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Updated: December 16, 2016


Usually I am a MAJOR procrastinator.

It’s a problem…

NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH. I’m shopping EARLY. Getting it done, turning a new leaf, making changes. Pretty excited about the stress I’m hopefully saving myself. Right?

This year, I’m shopping for every single person in my life BEFORE the rush shipping prices kick into gear. Great news for saving money too!

That being said, I figured I’d share A HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE for every kind of person in your life. So buckle up, it’s about to get SERIOUS.

Since this holiday gift guide is going to be HUGE, we’re truly covering it all, I decided to break it up into two parts. PART 1, we’re covering the friend that likes to drink, the BOMBSHELL BODY BABE, the workaholicthe kids, & the bougie babe. Fun right? Be sure to follow these boards on Pinterest for even MORE gift ideas!

Part TWO will feature the friend that likes to cook, pets, the beauty guru, & the jet setter. Stay tune for a gift guide by Michael as well!

OKAY so let’s get right into it, shall we?


HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE 1 | by the skinny confidential - gifts for the friend that likes to drink


One of my friends recently bought this for me! It gets A TON of use. It currently lives on my bar cart at home, but it was a life saver at my bachelorette party too. SO CUTE! Your friend that likes to drink will love it, I promise.


This bottle opener & cork screw make great bar cart decor, & they will obviously get a lot of use. A friend that likes to drink is always in need of a good bottle opener & cork screw, trust me!


The friend that likes to drink needs gifts that are both cute, & functional. So martini glasses are always a good choice. They can drink & look cute while doing it!

HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE 2 | by the skinny confidential


Get the Bombshell Body Guide Membership for any of your friends. Use code ‘SANTABABY’ at checkout to earn ONE MONTH of free membership! Via the membership, you get access to TONS of healthy, easy, SKINNY recipes, targeted workouts, supplements info, & so much more!


The friend that likes to work out is ALWAYS in need of new workout clothes. Plus, women pretty much live in yoga pants these days. You really can’t go wrong with a good sports bra, pair of yoga pants, or a cute workout top.


I personally LOVE tracking my steps & calories burned in a day. Plus, this rose colored Fitbit is just SO CHIC. Your bombshell body babe friend will love it!


The bombshell body babe probably loves yoga too, so you can’t really go wrong with a good yoga mat or any yoga / workout essentials.

HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE 5 | by the skinny confidential


Calendars are LIFE changing for the workaholic GIRL BOSS. It will help her stay organized, on time, & on track. Plus, this one is so pretty that it will look great on her desk / wall too!


The workaholic’s phone is ALWAYS DYING. It’s just a fact. Grab a super cute travel charger for her so she can always stay connected.


Sticky notes are great for office life. I also use them to mark pages in books or magazines that inspire me. You can use them for notes, to-do lists, anything really. These will get A TON of use by the GIRL BOSS!

HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE 4 | by the skinny confidential


You just can’t go wrong with a traditional red flannel for a kid’s gift. It’s a staple item that any parent will appreciate. Honestly, anything from REVOLVE kids will make a great gift. LOVE all of their stuff!


If you’re buying shoes for a kid in your life, opt for something UNIQUE. Their parents probably bought them all the staples already, so buy something DIFFERENT & special.


Who else remembers THE HUNGRY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR? Such a classic!! This was one of my absolute favorite books growing up; every kid should experience this story.


Again, buy something unique for the kids in your life for the holidays. This bomber is JUST TOO COOL. It’s the kind of piece that makes me wish I had my own kid to dress in it! OBSESSED.

HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE 3 | by the skinny confidential


A good coffee table book is a classic holiday gift for the bougie babe. Just make sure the colors fit the aesthetic of her home, or more importantly her Instagram! HA!


I own this mug & absolutely LOVE IT. It makes for great decor, instagram / blog post photos, plus it’s actually a good mug for drinking coffee or tea in style.


I die for these glasses. Lets be honest, nothing is more bougie than pearl white glasses. I just couldn’t resist, had to pick these up for myself. You have to buy a few things for yourself during the holidays… right?

Okay so that’s PART 1 of this HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE for every kind of person in your life.

Stay tuned for PART 2. Any requests for the type of people you’re shopping for? Leave a comment below and I’ll work it into PART 2.

Happy hunting & happy holidays!


+ Looking for even more gift ideas? Follow my Pinterest boards for: the friend that likes to drink, , the girl bossthe bougie babethe kids, & the bombshell babe!

The Absolute Best Online Black Friday Deals | by the skinny confidential

The Absolute Best Online Black Friday Deals

Updated: November 28, 2016

The Absolute Best Online Black Friday Deals | by the skinny confidential

Can we PLEASE be real about Black Friday??

I know you guys will get me on this… Black Friday kind of creeps me out. Every year there are videos of people standing in lines all night long to gain access to the savings. Is it just me or is that CRAZY??

We live in the ONLINE SHOPPING AGE. Am I right? You can get all the same deals from the comfort of your own home, while eating Thanksgiving leftovers, & watching Netflix. I mean, what would you rather do?

