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niki | the skinny confidential 3


Updated: June 19, 2017
niki | the skinny confidential 4
niki | the skinny confidential 3

Well, hi hello.

This post is a medley of sorts. I suppose it may be confusing if you haven’t listened to the latest podcast. As the description states: “Basically, holistic vegan chef & health/nutrition counselor, Niki Connor, joins Lauryn & Michael to discuss tips for preventing exhaustion & inflammation, why you should cut out chemically processed foods from your diet, the importance of creating a sleep routine, & Niki even shares a recipe for making an at-home holistic smoothie. We also hear the trio talk about what candida is & the effects it can have on your body and Niki breaks down the basic science behind Ayurveda and how it holistically relates to diet, the mind, body, & soul.”

As I told you on the podcast, I wanted to go DEEPER with Niki. Of course she’s been on The Skinny Confidential before BUT I still had so many questions, you know?

I needed like a written out list. SO your wish, or my wish, is my command.

Let’s start with the basics. INFLAMMATION, K? Niki shares the deets:

5 Tips to Reduce Whole Body Inflammation

1.) Consume more anti-inflammatory & fermented foods.

* Turmeric: reduces swelling & pain.

* Berries: antioxidants…yes please!

* Sweet potatoes: beta-carotene…& a GREAT carb.

* Nuts & seeds: fats, protein, iron.

* Mushrooms: Vitamin D!!

* Garlic: contains allicin, regulates blood sugar, & aids in digestion.

* Dark leafy greens: Vitamin K ~~!!!

* Pineapple: Vitamin C & enzymes.

* Sauerkraut & Kimchi.

* Kombucha: No more than half a glass per day due to the sugar content- but it’s great.

* Pickled vegetables- YUM.

* Yogurt: Coconut yogurt is awesome!

2.) Go organic: Fewer pesticides, free of hormones, & antibiotics.

3.) Exercise: get your body moving at least 5 days a week, & mix it up to keep it fun- also avoid injury.

4.) Avoid alcohol: high alcohol consumption causes blood cells & tissues to swell, leading to Chronic Pancreatitis.

5.) Avoid gluten & wheat: whether you’re gluten-sensitive, celiac, or don’t have a sensitivity at all, avoiding gluten & wheat is essential. Gluten has been linked to over 55 diseases. The gluten we consume today isn’t the same as what our grandparents enjoyed, this scientifically created gluten is bad news! Inflammation & leaky gut are the most common results of gluten consumption.

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

Holistic Chef Niki’s Super Smoothie

+ 1 handful of baby spinach
+ 1 banana
+ 1 tbsp ground flax seeds
+ 1 tbsp liquid aloe
+ 1 tbsp raw cacao powder
+ 3 Medjool dates, pits removed.
+ 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
+ Filtered water ( to thin as needed )
+ 1 pinch cinnamon

+ Directions: combine all ingredients in high-powdered blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass & enjoy. 

++ This is the base I like to work with, but I don’t consume the same smoothie every day. I mix it up.


Sometimes I remove the cacao and add pineapple, apple or cucumber instead.

I alternate the addition of maca root, Spirulina, or OMMushrooms powder.

I add 1 tbsp of almond or peanut butter or 1 scoop of an organic vegan protein powder if I’m drinking this right after a workout.

niki | the skinny confidential 5


doscha test here babes

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡


If you want your baked salmon to turn out perfect EVERY SINGLE TIME, try this method. You can use different sauces and marinades, but baking it this way will ensure that it’s perfectly cooked.

Holistic Chef Niki’s Baked Salmon

+ 12 ounce salmon fillet, cut into 4 pieces

+ Coarse-grained sea salt or Himalayan pink salt

 + Fresh ground black pepper

+ 1 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

+ Directions: Preheat the oven to 450F. Season salmon with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Place salmon, skin side down, on a pan lined with parchment paper. Bake until salmon is cooked through, about 15 min. If your oven is very powerful, check the salmon at 12min first.

