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propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

5 MAJOR Healthy Takeaways From Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival

May 15, 2018

Hi, hi, hi.

11:33 PM on Tuesday night- winding down from Mother’s Day weekend. This year Michael & I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day together. In honor of The Nanz & my mom we went to the Hotel Bel Air to watch the swans & drink champagne. Usually we are in San Diego spending Mother’s Day with my stepmom, Michael’s mom, & my god mom, however this year we had work commitments that had us stuck in LA. So instead of staying home we thought it would be fun to honor my mom & The Nanz while watching the swans. Back story for you: before my grandma passed away we had a whole day planned out. She was going to drive up to LA with us ( we discussed an In & Out stop too ) & once we got to LA we were going to show her our condo and head to Hotel Bel Air. This hotel was one of my grandma’s favorites- she actually used to play tennis & do a late afternoon Vodka Collins there. BOUGIE! HA.

But seriously, imagine her in her flirty tennis skirt being all feisty after a doubles match! MY GOD, I CANNOT!

Anyway, The Nanz told me all about these swans. You eat brunch & watch the swans, floating all peacefully. So today we did that. Of course, missing her every second.

Back to work Monday & today!

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

Switching gears, wanted to give you guys a recap of the Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival I attended recently in West Hollywood at Quixote Studios. The event was NEXT LEVEL & there were so many takeaways.

Like what you ask? Well, here ya go:

♡ The importance of unplugging- WE ALL NEED THIS:

So, at the event we had the opportunity to sit down & hear from celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak. His words of wisdom were FANTASTIC. Seriously so many takeaways. One that really resonated for me ( & I hope it will resonate with you! ) was the importance of taking a mini digital detox…EVERY DAY. That’s right, daily. Harley recommended taking one hour away from electronics. To be completely honest, I do this every night…to read. I usually end the night with 20 to 30 minutes of reading. BUT sometimes it’s on my phone. Guilty. UGH. So I feel like I need to dust off the library collection & get involved with a real book instead of a digital one. One hour a day= phone away, no comp, say goodbye to TV, & CHILL. Put on some music & get creative: read, write, draw, whatever. Just no electronics. WAY harder than you think. When you detox, you get that meditative break- this helps lower cortisol & is sort of like a brain workout. SO NEEDED.

Takeaway: for at least one hour, unplug from any active technology- unplug from the constant alerts, vibrations, emails, Instagram DMs, texts, and phone calls.” – Harley Pasternak.

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidentialpropel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

♡ Getting a sweat test is a ‘THING’:

I know- I didn’t know this either. I was like “SWEAT TEST?! What’s that? I mean I did it see on The Kardashians– you know that episode when Kourtney & her friend sweat their asses off in a sauna to see who’s the healthiest?”

So yes it’s a thing. The sweat test “measures the concentration of chloride that is excreted in sweat.” You basically get on a bike & sweat for one hour straight. It was rad to see a bunch of people sweating their asses off on bikes. Everyone was committed to getting their sweat tested. Sure it sounds weird, but it’s not- through your sweat you can find: “an array of other proteins, molecules and ions that could offer more clues to a person’s physical well-being.”

Cool beans. I love anything that provides solutions to problems. Has anyone else tried a sweat test?

Takeaway: try a sweat test if you’re looking to know more about your body. If anything you get an hour workout in- efficient!

♡ We all need to WALK more:

Another GREAT Harley Pasternak tip from the Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival was about STEPS. NOW, YOU KNOW I LOVE TALKING STEPS.

I’m a huge fan of counting my steps because I feel like it’s something that holds me accountable. It’s kind of a fun game to play with your boyfriend or husband too you know? Something different. Am I wrong? I don’t think so. Try it & let me know what you think…just make sure you win. Keep it competitive-sexy, k?

You know what else? I feel like it’s the trick to staying fit. Walking.

Think about it- if you’re constantly moving, it’s a good thing. I mean look at New Yorker’s or the French. They walk! Everyone is walking everywhere! I want to be more of a walker!

Anyway, back to Harley. He says: “There are 168 hours in a week and if you’re in the gym for three of those, you’re still not in the gym for 165 of those, he says.

Harley said to start at 10,000 but actually really shoot for 12,000.

What can you expect if you up your steps? Just weight loss, improved sleep, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease + more.

More steps= WINNING.

Tomorrow you can find me on Melrose walking to get my coffee, walking while I’m on a conference call, & walking home from the office. Wearing a hat, of course.

Takeaway: use the App, Pacer to count your steps. Start with 10k but get to 12k. You in?

Let’s do it- should be fun!

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

♡ Julianne Hough has a POSITIVE ENERGY that’s contagious & so very compelling:

WOW! Having the opportunity to take a dance/fitness-y class from Julianne Hough ( she’s been on The Skinny Confidential here ) & Simone of Body by Simone was badass. I could talk your ear off about it but I feel like we need to discuss Julianne’s ZEST.

