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amazon ride or dies | by the skinny confidential


Updated: February 25, 2017

amazon ride or dies | by the skinny confidential

Since Michael & I have never been to Boston before it’s been fun to explore a new city. We’re catching up with our friend Alex aka The Mooseknuckle ( ep. 23 ) & letting loose. That being said, I could really use my ice roller right now. It is SUCH a staple in my life  that I wanted to share all of my ride or die items with you guys. You know, the items I reach for on a daily basis. Let’s get right into it.

amazon ride or dies | by the skinny confidential



PLEASE avoid using bottles that contain BPA. These Ello cups are BPA free, made out of glass and you can take them everywhere. You can use these to take your detox drinkgreen smoothie & spicy water to work or around town. These cups are a daily essential.


In addition to the cold I’ve been fighting we’ve been drinking a ton in Boston. This means my face is extra swollen & puffy. These eye pads are a life saver ( I even made room in Alex’s fridge for them ). The cucumber helps to reduce inflammation and has amazing cooling effects. Much needed.


Ever since my jaw surgery I’ve become obsessed with finding ways to reduce swelling. The  steel ice roller is it. Use it every morning when you wake up to reduce swelling & redness. Plus it helps shrink your pores & is way more convenient than an ice facial. It’s a MUST when you’re hungover.


This acupressure mat changes the game. I fondly call it the bed of nails. It’s covered in little spikes that cause your body to release endorphins. This helps to relieve stress & relax your mind. I even use this on Pixy & Boone & they love it. It’s stimulating, energizing & just feels SO good.


I’m tea OBSESSED. I drink it in the morning, evening, before lunch, after lunch, anytime really. Give me a cup of tea and I’ll be happy. This tea is fruity, sweet & refreshing. Put this in your ello cup with some ice & adaptogens and you’ll be ready to take on the day.


Heard of face shaving? If not, you have to try it! ALL the celebrities do it & for a good reason. The tinkle removes all your peach fuzz, exfoliates & smooths your skin. This creates the perfect base to apply your makeup. I’ve been doing it for years & I’m obsessed.


Worried about hyperpigmentation aka your mustache? Use this serum daily & you will see results. I did this 6 months before my wedding & my mustache was GONE! Everyone, EVERYONE needs a great serum. They’re underrated just like oils. The right serum will keep your face vibrant by brightening dull skin & evening out your skin tone.


If you follow along on Snapchat you know I’m obsessed with my new oil diffuser. It changes colors which is incredibly soothing & reminds me of a crystal ball. Essential oils are amazing. You immediately notice a difference in your mood depending on what oils you use.  My favorite combination right now is grapefruit and lemon. My friend Erica also gave me this cute car diffuser the other day. Now I can take my oils with me everywhere! This is especially helpful when we drive to LA because I can get really stressed & anxious with all of the traffic. Put on some bossanova & lavender oil and say bye to road rage.


The secret to how woman wear those tiny, thin tops with NO bra? Nippies!  When I’m not wearing workout clothes, I am most likely wearing Nippies. They are comfortable, reusable, and completely invisible under those tiny tops we all want to wear this Spring.


Another beauty must have? A jade roller. They are incredibly anti-aging, extremely medicinal according to Chinese medicine & INSANE for lymphatic drainage. People get bags under their eyes due to fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage FIXES that. All you do is roll it on your face in a downward motion. I do it at night after applying moisturizer.

These items are all essential to making me look, feel & be my best on a daily basis. What are some of your ride or die items? Comment below and tell me! You guys always have the best recommendations. Now I’m off to take full advantage of the cold Boston weather by rocking some cashmere joggers & a sweatshirt. Hope you all have a fun weekend ahead.


The Skinny Confidential x Pearl Powder 5


Updated: February 1, 2017

The Skinny Confidential x Pearl Powder 5 The Skinny Confidential x Pearl Powder 1

My wedding photos are done & edited.

So while we’re waiting for the video ( finally ) I figured we’d discuss something sparkly: PEARL.


So this is random but did you know that pearls aren’t something you just wear around your neck?

Yes, yes, they’re actually EXTREMELY beneficial to health.

AND they’re going to be the hot new thing for 2017. I’m calling it how I see it.

Again, go with me here because I’ve been using pearl for the last 4 months & I can say I’m honestly…inflated.