Sauce: Add on top right before serving

Holistic Chef Niki’s Cilantro-Lime Chutney

+ 1 bunch of cilantro (1 big handful), stems removed

+ 1 small green onion, chopped

+ 1 clove of garlic, chopped

+ 1 jalapeno pepper, chopped (spine removed for less spice if desired)

+ 1 tbs lime juice

+ Zest of 1 lime

+¼ cup coconut yogurt

 + Ground black pepper (to taste)

+ Himalayan pink salt (to taste)

+ Directions: Place cilantro, green onion, garlic and pepper in a small food processor. Pulse until finely chopped, then add the lime juice and yogurt and pulse again until combined. Make sure it’s still chunky and not blended smoothly. Enjoy!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

Holistic Chef Niki’s Grocery Essentials:

Splurge once, then you’ll have your essentials! As you can see, this list is all vegan foods, so if you aren’t vegan like me, make sure that all meat and dairy are grass-fed and eggs are pasteurizedDon’t forget to store all nuts and seeds in the refrigerator and flour in the freezer, this is very important to avoid spoiling. In addition to this list, fresh produce can be purchased weekly ( unless you’re traveling ), & most of these items last long, so you won’t have to replace them often. In the end, you’re saving on doctor & smoothie shop visits. All certified organic too!

* Unsweetened almond milk- I often make my own, but when I’m short on time, I buy unsweetened almond milk. Make sure that the ingredients are almonds and water, no added chemicals.

* Walnuts– High in omega-3’s, great to help prevent and cure headaches, and delicious raw or toasted.

* Raw almonds– Contrary to popular belief, truly raw almonds are difficult to find. Due to a sanitation scare at an almond farm years ago, California almonds are not actually raw unless purchased directly from an almond farmer. The almonds you buy in the store that are ‘raw’ are actually flash-steamed. I’m not saying they’re bad for you, but if you want the real thing, go to your local farmer’s market.

* Raw cashews– These are big for me, I use them in many sauces, make vegan cheese with them, etc. Enjoy in moderation!

* Raw sunflower seeds– I make a raw blended “cheese” with this.

* Raw Pepitas ( pumpkin seeds )- Delicious and nutritious when eaten raw or lightly toasted.

* Nutritional Yeast– B Vitamins. I blend this with raw sunflower seeds and herbs for a “cheese” topping on dishes.

* Pine nuts– Monounsaturated fats, protein, iron, and magnesium. I use them raw blended in sauces or toasted on top of dishes.

* Quinoa pasta– I eat this at least twice a week and don’t gain a pound.

* Black bean or red lentil pasta– high in protein and very filling, a little goes a long way! Pair this with a simple tomato sauce or garlic, herbs, and a bit of EVOO.

* EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil )– Monounsaturated fatty oils. I use different olive oils for different dishes; I have a more standard one I use as a base, then I buy olive oils with particular flavor components to brighten dishes. Make sure it’s cold-pressed and organic Extra Virgin olive oil in a dark bottle.

* Coconut oil- Rich in fatty acids, this one by Organic Fiji is my favorite. I use it for cooking, skin care, hair care, lube, you name it!

* Avocado oil– Rich in Vitamin E with high fat content, this is great for high-heat cooking. Do not, I repeat, do not cook with sesame oil. It can’t handle high heat cooking, so it’s best to use that oil in a sauce added after cooking.

* Raw & unfiltered ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar )– Potassium, magnesium, probiotics.

Lentils– Protein, magnesium, and fiber.

* Sprouted Mung Beans– B Vitamins, protein, and fiber.

* Brown rice– Some people don’t digest rice well, but as someone who was born and partially raised in Japan, I’ve been eating rice all my life & it definitely agrees with me.

* Quinoa– I like to make a batch of quinoa or brown rice early in the week and have a little a day all week. That way my cooking time at home is cut in half, too! I usually choose quinoa over rice due to the higher protein content and calcium.

* Almond butter– more Vitamin E, magnesium, and iron than peanut butter. I still eat peanut butter, but not as often. A little almond butter in a smoothie or with sliced apple is delicious!