YES. She has a zest- always smiling, laughing, singing. Her body language is open & it’s damn refreshing. You can feel her energy- it’s very positive & I LIKE IT.


Things like that. I have actually heard this about her from many people, but to experience her energy in person was cool. The common theme was: she was approachable & made all of the girls taking her class feel good. And I liked it. A lot.

Because what a cool girl! Inspiring! Approachable! Cool! Very much about it.

So there we were trying to dance like Julianne ( who happens to be this majorly professional dancer ) & there’s this massive room where we are bumping into each other…but NO ONE CARED! EVERYONE WAS HAVING A BALL. That’s good energy.

Because, let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than people who just want to have a good time. The ‘go with the flow’ kind, people who don’t take themselves so seriously. IT’S ALL FUNNY!

Takeaway: positive vibes always win. Energy is contagious- where focus goes energy flows. Keep it fun.


I was honored when Propel asked me to speak on stage with influencers, Love Sweat Fitnessrrayyme. The panel was led by Facebook boss, Will Post. We discussed everything from how to create quality content ( natural light, good camera, patience ) to current digital trends ( video & audio ) to OUR WHY ( my WHY is to showcase a movement for women who want to create their own futures ). HOWEVER, the most important word that came up during our panel was: community.


IT REALLY IS THOUGH! Nowadays having a tribe is the best. Because really none of us influencers would have a platform without community. To me, my community is number one. I want to be available, present, & accessible. Also, to be able to create a space like TSC FB Group for the community to connect has been cool. I absolutely love seeing you guys meet-up, give each other advice, & share your tips and tricks.

Takeaway: community- it’s THE BEST. There’s nothing better.

propel fitness water mothers day | by the skinny confidential

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO HAVE AN EXPERIENCE LIKE THIS, check out Propel’s site because they’re coming to Miami, New York & Chicago this summer. Highly recommend.

So, I’m currently in bed about to do my hour digital detox ( Bossanova in background, paperback ready to read ). Tomorrow I’m very much planning on getting my 12k steps in so I need to prepare, LOL. No really, I need to calendar it. Getting specific with it, you know.

Hope you all a special Mother’s Day- happy Mother’s Day to all TSC mamas.

Until tomorrow, X lauryn

+ more fitness-y posts here.

++ this post is in collaboration with Propel. As always all opinions are my own.

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May 9, 2018

taxes business expenses tax deductions by the skinny confidential

Now you know very well that I get SPECIFIC about my daily habits. Huge believer over here that small habits form success. Kind of like chipping away, day after day to garner big results.

I consume a lot of content ( books & podcasts mostly ) as a human guinea pig. I am constantly curious & always eager to learn. The content I prefer to consume is typically by people who are WILDLY successful- I do this to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. AND SURE! They’re not my actual real life friends but that’s neither here nor there ( & for the record, my real-life friends are smart TOO! ).

But anyway, with all the successful people I’ve read about, there is a very common, very obvious theme: they all practice daily, healthy habits. Success leaves clues & I’m taking my clues seriously to report back to you guys. So no surprise here, I whipped out my magnifying glass & put together a list for you.

A list of 9 badass habits.

These are habits that I have adapted- ones that I heard from a podcast, or read about, or even made up myself, but I can tell you this: they’re ones that work.

Here’s the thing though: NONE of these habits work…unless you do. You are the one that has to implement the healthy habits everyday, day after day. There’s really no one else who can do it for you. Trust me, we all know I would delegate that shit if it were possible. It’s not- you have to do the work.

These are habits that if you do daily, rinse & repeat, will set you up for success.

Ya ready? Let’s do this.

{ La Fleur bouquets– they last a year! }

WHAT IS A HABIT? According to Google a habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

I like this definition. I like routine. & I like my habits. With that:



ALWAYS. Lately this has been a must. Many successful people have said: “if you don’t have 10 minutes to yourself, you don’t have a life.” I’d agree. Make 10 minutes for yourself every AM to zone out. You’ll see my routine below to get into the meditation zone but know this: I like Headspace. So far I have meditated for 540 minutes total. This is a big deal for someone who cannot sit still. ALSO- I feel calmer and I like it. More peaceful, if you will?

Meditation gives me clarity– I have even made business plans while meditating. Sometimes I work out something that’s bothering me. Whatever it is, meditation has helped.