It’s incredible.

Here’s the thing: a lot of wellness trends we discuss on The Skinny Confidential aren’t too popular in the States ( Pu’erh tea for weight loss, lymphatic drainage massage, acupuncture, & jade rolling to name a few! ). HOWEVER I think it’s important to bring awareness to easy, quick, inexpensive tips anyone & everyone can do.


The Skinny Confidential x Pearl Powder 3

OK SO LET’S BACK UP: what exactly does Pearl do?

Whelp it stimulates collagen production, contains powerful anti-aging properties, & UMMMM has 300 mg of calcium ( screw milk, YAWN ).

Some background too?

“Pearl powder is not a new beauty aid, having been highly prized by royalty in Egypt and China even during ancient times. Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt and Wu Zetian, the only woman in Chinese history to ever attain the title of Empress, were famed for their use of pearl powder to maintain and achieve their youthful, beautiful skin. Modern science has also confirmed what the ancient medics have proven to be true- that pearl powder promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, increases collagen levels that help to firm and smooth the skin and improve the skin’s radiance.”

Well shit, count ME in.

Not sold? Ok a little more in-depth research for ya:

Benefits of Pearl Powder:

Increased elasticity and firmness for ageless radiant skin
Stimulates your body to produce new youthful skin cells
Regenerates collagen
Heals acne & blemishes
Prevents skin aging & deterioration
Prevents fine lines, wrinkles by firming and plumping skin.
Reduces discoloration from sun damage, scars, freckles dark patches, & other discoloration
Naturally reduces pores
Tightens sagging skin through improved elasticity

What else?

After calcium signal proteins are the main component of pearl powder. These active enzymes and hormones promote healing in your skin, they can dramatically slow and even reverse visual signals of aging.

These signal proteins in pearl powder send the message to your skin triggering cellular growth. They stimulate your body to generate new skin and bone unlocking your bodies natural healing potential, repairing skin tissue and increase bone density.

This is why pearl powder was used by the rulers of china for thousands of years to maintain firm, plump, youthful skin.

BUT WAIT: Conchiolin !!!

This is the real secret ingredient in pearl powder. Conchiolin when absorbed by the body converts into human collagen combining with skin lipids to naturally moisturize your skin as well as prevent moisture from escaping. It acts similarly to keratin promoting skin cell metabolism, repairing, hydrating and leaving your skin with an ageless natural glow.

{ via }

All very, very TSC right?

How to use it? Glad you asked. I like to add it to a smoothie or green drink. Of course if you’re not a smoothie person you can just sprinkle a little in your daily cup of tea. Very easy & tastes like nothing. Not a tea person? No worries. Just add it to your soup or egg salad. VERY EASY. And tasteless really.

Now here’s another cool thing about Pearl: it actually helps fight hyper-pigmentation.


True. Wanna know more? According to this source, “it aids in absorbing oil and skin impurities, filters out UV rays and helps to prevent hyper-pigmentation by slowing down the melanin production in the skin. Its antimicrobial properties are also known to remove blotches, acne, acne scarring, dry patches and rosacea as well as address sun damage.”

Some women: apply it directly to their face before bed, use it as a face mask ( just mix with yogurt ), add it to their foundation ( ??!! interesting right ), ORRRRR dab some in their sunscreen.

This is NO WHERE on the Internet ( that I’ve seen ) but I just mix Pearl in with my skin oils. So I’ll do like an unrefined rose hip OR pure jojoba oil at night & mix a sprinkle of Pearl into it too. I just mix it together, add a thin layer on my skin before bed, & I’m good to go. This takes like 5 seconds. It whitens the skin kind of & helps with the annoying sun mustache. I sleep with the oil/Pearl concoction & I love it: it’s all-natural, efficient, & QUICK. Nothing crazy. Buh-bye sun spots.

Again, not a brand snob here. You can kind of pick & choose as you may. This one is GREAT but so is this one.