* Garbanzo beans- I’m a hummus addict & totally make my own. I sprout them beforehand for more nutrients when I have time, but I’m usually pressed for time when making hummus, so I buy certified organic canned beans and rinse them before use or buy them raw and soak before use. High in protein and great for hummus, or if you toast them at 400F for 15 minutes tossed in herbs, spices, or just olive oil and salt, they’re a great crispy addition to salads, etc.

* Gluten-free rolled oats– I use these for oatmeal and baking.

* Almond meal flour– Iron, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium.

* Garbanzo bean flour– fiber, protein, iron, zinc.

* Ground flaxseed– it’s best to purchase flax seeds ground so that your body isn’t doing the extra work of breaking them down first.

* Chia seeds– high in omega-3 fatty acids; a little goes a long way! You can make chia pudding with them, add them to smoothies and salads, they go with almost anything!

* Tahini ( sesame seed paste )- high in B vitamins and Vitamin E as well as essential minerals, I use a little tahini in my hummus, creamy dressings and sauces, marinades, etc.

* Dijon mustard– I use this minimally in salad dressings, sauces, etc.

* Himalayan pink salt– balances electrolytes, balances pH, hydrates, etc.

* Sea salt- sodium, potassium, zinc, magnesium.

* Ground black pepper- increases hydrochloric acid in the stomach to ease digestion and helps break down fat cells.

niki | the skinny confidential 2

* Turmeric– root or powder, this is an essential for its anti-inflammatory & immune-boosting benefits.

* Garlic- the antioxidant allicin ( only released when garlic is smashed and left for 10 minutes before use)  is essential, & garlic also regulates blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.

* Kitchari mix– I grind my own spices & make my own spice blends.

* Hingvastak– an Ayurvedic herbal blend for Vata that’s excellent when consumed with beans and legumes or soups and stews, it supports healthy digestion & prevents gas and bloating.

* Raw Cacao Powder– I use this for smoothies and baking and use raw cacao paste in cacao ceremonies. Don’t add dairy milk to teas or cocoa, it interferes with iron absorption. I know that the English drink their tea with milk & sugar, but unfortunately that’s not the healthy way to drink it!

* Valerian Root Tea– I drink this before bed along with a magnesium supplement to fall asleep easier.

* Peppermint Tea– I order this almost every time I dine out and also drink it at home after meals to ease digestion.

* Chai Tea– I’m obsessed with chai tea, but don’t make lattes at home. I like to steep the tea and use it in oatmeal for added flavor, too!

* Triple Leaf Tea: Ultra Slim: use this tea for “emergencies” ( traveling, special events, etc ). It’s not safe to use on a regular basis due to the fact that it makes you very dehydrated, but if you’re having digestive issues while traveling or need to feel and look your best for an event, drink a cup before bed and you’ll be good by morning! Unlike those “skinny teas”, this doesn’t cause cramping or contain harmful chemicals. ( Also the POO POO TEA WE TALKED ABOUT IN THE PODCAST ).

+ follow Holistic Chef Niki on Instagram.

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS? Niki is here to answer. In the meantime check her out on TSC Podcast. She’s fab.

I’m off to watch Billions ( kind of obsessed ). What show should we watch next? We are chilling for the next two months. Seriously though, no dairy, red meat, alcohol, or white carbs- you know? I think I will print out this grocery list for myself. NEED IT? Anyway, how are you prepping for summer? With that I’m off to drink POO POO TEA & WATCH Axe. Axe is life if you watch Billions.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast– we dive into CANDIDA, INFLAMMATION,  AYURVEDIC PRACTICES, & FATIGUE. Niki is so well-informed & this is a podcast you don’t want to miss. ENJOY ( & take your Dosha quiz PLZ ).



How Chiropractic Care Improves Function, Stability, And Mobility

Updated: May 31, 2017


If you guys follow along on Snapchat you know alllllll about my chiropractor, Dr. Patrick. Patrick is QUITE popular on Snap. Ha. Ya, ya, you guys all message me about how cute he is but my favorite thing about Patrick is…well actually a few things? 1.) he is the ultimate ( & I mean ultimate ) hangover cure. Really guys, when he adjusts me it’s an instant cure. 2.) he is aggressive in the right way- meaning no fluff. And 3.) he’s helped me a lot ( a lot, a lot ) with my chronic neck pain from a lateral whiplash car accident years ago with stretching & chiropractic care.