This is something I have practiced for the last 3 weeks. Michael laughs at me every morning because I sort of copied Aubrey Marcus here ( listen to his episode on the latest The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show- it’s juicy ). Like sure, I copied Aubrey…but I think everyone should copy him. WHY? Because he wakes up & does three things: LIGHT, HYDRATION, MOVEMENT. Here’s my little routine: wake-up, open shutters ( LIGHT? CHECK! ), clean tongue/brush teeth, make water bottle with a little pink Himalayan salt & lemon- drink half the liter ( HYDRATION? 1/2 CHECK ), get back in bed, wrap myself in leopard Kardashian blanket, meditate with lots of deep breaths, sip more water ( HYDRATION PART 2? OTHER 1/2 CHECK ), change into workout clothes, walk the dogs to the local coffee shop ( MOVEMENT? CHECK! ), order always: ALMOND MILK UNSWEETENED ICED LATTE WITH EXTRA CINNAMON, & walk home ( MORE MOVEMENT )- end scene! The point is the day always starts with LIGHT, HYDRATION, MOVEMENT…& 10 MINUTES OF MEDITATION!


Always for me. Making the bed has set the tone of the day for me since I was literally 4 years old. I have to make the bed- it’s non-negotiable. Anyone else? I need my bedroom clean to start the day. I open the windows, the balcony, turn on some Bossanova jazz, diffuse some oils, & take 10 minutes to make the bed. Easy.


While the music is playing softly in the background, you can bet I am listening to a podcast. Here’s something weird about me: I HAVE to listen to something motivating, inspiring, or knowledgeable in the morning. Nothing funny, or gossip-y, or fiction. It needs to be VALUABLE. I like learning about successful people while making the bed. It kills two birds with one stone & I get inspired & revved up to start the day.

Sometimes I listen to Audible & do audio books. I like this route too because again, it starts the day with valuable nuggets. Lots of takeaways, you know?


If I can, I get a workout in before I shower. I would say 4 days a week I workout in the morning. The other 2 are at night. So usually I workout downstairs or at the beach or at my Pilates studio & then I GET COLD. This could mean two things: I do a hot/cold shower OR cryotherapy. ONE OF THEM IS ALWAYS HAPPENING THOUGH. The cold has so many benefits- it’s great for the lymphatic system, revs the metabolism, is mentally challenging ( it’s important to workout your brain too ), & fights inflammation. I am bouncing off the fucking walls after I do cryotherapy or a hot/cold shower. TRY IT. This is something I do every day.

note: if I am showering, dry brushing is also involved to wake up my lymph system.


The earlier the better here. I shoot for this at least before 10 am. I do this thing- have you heard of it? It’s called MORNING PAGES. You can read more about it here. It’s 3 pages every day, of all your thoughts- with no judgement. I never check my e-mails until I have done this. I swear it’s bad juju.

With MORNING PAGES I always do my list of 7. I got this tip from a billionaire- I can’t remember who? He was on a podcast a while back. Anyway, he said to make a list of 7 priorities every day. And you can’t move forward with other small tasks until your 7 priorities are completed. A priority could be: write a blog post, post 10 IG Stories, &/or write an e-mail to __________ about _________. You do you here.

Another thing: I write blog content every day. Usually 7 days a week. Some type of long form content is always happening on my end. Whether it’s for the blog, e-mails, interviews, YouTube, IG micro-blogging, whatever- I just write. It’s definitely not always perfect but the point is, I am practicing my writing skills every day. A little goes a long way in the long run. Remember habits make success.


Remember the post I did on time-batching? This is a habit I practice daily. I batch my time.

This is a very easy time-management hack that will enable you to take full advantage of your CONCENTRATION by doing a lot of the same things together at the same time.

Make sense?

Like for instance: if I wanted to shoot photos for a blog post- instead of doing a few photos throughout the week, I do the exact opposite. I put them all in one block, on one day. Fridays are usually my day to shoot content. My team knows Thursday is prep night where we set everything up for the shoot. My photographer knows the shot list. I brainstorm ideas for whatever I’m shooting & we make sure the weather is going to be right…because you know we can’t do cloudy.

It could even be simple though. Like e-mails. I time-batch 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour at night. Even responding on social media, I batch.

A year ago I turned my notifications off on my phone.

This change, quite frankly, changed my life.

Now even my text messages are time-batched. I take 15 minutes every morning and night to go through them. Time-batching is one of my favorite daily habits that’s truly changed my day.


Everyyyyyday. You know this! Morning & night. Take 5 to 10 minutes in the morning & 10 minutes at night. Your skin will thank you in the long run. I have my morning skin care routine where I’m super anal about facial massage…& then my nightly routine ( coming soon to my channel ). My nightly routine is me covered in oils– LOL. I want to be MOISTURIZED, you know? Anyway, prevention is key. The real trick to having youthful skin is to take care of it little by little, every day. Small changes= big success.