The Skinny Confidential x Pearl Powder 4

According to Byrdie: “With a mystical name like Pearl Powder, we wanted to know what is in the  powder before we go investing and recommending. Moon Juice’s Pearl Powder is an adaptogen & cell builder. Owner of Moon Juice, Amanda says it’s ‘basically a white magic powder that releases essential trace minerals into the blood stream for longevity, joy, and a serious glow.’ We can expect to see results in our hair, skin, and nails, according to Bacon. She feels so strongly she even refers to it as the ‘golden ticket to getting your glow.’ But the beauty uses for her powder don’t begin and end with the dust milk: ‘You can wear it, too. I blend half a teaspoon of Pearl Powder into my almond milk or smoothie every morning and dust about 1/4 teaspoon directly onto my face with a blush brush at bed and leave in all night,’ said Bacon.”

As Vogue Magazine says: “‘Your face actually absorbs all of it and skin feels fantastic the next day…’It’s testimonials like this that make Pearls a wellness buzzword to watch. We’ve done this as humans for thousands of years- why would we continue if it didn’t work?”


P.S. this is not Pearl sponsored, just love this powder & highly recommend it. Pick a brand, any brand. Go to your local health food store. Try it out. For the record I know I try a lot of products- it’s part of my job. But I only share what works for me. And for the amount of products I try, I BLOG about 5 percent. I blog about the superstars, must haves, real secrets.

Main plus of Pearl? It lasts FOREVER. You simply need a few pinches.

It’s kind of like magic fairy dust…just give a sprinkle in your green drink like sassy Salt Bae & you’re good to go.

OK time for me to go to bed! We just got back from speaking at The Collective & I’m pooped- long day tomorrow too !!

Chat tomorrow, lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast episode with my favorite blogger/author, Mark Manson. He’s so inspiring!

{ photos }

The Skinny Confidential x Pearl Powder 2

bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 3

Acupressure Mats: Get on Board

Updated: January 23, 2017

bed-of-nails-acupressure-mat-by-the-skinny-confidential-6-gtbed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential

I have a new tip.

A tip that has transformed my neck pain. A tip that has given me energy. A tip that feels really good. Really good.

It’s simple, nothing expensive. Quick. To the point. Anyone can do it.

You might already know the tip if you follow along on Snapchat or Insta. Lately it’s been so efficient for me to immediately share products I like immediately with you guys via these Apps. I am a human guinea pig. I try things all the time for you guys. There are so many things I never share because they suck. If I choose to share anything know that I like it, I use it, I believe it. If I don’t, I don’t share it. Easy.

Anyway, the tip- let’s get to it: AN ACUPRESSURE MAT.

It’s kind of like a little bed of nails?

Michael introduced me to the product.

Michael has this problem. He orders too much off Amazon.

It’s absurd actually. He orders too many books, weird contraptions ( do we really need a crockpot & hot chocolate maker? ) & random vitamins ( without asking me…& we have to send half of them back because they’re GMO or bullshit ). So this is one time his Amazon problem came in handy: the bed of nails arrived.

I am one of those people who knows what I like & don’t like. And I can tell you the second I laid down on the acupressure mat, it was true love. Mind/body connection right away. My body loved it, my mind loved it. Sold.

Let me back up.

What exactly is an acupressure mat? Well, so glad you asked because I have research everything & anything you need to know.

An acupressure mat stimulates the body to release endorphin hormones which have a soothing effect on the mind & body. The mat improves muscles to recover from workouts, and improves sleep instantly. They’re portable & light.

They’re INSANE for neck/back pain treatment. Not only that, the mat can help reduce pain in shoulders and hips VERY quickly. Also the mat is known to help deal with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome.

Some benefits of acupressure: help the body repair itself and heal itself from stress, back pain, sciatica pain, fatigue, muscle soreness, & insomnia. According to many sources, “the power of acupressure has long been a best kept secret among those who believe in alternative medicine due to its immediate effect of reducing back pain. The mat is very lightweight and portable and can be taken with you anywhere.”

Oh, you should know when I say neck pain, the mat also comes with a little pillow for your neck. I am psycho & love it so much…I actually slept on it a few nights in a row. This is craziness. I don’t know if I recommend sleeping on it. Really 10 to 30 minutes is all you need. MANY sources say “a daily use of 20 minutes of acupressure mats will regulate blood circulation & oxygen level in your body.”

…But I will say, the nights I slept on it, I felt GREAT in the AM. Again, I’m intense & weird.

Since using the mat ( for about a month & half ) I’ve noticed: better sleep, less stress, less neck pain/muscle tension ( << from a car accident when I was 18 ).