And then of course there’s Fix Body Group in Hillcrest where Patrick works. You should know Fix Body Group is kind of my home away from home. I love it. It’s basically a one-stop shop for body pain. Whenever my neck hurts, I’m there. My favorite part happens to be the traction & stretching. When Patrick stretches my neck a million endorphins release- it’s crazy. If chiropractic work isn’t your thing they also provide massage services, acupuncture, Active Release Technique, therapeutic exercise, & stretching. YES PLZ.

Good news for you if you’re in the San Diego area ( or visiting SD ), Fix Body Group is offering all TSC readers a complimentary Initial examination & treatment with a chiropractor ( value: $120 ). See the end of this post for the deets.

Before I intro you to Patrick I want to tell you about three quick at-home methods that REALLY help me. And in turn, I hope they help you. One was recommended by a reader, Morgan Hoey, in TSC Secret FB Group: a posture corrector.

The other was recommended by my acupuncturist AND IS LEGIT THE BEST MEDLEY EVER ( menthol & camphor FTW ). It’s this Chinese herbal medicated oil that I apply on sore areas like my neck or shoulders. Sometimes I’ll apply it after a workout or anytime I have sore joints. This stuff is like liquid gold guys. If you don’t believe me just check all of the Amazon reviews. I’m telling you, it’s magic. Also it’s under $13 dollars & lasts forever. I am weirdly OBSESSED with the smell of camphor too, which I feel like is maybe acquired? You tell me. Anyway, if you’re having any kind of soreness or joint paint, TRY THIS GOODNESS. ( SIDE NOTE: it’s also been known to cure bunions. I’ve never tried it for this but I heard this Chinese oil cures them quickly ).

Lastly & you already know this one: an acuppressure mat & pillow. I BEG YOU TO READ THIS POST if you haven’t- this set-up is so inexpensive & sooooo amazing. It stimulates the whole body in a few minutes. Even my dogs like it.

So ya, at-home I’ll clean the house with my posture corrector on a lot. I also wore it this morning when I worked from home. You can use it whenever. It’s so efficient. As for the Chinese oil, I simply use it whenever I’m sore. If you have any other at-home treatments for neck/back- please share them below.

Ok with that allow me to introduce you to Patrick from Fix Body Group?

+ Introduce yourself:

Hello my name is Dr. Patrick Cucarola & I am a Chiropractor at Fix Body Group in San Diego.  I am originally from a small town in Colorado. I completed my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise physiology in Colorado before moving to San Francisco to attain my doctorate degree in Chiropractic. After that, I moved down to San Diego to pursue my career at Fix Body Group, which is San Diego’s premier rehabilitation & fitness clinic. I’m also an avid adventure sport person who loves anything active from snowboarding, basketball, beach volleyball. Oh & I enjoy relaxing on the beach too.

+ Ok Mr. Patrick, tell us EXACTLY what you do:

Our motto is: “We get you back to doing what you love pain-free and stronger than before.” I alleviate people’s pain.

To describe how that happens is hard to say exactly, because I do so many different things for my patients. I specialize in musculoskeletal injuries & improving performance & overall function of the human body by using a combination of Active Release Technique, Chiropractic, therapeutic exercise, & stretching.  

Whether this be helping an athlete perform at his peak abilities or helping a typical person live without pain to do what they love.

+ Why do I always feel better after seeing you? LOL.

It’s because I take a precise approach to identify your specific problem areas & then use all the therapies I just spoke about to fix your issue.

It really is a combination approach by our team of therapist to fix the cause of your problems, release tension, release endorphins, & improve your overall function and not just focus on the symptoms.

+ Why is chiropractic care so important?

