show that Michael introduced me to. Well not really, it’s actually 382 years old but I’ve never seen it before so we’ll see how it goes.

Hope you guys are having a good week- let me know how your 7 minute sweat sesh goes!

XO, lauryn

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* this post is in collaboration with Clinique, as always all opinions are my own.

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clinique makeup workout fitness tips by the skinny confidential


all natural coconut oil personal lubricant | by the skinny confidential


February 14, 2018

all natural coconut oil personal lubricant | by the skinny confidential


MICHAEL & I have decided to never go out on Valentine’s Day again. HA. Here’s the deal: the set menu is never the best ( I mean, I love pesto scallops but they’re never my first choice on the menu- you know? ), the squished table situation, & the craziness is just not ideal. So next year has been planned: February 13th will consist of a super cute dinner ( Michael: you know my favorite restaurants- get busy ) and then February 14th will entail our bed, pretzels ( unsalted ), YUMEARTH PEACH LICORICE, & pink champagne…in bed. To be honest, I’m over the whole HOOPLA of holidays. My bed is where it’s at.



Butthole enemascamel toesvagina steamingorganic tamponsKegel exercisesbirth controlboob jobs, you get it. WE’VE TALKED ABOUT IT ALL REALLY.

SO it’s not weird we are discussing lube, right?

In fact, it’s really very normal.

SO LET’S discuss something 95% of us are using- I MEAN if I can be the messenger, SO BE IT! Especially on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be like Cupid right?

THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH LUBE IS YOU’RE NOT USING IT. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. You already know sex is good. But imagine even better sex.

Ok, ok- let’s discuss the BEST LUBE EVER?

all natural coconut oil personal lubricant | by the skinny confidential


♡ 100% natural & organic
♡ doesn’t mess with PH – keeps you balanced
♡ no harmful, nasty chemicals
♡ for anyone who loves better sex, so everyone
♡ all natural & organic personal lubricant
♡ doubles as massage oil
♡ edible sweet flavor like cupcakes
♡ 4 KEY ingredients




♡ unrefined virgin coconut oil: antibacterial, organic, PH balancing.
♡ vanilla essence: edible, SORT OF cupcake flavor.
♡ beeswax: consistency is on point, keeps on going.
♡ stevia: sweet flavor…so it’s delicious if you eat it.

By the way, make sure to keep the lube above 69 degrees- WINK, WINK. LOL YOU GET IT. I like to start with a massage & then…


WAIT- on a semi-personal note, I’m prone to UTI’s. If you are too, USE COCONUT OIL AS NATURAL LUBE. Literally though. It’s an anti-bacterial so it kills bacteria. GREAT for preventing UTI’s. Just saying. I’ve also read it’s amazing for yeast infections. Apparently coconut oil helps to kill off candida yeast growth. I haven’t had one UTI since using WOO.

all natural coconut oil personal lubricant | by the skinny confidential


Dr. Jennifer Gunter says “don’t use coconut oil as lube if you’re using latex condoms. Oils and petroleum products—like Vaseline—may weaken latex and increase the risk of breakage. You don’t have to forgo the slippery stuff with a condom—just be sure to use a polyurethane condom if you’re lubing up with coconut oil, which won’t break down in the presence of the oil.”

Make sure to do your own research, AS ALWAYS, before experimenting.


I SHOULD MENTION! This invention came about because of you guys. I did a post on The Skinny Confidential on coconut lube & the response was so crazy that Michael & his partners invented WOO. & of course, I have tested it a time or 10.

all natural coconut oil personal lubricant | by the skinny confidential


It is Valentine’s Day & I really should get off the computer.

I just wanted to recommend this lube…EER, coconut love oil…because sex & coconut oil VERY MUCH go together. If you don’t believe me, check out this post from 5 million years ago.

WITH THAT: how’s your Valentine’s Day going? What is happening? Anything fun?

Oh! Also, last night we did a San Diego TSC MOVIE NIGHT & IT WAS SO CHILL. Anyway, I feel like I’ve used enough adjectives for this post so we can touch base later- but in the meantime: CHECK OUT COCONUT OIL LUBE & LMK YOUR THOUGHTS. Oh, & use the checkout code: SKINNY for 20% off- YES PLZ.


x lauryn

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all natural coconut oil personal lubricant | by the skinny confidential

all natural coconut love oil massage by the skinny confidential

At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential


February 11, 2018

At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny ConfidentialAt home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential

Over the past few weeks life has been busy. Crazy, even. Non-stop. Does anyone else feel this way?