I like to use it before I go to bed. I take a book & read on it while my neck hangs over the pillow & my back is flat on the mat. The whole thing is very therapeutic & relaxing.

Another tip from my friend, Erica: she has HORRIFIC back pain ( she’s a blogger & co-founder of our company, blog-doo so she’s on the computer A LOT. Erica if you’re reading this: TAKE A BREAK FROM THE COMPUTER MAN ). Anyway, she’s found that sitting on the mat while she’s at the computer has taken so much stress of her back! If you’re in an office, bring your mat to work. It’s so portable. Just add it to your chair & work. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 3

Let’s go deeper though, here are some VERY specific benefits for you:

Benefits of Using Acupressure Mats:

relieve stress from body
relaxes mind & body
increases blood circulation
oxygenates the body i.e. improve oxygen level in body
gives relief with headaches
heals back pain including lower back aches on daily using
reduces anxiety & related problems
reduces depression levels by stimulating endorphins to make you feel good
reduces neck pain
removes sleeping disorders & also helpful for insomnia
relieves muscle tension & shoulder tension
relieves heartburn & inflammation
heals leg/foot pain
reduces Sciatica pain
gives relief in sinus congestion & nasal problems
beneficial in diabetes
reduces constipation & indigestion problems
re-energizes your body & Improves efficiency
heals fatigue problems


Let’s talk about usage:

Good news: anyone & everyone can use them! So buy them for your friend who’s prone to horrific allergies, your dad who gets aggressive heartburn, or your BF who’s anxiety is off the charts.

You can use them anywhere. I like to use them in my room on the carpet by the bed. It’s recommended to use the mat in the morning when you wake up but I like to use them before bed BECAUSE I feel like they help with sleep ( some people say they wake them up ). I use mine everyday. Also, I’ve brought mine while traveling too.

Huge note: you should do deep breathing while laying on the mat too. Sometimes the MAT gives slight pain in beginning seconds but after that they start relieving any pain & stress. If you feel more pain with bare skin while using the acupressure mat, you can wear a thin tee-shirt.

…but I go topless. HA.

Lastly, drink a LOT of water after you’re on the mat.

I like hot peppermint tea post-mat too.

BUT Wait…

OK OK BUT I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING: “But Lauryn, does it hurt?”

Well. I eat garlic cloves & don’t think they taste bad but a lot of people do?

So…does it hurt to me? No, not at all. Reviews online mostly say it feels good. I’m not sensitive. I like THE MOST DEEP, DEEP TISSUE massage ever when I go to the spa SO maybe I’m not the person to ask?

Personally I think it feels amazing. Like orgasmic. Endorphins are going. I love it. Like I said, I sleep on the pillow. If anyone thinks it hurts, weigh in.

bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 4

To be clear, I’m not a brand snob here- it doesn’t really matter. Michael picked up this one but any of them work.

Oh & please excuse Pixy & Boone. They were being very, VERY bad during this shoot. In fact, Boone insisted on putting his black, wet nose in the camera lens like 100 times so I figured his display needed to be shared on TSC. Weirdly enough, they step on the mat a lot. Don’t think I’m crazy but I take the pillow & put it gently against their fur. They seem to LOVE it. They must love it because its stimulating blood flow…which makes endorphins go crazy.

Ok, I’m certifiable.

We are in Aspen & off to dinner at Cache Cache for some spaghetti & dry red wine. If you have any Aspen recommendations, please let us know!

Talk soon, lauryn

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bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 3



NO, You Can’t Have It All.

Updated: February 24, 2017

at-home-with-the-skinny-confidential-28b-by-the-skinny-confidential{ neon sign from our condo }

Fresh off a 45 minute spin class & mixing it up today just because.

Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? A random post?

Anyway, as you can imagine between planning a wedding in a month ( no really, I’m planning a bachelorette, bridal shower, & wedding in a month – YES I SWEAR ), working, housesitting, traveling, working out, life, etc – my body CRAVES a daily workout. I need an hour to myself to just sweat. So spin was needed.

A spicy post is just a cherry on the top of today.