Chiropractic takes a whole body approach to your problems while improving your function, stability, & mobility to get you back and keep you doing what you love. It helps treat current aches/pains as well as prevents future injuries.  

+ Who’s a perfect candidate for your care?

Anyone who needs to alleviate pain or who loves to be active.

So many people have learned to live with daily pain that they have accepted as simply part of their life. They don’t have to. Some people have also been told, or have convinced themselves that part of their issue is genetic or only surgery can help.

Many times this is not the case & a good chiropractor can really help them.

+ Let’s talk about posture…what do you see that needs to change in regards to posture?

Our culture spends way too much time in one position at work or school looking down at their laptop, phone, or tablet. It puts you in a prolonged position that places stress on your muscles & joints. This overtime causes strain, muscle spasms, & decreased blood flow- all of which causes acute/chronic daily pain.

Almost everyone says they hold their stress in their neck, back, & shoulders. This isn’t just a coincidence.

+ Ok so what if someone was involved in a car accident? Share a detailed wellness plan with us?

It’s hard to do a general care plan, because each person/case is unique, but most likely it would begin with a releasing the myofascial tension through ART, Chiro, massage, stretching, & acupuncture. Then we add corrective exercise & overall strengthening to build stability in those injured areas.

+ Do you recommend mixing this with rehab, massage, & acupuncture?

Yes, that is our purpose at Fix- it’s what we do best. Fix is a 1 stop shop with all of those therapies & why we are SO successful at fixing injuries.

+ Anything people can do at-home to improve their posture?

Stretch & exercise! Stretching is like flossing, we all know we need to do it, but many people just forget or get lazy. The difference is a dentist can replace your teeth; you can’t replace your body.

Good posture makes you feel better; move better, & makes you look sexy. Good posture for the ladies gives the impression of a flat stomach, tight butt, & gives your bust an added boost. Let’s just say I’m a fan of good posture.

…And don’t forget about the guys. We like to look taller too with a shredded six-pack & a broad chest.

+ My Snapchat has quite the crush on you- where can people find/stalk you?

Easy: Instagram is @patrickcucarola & you can Find Fix Body Group on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram all under the handle @fixbodygroup. Or they can find me on the beach, at the gym, riding along the coast of SD on my motorcycle or out exploring what else San Diego has to offer. Say hi.

+ All San Diego readers ( or visitors ) get one complimentary Initial examination & treatment with a chiropractor which is a $120 value. To book call 619-295-9791 or e-mail and use the code: TSClovesFIX.


green juice 1d | by the skinny confidential


Updated: June 13, 2017

chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential

Nothing like green smoothies, muffins…& green water.

That’s right- green water is IN.

Or to get scientific on you: CHLOROPHYLL WATER IS IN.

I feel like every girl should be casually sipping her CHLOROPHYLL water as she runs errands, goes to Pilates, or hustles. It’s chic right?

chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential

Well it’s more than chic. Let me explain:

I was first introduced to CHLOROPHYLL water by a TSC reader, Erika of Urban Chiqueness. I had major altitude sickness & was bitching about it on Snapchat. She told me that chlorophyll in water would REALLY help the altitude sickness. Basically it helps you capture oxygen in your lungs- so a real WIN when you’re skiing Aspen. Of course if you know me, you know that second I was on Amazon ordering myself a bottle.

Ever since I’ve been hooked.

chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential

So let’s put our lab coats on & get right into- k?

“Chlorophyll is a green pigment naturally produced by plants and algae and gives them their characteristic green color. Chlorophyll is critical for photosynthesis, the process by which sunlight is converted into chemical energy. Chlorophyll can function as a free radical neutralizer, may help to support the body’s detoxification processes and has been traditionally used as an internal deodorizer.” { NOW Foods }

“Chlorophyll can actually help do the job of hemoglobin, increasing the quantity and quality of red blood cells in your body. Amazing fact: it’s even been known to be used in hospital IVs for pain & swelling! It is only natural that “green sunshine” should bring you energy: taking chlorophyll in capsule, powder, or liquid form will bring you an instant boost of energy and vitality. More healthy red blood cells mean better oxygen absorption in the bloodstream, which means more all around energy and oxygen utilization in the body. And because of its blood health-improving qualities, it can cleanse and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level.” { The Chalkboard }


chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential

HOW TO USE Chlorophyll

+ powder or capsule form, daily ( << this isn’t my preference though )

