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The Beauty Treatment You Never Knew You Needed: Why Every Beauty Expert Recommends a Silk Pillowcase


silk pillowcase gentle friction beauty sleep | by the skinny confidentialRecently we moved to LA & somehow in the move, I lost my silk pillowcase. And BOY OH BOY did I see a difference.

You guys, it was like night & day- I could not believe my skin, & my hair was more dry ( like waaaaaaay drier ), & I wasn’t sleeping well anymore. My hairstylist, Katie, even mentioned that she noticed I wasn’t sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

If you’re unfamiliar with a silk pillowcase the benefits include:

♡ hypoallergenic, naturally- resistant to the accumulation of mould, dirt, & other allergens that could be playing a role in any skin problems.

♡ smooths the face- you’ll wake up looking fresh instead of having pillowcase marks imprinted on your face.

♡ doesn’t absorb moisture- this prevents bacteria & odor on your pillowcase & also keeps hydration in your skin.

♡ good for your hair- see ya rat’s nest & split ends.

♡ great for any climate- Aspen or Palm Springs, you’ll be good.

♡ silk is natural; it’s spun by silk worms- the fabric contains 18 amnio acids ( << which are amaze for your skin ).

♡ looks & feels super elegant & luxurious.

According to this article by Taylor Time, “while you sleep at night, your skin is getting nourished by this beautiful silk. First the feeling of sleeping on silk is so luxurious and elegant but it’s also good for you. Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists can tell you when you go and visit them, they can see which side of your face you sleep on by the sleep lines on your face. Those sleep lines turn into permanent wrinkles. Because silky fabric is so soft and silky, your face glides. It’s not causing friction and causing sleep lines. Silk’s naturally hypoallergenic, because of the tight weave between the silk fibers, it doesn’t allow dust mites and other nasty things to get in there. It’s actually been tested and proven that silk is naturally hypoallergenic. And when it comes to cotton, it creates friction, which is why when you sleep on cotton you can wake up with sleep lines. If you’re putting those really expensive skin care products on your skin at night, where do you think that product is going? That product is actually getting absorbed into your cotton pillowcase.”

Um…are you sold yet?

Because of the drastic difference, I really felt like I needed to post on this again. Because if you’re not sleeping on a silk pillowcase your hair & skin is not what it could pillowcase gentle friction beauty sleep | by the skinny confidentialNow I’m back to my trusty silk pillowcase & my hair & skin feel way better. I’d even go as far to say that if you’re going to use an eye mask, you should use a silk one.

This travel set is a great value because it comes with a pillowcase & an eye mask. This brand also invented a gentle silk wash for their products, because we need to be careful with our precious silks.

Discover Night pillowcases is another brand I really like- Michael is a huge fan too. I’m basically obsessed because it’s anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bedhead, & it’s sort of like getting a beauty treatment while you sleep.

Silk pillowcases are recommended by plastic surgeons, hair dressers, dermatologists, all beauty experts, & I’m here to tell you…IT’S NO JOKE!

The silky, delicious, buttery fabric is something everyone needs in their bed. It makes sleeping so much better- along with my white noise machine, noise-cancelling headphones, salt rock lamp & silk eye mask. I’m basically Holly Golightly.

I’m off to get some shut eye & work on my skin & hair as I sleep. you know I love to multitask.

x, lauryn

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Get Some Beauty Sleep




I LOVE IT- you know if you’re following along on IG STORIES.

I’ve been obsessed with skin since I can remember. Really though, I remember being like 19 under an umbrella with SPF & a huge hat on while all my friends were baking. To me healthy, glowy skin represents YOUTH! So screw spending a bunch of money on makeup, I would rather save it for skin.

You know a lot of people would call me PSYCHO. I like facials a few times a month- before you think this is excessive, WAIT! Number 1.) I get one hour of uninterrupted work done. Seriously- it’s heaven. Mo, who does my facial massage ( shout out to ShopGood ), creates this peaceful environment where I can get my self-care done ( check! ), enjoy aromatherapy ( check! ), AND return my e-mails/reply to DM’s/Slack with my team/add to social media. 2.) I LOVE A MULTI-TASKING MOMENT. This hour is efficient because I get to do a few things at once. Oh & 3.) the energy is ROCKING where I go. It’s quiet ( easy to work ), vibey ( calming ), & drowns the noise out ( so I can focus ).

