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How To Get a Pregnancy Glow Without The Pregnancy



But I will tell you one thing: The pregnancy glow is real. Perhaps it’s because I’m not drinking alcohol ( which can make you look like a dried-up prune ), but I’ve totally noticed my skin is way more glowy from being pregnant. So it got me thinking how I can maintain this glow forever because I never want to give it up. Then it got me thinking even further, how can someone who isn’t pregnant get this glow all day, every day. I’ve broken it down to 3 products that I’ve been using religiously while I’ve been pregnant. These are all pregnancy safe, clean products that I feel so comfortable with. So comfortable in fact, that I even rub them on my stomach.

Before we get into specifics I want to give you a few ways to make your skin glow in general. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!! Keeping yourself hydrated is so good for your skin & energy. If you need help getting water in, grab yourself a Hydro Flask– you won’t be sorry ( I’m very specific here- I like a white Hydro Flask with a pink lid, or a pink Hydro Flask with a teal lid. What can I say, I know what I like ). The key with a Hydro Flask is a straw lid. You gotta get the straw lid. Like, don’t even bother with a normal lid, trust me. Also if you think water is boring, check out these water medleys that I’ve been loving lately.

Other ways are to get 8 hours of sleep AT LEAST ( right now I’m getting 9 ), exfoliate, wear spf, increase your blood flow with facial massage & don’t forget about your ice- ice facial, ice roller, chilled eye pads, you get it.

Anyway on to these glowy standout stars.

3 Products That Will Give You a Pregnancy Glow Without The Pregnancy

♡ Heartspring Rose Face Mist

This mist is a favorite of Stassi Schroeder’s ( if you haven’t listened to Straight Up With Stassi, check out the episode I’m on here. We talk glam time, how to de-stress, & not care about haters ). Stassi swears by Heartspring products so I wanted to test them out. You guys will love this face mist. It’s made by a small business owner & you can really tell she puts her heart & soul into her products.

I feel so confident spraying this on my face, belly & body because everything is made organic & in small batches. The ingredients are: witch hazel, aloe vera, cucumber water, tea tree oil, lavender water, & rose water. She also makes a bomb lip balm- little play on words there. My favorite is the lavender honey. I love supporting small businesses & I love supporting them even more when they’re amazing like this. Stalk her whole line here, but definitely get the rose mist– it’s white & pink & will look so cute in the makeup bag.

♡ Organic Grape Seed Oil

Ok guys. This is so easy. Every single TSC reader should have organic grape seed oil on hand. It’s so easy to find, you can get it in the supermarket. I like to source mine from Italy or France if I can, if I can’t, no big deal, I just go to Vons. You want to get organic, cold-pressed grape seed oil in a huge ass bottle. This is something you can put all over body for that glow. It makes your spray tan look amazing ( people think it makes your tan come off, but I always use oil after day 2 of my spray tan ), put it on your collarbones for a pop, your stomach for stretch marks, put it on your face, remove your mascara with it, it kinda does everything. A real ‘jack of all trades’ if you will.

Grape seed oil or a cleansing balm is the best way to remove your makeup. When you’re done, use a baby wash cloth to take it off, then put on more oil. Baby wash cloths for your face is the hack of a lifetime. Because let’s be honest…there’s nothing worse than using the same white towel that you just used on your butt hole ( or that your husband used on his ballsack ), on your face. That’s gonna put bacteria & nasty-ass germs all over your face. Gross. Anyway grape seed oil smells good & has so many benefits:  moisturizing, contains Vitamin E, doesn’t clog pores, great for sensitive skin, tightens pores, & reduces the appearance of scars.

♡ NIU BODY Hydrate Moisturizing Facial Serum

This line was recently introduced to me, & I’ve found that everyone is raving about it because it’s pregnancy safe. I like the serum the best out of all the products & I’ve really been enjoying it lately. Usually I’ll do this or Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum last in my skincare routine. This is almost like a cheaper version of the Vintner’s Daughter Serum. This one is $28 whereas the Vintner’s Daughter is $185. Both of them are amazing.