Not to be a nag but I believe everyone should implement reading into their daily life. The best time for me to read is when my brain is shutting off. I find that I am quiet & still. It’s 12:13 AM. I write to you in bed. After I edit this post, I will curl up in my leopard blanket with my dogs & read for about 20 minutes before bed. Sometimes reading makes me fall asleep, sometimes I stay up later than I should, & sometimes I actually get ideas in my sleep…I swear! From reading! So I wake up & write down my thoughts on a pad of paper. Crazy? I know.

Oh! Right now I am reading Posh & Becks by Andrew Morton. Book on tape is: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill ( which is nothing to do with money- it’s more mindset ).

Reading is my favorite hobby ever. Anyone else?

Ta-da. Habits! Make them. Live by them! Rinse & repeat!

Do you like posts on habits & mindset? I’m feeling them lately. Like, a lot. Give me your feedback.

What is a daily habit you do that’s made all the difference? I swear I have learned so many good tips from you guys. Especially in the secret Facebook group.

Ok I’m off to read- maybe add a little CBD to my tea? I don’t know, I love a twist sometimes. Got to go.

See you tomorrow! x lauryn




hotel silk robe plush luxury comfort by the skinny confidential


May 1, 2018

hotel silk robe plush luxury comfort by the skinny confidential


Let me set the scene: it’s Monday night. Late night. 11:44 pm. Getting to the whole writing thing later because I spent the day shooting, returning e-mails, & podcasting. This post couldn’t wait another second.


Well I need to tell you something, of course. Something I have been thinking very hard about. LIKE WE GOTTA TALK, K?…BECAUSE WHO CARES ABOUT ANYTHING BESIDES THIS: do you have a hotel robe?

DON’T answer that yet.

Just wait for me to state my case, k?

You need one, I need another one, my dad needs one, everyone needs one. Hand them out like candy cane stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. Buy them as gifts. Sprinkle the love all over the world. Everyone needs a hotel robe.

No seriously, I’m that passionate about them. They’re SUCH a necessity.

I’m telling you- if you’ve read The Skinny Confidential for a while, this is one of those things we can go ahead & add to the MASTER LIST. Really, there’s just fucking something about a hotel robe.

Here’s the deal: I got sent one randomly from Venus Fleur. Which isn’t a robe company actually, it’s a gorgeous flower company. But that’s neither here nor there.

SURE- you can steal a hotel robe from a hotel but other people have worn it. & also, I don’t steal. So there’s that. OR you can buy your own! You should know: this robe can’t just be any old robe, it needs to be hotel-y. You know what I mean here right? Like PLUSH. DELICIOUS. FLUFFY. WHITE OR MAYBE A BABY BLUE WILL DO. SOMETHING THAT’S SO LUSCIOUS TO BE IN. VA-VA-VOOM.

If you need to understand specifically why you need one at home, here’s why:


♡ A fluffy, delicious robe that hangs waiting for you, every night when you come home.

♡ You don’t have to wash the robe often…at least I don’t.

♡ It’s easy to put on, easy to take off ( GREAT FOR A QUICKIE! ).

♡ Requires no underwear- I go nude under my robe.

♡ ROBE ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: reading, sleeping, lying around, eating in bed, watching TV, being lazy, working on your computer ( in bed ), watching more TV, maybe ringing a bell from bed to demand more hummus, &/or snuggling with your dog, cat, boyfriend.

♡ You can sleep in it. No really, I do it all the time.

♡ You feel like you’re in a five-star hotel ( SORT OF AN ELOISE SITUATION IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT! ). But you’re not- you’re home in your bed, all perfect & warm wrapped in a big, fluffy HOTEL ROBE.

Really though, it was one of those things like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE.

I wear mine almost every night. I wear it when I’m applying makeup. I wear it when I’m making the bed, cooking breakfast, whipping up my detox AM drink– FOR EVERYTHING! I EVEN like to sleep in it. Especially on a lazy-ass Sunday. So nice waking up next to a hot mint tea on a coffee warmer, NUDE ( !!! ) & reaching for your hotel robe. Nothing better actually.

It’s kind of like unbuttoning your jeans when no one’s looking at a stop light because you just ate too many Sour Patch Kids…but you’re at home, in bed.

Want to be a total pig slob eating hummus & chips in bed on Sunday? You need a hotel robe.

Want to come out of a hot SPA-LIKE eucalyptus shower & write a blog post in bed? You need a hotel robe.

Want to watch Vanderpump Rules while sipping on magnesium tea? You need a hotel robe.

Oh! Wait! You’re a guy? No worries! YOU NEED ONE TOO. Think about all the things that can hang loose under your hotel robe. Balls & all!

Michael even got one. He said it really allowed him to “let it all hang out.” I’m just saying. This is what he said. WHO ON EARTH DOESN’T WANT TO LET IT ALL HANG OUT.

