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Skin Care 101: Tips on Organizing Your Bathroom During Quarantine


By now you probably know Ria: the master organizer to celebs & influencers.

She very much knows her shit when it comes to home organization & I thought it was the perfect time to continue posting her tips & tricks. We’re all in quarantine & need some stuff to keep our minds occupied so keep reading to get your home nice & organized with a minimalistic feel.

In this post, you can expect all of Ria’s tips on bathroom organization, the best hack for your AM & PM skin care, & her favorite organizational products for your bathroom . We’re diving deep.

If you read Ria’s other posts on general home organization tips & streamlining your morning station then you’re going to love this post on how to organize your skin care products.

Ria has the best tips for getting started in any room, tried & true favorite organizational product recs, & just this energy about her that will inspire you to purge things that you don’t absolutely LOVE.

Organizing can truly add years to your life when it’s all in order & works for YOU!

Without further adieu, let’s welcome back Ria…


Describe the goals we wanted for my bathroom organization?

Ria Safford: Our goals were to 1. Assess the inventory, 2. Make sense of the inventory, 3. Prioritize the inventory.

A ruthless purge was absolutely necessary. In your profession you’re sent so many goodies, & you want to try every product under the sun, so we really had to analyze what products pass the test & were going to be part of your regular routine. Then we wanted to make sure those products were accessible & obviously super cute to look at.

You color-coded my skin care on my bathroom wall. What shelves did you use & what are some tips for doing this?

RS: Shelves were necessary for creating storage where it didn’t exist. The left wall was vacant & begging to be used to help showcase your adorable product collection. We used 3 floating shelves from Amazon. Basically, this was kind of a two-fold project. Picking items that are used regularly, but more so ones that were going to fall in line with your oh-so-perfect Skinny brand.

We were organizing products but it also served as a fun addition to your wall. We were sure to keep with a certain color scheme for a fun daily routine, & to keep things cohesive on your Instagram feed.

You divided my AM & PM skin care. How can someone do this at home? Can you talk about your label maker too?

RS: If you’re someone who has a ton of different items, it’s best to go through them & pick out the items you use every day. We have our absolute obsession items, things we use every day, & ones we want easy access to, but not necessarily every day.

Some of those are ok to have on your counter because they’re going to be used & look cool too. We love the iDesign turntable for this. A lot of the time we divide AM & PM skin care on one turntable, but for someone like Lauryn, we did a whole turntable for AM & a whole one for PM. We also put some fun labels on the turntables for an added touch.

The P-Touch cube Plus is my new obsession. The biggest difference from other label makers is that it allows you to make a 1 inch label instead of the usual half inch width. It also has 200 fonts so it allows us to customize labels for clients. It has a ton of different tape color options too. We used the white font on black tape for Lauryn’s goods.

What did you do with hair extensions, hair brushes & other hair products?

RS: Hair extensions we stored in an under the sink clear drawer. Regularly used hair brushes were stored with daily essentials in the top drawers & hair products were stored under the sink in a deep bin that helped take advantage of the cabinet depth.

What does the drawer situation look like in my bathroom?

RS: The biggest thing with your space is that there were obviously a lot of different products & you switch up your everyday essentials. We were granted the ability to use your counter space to hold a lot of those items, whereas normally we are trying to clear counter space. We used the counter space for essentials & used the drawers for some not so essential things like face masks & certain serums. Especially during pregnancy, there are a lot of products you aren’t ‘supposed’ to use, so we could put a lot of those things under the sink.

How can someone minimize the clutter in their bathroom?

RS: Get rid of items you know you aren’t going to use. You need to let go of the idea that you’re throwing away money because your items are not gaining value by taking up space in your bathroom. So purge ruthlessly! Get rid of anything you don’t use, you don’t want, that is old, or that you’re just ‘over.’ You’ll see that you’re left with only things that you love!

You organized Michael’s bathroom too. What are some tips & tricks for keeping your guy organized?

RS: Men are simple. Michael is a bit more complex than the average guy as far as the hair & skin care that he uses–but like, come on, it takes a killer routine to keep those good looks am I right? But in general men are set in their ways with the products they use which makes it easier to organize their space. When you know the absolute dos & don’ts, it makes it easier to create a space for their everyday items.

What’s something you often find in a client’s bathroom that doesn’t belong there & how do you clear space?