The Niu Body Facial Serum is so good for thirsty skin that needs moisture. It’s full of pumpkin seed, sweet almond & lavender oil which will leave you damn glowy. Just to give you the 411 as always, pumpkin seed is filled with Vitamin A, B, D, & E, plus it’s rich in Omega 3 & 6. It contains tons of antioxidants to fight aging which we love. Sweet almond oil has Vitamin E in it which really helps with any kind of scarring & give your skin that supple look that we all want. Lastly, for pregnancy, I’ve really been wanting calming vibes around me, so the lavender oil brings that calmness I’m craving right now & relaxes the mind. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, preservatives & they don’t test on animals. Put about 4 drops in your hand & do some facial massage with it.

So that’s that. If you wanna glow like a boss-ass bitch, try these products, they will leave you D-E-W-Y, let me tell ya. These things can be used in the morning or at night & it feels even better with extra lymphatic drainage & facial massage. I know, I know, I’ve said those words more than any other word on the blog, but I just think it’s something everyone should do to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles & puffiness. But you know that.

I would love to know what specifics you guys want to know about pregnancy if you’re interested at all. Like I said, I don’t want this to turn into a pregnancy blog, but I do want to share my journey with some pregnancy posts sprinkled in among the beauty & wellness tips.

Alright, hope this post leaves you all glowy.

x, lauryn

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The French Way to Maintaining Youthful Skin


As you guys know, I have discussed facial massage at length. This is by far THE beauty tip of the century. But when I travel I find it interesting to observe other cultures & see how they implement specific beauty tips into their routine & I like to see how it differs from Americans.

Anyway facial massage is LITERALLY everything. My friend, Jules Wick first told me about facial massage when I was recovering from double jaw surgery & was experiencing major swelling. It totally changed my skin! It drained my face, smoothed out wrinkles, plumped up my face in the best way, & got rid of bloating.

Today though, I want to talk specifically about the way French women utilize facial massage because it’s different than Americans. I’ve been reading Ageless Beauty the French Way: Secrets from Three Generations of French Beauty Editors by Clemence von Mueffling.

& she states that facial massage is a French woman’s best kept secret. Women in other countries treat facials as a luxury, but French women treat it as a NECESSITY. I wanted to share EXACTLY, in detail as possible how French women do facial massage with only their hands, AKA free.

These are specific graphics on how to remove & drain fluid & congestion from your skin while massaging your eye area, chest area, lips & face. We’ll even discuss how to massage out the frown lines between your eyes. These visuals & instructions are all taken from Ageless Beauty the French Way….. It’s really taught me a lot about French beauty & how to facial massage properly when I don’t have my massage tools. You will be so fucking contoured you won’t know what to do.

French Facial Massage

♡ Massage the Eye Area

You need a very small amount of cream to massage the eye contour. Place a dot of cream on the tip of your index or middle finger & pat it under both eyes. Apply a light pressure along the bone of your eye socket. For more mature skin, use one index finger to hold skin taught while the other finger applies the eye cream.

Alternatively, place the tips of your fingers under your eyes & apply light pressure as you move up toward the outer corners of your eyes. Then repeat this motion from the bridge of your nose along the brows to the outer corners of your eyes. Next, pinch along your brows toward your temples.

Mo, my favorite facialist, is a big fan of under eye massage. Using your fingers for this area is so effective at removing excess fluid ( aka, puffiness & bloating ). It’s super important to start on the inside & work outwards then down to really drain.

♡ Massage the Frown Lines, Between Your Eyes

Use both index fingers to create a knitting-like motion or zig-zag between your brows. You can do that for two or three minutes a day.

OMIGOD, frown lines between perfectly brushed up brows just doesn’t fit. The dreaded ’11’ hit me one day while I was driving. Let me set the scene:

I was driving to my sister’s graduation, all dressed up, of course. Think white deep V-neck with a cute mini & some pumps. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. My latest Spotify playlist was blasting from the car’s speakers & it was that time of day where the light shines directly in your face. Around 5 PM-ish I think.

As I was driving along, I casually glanced up at the rearview mirror. & there it was, NO DENYING IT GUYS, a total number 11. That’s right, smack between my eyebrows. The eleven was there. I wasn’t being crazy. And the light? Let’s just say it was very much intensifying the sitch.

You should know facial massage has really helped with this, but I also get Botox ( full disclosure over here ).


♡ Massage the Lips

Use the same small amount of cream as you did for the eye massage. With two fingers, hold the left side of your upper lip taut while your right finger glides above the upper lip. Repeat this exercise on the other side of the mouth.

Complete the massage beneath the lower lip. This will help prevent the little wrinkles above the lip.