It’s all really fab if you think about it.


x, lauryn

+ this one is just like the one I wear everyday. Yes I like to wear it everyday. Thank me later.



amazon light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential


April 19, 2018

amazon light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential

Yo! So yes, sure I did The Skinny Confidential Master List which I will continue to add to BUT I feel like we needed a streamlined version too. You know, one with like 5 items. So instead of pulling only from the Master List, I figured I’d add the 5 things I’ve been using most in the last 3 months.

Now I am very much an Amazon person. But who isn’t in this day & age? I mean every time I am on the site there’s something I need. Ok maybe not- need, but you get it.






YOU KNOW THE light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidentialSo let’s get to the top 5 right now- shall we? Well firstly, who doesn’t want a pill holder.

Wait, I guess it’s a vitamin holder– at least that’s what I use it for. In go my amino acids, probiotics, & the occasional D3 when I’m feeling extra healthy. Secondly, I feel a light mask is an essential. We’ve discussed this before. Especially one that’s $19 bucks.

Again, we aren’t asking for much here. Another item on my list is Gua Sha tools. I know, we haven’t had an in-depth convo about this ( YET ) but stay tuned because I’m going to do like a little tutorial video on the whole process. And then of course you need ( NO REALLY YOU NEED ) a wet brush. This isn’t one of those things that’s negotiable. Your hair will be tangle-free forever. Think of it as the brush your 5 year old self always dreamed of. Oh, wait: lastly A COMPUTER STAND. BECAUSEEEE….well so many reasons. We’ll get to them, k?

You’re gonna say, “I don’t need a laptop stand.” Yeah, well, I do because I really don’t want a Dowager’s hump. Anyway, if you don’t believe me just read this post on my computer stand obsession while simultaneously stalking this post on humps. I am very specific about things; but you know this. So yes, I like my computer stand if given the choice. Let’s break each item down so we can really drive the point across:

5 Affordable Items From Amazon


This is simple & straight to the point- PILL ORGANIZER. I have a few different ones of these ( this one is another favorite ). This is something I love for ( like I said ) my amino acids, hair vitamins, probiotics, D3 ( not a sun fan, so I make sure to keep the D3 balanced here ).

This keeps everything all tidy & organized. Also, this isn’t one of those ones that pops open in your purse & makes your vitamins go everywhere. You know what I mean? And then they melt all over your purse & it’s a whole nightmare.

Pink, simple, & straight to the point- just how we like it!

Guess what? A little TSC tip: you can use your pill organizer to hold your fake lashes- works like a gem! Trust me! I do this a lot! Ardell #113, you know me!amazon light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential


Again: ALL THE RAGE. Light therapy helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria that causes inflammation. THANK GOD!

The one I love is super inexpensive- we’ve discussed this before. Really, it’s only $19 bucks off Amazon. The Neutrogena Mask helps clear acne, allows the skin to heal, & has blue light (which KILLS acne-causing bacteria ). ALL, BY THE WAY, are clinically proven. AND it’s a dermatologist strength light.

YES, YES, WE KNOW I am a freak about light/sunlight on my face, but this one by Neutrogena is different- it’s a UV-free treatment. Basically safe for skin and eyes because the mask emits no UV light. Also you should know it won Allure’s Best of Beauty. Allure editors test thousands of products over a four-month period, & this was on the list. The awards are considered the beauty industry’s ultimate stamp of approval- so yes, this needs to be added to everyone’s Amazon cart. Using the mask situation is QUICK- it’s a one-step acne treatment, covers your face and is easy to use at home. SEE?


1. Cleanse & dry your face.

2. Plug the mask’s power cord all the way into the activator.

3. Put on the mask like a pair of sunglasses ( JUST MY STYLE! ).

4. Press the power button & hold it down for one full second until the lights power on.

5. Sit back, relax, & enjoy your 10 minute treatment. You do not need to press the power button again- your mask will automatically turn off at the end of treatment ( I like to listen to a podcast while my mask is on ).

You can use it every day for clearer, healthier skin.

AND, YES YOU LOOK LIKE FREDDY light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential


This guys, is a simple, effective scraping technique used for centuries in the Far East for maintaining health and helping to prevent and combat ailments such as headaches, colds, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety, backache, insomnia and depression ( via ).

What you do is take the little boards & use it as a massage tool- I like to go out & down the face to drain fluid from the face while simultaneously triggering lymphatic drainage. See? My kind of tool. The brand I like is made by hand & with rose quartz.

The gentle pressure & motion of the tools also promotes circulation, reduces sinus inflammation, & is FAB for lymphatic drainage ( AKA getting rid of puffiness & bloat in the face ). It’s kind of like WHY WOULDN’T I WANT TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN MY FACE?