ANYWAY- that’s another post. TODAY I am showing you my head to toe, current DAYTIME skincare routine with Dr. Mona Vand. We get into every detail of our am skincare routine- if you like this video you will also like listening to Mona on the podcast. ALSO- see our night time routine on Mona’s channel, hereWith that:





Fun! Did you guys like that? I sure hope so because I had to tape my phone to the window to film it ( it was a real dilemma- I couldn’t find my sticky phone case ). ANYWAY, I am always trying new products but these are ones I’ve been using & loving for the last couple months.

Would love to know your daytime routine. You know how people like to look at other people’s refrigerators? Well- I like to look at skincare routines. I’m a voyeur like that.

Hope you’re all having a productive, dewy week. Keep it real,

x, lauryn


pics | video }




CURRENT NIGHT TIME ROUTINE is alive & kicking.

Hope you guys are loving videos- as you can tell I am really tapping into the YouTube situation. It’s a fun way to show you EXACTLY what is happening. Audio is EVERYTHING & writing is my first love, however video is always needed. There’s something just right about you guys being able to SEE what I am doing.

Huge Tim Ferriss fan. Love his podcast. And his latest book, Tribe Of Mentors. So this post is a very Tim-ish post. Basically I wanted to break down my best-case scenario night time routine for you. Like Tim, I believe a reliable night time routine is VERY MUCH important.

The better the sleep, the less stress. Always.

So here are five steps that HAVE TO HAPPEN during my night time routine:

















I HOPE THAT HELPS! That’s a very specific way of how I like to unwind. So get off your phone, grab a set of delicious pajamas, turn on the white noise, read a book, & spray some essential oils…all while laying on your acupressure pillow, of course.

How do you wind down? Come on, tell me what else I have to add to my list?

G2G because it IS getting past my bedtime. Just have to stay on track guys. ZZZzzzz.

X lauryn

So You Definitely Need a Skincare Shelfie


This is a fun, new, festive, hot pink, very TSC-esque series that I’m going to start doing. It’s a TSC Shelfie.

These are some of the products I’ve been testing out this month- I’m always trying out products for you guys. I feel like I always need to do my due diligence as a blogger & podcaster. Being constantly on the pulse is important to me- especially when it comes to what’s happening in the beauty, skin & wellness arena.

So, what is a shelfie?

A #shelfie showcases your favorite beauty or skincare products, all organized, labels turned out of course ( organizational porn, if you ask me ) & puts your lineup of standout products on display.

If you’re going to take a shelfie, what I love to do is have different heights & dimensions & make it similar colors, because I’m specific. Labels need to be turned out always, & sometimes a pop of something unexpected is cool too- a candle, jewellery, stickers, you get it.

Anyways, let’s get to the point here.

These are the 3 standout stars on my shelfie this month: (expect this to be a monthly thing )

dpHue ACV Dry Shampoo

You know how sometimes when you use a dry shampoo it makes you look like you were sprayed with a fire extinguisher? Yeah, we don’t want that.

I couldn’t understand why every dry shampoo I was using felt like a powder bomb exploded in my hair. This one won’t give you that white line on your scalp, it smells good, it works well, & oh, DID I MENTION IT WORKS WELL? I went away for 2.5 weeks & didn’t wash my hair- BIBLE. I used this the whole time & my hair was totally fine. BTW, when I finally washed my hair everyone thought I got my hair cut. Thank god for this dry shampoo- it really saved my life.

If you’re looking for a post on how I take care of my blond hair, you can stalk this post.

Collosol Cleansing Milk


After using this French product, a The Skinny Confidential reader in the secret FB group told me that Karl Lagerfeld bathes in it. That’s right, BATHES IN COLLOSOL!

Now, this really shouldn’t surprise you at all because it’s meant for babies. And if you’re like me & Karl you like to keep your skin baby-soft. I would consider bathing in it too if I had time for a long bath. I mean, can you just imagine it- Karl in a tub full of no-rinse milk cleanser- probably listening to Mozart or Bach or something intelligent.

( * & HEY: if you’re looking to take a bath with this stuff like Karl instead of cleanse your face, a sweet TSC reader named Alison found this info: “Use Eau de Lait for the bath: When poured into bath water ( two or three corks ), the milky whiteness of Collosol provides a moment of peace and relaxation. A trick for a dream bath and a queen’s skin” ).

Here’s the catch- you don’t use water with it. That’s right, just use an organic cotton round & rub it all over your face. I’m a fan of going upwards here but you do you. This magic milk also removes makeup.

OH & did I mention it’s for babies? Which we just love. Because if it’s fussy enough for a baby’s skin, it’s good for troop TSC. We don’t ask for much.