So many people forget about their lips. We’re so focused on our face, neck & chest that we forget about the lips!!! Which by the way is especially important if you’re a big fan of silicone straws, like moi. When I saw The God of Facial Manipulation he really got into the lip area. If you want to know more about that, scope this post.

♡ Drainage ( helps to remove fluid & congestion from your skin)

Place your thumbs under your chin, then use your index fingers as pliers as you pinch along your jawline up to your ears. Repeat five times.

Can we go off about jaw surgery again for a sec? Like, I know you guys know I had jaw surgery & that’s how I became such a fan of facial massage & lymphatic drainage. You’re probably all so sick of it, but really, it just is LIFE-CHANGING. It feels good, reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, makes you look contoured like a Kardashian & increases blood flow & collagen. The swelling & bloating in my face totally went down when I started doing this & STILL DOES. Especially when I travel my face goes super bloated & facial massage & lyphatic drainage make all the difference.

♡ Massage Your Neck & Décolleté

Lightly pinch the skin beneath your chin where the neck meets the jaw. Practice an upward movement toward the ears for a lifting effect.

Place your hand flat on your neck beneath your ear, parallel to the jawline. Then, slide your hand firmly down toward your chest/décolleté. Keep your fingers together, thumb included, to avoid touching the thyroid. { via }

If using your hands isn’t your style, I have 3 other ways of facial massage for you:

Clarisonic Uplift

The Clarisonic is my favorite & totally worth the investment if you ask me. I like to apply a little oil & move it around in circles. I take the massage down my neck & sometimes down to my chest to really get the circulation going. We’re all about the lymph system over here. It totally depuffs & contours.

The Ice Roller

Ever since my jaw surgery I’ve become obsessed with finding ways to reduce swelling. The steel ice roller is it. Use it every morning when you wake up to reduce swelling & redness. Plus it helps shrink your pores & is way more convenient than an ice facial. It’s a MUST…especially when you’re hungover.

The Jade/Rose Quartz Roller

Gua sha tools usually come in jade & rose quartz. I like rose quartz because Cleopatra used soak in a bath with rose quartz. Obviously I’m gonna copy Cleopatra. When doing this at home, the key is to always work from the inside of the face then go outwards. And ALWAYS scrape UP, never down. Don’t ever pull your face down. This is so important, I can’t say it enough.
Make sure you use an oil with your gua sha tools, too.

Some other tips to keep your skin tight & right…

♡ Keep your eye pads & masks in a skin fridge.

♡ Try an ice facial ( Sonja Morgan & Kate Moss’ favorite ).

♡ Learn how to micromanage your facialist.

I wanted this post to be super in-depth about French beauty but also give you some other options. French beauty is something I’m going to continue to talk about on the blog because I find it all super interesting & I’m obsessed with anything & everything French right now. So expect more on that.

With that, I G2G massage the shit out of my face. It’s feeling super bloated after this post. Staring at the computer screen will do that to you.

( Also note: I feel like we need to talk more about massaging the lips but I have some more research to do first. But we will dissect, I promise. )

Peace, love & facial massage.

x, lauryn

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How To Micromanage a Blowout (Plus a Hair Prescription)



One of my favorite things to do to save time. I truly find it so efficient to be able to sit there & get an hour of work done, while someone who is an expert does my hair.

At the same time, as you can imagine, I’m pretty detail oriented when it comes to my blowout. I like to tell the stylist exactly what I want. It makes my life easier & her job easier when you come in with a game plan. & after interviewing so many hair stylists they’ve all told me the same thing- they LOVE when clients know what they want.

While I was in France I learned all about the blowout the girls get there, & it’s so chic & I became very into it. So basically what it is, is not straight, not curly & not wavy. Just kind of a bend. So with that little tip let’s get into what I ask for because I try to go for a pretty, French blowout.

Lately this is what I’ve been asking for:

Not straight ( so no flat iron ), not curled ( no Shirley Temple vibes please ), but also not really waved… I want a long vertical bend. It’s best when the ends & the top are straight & the middle has the bend.

It’s also nice to ask for your hair to be washed with purple shampoo ( if you’re blonde ) because it takes away the brassiness & I like to do a hair mask every other time I go for a blowout. & then, when the hair stylist is blow drying your hair, be sure to ask for a heat protectant, ALWAYS. I probably get a blowout every 2 weeks.