We are living half time in LA & half time in San Diego so buying a ton of groceries just isn’t the vibe right now. In fact, the vibe is either take-out, cauliflower pizza, mason jar to-go meals ( coming to TSC BODY GUIDE in February! ), or Blue Apron.

I like Blue Apron very much- we know this, we’ve discussed it before. The whole process is seamless. You get to pick your protein ( or do the vegetarian route ) & they send over these mouth-watering recipes with perfectly measured ingredients so you’re not wasting food. AND you get this legit chef card- a card that makes you feel like, YOU GUESSED IT, a real chef.

The first 50 people to sign up for Blue Apron here will get $40 off your first two weeks!

LAST WEEK’S MENU WAS SOMETHING I COULDN’T PASS UP BECAUSE IT INVOLVED WHOLE 30! Blue Apron was kind enough to send me their Whole 30 meals to try & lemme tell ya, they’re good.

How do I know?

At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential

Well, I don’t mean to brag but I cooked them myself.

For me.

AND Michael.

This is kindddd of a big deal because I can be rather selfish & make spicy cauliflower pizza for my selfish self, leaving Michael with crusty takeout. But at least I’m self-aware?

Anyway, Blue Apron makes me feel like Suzy Homemaker but like an efficient, business boss 2018 Suzy Homemaker. I mean sure the apron is on ( & it’s blue! The irony- right ), the placemats are out, & a homemade meal is on the table! But times have changed. I’m a new aged homemaker- I’m most likely listening to a podcast while I whip up my perfectly portioned meal that was delivered fresh to my doorstep.

You know how I like it!

At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny ConfidentialAt home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential

But back to Whole 30. What’s Whole 30? Well it’s wholesome, nutritious foods that will help you kick off the New Year with a CLEAN PLATE. Just what we want. Think: dairy-free, grain-free, no sugar added, paleo-friendly, fresh goodness.

The entire situation is chef-designed too so basically you’re a chef. But a clean, healthy one.

The chicken kale salad was the standout here for me. Michael would disagree & say the steak was his favorite. Both are amazing- but the salad was MY VIBE. Of course I added some lemon, a few slices of avocado, & enjoyed it with a glass of rosé. YOLO.

What are your quick, easy, ‘fake it til you make it’ cooking tips?

At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential

We do need to address this apron– isn’t it CUTE! If I were an apron, this is what I would be. It’s the perfect denim & so perfect for the chef who’s not really a chef but basically a chef- you know? Ellen of Hedley & Bennett sent it to me after I met her at a Create & Cultivate event. She’s a badass boss entrepreneur- I very much respect the business she’s built. You can check out her kitchen swag here.

What else? I am curled up in my ride or die blanket next to Pixy who’s snoring & we are about to watch Ozark. Has anyone seen it? My latest is to eat popcorn with lemon pepper & Cholula sauce– thanks to my friend, Gillian, I am addicted.

At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential
At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential
At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential

OH! LET’S keep this post between us because Michael thinks I actually made him a steak dinner from scratch.

Chat tomorrow! Happy Sunday,

x lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Blue Apron. As always all opinions are my own.

++ more recipe posts here.

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At home easy meal prep recipes by The Skinny Confidential


Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential


February 8, 2018

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

I know, we’ve been here before, we’ve done this dance, but we’re doing it again: COLLAGEN. COLLAGEN! COLLAGEN! COLLAGEN! Like how many times can I explain my love for collagen? The love is JUST SO REAL.

However, I am getting a bunch of DMs & e-mail on exactly how to use it.

I mean I feel like we’ve done some recipes ( shoutout to TSC BARBIE PINK SMOOTHIErecipe here ) & we’ve discussed benefits…but we have NOT discussed the many, MANY ways it can be used.

The options are endless really?

It’s not one of those things where you have to mix it in water & plug your nose while gulping it down ( although, I would- beauty is pain! ). We don’t need to do the whole gulp thing- we can take an easier route.

