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The Empties: What I Use The Shit Out Of



How have I not done a post on empties??? This is something I feel like I need to do every single month. You guys know that I try so many products, like soooo many- I’m like a beauty guinea pig. But what about the products I run out of on the regular? We need to talk about it because it’s ground-breaking. I rarely run out of products. These are 3 products that I use all the time, that I keep going back to.

I filmed this on my phone. Just you & me in my bathroom.

TA-DA. Let’s get into it.

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Elemis Cleansing Balm

Do I even need to explain again? YES. I do. Because this is my favorite way to cleanse. You guys know how I feel about makeup wipes, & if you don’t…well, I just feel like they pull the face down & who needs that? What you do with this magical cleansing balm is rub it all over your face & it just melts your makeup off. It smells like a spa, is so gentle on the skin & actually works. I love how this balm makes my skin feel. It doesn’t feel stripped after I use it. Plus, it has collagen and makes my skin feel plump.

use code: EMPTY15 – offer includes 15% off entire purchase + travel size sample of Cleansing Balm when you purchase the full size Cleansing balm. Note: free samples only with purchase of the Cleansing Balm 15% is off full purchase ( how to use here: )

elemis beauty makeup balm cleanse skincare

Organic Flowers Toner

This is just so nice after you wash your face. It’s kinda like an aftershave. It always reminds of Smee & Captain Hook in Peter Pan… you know when Smee shaves Captain Hook then pats that stuff on his face. Well that’s just what you do with this. Put a few drops in your hands, pat, pat, pat then pat it on to your face. This Korean toner is fresh, pretty & tightens the skin just right.

♡ Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume

THIS IS THE BEST AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND UNTIL YOU TRY. Blood orange is one of my favorite scents in the world. I just love blood orange candles so it shouldn’t shock you that I’m very much about a scent. This scent is light & effortless but also has a presence. It’s not some limp scent- it holds its own but it’s chic & light. Make sense?

Anyway, I wear this to workout, run errands, work, & even out for dinner. This scent is just one of my faves- I’ve worn it for years ( BIG PLUS: the boys like it- Michael always asks me why I smell like sour gummies ). This is my go-to vacation/travel scent. The bottle is tiny & perfect for the girl on the go.

neutrogena amazon travel items brush foundation tips by the skinny confidential

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x, lauryn

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The Best Beauty Deal For Amazon Prime Day


Facial Massage Tools, The Skinny Confidential.

You guys… read this post fast. Because you need this beauty tool & I want you to score it for the insane deal on Amazon for Prime Day. It’s 40% off, but only live for another few hours. That means you have until 5pm PST to get this deal.

My favorite, my standout star, my ride or die, the CLARISONIC FACIAL MASSAGER is only $177. That’s down from $299. That’s $120 of savings that you can save for other hot Prime Day deals. Not only do you get the facial massager head, you get the whole set that includes the scrub brush & eye massager.

I’ve written about this gem so many times because I love it. It’s an investment that I think is totally worth it, & with this deal for Prime Day, it’s the perfect time to make the splurge & add it to your skincare routine.

I’m OBSESSED with this. Pretty sure you already know. HA! This is like a vibrator for your face. In fact, it sounds like a vibrator, kind of looks like one, maybe you could even…oh, we’re getting off track here. Anyways, it’s very efficient. You can always do facial massage at home for free, but if you want to invest in this Clarisonic, now is the time. This works like a REAL charm. You go from swollen, Sloth from The Goonies to beauty pageant status.

Smart Profile Uplift Side | by the skinny confidential







…OH & it feels fucking GREAT- lymphatic drainage at its finest guys.

I like to apply a little oil & move it around in circles. I take the massage down my neck & sometimes down to my chest to really get the circulation going. We’re all about the lymph system over here. It totally depuffs & contours. Plus, it just feels good.

Ok, ok, I’m going to let you guys go because you have to add this to your cart like NOW.

You should know it comes in mint green & pink too. Fun!

Obviously let me know any other insane beauty deals you guys have found for Amazon Prime Day.

x, lauryn

+ learn how to do facial massage at home.


My Top Picks For Amazon Prime Day and Why You Have To Have Them




It’s Prime Day! It’s one of the best days of the year, & today we’re getting specific.

It’s like the Black Friday of summer & if you’ve been reading The Skinny Confidential for a while then you know I’m very much OBSESSED with Amazon.

Now – I’m someone who loves a great deal so I felt I had to share my top picks with you guys. It can be overwhelming so I wanted to do a round-up of my faves.

You can get some deep discounts on items you’re already using & items you’re ready to invest in. THEN put that extra money you save towards your business or a vacation, right? Even a facial or two. At least I would.

Before we get into this year’s deals, have you heard of TSC Master List?? If you haven’t let me explain:

You guys are always sharing the best ideas in TSC SECRET FB group, IG & Snapchat, so I figured it was time for us to have one spot for all of these genius recs.