Here’s the thing. You guys know when I find an article I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, I kind of have to share. In fact, I can’t keep it to myself. If something really resonates, makes me stop & think…I gotta share. There’s so many bullshit, fake-ass Facebook articles that it’s nice to read something with depth.

I think we’re all on the same page here: we like articles that make us think. Ones that force us to question ourselves. Make us question what society says is ‘the right way.’ Even make us uncomfortable? Well, I like to be uncomfortable sometimes. It feels………I dunno, good?

Anyway, this article did just that SO read it for yourself.

No, You Can’t Have It All:

I saw a story on Facebook the other day. Like most stories that get passed around Facebook, it’s probably only 38% true and written by a 16-year-old. But regardless, I found it cool, and at the very least, thought-provoking.
It was about a man named Mohammed El-Erian. Mohammed was the CEO of an uber $2 trillion bond fund called PIMCO and earned upwards of $100 million per year. In January, he unexpectedly resigned in order to spend more time with his 10-year-old daughter.
Now here’s the bad news: A decision like this is apparently a big deal in our society. Totally unexpected and against the cultural grain of “make billions or die trying” that we’re all used to. The article has been making the usual rounds on social media, getting shared and talked about quite a bit.
Apparently El-Erian’s decision came after a fight with said daughter. He was yelling at her to brush her teeth. She refused. He pulled the classic “I’m your father and you will do what I say” routine, to which she said, “Hold, please.” The girl retreated to her bedroom and proceeded to write down 22 important moments of her life that her father had missed because of work — birthday parties, school performances, hare krishna conventions, and so on. Presumably, this crayon-scrawled list gave El-Erian a bad case of what the internet has dubbed “the feelz” and the next day Mohammed was hanging up his hedge fund hat for good — Mohammed “Wow, That’s A Lot of Fucking Zeroes” El-Erian was now a full-time dad.
If you’ve ever taken an economics class, one of the first things you learn is a concept called “opportunity cost,” an idea often illustrated with the quote, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
Opportunity cost means that essentially everything you do, no matter what it is, costs something, even if indirectly. The classic example is when someone takes you out for a free, hour-long lunch. Despite gaining the value of the lunch during that hour, you are still giving up all of the other productive activities you could have potentially been doing.
Man sleeping on computer.
So you give up doing an extra hour of work. An extra hour of sleep. An extra hour of sales calls that could net you a new client. Or, as in the case with El-Erian, an extra hour with your 10-year-old daughter.
In our culture, we regularly celebrate people who become rich by doing exceptional things. But the nature of those “exceptional things” often requires extremely high opportunity costs. Bill Gates famously slept in his office five days a week and remained single well into his 30s. Steve Jobs was a deadbeat father to his first daughter. Brad Pitt can’t leave his house without being bukkaked by flashbulbs and cameras. The man has stated that he’s gone through periods of depression due to the social isolation caused by his extreme fame.
The point is that doing anything truly great requires some sort of inherent sacrifice that may or may not be immediately obvious. You know, like missing a series of your daughter’s birthdays.
(If you’ve read a lot of my stuff, you’ve seen this idea in other forms before, particularly here and here.)
But here’s the problem. Modern society multiplies our opportunities. Therefore, modern society also multiplies our opportunity costs, making it costlier and more difficult to commit all of our time and energy to any one thing without feeling some form of remorse or regret.
Enter the concept of “FOMO” or “Fear of Missing Out.” We live a life that is constantly pelted with reminders of everything we are unable to become.
Back, say, 200 years ago, people didn’t have this problem. If you were born a farmer, you likely didn’t have many opportunities beyond farming. Moreover, you likely weren’t even aware of opportunities beyond farming. Therefore, devoting everything in your life to becoming an expert farmer involved next to no opportunity costs and next to no FOMO. After all, there was nothing else to miss out on.
In a bizarre and backwards way, people back in the day could “have it all.” They had it all simply for the fact that there was nothing else for them to have.
Last month I wrote an article about life purpose. Something like 800 bazillion people shared it on Facebook and told me I was a cool kid. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love even thought it was neat. But this whole business of “life purpose” didn’t even exist until a few decades ago. As a question, it didn’t make sense.
In a way, your so-called life purpose crisis is a luxury, something you’re allowed to have as a result of the amazing freedoms the modern world has bestowed upon you.
I get emails all the time from people who complain about work/life balance. There are articles all over the mainstream media debating whether it’s possible to “have it all” — i.e., is it possible to be an all star in your career and have a healthy family life and have cool and fun hobbies and be financially stable and have that sexy bikini body and cook organic soufflé in your underwear while buying beachfront property on your new iPhone 6, all at the same time?
What’s changed is not our inability to manage our time or “balance our lives” between work and play. What’s changed is that we have more opportunities for work and play than ever before — more interests, more awareness of every potential experience we’re passing up. In short, we have more opportunity cost.
And we’re made aware of this in a terribly connected way each day. Every person who decides to sacrifice their dating life to advance their career is now bombarded constantly by the rambunctious sex lives of their friends and strangers. Every person who sacrifices their career prospects to dedicate more time and energy to their family is now bombarded with the material successes of the most exceptional people around them at all times. Every person who decides to take a thankless but necessary role in society is now constantly drowned in inane stories of the famous and beautiful.
So how do we respond to this new, overly-connected culture? How do we manage our FOMO?
The conventional answer, the answer you’ll find in most bookstores and at most seminars is some variation of “do more with less,” “practice time management,” or as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “sleep faster.”
El-Erian stated in his dad-of-the-year Facebook article that he spent years justifying missing his daughter’s birthdays to himself — he was busy, work was too demanding, his travel schedule was insane.
This is the typical work/life balance, woe-is-me complaint we always hear: “I have all of these things I want to do and not enough time.”
But what if the answer isn’t to do more?
What if the answer is to want less?
What if the solution is simply accepting our bounded potential, our unfortunate tendency as humans to inhabit only one place in space and time. What if we recognize our life’s inevitable limitations and then prioritize what we care about based on those limitations?
What if it’s as simple as stating, “This is what I choose to value more than everything else,” and then living with it?
When we attempt to do everything, to fill up life’s checklist, to “have it all,” we’re essentially attempting to live a valueless life, a life where everything is equally gained and nothing lost. When everything is necessary and desired equally, then nothing is necessary or desired at all.
This past week, I received an email from a man who was distressed about his life situation. He had a job he hated and had become disconnected from the friends and activities he once cared about. He said he was depressed. He said he felt like he had lost himself. He said he hated his life.
But, he added at the end, he had become accustomed to the lifestyle his job afforded him. So quitting his job was out of the question. He then asked what he should do.
In my experience, the people who struggle with the so-called “life purpose” question, always complain that they don’t know what to do. But the real problem is not that they don’t know what to do. It’s that they don’t know what to give up.
El-Erian’s priority was $100 million per year. His priority was CEO. His priority was private helicopters and stretch limos and bankers jerking off all over his balance sheet wherever he went. And to earn those things, he chose to give up being present in his daughter’s life.
Until one day, he chose the opposite.