A bunch of routes that I will break down in the blog post for you.

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

First off, I should mention: collagen is kind of the glue that holds everything together. Collagen gets screwed up by smoking, sunlight, cortisol, aging, etc. YOU KNOW I LOVE TO EAT FOODS THAT PROMOTE THE BODY’S ABILITY TO PRODUCE COLLAGEN, like: berries, eggs, salmon, avocado, & super green veggies. But I also love a daily scoop to be a role model, AS I LOVE TO SAY, FOR PREVENTATIVE MEASURES.

YOU ALSO SHOULD KNOW, I prefer collagen in the morning. There’s something about my mornings that just lay the foundation of the day for me. I feel like doing all my witch doctor weirdness in the morning sets the tone, you know? Like I want the whole chill music with oils thing happening. I want to do my thing ( NO MICHAEL CAN YOU NOT ASK ME STRESSFUL QUESTIONS BEFORE 8:30 AM? ).

Like let me & my collagen have a moment.

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

Let me pull out my scroll so I can explain the many ways to eat it, k?

1. COFFEE: not my choice but a lot of people like it in their coffee. It’s a nice little kickstart to the day. The reason people prefer it in coffee is because when it’s in any coffee drink you can’t taste it. For me, coffee doesn’t happen every day- I more prefer a ritual. Usually if I’m drinking coffee, it’s when I’m on the go at my local coffee joint. You should know: Vital Proteins also has these coffee creamers now that you can just add to coffee for a little boost of energy ( they contain naturally occurring MCT oil ).

2. SMOOTHIE: how I prefer my daily scoop of collagen. I like it in a green smoothie. Here’s the thing- it’s kind of like a WAM BAM thank you ma’am kind of thing. I get my greens, fiber ( CHIA SEED REALNESS ), protein, collagen, whatever, in one bang. You can’t taste the collagen. Basically I love a BEAUTY SMOOTHIE. This is when all your beauty powders are in one place with greens & you just drink it down the hatch. You know, like Nike always says: JUST DO IT.

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny ConfidentialVital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

3. OATMEAL: another popular way to enjoy collagen! Lately I’ve been doing The F-Factor’s ‘oatmeal.’ To this recipe I add COLLAGEN. IT IS SO EASY. WANT TO SEE IT? READ ON. Throwing collagen in your oatmeal is just a fantastic way to get it in. Especially because this particular flavor featured here is mixed berry– which makes the oatmeal really come together. Anyway, I’m here for it. Also, I like to add it to the top secret, to-go MASON JAR OATS- coming soon to TSC BODY.

4.  WATER: not my pick per se- but some people drink it down in their hot water. You can make like a tea if you want. Add some lemon for flair. Water is a quick way to get it in, if you’re in a pinch. I mean I’ve done it before while traveling but if given the option, I like collagen in smoothies or oatmeal.

5. BONE BROTH: ADD A SCOOP TO YOUR BONE BROTH for an extra punch of collagen. This is efficient! I love bone broth so much guys. It’s so delicious with chili flakes, basil, lemon, a little pink salt, & pepper. YUM. Adding a scoop of collagen is just an extra burst of goodness for your hair, skin, & nails. I actually LOVE VITAL PROTEINS bone broth packets when I’m on the go or traveling.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential
Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential

AS FAR AS COLLAGEN PREFERENCE, there are many on the shelves. I tend to grab for Vital Proteins time after time. The packaging is just so damn chic. Plus their collagen is pasture raised, grass-fed, & non-GMO. So you know they’ve really done their research.

This one featured, like I said, is the mixed berry. What I LOVE about it is it’s made from organic berries which is just fabulous for your skin, hair and nails ( HELLO NUTRIENTS ).

Also, I should mention great for joint health & digestion. All the things us girls love. With 20 grams of collagen & 18 grams of protein per serving you kind of can’t go wrong? The ingredients are straight to the point: Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides, Organic Blueberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Blackberry, Organic Raspberry, Organic Acerola Cherry, Hyaluronic Acid, Bacillus Coagulans. Into it.