RS: It’s not really the same items with every client, but more often than not there are items that also exist in other spaces of the home. For instance medicine, tools, batteries, sunscreen. Most of the time things like that have another home where they originated like the hallway closet, or a utility closet, or the laundry room. So we really try to keep all the same things in one place.

What are 3 bathroom products you can recommend everyone has in their bathroom?

RS: Drawer organizers,  iDesign turntable , & under the sink drawers. All of these will help make things items more accessible while keeping your space organized & maintainable.

What’s the best skin care organization tip?

RS: Lazy Susans or divided turntables…. whatever you wanna call it! Skin care is done in a routine type way, whether it’s daily or weekly. AM & PM is a great way to organize your skin care, but if you don’t have too many products you can do whatever works for you. Incorporate masks, eye patches, oils, cleansers, whatever! Just make sure it’s placed somewhere that works for you. That might be on your counter or under your sink.

Where can everyone find you? 

RS: Instagram @riorganize |Our website at


Hope you guys loved this post & it inspired you to organize your skin care! Be sure to follow Ria on Instagram for a giveaway announcement coming soon. In the meantime be sure to stalk her other TSC posts here & here.

You should also know Ria will be back for 2 more posts on home organization so stay tuned.

x, lauryn

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Molly Sims & I Are Sharing Our Beauty Hacks With You Today


Recently I did an Instagram Live with Ms. Molly Sims.

I’m sure you’re familiar with her, but if you aren’t, Molly is a model, actress, TV personality, author, & mom.

She’s also been on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast where she tells you all about ‘mom juice’ ( post coming soon on this specific juice ), a life-changing beauty hack, & opens up about how she gained 85 lbs during pregnancy.

Anyway, we did an Instagram Live & I wanted to do a blog post for anyone who missed it. Providing as much fun, positive content as possible is my goal right now, so I hope that this post brings you some fun beauty hacks that you maybe aren’t familiar with. Like diaper cream on your pimples. LOL. Post is coming soon on that too!

Q&A with TSC & Molly Sims:

Molly Sims: Lauryn, how has your beauty routine changed ( if at all ), since Zaza has been born?

Lauryn Evarts: It hasn’t changed too much due to this quarantine. I do wake up earlier but I still meditate 3 days a week. I am a huge advocate on how important it is to meditate every day— even if it’s just for 10 min.

MS: How has Michael been as a first time dad?

LE: He’s been basically thinking he’s a stay-at-home dad right now haha. However, I did leave him alone for 2 hours the other day with the baby & he really has been doing a great job.

MS: What are some more beauty products you are loving right now?

LE: You would never guess, but I actually love using Zaza’s diaper rash cream right now! It’s perfect for a rapid pimple treatment. Also, I’ve been really into cushion foundation. It’s really big in Korea right now. Essentially, a cushion foundation is a liquid formula housed in a compact. Lastly, I am obsessed with dry brushing. It’s amazing for your body & it’s great for lymphatic drainage. I do it before I go in the shower because it just makes me feel so great. I’m obsessed!

LE: Molly, what have been a go-to beauty product lately?

MS: I love my Soft Focus Glow Drops by Rodial to mix in with my foundation. It really just gives that dewey & glow-y look all day. Can do a bit of translucent powder if you want too, but it works. It’s the best.

MS: Lauryn, what products is best for stretch marks during pregnancy?

LS: Franklin & Whitman Belly Serum is the best. Honestly it works!

Products We Love:

grapeseed oil

silicone body brush

Malibu hair crystals

Franklin & Whitman belly serum

Soft Focus Glow Drops by Rodial

cushion foundation

Zaza’s diaper cream – LOL

Do you guys have any weird quarantine hacks, like putting diaper cream on your face? I’m serious though, Zaza’s cream has really taken the redness out of my pimples. As I said, post coming soon, but just real quick: the diaper rash ointment is called Pinxav ( ‘pronounced pink salve’ ) & is filled with very TSC-esque ingredients like eucalyptus, clove, mint, wintergreen, aloe & Vitamin E.

Molly & I also recorded a little something for her YouTube channel a few months ago where we talk all about mom shaming, diet tips, & even more beauty hacks, so be sure to check that one out.