Before we dive into TSC COMMUNITY MASTER LIST let’s take a step back and review the OG Master List. This is something I created to share my ride or die items. The products & things I’ve used day in & day out for years. Nothing sponsored, just BADASS PRODUCTS I LOVE. You can even listen to a podcast episode all about it so this list makes complete sense to you. It’s also why I started No B.S., just a bunch of standout products that I think everyone should have.


What are the products & items that you just can’t live without? The items you use everyday that have made a difference in your life?

These are the items we want to hear about. What are your hero products?

This is a live doc for everyone in the community to share and connect. Add your favorite picks & get ideas from other women.

It’s SO simple.

You can find directions on how to add your own items below.



+ open doc by clicking HERE
+ choose a category at the BOTTOM of the doc ( wellness, home, food, tech, etc. )
+ write the item name in column A and add the link to column B
+ keep adding all of your favorites

Ok let’s get into my 5 top picks for this year’s Prime Day….


Michael & I always talk about these. They are the best. They seriously drown out all the background noise so he can go to sleep while I work in bed ( work in progress over here ), or watch Real Housewives. Why these are amazing….

♡ Three levels of world-class noise cancellation for better listening experience in any environment.

♡ Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more.

♡ Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear sound and voice pick-up.

♡ Balanced audio performance at any volume.

♡ Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, personalized settings, access to future updates, and more through the Bose Connect app.


We recently got a Nespresso maker in the office & it has truly been life changing. If you follow you will see that I am always talking about how to achieve the perfect coffee at home. The Nespresso is my go-to for latte making. Sometimes when Michael wants to walk to get coffee, I will make an espresso with this first & then walk with him to the cafe to get some steps in.


WHY I LIKE THIS CHARGING PACK: it’s small & tiny. VERY EFFICIENT. Perfect & I mean PERFECT for travel. It’s very blogger-friendly, if you know what I mean. Ideal for Instagrams. It’s chic & plain so you can decorate it with stickers if you want. Warning: you will never go back to calling an Uber on 2% after this, sorry in advance. This will be attached to your hip like your phone. Like can’t breath without it, ya know? ( more details about why I love charging packs here ).


Ok so I keep one of these in the kitchen, its great for putting on music when my hands are full, also I use this to set timers in the kitchen, set the mood for an IG story, play a podcast while cooking, ect. You get it.  (mine is black but they just came out with the white, so I ordered that one instead!)

What are you guys shopping for Prime Day? Let everyone know in the comments, or better yet, head over to The Master List & add them!

+ check out my Amazon store here.

++ if you don’t know where to start, begin with my ride or dies & starter pack.


How to Get Rid of Those Jowls in 5 Minutes



Hi, hello, we meet again, & SHOCKER…we’re talking about skin.

Facial massage is something I get asked about over & over. & yes, we’ve talked about it many times on The Skinny Confidential but I wanted to show you guys how to do it without a tool, just your hands & a bomb ass oil. This way you can do it anywhere, anytime, for practically free.

This specific oil we’re using is one of my favorites. I’ve talked about it before- it’s Superfood by Elemis. I’ve talked about it 100 times, yada yada, I know, BUT IT’S SO GOOD. It’s one I’m constantly going back to. Superfood is lightweight, really gets into the skin to nourish it, & reduces fine lines & wrinkles which makes it perfect for facial massage.

Benefits of Superfood Facial Oil by Elemis:

♡ highly concentrated vegan formula.

♡ contains antioxidant & omega-rich broccoli, flax seed & daikon radish to help plump & smooth the skin.

♡ smells amazing & gives the perfect dewy glow.

Also, I’m so annoyed with oil getting everywhere when I put it on my hands. This one has a perfect little dropper so I can do 3 exact drops in my hands before my facial massage.

To be specific, as always, I filmed a video. It’s quick, easy, efficient & something you can even do with me. You’ll learn how to zigzag on your forehead, how to use your index fingers under your eyes, & de-bloat the jowls.

With that , lets get into it:

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Elemis Superfood Facial Oil
( use codeSKINNY15 – offer includes 15% off entire purchase + travel size sample of the Superfood Facial Wash & Superfood Day Cream when you purchase the Superfood Oil )

broken heart necklace

♡ also mentioned: jaw surgery

♡ other posts where we talk facial massage: gua sha | facial manipulation |lymphatic drainage

Let me know if you have any questions below. Happy to answer anything & everything. It may look intimidating, but once you start doing it every day, it’ll become second nature. Before you know it, your skin will be right, tight & glowy every single morning.

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x, lauryn

+ AM skin care routine.

++ PM skin care routine.


Drugstore Obsessions: 3 Things That Need To Be In Your Makeup Bag


drugstore beauty products


Hey guys, what’s up?