For me this article rings very, VERY true. There’s been many things I’ve sacrificed that people maybe don’t see. It’s not a poor-me thing, I have made the conscious choice to do one thing & not the other, you know? There’s just been a lot of events/birthdays/Friday nights/parties/weekend plans/networking opportunities that I have passed up to work on my business.

Obviously I love working on my business. It’s very important to me. A top priority, clearly. But sometimes that priority causes me to miss out.

Ultimately, I recognize that life is about where you put your energy…& “having it all” is kind of fucking subjective? I mean what does that even mean? Having it all? What’s the “all?” Who has it all? Does Angelina Jolie have it all? Did we think she did? Hmmm. Having it all is a YAWN & I call bullshit. What a hamster wheel. I picture an octopus with all its hands out grasping at everything ( what a tired octopus, HA! ).

SO I certainly don’t have it all. But I am happy. I strive for balance but frequently screw that up…in today’s world, the word balance is over-used. I feel like a few years ago I was guilty of over-using the word too ( a great word, just used too lightly maybe? ). I had to stop myself & think the of meaning…because balance is AMAZING…in balance.

Love your job? Obsessed? Can’t stop working? Your time with your significant other will most likely struggle.

Photography is your RIDE OR DIE passion? That 9 to 5 may slack.

Fixated, IN LOVE, so focused on your relationship(s)? Don’t be surprised if you don’t see your family and friends as much.