Hope everyone is staying safe.

x, lauryn


Prevent Skin Aging Before Sitting Down In Front Of Your Home Computer


Recently, Dr. Barbara Sturm was on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. She became a friend at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show when she took my blood ( she was so gentle, it was wild ). She spun my blood & turned it into a night cream for me.

( If you’re interested in that process, what she does is takes your blood & puts it through a special vial. It makes the blood react like you have an injury so it stimulates healing…like we’re talking major collagen production here. )

Ok so, while I picked Barbara’s brain she talked to me about the fact that blue light from our computers is incredibly bad for the skin. And now more than ever, we’re experiencing more blue light than normal because we’re all quarantined indoors.

This post is going to give you all the details on how to prevent aging from screens when you’re stuck in front of your computer.

Looking at your phone, TV & computer for hours on end can cause an invisible sunburn. So crazy, right?! You’re indoors, thinking you’re staying out of the sun, but you’re actually getting blue light damage from your screen.

It can be just as damaging as ultraviolet rays, it causes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin & premature aging – like WTF? We’re over here trying to be preventative, totally unaware of the fact that we’re staring at a screen & it’s giving us an invisible sunburn.

How I like to combat that is with sunscreen. In the morning, I’m not a huge fan of washing my face. I like to let the serums & oils from the night before sink in for a LOOOOOOONGGGGGG time. Typically I’ll do a sheet mask, toner, a serum, eye cream, & possibly a moisturizer or an oil. Then I’ll apply an SPF.

The one I love right now is my OG caffeinated sunscreen, obviously. Sometimes I’ll do Glowscreen by Supergoop- it actually gives a super pretty glow. If I have to go out of the house I’ll slap on Elta MD tinted sunscreen. You can’t go wrong with any of these 3 sunscreens & while you’re working you’ll know that your skin is gonna be looking all nice & plump.

You should also know that Dr. Sturm has some anti-pollution drops. They’re expensive, so I’m not saying you absolutely need these. You can just use sunscreen.

Since this site is a resource, it’s important that I mention these drops in case you do want to try them. They’re these anti-pollution drops formulated to protect your complexion from pollution, horrific UV rays & blue light from our electronic screens.

The drops have cocoa seed extract in them which helps fight digital aging. That’s right guys. Digital aging is a thing. It’s something we should all be cognizant about, ESPECIALLY because we’re in front of our screen so much more now.

The drops are $154 so you don’t absolutely need them, but if you’re in the market for a product that does everything in one bottle, then this could be good for you. They’re really going to protect your skin from all these things. There’s also a mini bottle, so you could always get that to see what you think about the anti-pollution drops first. As I said, sunscreen works just as well.

Some of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s tips to protect your skin from blue light are:

♡ limit screen time ( the average for people right now is 10 hours !! ).

♡ wear blue light blocking glasses ( more on this in a sec ).

♡ move your phone away from your bed ( this will help decrease your cortisol ).

♡ use skin care products that have blue light filters in them ( like the Glowscreen or anti-pollution drops ).

♡ use hyaluronic acid regularly to further protect your skin’s barrier function ( plus, it’ll keep you super hydrated ). { via }

So ya, blue light blocking glasses are definitely worth mentioning. We’ve talked about these before. These glasses are everything. Don’t make fun of them. LOL. Be Well By Kelly introduced them to me years ago & they’re life-changing. She asked me “what is in your life that is stressing you out?” For me, it was that I was constantly on electronics. Like always…even in bed ( but I’m waaaaay better now ). In fact, I’m so specific about my nighttime routine & unwinding that I hardly ever go on my computer in bed anymore.

Anyway, what they do is block out all the blue light from computer screens, phone screens, or any screen. If you’re on your computer at night a lot, these are perfect for you. Blocking out the blue light kind of tells your eyes & brain that it’s time to shut down for the night. The yellow lens ones are my all-time fave, but lately I’ve been loving these ones by MVMT.

Lastly, you can sit further away from your screen. We’re all hunched over our computers & phones like the fucking Hunchback of Notre Dame. Personally, I try to practice a lot of mindfulness & Pilates to engage my core while I’m sitting so I’m not so hunched over.

There’s also a chair that I recently bought that helps straighten your posture & helps minimize that HEV exposure. & for all you researchers wondering, HEV is understood as the blue, artificial light that comes off all screens. It means HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE LIGHT.