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director of Glamour UK says “it is the secret to my skin, because it makes it so soft. It brings my face to life. I’ve never talked about it because I’ve never wanted to share it, but I do think this is a wonder product. People always ask me, ‘What are you buying in the French pharmacies?’ I’m always saying, ‘You can get everything everywhere now, but this is the one thing.’”

The bottle is so cute too. Perfect for a #sheflie if you ask me.

Woo Coconut Lube
( use code HIMANDHER for 20% off at checkout )

You just can’t go wrong with some coconut oil lube. You guys all know Michael & I are big fans of this lube because it:

♡ is 100% natural & organic
♡ doesn’t mess with PH – keeps you balanced
♡ has no harmful, nasty chemicals
♡ is for anyone who loves better sex, so everyone
♡ is an all natural & organic personal lubricant
♡ doubles as massage oil
♡ has an edible sweet flavor like cupcakes

Plus, there are only 4 ingredients:

♡ unrefined virgin coconut oil: antibacterial, organic, PH balancing.
♡ vanilla essence: edible, SORT OF cupcake flavor.
♡ beeswax: consistency is on point, keeps on going.
♡ stevia: sweet flavor…so it’s delicious if you eat it.

It’s the perfect time to test it out too because Valentine’s day is just around the corner. BUT be careful using this if you’re also using latex condoms. “Oils and petroleum products—like Vaseline—may weaken latex and increase the risk of breakage. You don’t have to forgo the slippery stuff with a condom—just be sure to use a polyurethane condom if you’re lubing up with coconut oil, which won’t break down in the presence of the oil.” { via }

WAIT- on a semi-personal note, I’m prone to UTI’s. If you are too, USE COCONUT OIL AS NATURAL LUBE. Literally though. It’s an anti-bacterial so it kills bacteria. GREAT for preventing UTI’s. Just saying. I’ve also read it’s amazing for yeast infections. Apparently coconut oil helps to kill off candida yeast growth. I haven’t had one UTI since using WOO.

Those are my 3 standout stars for this month’s shelfie. I highly recommend the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Mask, Glow Recipe Pink Juice Moisturizer & any of Dr. Lancer’s products ( which I’ve been testing out ).

Now it’s your turn. I would love to know what’s on your skincare shelfie. Let me know below & stay tuned for more posts like this.

Have a fab weekend.

Peace & skin,

x lauryn

+ AM skincare routine.

++ PM skincare routine.

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beauty industry favorite products by the skinny confidential



beauty industry favorite products by the skinny confidential

I feel like you guys really loved it when the team posted their favorite gifts so I went back to the drawing board with them & we sat down to brainstorm their favorite skincare items. You’re gonna find everything from the best serums to the best oils.

Since the TSC team is in the beauty industry, I feel like they definitely know their shit when it comes to skincare. I know I picked up a bunch of tips from them & added my favorites of the moment for you too. Let’s get right to it.

♡ eye cream

This eye cream is my go-to before makeup ( I talked about the other eye creams I use in 
this skincare post ). But this one is perfect for a quick fix. I can feel my skin tightening beneath it. The sensation is similar to if you have ever done a clay face mask- when it begins to dry, your skin tightens underneath. It’s the same feeling but on your under eyes, so it makes me look like I’ve basically had an eye lift.

Finding an eye cream I love has been a challenge for me. Our eyes are delicate and I’ve learned how important it is to find a product specially formulated for our eyes after listening to Dr. Dennis Gross on TSC podcast. After asking around for recommendations I was directed to the Ole Henriksen vitamin c eye cream and boy oh boy is it amazing! This cream brightens my dark circles so I look refreshed in the morning. Say buh-bye to concealer, which is HUGE.

I’m in the market to find a really good one, but for now the serum I’m obsessed with does the trick. I just pay extra special attention to lightly dab it around my whole eye. This brand also has an eye serum I think I’ll try when I place my next Sephora order.

Well, you’ve probably never heard of Dr. Dennis Gross but let me be the first to introduce you LOL….this is actually an eye serum, not a cream which I tend to get better results from. And speaking of results, this stuff delivers. I was starting to notice aging around my eyes and this stuff really turned that around.