OH & DIFFERENCE between jade & rose quartz: Ancient Egyptians believed that Rose Quartz crystals had anti-aging properties. Apparently Goddess Isis would gather rose quartz crystals by the Nile River and use them to keep her skin clear. The pink crystals have powerful vibrations to heal the heart from sentiments of lost love, anger, resentment and jealousy. Rose quartz is believed to also lower stress, raise self-esteem, restore confidence and balance emotions. It has minerals ( including magnesium, iron and oxygen ) that help reduce inflammation/support renewal of skin cells.

Randomly I put my tools in the freezer so it’s EXTRA beneficial.

Also, if you’re confused on how to use the tools, read this book- I read it, it’s very helpful with showcasing exactly how do the massage.

+ Note: it works on all skin types. FUN!amazon light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential


If you don’t have a wet brush, GET ONE NOW. I’m not kidding. This brush is a total game changer. It miraculously detangles the biggest, dreadlock knots, without doing damage to your hair. As soon as I got my hands on one of these, I ditched all of my other brushes. Once you go wet brush, you never go back. Trust me, it’s like for 5 year olds but still everyone needs one because who doesn’t have a perpetual rat’s nest?

The bristles kind of glide through the hair in the most easy-going way. I use it on wet/dry hair- whatever. Always doing my slick back buns with them too. You can use this on extensions, real hair, your dog, wigs, whatever really!

Plus this color is called ‘Pink Sorbet.’ light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential


I don’t like using a laptop if I don’t have a stand to support it. AND if I’m in bed ( sorry Michael ), I’ll use a bed tray so technically I’m still adhering to the whole stand thing ( tip from a bed laptop pro: use two pillows underneath the laptop if you don’t have a tray, this also keeps radiation from the computer off your legs! ).

Ok so, as I’ve talked about before, I have a bad neck. Perhaps it’s from years of looking down at the computer or the whiplash accident I was involved in at nineteen years old. But who knows? Anyway, it’s BAD.

So the worst thing I can do is work ( & as you can imagine I’m on my computer A LOT ) while looking down at the computer. Think about how horrible it is to be looking downward, instead of neutral, all day long.


But let’s go deep here. Because my love is deep.

Some benefits of this chic stand include

♡ Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics.
♡ Tilt design brings screen closer & improves airflow around laptop.
♡ Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly.
♡ Keeps neck neutral.
♡ Transforms your laptop into a comfortable workstation.
♡ Helps prevent carpal tunnel posture problems.

Also you should know: it looks great on the Instagram feed. Ok not need, but you get the point.

amazon light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential

That’s the thing you guys, we don’t really need anything…but we do want it. So use this little list to navigate your Amazon purchases wisely. I’m not steering you wrong here. These are random-ass items you will use, love, & eventually even maybe ‘need.’

Currently in LA getting ready to speak at Loyola Law School. We are talking to a bunch of students tomorrow– which is super exciting. Never really thought I would be speaking at a law school but here we are. I have to go because I’m writing from bed & really need to prop my computer up- trying to avoid a Dowager’s hump at all costs. THANK GOD for laptop stands.

Hope you’re having the best day ever! Love, light masks, & tangle-free brushes,

x, lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Amazon & Neutrogena. As always all opinions are my own.

++ MASTER LIST POST: FOUND light mask skincare tips | by the skinny confidential


colonic health wellbeing breakdown by tsc


April 17, 2018

colonic health wellbeing breakdown by tsc


And for no other reason than, well…I felt like being in the wellness/beauty industry, I needed to try it for myself. You know, to report back to YOU.

Colonics are very much a thing in LA.

I first heard about them when we were guests on the That’s So Retrograde’s Podcast AND THEN Kat from With Love From Kat confirmed the fact that I needed to try one. She gave me Karen’s info from Gentle Wellness Center ( who is just lovely & you will meet below ). And the rest? Well…was history.

Colonics are fun to talk about but it’s a whole different thing to actually GO & DO ONE. I have to tell you I was nervous. I’m usually not nervous about a lot of health/wellness/beauty activities unless it’s needles…or tubes up my ass. But I was, EER- nervous.

The day of I went to see Karen & she made the whole experience seamless for me. She made me feel comfortable. I mean like everything was totally fine when she told me to turn to my side to insert the tube in my butt ( coconut oiled up for you! ). What was kind of ‘OH WOW OMG’ was when she told me to lay on my back. The side I could do. But to lay on my back was like a whole different ball game. Of course, I did what she said. It wasn’t too uncomfortable either when I finally maneuvered my way to laying on my back with a tube in my butt.

As the whole experience happened I talked to Karen- she gave me a list of all the benefits & walked me through the whole process. It was a little crampy but not that bad. The whole thing lasted for about 20-ish minutes ( maybe more ). Afterwards I felt great & definitely had increased energy, less bloating, & mental clarity.