& while we’re on the topic of blue light, you need to know about red light. It’s literally changed my life, especially when winding down at night. We changed all of the light bulbs in our bedroom to red light & it’s just so calming before bed. If you want to learn more about red light therapy, check out this post– we really get into it.

Since we’re all in quarantine right now, I feel like we should make it a mission to minimize our blue light exposure or at least be mindful of it. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while & acknowledging it & having it at the top of our minds is a proactive step.

If you’re interested in more posts for quarantine, check out these 3 I recently wrote:

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how not to kill your significant other when you both have to work from home.

why you need toe stretchers ( just the perfect pastime while you’re chilling at home ).

Sending good vibes,

lauryn, x

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I Tried ‘Soap Brows’ and Now My Eyebrows Look Fucking Amazing


Having a natural vibe to your brows by using a clear gel is cool & all, but it doesn’t quite ‘hold’ the brow & make the hair on the brow actually thicker.

Right now, everyone on YouTube is very much about ‘the soap brow.’ There’s nothing I love more than a thick brow, so immediately I was down to try it.

The Birds Papaya did a tutorial on Instagram on this & I think I’ll do one soon too. So, if you want bigger brows that are super youthful, you gotta get on board with soap brows.

So what the fuck are soap brows?

Well, it’s basically a very specific way to groom your eyebrows that uses soap instead of eyebrow gel. Ya….soap. Like, a plain bar of soap. You get a stronger hold, it’s easy & super affordable. Apparently this trend has been used by makeup artists for years, but a recent Instagram boom has brought it into everyone’s beauty routine.

How to do soap brows:

♡ take a spoolie & dampen it.

♡ run it over a bar of soap.

♡ then use the spoolie to brush your brows up for a textured, feathered, THICK look.

The key here is to get a bar of soap with glycerin to avoid irritation & one that’s clear or transparent. No one wants white flakes messing up their perfectly groomed brows. { via }

Very much about this technique because I’ve always been a fan of brushed up brows. We know this. You can find little pink spoolies all around my house, my car, handbags & a few strategically scattered in Michael’s bathroom. Ha! If you don’t have ’em, you gotta get ’em.

Why you need spoolies all over your house:

♡ handy & convenient.

♡ small so you can take them on-the-go.

♡ help to separate eyelashes before putting on mascara.

♡ can be used to blend your eyebrow makeup.

♡ perfect to dip in castor oil to help your eyelashes & brows GROW!!

Ok, major tangent here, but if you’re trying to grow your eyelashes or eyebrows, you have got to try this DIY potion, aka liquid gold.

Totally not a fan of thick, chunky spider web lashes though ( but let’s be real: who is? )…remember Madame Medusa from Disney’s The Rescuers circa 1977? I watched that movie on repeat 8394850398202 times because Mr. Snoops was everything. So anyway, Medusa had this scene where she crazily rips off her eyelashes:

The Skinny Confidential talks beauty tips and tricks.

The scene kind of scarred me for life. It was def one of Disney’s creepier moments, that’s for sure…& I’ve been a real psycho about lashes ever since.

Anyway, here is the recipe for the most amazing DIY oil from Carly ByBel to make your brows & lashes grow.

You’ll need:

castor oil

coconut oil, melted

avocado oil

almond oil

a glass bottle


Directions: Use about a 3 to 5 ounce bottle & mix equal parts castor, coconut, avocado, & almond oil. Mix/shake. Use disposable wands to apply nightly on brows &/or lashes.

Lemme tell ya: after doing this for a month, you WILL notice a difference.

Some of the benefits of these oils? Cold pressed castor oil has been know for growing lashes for ages. The Egyptians used it to fight baldness! Crazy, right? Use Jamaican black castor oil for an extra boost-y, woost-y. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins, nutrients, & literally can renew lashes & brows. The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil stimulate hair growth ( use it for actual hair growth by massaging it on your scalp too ( great tip for guys who are balding!! ) ). And lastly, almond oil nourishes & protects eyelashes from falling out. If you want longer lashes immediately, check out eyelash extensions.

Keep it next to your bed with your cute pink spoolie so you never forget to put it on.

Ok, back to the soap brows….

Instead of using just any soap, I actually bought a little soap kit by West Barn Co. Obsessed! You should know it comes with a spoolie, is vegan & cruelty-free. It makes your brows look full, thick, & perfectly groomed.