Eye cream is something I have a hard time with. I haven’t found one that I’m obsessed with. I like to do an oil under the eyes because I feel it fills in wrinkles & fine lines. Instanatural rosehip oil is good for or a more high-end one I like is Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum. Michael absolutely lives & dies by Dr. Dennis Gross’s eye cream.

best eye cream by the skinny confidential
♡ moisturizer

This winter has got my skin feeling slightly sandpaper-esque. Once I read that in your teens your skin’s focus should be on acne prevention, in your early 20s it should be on moisture, 25-35 should be age prevention, and 35+ is more drastic age prevention. So ever since I discovered that retinol helps with age prevention, dark spot lightening, and hydration locking, I’ve been using this Dr. Dennis Gross moisturizer.

Oils have been my go-to moisturizer since I started reading TSC in high school ( whoa! ). Typically I’ll use a mix of rosehip & jojoba to keep it simple, however, I’m always interested in learning about new oils. That’s where this Volcanic Elixir comes into play. It contains tamanu oil which is thick and different than any oil I’ve used. The tamanu fruit grows in the South Pacific and contains added minerals from volcanic ash. I slather this on at night since it’s too heavy for daytime and so it can really seep in overnight. It helps with hydration and overall skin complexion.

I love Peter Thomas Roth’s Cloud Cream because it’s perfect under makeup, not too heavy, but very moisturizing. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and this feels gentle, cooling & calming and I never get a reaction. it also lasts forever because you only need to use a tiny bit.

I’m in love with this entire collection by Elemis. Their marine collagen formula is just the silkiest and absorbs sooooo well. I use this after serum & before spf. Smells and feels like a dream.

Right now I’m having a huge moment with Dr. Lancer’s moisturizer, Nourish. He is the dermatologist to the stars & I recently went to his office & had the whole shebang tour. He wrote a book called Younger that tells you exactly how to cleanse, exfoliate & nourish the skin. Nourish is the nicest moisturizer ever. Very much about it lately. If you’re looking for something more affordable, you can always reach for Biossance squalene oil or Elemis’s superfood day cream.

best moisturizers by the skinny confidential
♡ serum

This serum has changed my life. It’s lightweight, glittery, & thin but is powerful yet gentle ( looking for a boyfriend with the same characteristics as this serum ). Growing up in San Diego, I spent tons of time at the beach when I was little, so I have freckles. A combination of this serum &
peel pads have helped to lighten my dark spots for an overall glowy, bright look. I talked about how I used this serum in my skincare post here.

Mention rose and I’m hooked. Usually you can find me spraying a rose mist everywhere. There’s something about the scent that instantly makes me feel peaceful and beautiful. This serum is my latest favorite since it’s 1. An oil , 2. Rose scented, 3. Contains vitamin C – win – win – win. Vitamin C helps to brighten your skin and reduce lines. People say my skin is glowing and I 100% credit this oil.

I travel to the Faroe Islands a couple times a year, always with a stopover in Iceland. I stock up on this BIOeffect EGF Serum on my way there & back. It’s a bit pricey but I think it’s so worth it. It’s so gentle & you only need a few drops to cover your whole face, neck & chest. I only use this at night & my skin is always moisturized & dewy when I wake up.

I was introduced to this serum with the amazing GLOW RECIPE watermelon mask ( more here ). It is made with 5 different types of hyaluronic acid which I love. I like to let my serum set in before I apply moisturizer and can get impatient ( I like to brush my teeth at this time ) but this serum absorbs quickly. I am typically only looking for lightweight, quick absorption in a serum….oils & creams I prefer to never fully absorb!

Vitamin C serum by Dr. Dennis Gross is my favorite. I like it because it tightens the skin. I continuously go back to Dr. Dennis Gross products. They just get my skin. I think they lay nice under makeup too. Another serum I like is the superfood serum by Elemis– it really fills in fine lines & wrinkles.

♡ sunscreen

My sunscreen choice is dependent on what I am doing that day. As of late, I haven’t been wearing much makeup. So I have been wearing caffeine sunscreen over my skincare regime. The only thing about this sunscreen is that it kills if it gets in your eyes- one time I was so hungover and got some in my eye while driving to LA, I had to pull over into the shoulder and literally flush my eye with my only water bottle. So I got in this bad habit of not wearing sunscreen near my eyes, and thus developed dark spots under my eyes. This sunscreen is specifically made for your eyes. I use it daily now.

Let’s talk BLUE LIGHT. We often think about sunscreen for protecting our skin from the sun but have you thought about protecting your skin from screens? If you spend most of your day in front of a computer like I do then this is something you need to check out. This Blue Ray Sun Gel counteracts the damage caused by hot infrared waves & radiation, plus it’s formulated with chia seed extract, niacinamide and centella extract. The texture is amazing and works as a mattifying primer without any white cast. This is an essential. PS – please get blue light glasses too. Protect your eyes and your skin.