The difference in my hair when I get a blowout is so major, & furthermore, the stylist just knows what she’s doing. There’s a girl I’ve been seeing at Nine Zero One in LA ( hey Krystina! ) & she is SOOOO good. Krystina even gave me a specific hair prescription that we’ll get into.

So ya, that’s exactly what I tell my stylist when I get a blowout & it typically turns out exactly how I like it. Sometimes I clip in extensions, sometimes I don’t. Do you.

Also, you should know that at the end it’s good to ask for a hair texturizer like this one. Sometimes a tad of hairspray can be good, but not too much because you don’t want your hair to look super stiff. We need some movement & flowy hair always.

TA-DA! TSC Blowout for ya.

Now, if there are any issues & they curl your hair too much, or don’t curl it enough, don’t worry! Just sleep on it & everything will sort itself out.

So if your hair is too curly, just sleep on it & it’ll flatten a bit. & if your hair is too straight, just put it in a sleep bun, sleep on it, & voila! You’ll wake up with perfect hair with that French look.

If you haven’t heard of the sleep bun, let me fill you in…

When you get home from your blowout, & before you go to bed, whip your hair downward & grab your cute alligator clip. Twist the sleep bun on the top of your head & add your clip while your hair is spilling towards the ground ( make sure every inch of hair is secured ). Result: you should have a super high top knot on the very top of your head. Sleep with that in, & when you wake up take out the alligator clip & you will have perfectly wavy ( but not wavy, just bendy ) hair!

So just don’t stress if your blowout isn’t perfect. There are ways that you can manipulate your own hair.

Ok, now for the hair prescription from @krystinadegennaro at Nine Zero One…


♡ Brush hair daily.

♡ Take hair supplements daily! I recommend either @nutrafol or prenatal gummy vitamins…sounds crazy but it’s basically a multi-vitamin on steroids so it will allow your hair to grow more quickly and stronger. They also are yummy haha ( I LOVE @ritual prenatals ).

♡ On day 3+ add a leave-in conditioner ( @incommon is my obsession ) from mid shaft to ends just as a refresh to rehydrate your hair – it also acts as a heat protectant!

♡ Before bed you can add Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield ( essential daily leave in ) on your ends. It really repairs your damaged ends and seals them down so they don’t look dried out. It is also repairing your hair so you are helping it get stronger.

♡ If you are putting you rhair up try to us a silk or material hair tie.

♡ Weekly blowouts.

♡ Treat your hair like baby hair. Be gentle!

I also use dpHUE dry shampoo in between blowouts & My Kitsch shower caps to protect blowouts. & LOVE Kerastase purple shampoo too.

So guys, that’s exactly what I ask for. I think it’s important to ask for what you want. You’re not a bitch if you know what you like. Just be nice about it. This might not flatter everyone but these are my specifics. Tell me ANY & ALL tips to preserve a blowout or just any at-home hair tips in general. Help a sista out.

You know what’s funny, I wrote this post while I was getting a blowout, see? How efficient!

x, lauryn

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Drugstore Beauty Finds You NEED To Know About


As you guys know, I’m VERY much about a good drugstore find. Like the whole idea for The Skinny Confidential started when I was attending San Diego State University & needed to find quick, affordable hacks for the babe on a budget…aka ME, the broke bartender.

Anyway I’ll never give up the drugstore, especially the beauty section. And it is something I want to keep coming back to on the blog because I’m constantly trying new things & have this insane need to overshare. Whenever I find something that deserves a shout-out because of its price & effectiveness, I just NEED to post ya know.

My local superstore is Walmart. I’m sure everyone has a Walmart near them- & honestly it’s kinda the best thing ever. You walk in & think you’re getting some bobby pins, & walk out with a whole cart of fluffy bath towels, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, lip glosses, perhaps a Caboodle, & even a 6 pack of skinny lime spritzers. There’s something oddly therapeutic about going to a drugstore & having a plethora of options isn’t there. Like I put in some Airpods in & walk around with a huge cart. Typically I’ll set a budget in my head- $100 to go wild, & get everything I want to test out or maybe some stuff that I don’t need at all. LOLZ.

A couple months ago I honed in on 4 fab items, so I wanted to break those down for you. This way, the next time you walk into Walmart looking for a cutlery organizer, perhaps you’ll walk out with a bomb mascara, a new makeup sponge, & even some micellar water?