I personally will be hanging out eating Michael’s grandmother’s left over noodles ( they’re the best! ), snuggling Pixy & Boone, & taking advantage of the absolute best online Black Friday deals.

Okay so for those of you that are doing your shopping in COMFORT today. Here is the ULTIMATE Black Friday sales list. This is where I’ll be shopping today:

The Absolute Best Online Black Friday Deals:

AMAZON: the deals vary. Up to 80% off!!

Revolve: 50% off these items!

ASOS: 30% off site wide with code THANKFUL30

Missguided: 50% off SITE WIDE!!

Reformation: 30% off

Free People: 50% off!

Nordstrom: an extra 20% off!

Forever 21: extra 50% off sale items

These are the sites I’ll be stalking all weekend.

Where are you shopping for the absolute best online Black Friday deals? Would love to know!

Hope you all had a boozy Thanksgiving!


More Badass Black Friday Deals:


Fitness Expert, Terry Asher Talks Weight-Lifting For Women

Updated: November 12, 2016
You know I love to mix it up.

So today we’re doing JUST that.

One of my good friends from high school is going to really INSPIRE YOU. He’s constantly inspiring me with his dedication to a healthy lifestyle, crazy work ethic, & knowledge about the fitness industry…plus all the girls always have crushes on him.

So because of those qualities, I had to ( DUH ) do an interview swap.

That’s right, I’m featured on his blog, GymJunkies, & he’s on mine. Flirty, right.

Terry is SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE. I also love hearing from top trainers about tips for women. Seriously, though, it’s cool to hear from fellow ladies what women should do to stay tight BUT it’s also cool to hear from male trainers. A different perspective never hurt a flea.

Anyway, we’ve discussed heavy lifting a bit before but I wanted to go deeper with another badass guy. & Terry Asher is the man for the job. Happy reading:


| Introduce yourself: |

Hey! I’m Terry from! I currently live in Del Mar, California and started GymJunkies to help inspire others to work out & be healthy.

| How did you get into training? |

I was always kind of a runt growing up, so when I was a freshman in high school, I figured I would give weight lifting a shot and try to put on some muscle mass. Then it really became an addiction for me, I felt better, I could focus better, and I eventually started to get in better shape.

| Most important thing when you’re training someone? |

It’s been a minute since I’ve trained someone one-on-one but I think the most important thing is to remember that everyone is different. For instance, if you have a desk job you most likely exhibit rolled over shoulders, and or a craning neck. So there are certain things you can blend into your workout program to combat your client’s posture issues or muscle imbalances.

So it’s important to program people’s workouts and tailor it to them specifically because at the end of the day, one mold does not fit all.

| You’re ALWAYS so motivated, like what the fuck – how do you stay constantly motivated? |

It’s really an addiction for me at this point and I have to get my fix every day.

I feel like people often overlook the physiological effects of working out. It does a lot of great things including releasing dopamine ( happy hormone ), reducing your stress, improving your sleep, & squelching anxiety.

Not to mention now it’s a branding thing for me; in fact, someone called me out on Snapchat the other day and said, “hey I didn’t see a gym post today.” I thought to myself, damn who is motivating whom now?


| If someone wants to lose fat, what do you recommend? |

First, don’t fall victim to fad diets. I see too many people get into something just to fall out two weeks later. Second, remember there are three components to fat loss: your diet, cardio, and weight lifting.

You can probably take a guess which is my favorite of the three and seems to be the least favorite of most women: weight lifting. It’s important to remember that while cardio does have its place in burning fat ( HITT cardio specifically ), weight lifting will assist your body in becoming a fat burning furnace.

What do I mean? Weight lifting helps your body burn fat after your actual workout by increasing your metabolism ( resting metabolic rate ). So after a solid resistance workout, your body is still burning fat! Even when you’re watching your favorite show on Netflix.

| What do you recommend for women between the ages of 18 to 40 for fat loss when it comes to diet? |

When it comes to diet especially, don’t skip breakfast, eat more often and consume calorie ( and nutrient ) dense foods. If you like sweets, try replacing it with a chocolate whey protein drink to curb your sweet tooth.

At the end of the day, remember it comes down to a simple rule: you will need a calorie deficit. So you need to find your caloric intake and minus 500 calories from there. And guess what? If you follow this rule 6 out of 7 days a week, you can have a nice cheat day and still lose weight!

| What do you recommend for women between the ages of 18 to 40 for fat loss when it comes to exercise? |

I would recommend researching HIIT cardio if your athletic level permits, & like I previously mentioned, ladies: pick up some weights!


| Best snack? Why? |

There are tons! If I were to pick one pre-workout out food I would choose cottage cheese with mixed berries, as it’s high in natural casein protein. This snack will give your muscles protein over a long workout, give you a dose of antioxidants, & reduce muscle inflammation!

| I’m busy, really busy. So how can I stay healthy when I’m running around like a psycho? |

Aren’t we all? If you’re extremely pressed for time during the day then aim for high-efficiency workouts.