This technique is insanely inexpensive, & you’re going to get those ‘fuck me,’ brushed up, modelesque brows that gel just can’t give you.

Like, guys….the ‘soap brow’ is it. It’s in, it’s here, it’s happening & it’s one of the best beauty tips ever.

Do you guys do soap brows? Should I do a video tutorial? lmk.

Ok, gtg. Have to soap brow Zaza. I kid I kid. I’ll wait til she’s 6 months old at least.

love lauryn.

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The Empties: Skin Care Gems You Should Have On Your Vanity



This post has been 10 years too late. I should have done an empties post long ago. Ok ok, there has been ONE post & YouTube, but there are SO SO SO many things that I go back to year after year that need to be highlighted on this blog.

From now on we are going to do a monthly empties series. They might be about skin care, makeup, beauty, things in the kitchen- you get it. Just things that always need re-buying, or even the things I buy two of at the same time. Products I think you need to know about that will make your life easier & more beautiful. So with that, let’s get to the first ( 2nd ? ) installment of The Skinny Confidential’s monthly empties.

Today we will be going over & spotlighting some skin care products I can’t stop buying. These are items that I have in multiple places, that cannot be replaced with anything else, & that I recommend to my best friends & my sisters.

We’re talking a delicious lip mask you need to use as a lip balm, the most buttery CC cream that gives you full coverage ( & has SPF ), & cleansing balm that will change your life ( plus an amazing hack ).

TSC Monthly Empties: Skin Care Edition

Laneige Lip Mask

A couple years ago I did a masterclass with my boyfriend, Dr. Dennis Gross at Sephoria. Have you heard of Sephoria? It’s this event put on by Sephora & it’s a new kind of beauty event where every room reveals a new experience- from masterclasses with industry icons to creating customized products.

Anyway, I was gifted a bunch of stuff & that’s when this standout came into my life. It literally blew my mind. It’s something you think you don’t need, but then you try it & realize you very much do.

Everyone is always worried about wrinkles on their face, chest & hands, but not their lips. Your lips are so important ESPECIALLY if you love to drink out of straws ( like me ).

The cool thing about this Laneige lip mask is you put it on before you go to sleep & when you wake up, it’s still on. And I mean it REALLY stays on, guys. I also use this as a lip gloss during the day- it makes a great primer to use under your lipstick too.

It smells like a mixture of raspberries, strawberries & cranberries & has tons & tons of antioxidants & vitamin C. It also has hyaluronic acid & minerals so it allows for a slow release of moisture over the hours that you’re asleep. You seriously wake up with these plump, soft, pillowy lips.

It comes with this cute little applicator spoon to apply it too. So what you do is, take this little spoon & apply it on your lips before you go to sleep, wake up, & wipe it off. If you had any dryness or flaking on your lips before bed, you won’t in the morning. I promise.

I don’t wipe it off when I wake up, I just keep it on- but that’s just me. We’re a little extra over here. I also leave a 20 minute face mask on for 2 hours. Anyway….

People say this is so great for dry, cold weather- so if you live in NYC or Boston or like to go skiing or snowboarding, it will really make your lips feel plump & 100 times better.

Basically, the things I like about it are:

♡ it’s going to completely moisturize your lips.

♡ it stays on your lips overnight.

♡ it will make your lips feel the softest they’ve ever felt.

♡ it’s pink & has super cute packaging- you’ll want to keep it right next to your bed, beside your Woo.

It feels like a lip balm but thicker, but it’s NOT sticky. The consistency almost reminds me of the Elemis Cleansing Balm ( we’re getting to that ), but this is a totally different product, for your lips.

This is just one of those products that has a cult following & is something that everyone should be using.

Michael actually used it the night I was trying it for the first time. I woke up & he was trying to stick his finger in my jar. I was mortified- I explained to him: NO, you need to use the spoon. Get your disgusting finger out of my jar Michael. Ugh.

It’s one of those staples that you’ll keep going back to. You’ll never want to try anything else.

It Cosmetics CC Cream

OK so here’s the thing: this CC Cream has changed my skin/makeup game.

It’s really the best, best, BEST CC Cream on the planet. ( Stop reading right now if you’re not into glowy, dewy, flawless skin ).