( The only problem was the next day I went to Mexico for my anniversary soooooo maybe that wasn’t the most strategic thing to eat chips the day after? UGH. Next time I would do more juice, less chips ).

Listen. If you’re getting your first colonic & you’re in LA? Go to Karen. It won’t be weird. In fact, it will be super coconut-y & you’ll learn a lot…plus it’s where Yolanda Hadid goes soooooooooo…

K, I’ll let Karen share all the good shit ( HAHAHA, LOOK AT ME! ):

+ Talk to me about what you do?

Karen Harris: A little about me: My name is Karen Harris and I love my job!  I have been helping people with cleansing for 7+ years.  This is my second career & I am very fortunate to have been able to make a switch.

Gentle Wellness Center in Santa Monica Is a fabulous place to work and I work with a beautiful group of therapists.

All of us are I-ACT certified ( International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy ) & well-trained by the owners at Gentle Wellness. They have been teaching with the oldest accepted school for colon hydrotherapy in CA., and have over 35 years of actual experience, each.

We assist people in the process of cleansing their colon by way of a special device that makes the process clean, easy and safe. It is similar to an enema, but more gentle, much more productive & no mess for you to clean.

Technically we are called Colon Hydrotherapists or colon cleansing assistants.

+ Talk to me about WHY you do it?

KH: Many reasons- I honestly think the world would be a much happier place, if everyone would find whatever way works for them, to keep their colons clean and happy. You know the expression- “you are full of shit.”  I believe that is a true saying!

I found colonics to be the most effective way for me to cleanse my colon, during my 14 years of chronic constipation ( actually I was so blocked up, it was really the ONLY way for me to feel healthy and comfortable, until I found out about celery juice ( celery juice is magical ), more fruit, & more raw food. That was my PERSONAL solution- everyone is different!

It is a simple treatment, I believe they are very helpful to many, if not MOST, people who are experiencing issues with their digestion that are caused by a variety of reasons.

Colonics help most people feel really good! Our clients are awesome and fun, and we have a high level of satisfaction from the job we do. It is so nice when people come in feeling one way and leave feeling so refreshed!  New clients often don’t realize that they are carrying around so much in their gut. I think of it as a large suitcase, that you didn’t know you were carrying around with you. You don’t know what it feels like to let it go, until you actually drop it!  It is wonderful to help people drop their baggage.

As Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut.” 

While colonics are not solving the underlying issues that led to whatever is going on in your digestive system, they are helpful in getting out the debris that is in there, so you can make changes that need to be made comfortably. If you’re constipated, bloated, or otherwise uncomfortable, colonics can greatly relieve the discomfort while you work on the underlying causes.

Even if you do not have any digestive issues, I don’t think most people know what it feels like to have an empty, clean colon.

( Everyone is different, & there are no guarantees that a colonic will have the same benefits for one person, as it does for another! ).

+ Health benefits of a colonic?

KH: Hydration is a key benefit. Hydration is not easy in today’s environment, & it is critically important! Especially good for travelers, before & after flying in a dehydrated plane, to places where the food may not be as clean as what we are lucky to have access to here in California or in other places around the globe.

Some experience increased energy- after having dropped off the aforementioned suitcase in our sewer system, where it belongs.

One client says he walks in AND he runs home. Another client described his session as “the best poop I have ever had in my entire life!”

We have many clients coming on a regular basis as part of their own holistic care routine.

Greater clarity from head to toe– is often experienced by many of our clients.

It is a fabulous way to assist a juice or herbal cleanse. Some people are shocked at what is still in their systems, even after they think they are cleaned out from just doing their cleanses. A colonic is often the big bonus to your cleanse ( depending on what condition one is in to start with ). We find that starting with a colonic clears the path and makes any cleansing you choose go deeper & easier to do.

You can have surprising benefits that seem unrelated to digestion.

Personally, I had shoulder soreness for years, not resolvable with massage or chiropractic, which just faded away after a series of colonics, never to come back. It was digestive gas, which can go anywhere in the body- and it can be really uncomfortable! I never would have connected that shoulder pain to my digestive system in a million years.

+ How long do they last?

KH: The appointment is set for one hour. Time in session is generally about 35-45 minutes, depending on your individual situation.

+ What’s the whole process like?

KH: First of all, we at Gentle Wellness like to think of our time with clients as educational and nurturing. We keep you cozy & warm, you will be lying on a warm, infrared amethyst biomat, we are making sure you are comfortable, and most people are surprised at how relaxing the process is.

We have two systems, the “open system” & “closed system.”

Closed System | COLONICS:

In the closed system ( this is the more popular & we start all new clients on this system ):

You are lying down, flat on your back, cozy on our warm amethyst infrared biomats.