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Water and Makeup Remover Solution for Face and Eyes

Micellar water is all the rage in France. Seriously ALL the French girls use it. I couldn’t believe how popular it was, especially in Paris. The reason people love it so much is that it’s super gentle & doesn’t strip the skin. I’m not a fan of over-cleansing in general, so if you want to use something that won’t irritate your skin, this is your best bet.

It’s made of these small oil molecules that draws any & all grossness out of the skin. Also it really attracts dirt, oil & makeup. You should also know there’s no alcohol in it so you can use it around your eyes too AND you won’t be squinting for half the day. This is for the girl who wants super supple skin & who wants to avoid clogged pores because it removes makeup sooooo well.

Very impressive that Walmart had this micellar water. Their whole beauty sectionhas really upped its game. French girls would be proud. Oui oui!

e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Dewy Coconut Refreshing Mistand e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Coconut Glow Radiant Moisturizer SPF 15

OKKKKKRRR shout-out to e.l.f. products. They’ve been sending me their latest drops, & I’ve been handing them out to the TSC team to try. There were two that especially stood out to us, & those two products were e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Dewy Coconut Refreshing Mist & e.l.f. Cosmetics ELF+ Coconut Glow Radiant Moisturizer SPF 15.

Let me just say, if you’re going to do a mist from Walmart, THIS IS IT. If you want to follow it up with a moisturiser, e.l.f. makes a great one. I especially like it because there’s SPF in it.

Misting in the morning really wakes me up, so it’s a must.. This oneis infused with coconut water, hyaluronic acid & argan oil ( I know, super delicious ingredients ). It leaves your skin with this dewy, Instagrammy, flawless glow. What I love about e.l.f. products is that they’re free from parabens, phthalates & sulfates ( also cruelty free- what up! ).

If you want to finish out with a moisturizer, you have to stalk the Glow Radiant Moisturizer at Walmart. You won’t be sorry. The packaging is light pink which matches the mist so it’s something you’ll want in your skin fridge. You can expect this moisturiser to follow through- there’s a REASONit has 5 star reviews.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara

This is the new Great Lash mascara basically. Great Lash was super popular in high school, but this one is even better. Not only better, but better on fake drugstore lashes. I love a falsie, & I’m very detail oriented about how the mascara lays on that falsie. This one lays very feathery & flirty. Plus, it opens the eye, which we love.

I’ve had problems before where mascara doesn’t flatter the eye shape, but this one does, while giving you length & volume. I like my mascara dark, so I always go for ‘blackest black.’ L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara has a smooth glide formula & 200+ bristles. This mascara makes you feel like Farrah Fawcett in a red bikini circa 1980.

( Sidenote: I’m very proud of my picks for this post because almost everything is pink. They’re all aesthetically pleasing- just trying to look out for everyone’s vanity over here. I got you ).


BLENDING. I’ve tried brushes, my finger, compact blenders but nothing is as GOOD as a beautyBlender. To be completely transparent, I’ve tried to cut corners & use fake beautyBlenders but nothing is as good as the real deal beautyBlender.

I use it to apply sunscreen— because no one wants white flakes hanging off their face like Kris Kringle. I use it to apply my makeup. I use it to blend powder & I use it to contour.

The difference between a beautyBlender & everything else in the world? Well, there are a few things. The bb…

+ creates a dewy, Jessica Alba look.

+ does some crazy voo-doo where it sort of ( chemically?? ) blends the makeup together making your face look like skin instead of alligator scales.

+ doesn’t give you that orange line where your face looks different than your neck.

+ is the best travel companion because it’s small AND HIGHLY efficient.

+ can take ABUSE. This is creepy & weird: the more I use mine without washing it, the better my BB works because it absorbs the oils of the skin. BUT! It does have to be washed once in a while to keep your skin free of bacteria.

& before you think I’m gross, remember J.Lo’s makeup artist famously said that “mixing oils of the skin together creates a way better finish.” I feel like the beautyBlender does just that: mixes the oils of the skin together for the ideal finish.

I was online trying to figure out why I like it so much ( it’s kind of indescribable ) & I found the perfect word for it: it’s BOUNCY. It bounces off your skin in the perfect way.

So obsessed with the fact that Walmart now carries these amazing, perfect little sponges.