Again, my skin is super sensitive so I tend to completely cover my face rather than use sunscreen because it really irritates my skin. BUT when I know I need to, and should wear it, I use La Roche Posay or Clarins. Both are gentle, don’t sting, are mattifying & lightweight so you can put makeup on top of it.

I dont typically see improvement in my skin from SPF moisturizers. That is not the case with this one. Elemis Pro Collagen SPF 30 is VERY nourishing and refreshing. It smells great and feels amazing- hands down my favorite product to apply. I swear it resembles a lush night cream and I feel super bougie every time I use it.

Caffeinated sunscreen is the shit. You guys know I love this because I’m a huge fan of SPF & this one is the perfect makeup for primer. The caffeine tightens the skin to so it’s like you’re getting an instant facelift. HOT TIP: ALWAYS apply with a damp BeautyBlender– TRUST ME.

the best sunscreen by the skinny confidential

♡ tools

When it comes to tools, there is one that I use multiple times a week without fail. Whenever I write about skincare on The Skinny Confidential, the feedback I get is that I suggest items that are too expensive. I understand that the items are crazy expensive and it can seem overwhelming. I also understand that I am in an unusual position because I prioritize skincare over most other things. That being said, I feel comfortable spending $200 on this facial massager because I know I will use it to cleanse and contour my face for at least 2 years ( or until I lose it LOL ).

A jade roller is a classic tool that should be in everyone’s toolkit. Sure you can massage with your hands but there’s something more soothing about using a tool. You can use this in the morning to reduce puffiness and drain the extra fluid in your face after sleeping. I especially love rolling under my eyes to wake up. You can also use this at night to help your serums absorb into your skin. If you’re into energy, jade is also known for helping to open the heart chakra while supporting abundance. Yes plz.

I recently got an ice roller & I’m obsessed. I’m in the late stages of pregnancy and I’m so puffy all over right now, especially in my face when I wake up- it’s out of control. This feels so good, depuffs almost instantly & the roller stays cold for a long time.

The tool I use most often is my rose quartz roller which I keep in my freezer ( obviously ). I honestly haven’t seen a difference in using other face rollers I put in my freezer but this is pink and cute and I’m single AF so, why not?

The Clarisonic Uplift is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I like to apply a little oil & move it around in circles. I take the massage down my neck & sometimes down to my chest to really get the circulation going. We’re all about the lymph system over here. It totally depuffs & contours. Check out this video for more on why I love the Clarisonic.

best skin care tools by the skinny confidential

♡ perfume

Anyone who wears this perfume has a weird bond with everyone else who wears it. I found it when I hugged Neda Varbanova at The Beverly Hills Hotel, then she gifted it to Lauryn and I would secretly steal spritzes of it when I was at her house. Recently when Lauryn, Neda and I were at lunch at the very same place, we smelled someone else wearing it as they walked by. When I was in Paris over the summer, I went to the Maison Francis Kurkdijan store by the Louvre and bought the perfume, body oil, AND candle because when I like something, I LOVE it. ( Whenever I go to Europe I buy fancy things like this because it is way more affordable there, tax free, and fun to shop abroad! )

Typically you can find me wearing essential oils as I find commercial scents pretty overwhelming and chemically. I probably smell like a yoga studio since that’s where I spend most of my time LOL. Depending on my mood and energy you can find me wearing rose ( surprise, surprise ) to feel pretty and light or sandalwood to feel grounded and calm. Now, that being said, if it’s a special occasion and I want to switch it up my classic is Le Labo Santal 33. This scent is understated and sexy. It’s musky, clean and alluring.

I don’t wear perfume anymore, but when I did my favorite was Burberry Classic. I can’t even describe the smell but I always got SO MANY compliments when I wore it. In recent years I’ve gone the more natural route & just use a nice naturally scented lotion or any body spray from Saje.

First of all let’s be clear…vanilla is my scent and not my flavor ( if you know what I mean, wink wink ). I’ve used Pink Sugar since college and lately have been realizing how silly it is not to use an all natural perfume…I mean it’s vanilla. I’ve always had a bottle of this perfume as well and need to make the full switch….I just love Pink Sugar! Not only is the scent rich and pure but it is made in Paris and the bottle is so french and chic….actually called Eau De Toilette Vanille.