You know I love a good drugstore find. I’m very specific about these finds & there are ones I keep going back to over & over & can’t stop talking about. & the reason I can’t stop talking about them is because they work.

A lot of you have asked me about skin products from the drugstore, so we’re going to focus on the one skin care item I love, then talk about the 2 other finds that I’m addicted to.

You can expect all 3 of these to be in my makeup bag because, fun fact, the skin product also lays nicely under makeup. This post is for the babe on a budget who is in high school or college. I feel you. I used to be there. I totally get it. To this day, I’m a sucker for an insane drugstore find.

If you’re like me, you walk into the drugstore thinking you’re gonna get a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & you walk out with a bunch of beauty products to try. This is always the case but I’m happy to go through all the products & find the best of the best then come to the blog to tell you about the ones that actually work.


You can’t live without a Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the one thing that every skin expert who has been on our podcast has recommended. Everyone from Kate Somervilleto Dennis Grossto Georgia Louise. It’s vital & so good for your skin.

If you’re unfamiliar with Vitamin C, let me break it down for you. First of all, it’s loaded with antioxidants which equals anti-aging benefits. Who the hell doesn’t like that?? Secondly, it reduces under eye circles. A bunch of you have asked me about getting filler under the eyes & I don’t recommend it because it squishes up the eye. What I would do is some lymphatic drainage with a Vitamin C in the morning. It’s going to tighten the face & the Vitamin C will get rid of under eye circles. Simultaneously, you’ll also be improving your skin texture & reducing inflammation which is huge in my book.

I’m not a fan of the sun because I feel like it’s so aging, but I do have hyperpigmentation, & Vitamin C really helps with it as well as skin damage.

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives Pure Vitamin C Serum

Now, let’s get into specifics… The one I got from the drugstore is one that I’ve been testing & one that everyone is talking about. It’s being raved about on the internet & has super cute packaging. It’s L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives Pure Vitamin C Serum. I like to add this serum as the final step before I apply makeup. Like I said, so many of you have DM’d me about finding a budget-friendly item & this one is only $29.99. It’s made with 10% pure Vitamin C which is a lot. It’s tested by dermatologists & is also a clean formula- there are no parabens, no mineral oils, no dyes & no fragrance. This serum was tested on all skin types (even on sensitive skin) , and it won’t clog your pores.

The main thing I like about this serum is you’re going to see a brighter, more youthful appearance. This typically takes a week & it lays nice under makeup so it’s not going to be an annoying step in your skin routine. Another fun fact is that it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, which usually takes about 2 weeks.

You should also use this at night ( two times a day ). Again, if you’re on a budget this is the perfect product for you. I typically use a dime-sized amount & I’ll do the serum then SPF, then my makeup.

This won’t leak all over your bag either. It comes in this really chic silver tube that’s designed to preserve the Vitamin C (a highly unstable ingredient usually) &. If you have uneven skin tones or fine lines this is the drugstore product for you.

NYX White Shimmer

I know, we’re here again. But I just really think this is a product everyone needs. Its $6 & it’s one I keep recommending over & over. If you’ve been reading The Skinny Confidential & you haven’t used this you’re really missing out. It was a hot tip from my makeup artist & since she told me about it, I never looked back. This is also perfect for when you’re hungover, tired & feel like your face is swollen in a Doug Funny kind of way. It brightens the whites of the eyes & teeth, plus it pinches the nose in for an instant contour when you put it in the inner corners of your eyes. I swear to god it makes you look so youthful. If you haven’t pulled the trigger & used this $6 product you really need to add it to your cart immediately. Compared to the Chanel shimmer…THIS IS BETTER. Get the ‘platinum’ shade because we always want to keep it cool-toned over here. This is the last step in my makeup routine. Take a damp Beauty Blender & apply to the inner corners of your eyes. It’s also fun to use this above your lip in the ‘M’ part. This little makeup trick will instantly make you look like you had 8 hours of sleep, a vitamin IV, & incredible sex.

Ardell 113 Lashes

ADDICTED to these. Ardell 113 lashes, specifically. These are perfect & won’t make you look like an 80’s porn star. They’re super fun & flirty & easy to apply. I’ve been using them for years, & trust me they’re the best. It’s also fun to leave them around the house to creep out your significant other. Sorry Michael. These are very easy to apply ( scope a how-to here ) & I like to prime, curl, prime again, then use mascara.

There you have it. Those are 3 products that you absolutely need from the drugstore. The things I keep going back to over & over that I think you guys will love. If you like this post let me know because I’ll do my 10 favorite skin care drugstore finds next. I really wanna get into a post that’s just themed on skin.

You need to tell me all your drugstore secrets below. You know I love this shit. Tell me what I have to get from the drugstore, especially skin care. Always love to test lotions & potions.

See you tomorrow,

x, lauryn

+ if you like this post, check out how to apply a fake lash.

+ + this post is in collaboration with L’Oréal. as always, all opinions are my own.

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