Ok so I originally found this so randomly on YouTube. It wasn’t anyone famous or huge on YouTube. Just kind of an off the beaten path YouTube foundation tutorial. For some reason, I was intrigued. I’d link the video, but it was so damn random that I don’t even know where to begin to search for it.

Anyway, immediately I bought a bottle in ‘light.’

Ok so here’s the deal, if you try it make sure you’re priming your face with a very good primer before application!! A primer sets the canvas & makes all the difference in the world. You can’t go wrong with a good caffeinated sunscreen ( << been using this everyday, every second forever because the caffeine tightens my skin BIG TIME- love a quick facelift, LOL ).

Every time I apply this CC Cream I blot it with a beautyblender, my ride or die beauty companion. Make sure when you’re using a beautyblender you BLOT, don’t rub. TRUST ME on this! It looks more natural.

ALSO, be sure to get it wet. SUCH a game changer. Try it & be prepared to JUST DIE.

The wet beautyblender & CC Cream together make for this dewy, glowy, Snapchat-filter finish that you will become addicted too. To be real, I’d rather not do my makeup without this CC Cream honestly. It’s that good.

You should know I apply my caffeinated sunscreen first with a beautyblender, then eye brightener concealer ( if you get this get #2 ), then CC cream, & then a little powder when I’m going out!

Hands down the BEST CC Cream I’ve ever tried. I actually don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s REALLY INSANE for people with hyperpigmentation ( me! )…AND DID I MENTION there’s 50 SPF in this!!! YES I KNOW.

Also, I’ve recommended this to THREE professional makeup artists who have come back to me with RAVE reviews !!

NOTE: make sure you get the ‘illumination’ CC Cream, not the regular. It’s way better.

Elemis Cleansing Balm

YES !! We’ve been over this many times before. Do I even need to explain again? YES. I do.

Because this is my favorite way to cleanse. You guys know how I feel about makeup wipes, & if you don’t…well, I just feel like they pull the face down & who needs that? What you do with this magical cleansing balm is rub it all over your face & it just melts your makeup off. It smells like a spa, is so gentle on the skin & actually works.

You will love how this balm makes your skin feel. It won’t feel stripped & the collagen will make your skin feel plump af.

All you do is take a nickel-sized amount & use your hands to rub it on your face. VERY LIGHTLY of course & in a circular motion UPWARDS !! Always up !! Take your warm baby washcloth ( we’ll get into it – keep reading ) & pat it onto your face to remove the balm. All your makeup will be gone. Like magic. Then go ahead with the rest of your routine. Cleanse with your regular cleanser if you’re into double-cleansing, apply serum, oil, etc.


These are technically an empty because I keep re-buying them. My friend Jule told me about this hack & I recently discovered them in pink. Of course I had to buy them asap.

If you haven’t heard about this most amazing hack, you gotta get on board.

This is a good idea for so many reasons. It’s going to be gentler, softer & just better overall for the fragile skin on your face. The ones Jule uses are pre-rolled with this cute little ribbon so they’re perfect to have on display in your bathroom & they’re ready to go for when you want to take your makeup off.

Recently, I’ve been using these microfiber facial cloths in pink. Ok fine, they’re technically not ‘baby’ but they’re still soft as fuck, look cute in my bathroom & get the job done. They’re so soft, not abrasive AT ALL, & they dry really fast which eliminates bacteria growth & they don’t get smelly. BUT you should still be washing them after each use.

Benefits of using a baby wash cloth on your face:

♡ easy to use & wash.

♡ won’t pull the skin down.

♡ antibacterial & hypoallergenic.

♡ super soft because they’re meant for a newborn’s bum.

In Korea, people are very specific about this. They all use super soft cloths on their face. & we all know Koreans know what they’re doing when it comes to skin care. In fact, Mimi said that in Korea, the girls love microfiber cloths for DABBING their faces dry. NO RUBBING. You can also use the damp microfiber cloths to remove face masks & very gently exfoliate.

I thought this hack was genius because washing your face is hopefully something you do every single night. Like, no, I don’t want to dry my face off with the same nasty-ass towel Michael used to dry his balls.

Thank you to @julethebee for this amazing hack. I’m obsessed & know you will be too.

There you have it. 3 items that need to be on your vanity. Trust me they’ll be empty in no time.

Would love to know what your empties of the month are. Let me know below.

x, lauryn

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