After we guide you to insert the speculum via a sterile, disposable kit, we do a quick check in with you, and begin the process of slowly and gently flowing warm, filtered water into your colon.  If you have ever had an enema, this is more gentle, because the water is flowing in at the same level that you are at, not from higher up. Many people don’t even feel the water at first.  You want to take in as much water as you can COMFORTABLY take in. As water gently flows in, I stimulate points on your large intestine meridian, your hands and feet.

Once you feel full, or you feel the need to release the water, we stop the flow in, and let it flow out.  Water and fecal matter gently flow out, which is viewable to you through a glass fluorescent lit tube ( that is the best part!! )

We repeat the process of filling and releasing during your time on the table, after which we send you to the bathroom, to relieve yourself of whatever is left- sometimes only water,  or sometimes can be the most significant release!

Open System | COLONICS:

This may be a little difficult for you to visualize, but I will do my best to describe:

The open system is a much more active system on your part. I think of it as a supersonic bidet.

You are comfortably reclining on what looks like a covered bathtub, with a basin on top. You are positioned over an open drain,  covered and comfortable, with water flowing into you via a small nozzle that you slide onto. This position gives you the ability to release at will. So water is continually flowing in, but you are expelling whenever you feel the need.

The system is good for those that prefer to be more in control of when you release the water.

Many people think this is an unassisted colonic, which is not the case.

The open system is great after a trip, or just when you have a lot of material ready to move out.  Some people who generally have harder pieces of fecal matter have an easier time getting it out on the open system. I myself prefer the open.

I think maybe 75% of our clients prefer the closed system.

+ Walk me through the pre/post care of a colonic?

KH: Very simple!! No food two hours prior. You do not want to be digesting food while eliminating at the same time. No water one hour prior- you do not want to have your bladder filling up and feeling the need to urinate during a session- it would not be super fun, but we can send you off to the toilet and you can come back on the system if you need to empty your bladder.

Post colonic, you don’t want to run out & have a big heavy meal, anything spicy or frozen like yogurt, alcohol or caffeine!  And you do want to drink plenty of water to help keep the flushing going.

Eat light, steamed veggies, fruits, soups, etc.

+ What makes a good colonic?

KH: The client can choose how to begin, some want us to see them just as they normally are.  Others want to do as much pre-work as possible and that is when the client does some preparation ahead in terms of being well hydrated and has already eliminated any foods that they even think may be causing any issues in their digestive system.

Typically that would be dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, processed foods, SUGARS is a big one, corn, all of which can be sources of digestive issues for some people.

+ Anything NOT to do before & after a colonic?

KH: As above, just no eating within two hours prior, & no drinking one hour prior!!

After, avoid things that can irritate the colon like coffee & spicy foods.

+ What can you expect to feel before/during/after?

KH: Before, many people are a little nervous, not knowing what to expect.

During your session, our goal is to help you feel as relaxed as possible.  Most people are surprised at how relaxing an experience it is.

Ideally, afterwards you feel a dramatic difference- that elusive feeling of being hydrated, a lightness you may not have felt in a long time and more energy.  People who have more digestive issues can either feel the biggest difference after their session, or can need a few more sessions to get what some people call a “colonic glow.”

Once you get that good clean feeling, I like to say keep it going as long as you can, and if you dip below that healthy, hydrated feeling, come on in and do another session or series.

Women often like to do a session pre-period to assist their bodies through that natural detox time.

+ Foods to eat that will have similar effects?

KH: Lots of fruits. Lots of juices, a good juice cleanse. Also 16 ounces of celery juice daily, on an empty stomach, is amazing!  Salads. Papaya. Aloe water. Coconut water. Staying very hydrated is critically important, always!! Lemon water first thing in the morning.

 If you are just starting on a journey to jump-start your health, & you want to make a serious change in your life, switching your diet alone will make a big difference.

However, as you make changes you may experience some unwanted side effects ( flatulence, frequent trips to the toilet ).  If you don’t work at home, or don’t have access to a toilet whenever you need it, it can be tricky to negotiate the logistics of emptying your colon of possibly years of poor or incorrect diet, gas, etc. in a public place- I think you get the picture! In that case, colonics are a nice quick-start to that process of finding the best diet for you.

+ Biggest mistake you see people make with colonics?

KH: Not eliminating foods that may be causing them problems or thinking it is the magic pill and one session will do it all.

+ Best tip or piece of advice in regard to colonics?

KH: Combine it with juicing, cleaning up your diet, maybe some additional cleansing packages – we have some available at Gentle Wellness Center if you are interested in that!!

To book with Karen, contact Gentle Wellness Center via DM on Instagram at @gentle.wellness ( & tell her The Skinny Confidential sent you while you’re in session for a little laugh. Just don’t laugh too hard…k? ).


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