+ LIQUID form is my preference. You can easily throw chlorophyll DROPS in your morning smoothie or take it with other vitamins. I prefer to take mine in liquid form like an instant green juice! I drink it when I can in a water bottle with a bunch of ice & water. ( Val who works with The Skinny Confidential LOVES IT in her water too- she swears by it! ).

In true TSC spirit: to liven it up you can also add in a sprinkle ( or half the bottle in my case ) of cayenne pepper. Chlorophyll has a slightly minty taste that’s refreshing AND cooling. Kind of like spa water. If you want to go crazy add a few drop to TSC Pink Detox Drink…or your vodka soda?


+ 8 ounces warm water

+ 1 tsp liquid chlorophyll

+ lemon juice, to taste

+ dash of cayenne pepper

+ directions: mix all ingredients in glass. Drinky-drink.

Or be efficient like me & add a few drops to your daily water bottle. EASY.

chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential

Let’s showcase the WHY YOU NEED THIS BENEFITS. Ahem! Chlorophyll is an energy/immunity booster, hormonal balancer, & FABULOUS detoxifier. IT’S FILLED WITH vitamins, minerals, & essential fatty acids too. One of my favorite benefits? It promotes digestive health so if you have any gut issues- DRINK UP!

This is the one I like because it’s non-GMO & it has a little dropper. Plus it fits in my makeup bag. VERY sorry to your Amazon carts- I just always have to share my latest wellness finds with you. This one is a GOOD one because it’s not too expensive & something that lasts forever ( the bottle is a perfect size ). Also the benefits are just insane.


I am really into the show, Billions right now- thanks to you guys it’s time for me to get off & watch a new ep. Plus my mint tea is getting cold.

Happy Tuesday! x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast episode !! We discuss the BTS of parenthood with Weslie & Brono of DoubleYouDot. Read about their experience- Weslie really breaks it down ; ).

++ { photos }



unicorn food dye | by the skinny confidential


Updated: May 1, 2017

unicorn food dye | by the skinny confidential

From lattes to grilled cheese everything is getting a unicorn makeover this season. Probably because it’s Instagrammable AF & the treats can be loaded with health benefits? I’ve been playing around with unicorn inspired food & created some exclusive recipes for TSC BBG members. You can see a sneak peek on Instagram. Check out how to add some magic to your foods with these simple additions!



use: pomegranate powder

+ improves memory

+ contributes to skin & hair health

helps fight bacterial & fungal infections


use: beet juice or beet powder

boosts your immune system

+ contains potassium & manganese

+ aids in digestion & promotes healthy blood pressure


use: goji berry powder

anti-inflammatory & high levels of antioxidants

+ improves immune function

+ detoxifies your liver


use: turmeric

increases brain function

+ anti-inflammatory & reduces risk of heart disease

+ increases antioxidant capacity in the body


use: matcha powder

boosts your metabolism

+ enhances memory & concentration

+ increases energy levels & endurance


use: chlorophyll

supports your immune system

+ works as an internal deodorant

+ reduces cravings


use: e3 live

highest concentration of protein

+ balances your immune system & fights inflammation

+ boosts energy & improves recovery time


use: acai berry powder

aids in digestion & weight loss

+ improves cellular health

+ anti-aging effects


use: pearl powder

+ regenerates collagen

+ heals acne & blemishes

+ prevents skin aging & deterioration

( more on pearl ) 

Now comes the fun part. Let your imagination run wild and create a delicious & magical masterpiece. You can make unicorn inspired toast, chia pudding & banana nice cream. Maybe I’ll try to make a unicorn protein pancake this weekend? Playing with your food is fun. SO excited to see all of your creations!

+ want some unicorn inspired looks for music festival season? Try a holographic fanny pack.


HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 5


Updated: June 13, 2017

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 5HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 88

Vitamins & I have this complicated relationship.

We’ve had some ups & downs, ya know?

I went through a phase where I didn’t take any & then I experimented & then finally, I found some I actually really like…Enter HUM.

Firstly, do you blame me for liking these vitamins? They’re very aesthetically pleasing. Not the kind of vitamins that you want to hide under the sink because they’re crusty looking. You know the type. These ones happen to be pretty guys! So pretty, in fact, I wanted to display them in my bathroom.

Yes- HUM is cute. It’s youthful. It’s FRESH.

Ok enough about the chic packaging: what about the actual vitamins?

Well before we get into it, here’s the thing: vitamins are personal. I, being the human guinea pig that I am, tried these all-natural supplements for a few months & I loved them. So on that note, I’m simply sharing what’s worked for me. Everyone is different. You do you.

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 765

To give you some background you should know that HUM Nutrition’s line of supplements is sustainably sourced & contains NO soy, gluten, GMO’s, artificial colors, or preservatives. Many are organic AND they even have vegan options that are encapsulated in algae instead of gelatin. Kind of on brand for all us TSC readers.

Yes all that’s fab but here’s what really got me: their mission is to holistically approach outer-beauty concerns from within. AND they’re all about PREVENTION. Prevention is key is in my opinion when it comes to beauty. But you know this already.

Here are some of the standout stars ( in my opinion ):

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 00

Runway Ready:

I’m all about that glowing skin & fuller hair. These mini packets are easy to throw in a smoothie ( green please! ) & really step up the hair & nail growth. Plus I’ve been feeling extra dewy lately on my face & neck. If you’re in a hurry you can throw this into water with ice ( which I’ve been known to do…because I’m perpetually late ).

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 99

Moody Bird:

No surprise here: when Aunt Flow is in town I can be a real bitch. I took these especially around my period to balance hormones, help relieve PMS symptoms, & rid hormonal breakouts. I mean this is kind of a no brainer in my opinion. This bottle is light purple & just looks so cheeky on my night stand…NO SHAME. AND HOW CUTE IS THE NAME?

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 1

Wing Man:

LOVE A GOOD COCKTAIL which is why this one’s a standout star for me…Wing Man contains a blend of liver supportive herbs to flush out stressors (such as alcohol, sugar, etc) that would otherwise come through the skin. ANYTHING WITH HERBS too gets me going. This supplement helps protect organs & cleanse the system resulting in reduced dark under-eye circles & puffiness. Yes, you read that right. Bye-bye hangover. AND I DON’T HAVE TO GIVE UP MY VODKA SODA WITH 23420384 LEMONS.

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential

Here Comes The Sun:

Lastly, this one is most important because after getting my blood tested at Spark Health I found out I am low on Vitamin D. WAIT, before you say it’s because I never go in the sun– it’s NOT. It’s actually that I need to absorb more of the vitamin. Did you know Vitamin D can boost elasticity & collagen production in the skin while also reducing the appearance of lines & dark spots? UMMMM sign me up! This one I’ve been popping daily. Seriously it’s in my purse. AND with this supplement, you can enjoy all of the beauty benefits of the sun…without having to get the damage. ONE TIP HERE: for Vitamin D to take its full effect make sure you take it with healthy fat. I like to take mine after I eat an avocado or a scoop of raw coconut oil.

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 55

SO! Since vitamins are personal, make sure you take a quick 3-minute evaluation before choosing what’s right for you. Also, you even get your own personal registered dietitian who will review your data & send you a personal profile and nutrient recommendation.


Do your research as always. & if you’re wondering, I found my stash through Sephora.

Would love to know what you guys think here: anyone tried HUM? Are you a vitamin girl? Tell, tell.

With that I’m off to put on my noise canceling headphones & take my Moody Bird…because you guessed it: I’m on my period. Lucky Michael. HA!

Hope you all had a productive Thursday!

X, lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with HUM Nutrition. As always ALL opinions are my own.

photos }

HUM VITAMINS | by the skinny confidential 888