Bottom line: the grass will grow where YOU water it. You’re in charge. & it’s OK if you can’t water all the grass at once. In fact, it’s normal. And on that note, you can’t tell someone else where to water THEIR grass.

Food for thought?

Where are you watering your grass? Which spots are the greenest?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about where I water my grass & where those brown spots reside.

……..Like I said, I love an article that causes reflection.

Ok, would love to know your thoughts, opinions, good/bad/ugly – as always.

Signing off, lauryn x


+ if you’re interested in going deeper into subjects like these and more business, I AM HOSTING A FREE WEBINAR TOMORROW!! At 5 PM PST. Sign up in 3 seconds here. Come hang out, bring a friend, & maybe some champagne. See you tomorrow at 5 PM!

+ Listen to Mark on the Him & Her podcast & read his book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.




Finding The Ideal Deodorant: PART 2

Updated: October 5, 2016


Weirdly enough, I’ve gotten a lot of Snap messages asking about my lifetime deodorant search.

Perhaps it’s because Michael loves to make fun of me on Snapchat about how I hate wearing deodorant. I tell him “I forgot it.” But really, I didn’t forget anything, I just don’t like it.

Sorry but it’s just not my thing.

You guys know this ( remember this post? ).

However, I’ve decided that I’m making it my mission to find the PERFECT, ORGANIC, ALL-NATURAL deodorant based on recommendations and trial & error.

To be very honest, I am still in process with my search. It’s not easy finding the perfect deodorant. In the meantime, I figured I’d share deodorants that YOU GUYS recommended to me.



Yes that’s right, basically you guys are in charge of this post.

Expect a third post too because I’ll do a final post to round this out on my personal deodorant search. I’ve been testing for months so stay tuned.

So naturally, I had to put together ALL your recommendations in an organized fashion. Basically I tallied up all your Snap messages, e-mails, Instagram recommendations, comments, etc. into a chart breakdown.

Here were the final stats, DRUMROLL PLZ:

deodorant poll | by the skinny confidential

As you can see, we literally created an excel sheet & slowly put this together…with your guys’ opinions! So thank you, as always, for sharing your experience. That’s what The Skinny Confidential is all about: a community of women ( or men? ) coming together to share tips & tricks. None of that “I don’t remember where I got this shirt” thing. LOL. We all know that one person who doesn’t want to share the love!

Ok, so let’s get specific. Some deodorant reader favorites were: Piper WaiPrimal PitSchmidt’s, Meow Meow Tweet ( UM I need to try the grapefruit immediately ), & LAVANILA.

Pretty sure all of these are all-natural which is exactly what we’re all looking for, right? Remember I have some weird complex with putting deodorant by my boobs, LOL.


The thing is, I am still trying all of these deodorants. I can’t give my opinion yet because I’m still in the process. So many of you have asked about my deo journey that I figured I’d give you an update AND share reader recommendations.

Right now, I’m using Primal Pit & actually really like it. Let’s just say I don’t smell like shit? The lavender one specifically. I DO look forward to trying grapefruit Meow Meow Tweet too. Will keep you updated, give me a few more months of testing.

For the record, Tom’s deodorant doesn’t do it for me. At all. I sweat too much with it.

So that’s where I’m at.

Another specific breakdown for you, if you’re not a pie chart person…

The Skinny Confidential reader favorites:

deodorant poll | by the skinny confidential

MEANWHILE, I’ll be testing all of these to figure out which one is best. If you have insider deodorant info, please share it below. I will say one thing: I’m convinced aluminum-filled deodorant is NOT the way to go.

Here’s why…according to this source: “Aluminum compounds within deodorants act as a plug within the sweat ducts and temporarily stop the flow of sweat. However, these compounds can be absorbed by your skin. Just as the parabens, these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promote growth of breast cancer cells.


MANY, many sources say to avoid these, “most common deodorants on the shelves like Axe, Secret, Old Spice, Dove, Right Guard typically contain aluminium.” There’s 6 more harmful ingredients besides aluminium too, more on those nasty 6 here.

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Ok that’s it. We’ve been binge watching Bachelor In Paradise. AND HOLY SHIT. Have you seen it? I cannot believe my eyes. This show is giving me so many blog post ideas. I can’t even believe it. First up: “Tips For NOT Acting Like a Douchebag” ( specifically for particular guys on the show, of course ).

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

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