AND there you have it- 4 insane Walmart finds. If you’re going to Walmart be sure to stalk their beauty section. As I said, they’ve really upped their beauty game.

On that note, I’m off to mist my face. I’d love to know what some of your superstore finds? Give us all the juice & make sure you’re following along on Instagram where I’m constantly sharing skincare hacks & finds like this.

Hope you’re all having a productive day & I’ll see you tomorrow.

x, lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Walmart, as always, all opinions are my own.


Beauty Blender Washing Machine Hack


Guys, this post is going to be a fun one.

If you’re a TSC content consumer you most likely have a beautyBlender & if you don’t have one then you most likely have something very similar.

So, I realized that I was only cleaning my bb like once a year which is pretty fucking disgusting. I had to find an efficient way to make sure I didn’t have a disgusting, dirty-ass sponge. Apparently they should be cleaned weekly to to get rid of bacteria, dirt, oil & dead skin.

When I discovered this hack through a makeup artist ( shout out to @beautybyjeannineself ) I FREAKED. ( Apparently the original makeup artist who discovered this gem was Tiffany Lynette Davis. ) Within 5 seconds your beautyBlender will be totally cleaned & in another 5 seconds your sponge will be completely dry. Not only will this hack produce a spick & span, almost new beautyBlender, it will also look so adorable next to your pink skin fridge, because SURPRISE! It’s a mini pink washing machine!

No really. It looks like a mini pink washing machine. There’s a heart on it, it’s called a washing machine & it will give you all the nostalgic ‘easy bake oven’ vibes you could ever dream of. Initially it was made to clean brushes but everyone’s been using it for their beautyBlenders. It’s almost like it was made for it.

skincare beauty makeup organization by the skinny confidential

How to Use a Mini Washing Machine to Clean Your BB

♡ Fill the washer with warm water.

♡ Add your preference of brush soap, makeup cleanser.

♡ Click start button to start spinning and cleaning your sponge for 5 minutes.

♡ Drain the water using the hose when finished.

Seriously you guys this little machine cleans & dries your sponge in no time. Like it’s so quick, easy & efficient you won’t believe it. It’s fucking adorable, takes up no space & keeps your beautyBlender clean. It’s a no brainer that every girl needs one of these. & it’s only $15.

Sidenote about the beautyBlender…

I’ve tried brushes, my finger, compact blenders but nothing is as GOOD as a beautyBlender. To be completely transparent, I’ve tried to cut corners & use fake beautyBlenders but nothing is as good as the real deal beautyBlender.

I use it to apply sunscreen— because no one wants white flakes hanging off their face like Kris Kringle. I use it to apply my makeup. I use it to blend powder & I use it to contour.

The difference between a beautyBlender & everything else in the world? Well, there are a few things. The bb…

+ creates a dewy, Jessica Alba look.

+ does some crazy voo-doo where it sort of ( chemically?? ) blends the makeup together making your face look like skin instead of alligator scales.

+ doesn’t give you that orange line where your face looks different than your neck.

+ is the best travel companion because it’s small AND HIGHLY efficient.

+ can take ABUSE. This is creepy & weird: the more I use mine without washing it, the better my BB works because it absorbs the oils of the skin. BUT! It does have to be washed once in a while to keep your skin free of bacteria.

& before you think I’m gross, remember J.Lo’s makeup artist famously said that “mixing oils of the skin together creates a way better finish.” I feel like the beautyBlender does just that: mixes the oils of the skin together for the ideal finish.

I was online trying to figure out why I like it so much ( it’s kind of indescribable ) & I found the perfect word for it: it’s BOUNCY. It bounces off your skin in the perfect way.

Anyways, back to the beautyBlender washing machine

This is the kind of shit you washed your American Doll clothes in when you were 5. Nostalgia is in high gear these days & this washing machine delivers, let me tell you. I just felt super youthful when I used it.

I checked out the reviews to make sure you guys would love it & so many people say they’re shocked at how well it works. Also that they can’t believe how long they were taking to clean their beautyBlenders before. & all the reviews say it’s LITERALLY the cutest thing ever.

If this doesn’t scream TSC vibes then I don’t know what does. It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s flirty, & it saves you time- what more could you ask for?

Let me know in the comments below what you guys think about this cute little mini machine. Dying to hear if you’re as excited as I am.


x, lauryn

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