Oh, almost forgot- here’s the F-Factor Mixed Berry Oatmeal recipe ( SERVES 1 ):

+ 1/3 cup all bran, high fiber cereal
+ 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
+ sprinkle of cinnamon
+ 1 scoop of mixed berry collagen peptides
+ 1 tsp sweetener (optional)
+ 1/3 cup water
+ 1/2 cup mixed berries

+ directions: Mix bran buds, almond milk, cinnamon, collagen powder, and sweetener ( if using ) in a saucepan and place over high heat for 3 minutes. Stir. Add water and cook until all the water has absorbed and the consistency mimics oatmeal. Add berries and stir until they are cooked through. Remove from heat & serve warm.

{ via F-Factor }

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

OK!!! So if ANY of your questions weren’t answered in this post- you HAVE to watch this video. It really breaks down the whole collagen situation.

NOW I WANT TO KNOW: how do you use collagen? GET SPECIFIC PLEASE!

With that, I’m off to bed- I did THE METHOD® with Ingrid this morning via Skype & I’m already sore IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Like I need an Epsom salt bath, face massage, & a collagen smoothie. STAT. Hope you’re all having a productive, high vibey week.

See you tomorrow, lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with Vital Proteins, as always ALL opinions are my own.

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Vital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny ConfidentialVital Proteins Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides by The Skinny Confidential


Green Chlorophyll Water Is Just The Healthiest

January 20, 2018

healthy quick green water by the skinny confidential

“Chlorophyll! More like borophyll! Borophyll!”

But remember that quote from Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison? Too good. It’s NOT borophyll though. It’s actually very much legit.

Ya, ya so we’ve discussed Chlorophyll before but I really want to film a video on my love for this random, green, magical potion.

I was first introduced to CHLOROPHYLL water by a TSC reader, Erika of Urban Chiqueness. I had major altitude sickness & was bitching about it on Snapchat. She told me that chlorophyll in water would REALLY help the altitude sickness. Basically it helps you capture oxygen in your lungs- so it’s a real WIN when you’re skiing Aspen. AND IT CURED MY ALTITUDE SICKNESS IMMEDIATELY ( IN FACT I EVEN TRIED IT IN A BEER? LOL ).

Video below on all the details, but first:


powder or capsule form, daily ( << this isn’t my preference though )

+ LIQUID form is my preference. You can easily throw chlorophyll DROPS in your morning smoothie or take it with other vitamins. I prefer to take mine in liquid form like an instant green juice! I drink it when I can in a water bottle with a bunch of ice & water. ( Val who works with The Skinny Confidential LOVES IT in her water too- she swears by it! ).

OH & in true TSC spirit: to liven it up you can also add in a sprinkle ( or half the bottle in my case ) of cayenne pepper. Chlorophyll has a slightly minty taste that’s refreshing AND cooling. Kind of like spa water. If you want to go crazy add a few drops to TSC Pink Detox Drink…or your vodka soda?



+ chlorophyll
+ liquid b12 complex


+ b12 benefits
+ chlorophyll benefits
+ spicy spa water
+ sparkling water

chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential


+ 8 ounces warm water

+ 1 tsp liquid chlorophyll

+ lemon juice, to taste

+ dash of cayenne pepper

+ directions: mix all ingredients in glass. Drinky-drink.

…Or be efficient like me & add a few drops to your daily water bottle. EASY, PEASY.

chlorophyll breakdown 3 | by the skinny confidential

Do you have any festive ways you spice up your water that I need to know about?

I hope you all have a productive Saturday. I am off to do a 6 hour TSC brainstorm with my mentor, Steve. If you haven’t listened to him on the podcast– LISTEN. It’s a good one. After that we are headed to dinner in West Hollywood ( any recommendations? Looking for something retirement-y- bonus points if it has a fabulous bread dip & a good wedge salad ).

See you tomorrow guys- gulpy gulp that chlorophyll ( I’m legit drinking mine as we speak, at the hair salon- I feel like my stylist thinks I’m a nut ).

x, lauryn

+ YOU SHOULD KNOW: Thrive Market has chlorophyll in stock and they’re offering all TSC readers/listeners $60 dollars of FREE organic groceries plus FREE shipping. Just use this link & shop your heart out. Just make sure you add chlorophyll to your cart, k?

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