You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in 25 minutes. For example, if you normally do 8-12 reps of an exercise, try switching it up and adding in drop sets ( dropping to a lighter weight when you fatigue ) & supersets ( jumping straight to a different exercise ). By incorporating these two variables, you can increase the intensity/volume of your workout substantially.

| COCKTAILS: tips? Tricks? Thoughts on wine? |

I’m more of a whiskey drinker if I do decide to drink, and guess what…?

Whiskey contains more antioxidants than red wine! It also contains Ellagic acid, a plant compound that acts as a free radical combatant, and for you ladies, if applied topically, could prevent skin damage & wrinkles. Not to mention it can aid in stress reduction, combat cancer, improve circulation, & helps digestion.

One glass every few days wouldn’t hurt. As long as you are consuming in moderation, the health benefits should outweigh any negative aspects!


| How has fitness evolved to where it is now? |

I think people are becoming more aware of fitness in general, which is obviously a great thing. Information is more readily available and there are tons of apps, sites, and other tools you can track your progress with.

I think the future of fitness is promising, as people will be more integrated with apps, sites, tools, and trackers. No excuses!

+ Follow Terry on Instagram or Snapchat ( @terryasher ) for more fitness tips.


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$4000 Dollar Giveaway Winner !!!

Updated: November 8, 2016

….& the winner of our HUGE Bachelorette giveaway IS:


Thank you SO MUCH to all who entered & stay tuned for more fun giveaways.

Also, I did a TSC cell phone case giveaway on Instagram: @styledbyskylar and @misskylieray won a case of their choice.

E-mail me at to collect your goodies.

Happy Thursday! X


Mini DeLites…& Thank You !!!

Updated: October 4, 2016


{ a little ACTION DUST in my AM cold brew }


{ cheeky cards }

My hands hurt from acupuncture so it’s rather difficult to type.

I know, it sounds bizarre but sometimes when you do acupuncture on the hands, they hurt ( the points are meant to target your lungs & heart to relieve anxiety ).

Regardless, I thought you should know.

Before I get right into it, I first have to say something to each & every one of you: THANK YOU.

The Internet is such a cool place sometimes. For you guys to come together with so much support on the post about The Nanz……..was actually unbelievable. The outpour of support I received was unexpected & in a strange way, some type of closure. I woke up the morning after writing that post in a kind of funk. To be expected, I guess? After a cup of coffee, I checked TSC comments, emails, & some Snapchat messages.

My jaw was just on the floor.

I actually couldn’t believe that so many of you took the time to write such sweet notes about my grandma. She would have been so grateful for all of your support.

…Actually to be real, at this point she would be accepting autograph requests. HAHA! Her “I’m becoming famous” call would have happened at night after finally figuring out how to click “her Internet” ( yes, she really called it “her Internet” ) to access my blog…which she accessed from my personal Facebook page because she never understood what a URL meant. “Her Google” was usually acting up, what can I say?

{ TSC Books x The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World }

Anyway, I am humbled & grateful for such an amazing community of women. Your words inspired, moved, & uplifted me. I actually don’t even think I can explain how much each of your messages, comments, & Snaps aided in the ongoing healing process. The love you guys had for my grandma & your words are really beautiful. In a weird way, reading all your messages gave me some sort of peace. I am so, SO glad I shared her special spirit on this blog. The memories will always be alive.


OK, switching gears. I am so gnarly into my calendar strategy with Steve that we’ve gone as far as to schedule “winding down” time. That’s right. He informed me that I needed an hour before bed to wind down in order to fall asleep. I’m trying to work out in the AM instead of later in the day ( HARD ) & get my sleep schedule on track. I’m very excited to do a post on this whole calendar thing because it’s really changing my life. That sounds strange, but when you plan out your entire day, you feel in control.

No chaos, you know?

Tomorrow’s post will kind of go along with this theme & I’ll try to get the calendar post up ASAP.

Lastly, you should know Michael & I interviewed our good friend, Danny Kurtzman on the podcast this week. Danny is a spitfire who’s dealt with muscular dystrophy his entire life & is by far one of the most inspiring & positive humans I’ve ever met. YOU GUYS WILL LOVE HIM. He came on the podcast & just killed it. Danny helps run a charity called Life Rolls On.


{ ( literally ) the sweetest surprise }

The day after we recorded the podcast, Michael & I went to a Life Rolls On event & it was INSANE. Life Rolls On hosts FREE epic surf & skate events for wheelchair athletes. They roll to 10 cities on both coasts, bringing hope and freedom to thousands. It’s honestly such a cool cause. So no surprise, I’m very, VERY thrilled for this episode. Always fun to introduce you guys to some of my childhood friends too. Ok! Just wanted to give you a quick backstory on that!

ALRIGHT, my hands need a break. Off to drink some of Michael’s new sleepy, soothing tea ( see Snapchat…he’s absurd. Like, what the hell ).

Goodnight to all of you, love you guys – lauryn x

+ new exclusive TSC App content drops tomorrow, sharing some motivational fitness tips.

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{ skinny banana bread muffins, recipe coming to TSC BBG }


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