You can always catch me wearing Egyptian Musk Oil. This was Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s favorite. She used to put it on her temples & wrists every day. I love to wear this to the gym or to the store. The rest of the time you can catch me drenched in Baccarat Rouge 540 ( for the record, Mimi totally copied me- the little shit ). This was gifted to me by my friend Neda of Healthy With Nedi. It’s just the most iconic perfume. Oprah wears it & people stop me in the street to ask me what it is. It’s just the most perfect scent. YUM.

favorite perfumes by the skinny confidential
♡ supplement

ver since I started taking a multivitamin every day my hair & nails have grown stronger and longer, it’s a dream. I used to take the Silver Fern multivitamin and those were great as well. But this Ritual multivitamin incorporates mint into the ingredients, making the taste more desirable.   

My smoothie cabinet is pretty gnarly since I’m a huge proponent of food as medicine. I’m always interested in learning about the latest adaptogens ( herbs that help the body adapt to stress ) and superfood mushrooms. My most recent addition is He Shou Wu. It’s been known to help nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, and increase longevity. The thing about adaptogens is they provide a subtle shift with regular consumption. This isn’t something you take once and you’re done. Consume it everyday for at least 2 months to notice a shift. The commitment is worth it. Superfoods are a great addition to enhance an already healthy routine.

I love marine collagen and have been taking it for years. It’s tasteless in coffee & smoothies, but not so much in tea or water I’ve found. After 1.5 months of taking it I noticed clicking in my joints stopped and my hair and nails were stronger. FOR REAL, ACTUALLY! Even my 81 year old grandpa noticed my hair was nicer.

The day The Skinny Confidential introduced me to Four Sigmatic, life was forever changed. Saying I’m obsessed with mushrooms lately is an understatement. THEY’RE SO GOOD FOR YOU. I love all Four Sigmatic products but have been carrying Cordyceps packets around with me everywhere I go. Like I can’t enjoy my coffee without it ( and the Superfood Blend of course ). I add this to my coffee every weekday because it keeps my energy up throughout the day and I haven’t needed a second cup since I started! It’s also a strong antioxidant which is important daily.

Ritual vitamins is something that I’ve taken for the last 6 months & I’ve been loving. They’re filled with all the essentials: iron, magnesium, folate, omega 3, B12, biotin & choline to name a few. Supplementing with vitamin D3 is also something I do because I like to stay out fo the sun. I’m always low on D3. I’m not sure if inulin counts as as supplement but I have it every day in my coffee.

favorite supplements by the skinny confidential
♡ mask

Since I had jaw surgery I was struggling with some breakouts caused by anesthesia & only eating pudding for 4 weeks. But this tumeric mask by FAB really helped to draw out toxins from my skin & soothe inflammation. Also, it has a nice gel texture which feels hydrating in the winter dryness.

Have you heard of the vampire facial? Well, this isn’t quite like that but while this mask is on you kinda look like you had one. This mask is deep red and different than any other mask I’ve used. It contains 30% Alpha Hydroxy Acids,
2% Beta Hydroxy Acid, Hyaluronic Acid Crosspolymer, Vitamin B5, Black Carrot and Tasmanian Pepperberry. Honestly, I’m not sure what that all means but I know that it’s pretty potent. AHAs help exfoliate the skin for brightness and BHAs help clear your pores. This mask is INTENSE. You will feel it tingling once you put it on so only keep it on for 10 minutes. After using this I feel like my skin is baby smooth.

This mask is my favorite by far. The scent isn’t overpowering and it’s so hydrating and fresh. It’s cooling and soothing too. Once a week I use Dr. Dennis’s peel pads (sensitive ones for me!), then this mask, then massage my face. And, like Lauryn, I LOVE the
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Chapped lips are gone in one night! ( More here. )

Glow Recipe does it again! This overnight avacodo mask is so mousturizing and I feel so pretty and glowy every morning. The packaging is adorable so I keep this one on display!

If we’re talking Instagram you’re gonna wanna go with Glam Glow’s Gravity Mud Mask. It’s nice for the Instagram aesthetic & peels off in one swoop which we love. I’m a big fan of the Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Sheet Mask. It really keeps your skin moisturized. It’s also only $8 & smells delicious. I love to do a mask before I put makeup on because it really creates a smooth base. Another favorite right now is Dr. Jart’s Brightening Mask. It really helps with dark circles & dullness.

favorite sheet masks by the skinny confidential

I hope you guys loved this post.

You can expect to hear more from TSC team- these girls know their shit when it comes to skincare, clearly. Let us know what team-inspired post you want to see next.

I’m off to workout with Kim Kelly. We’re doing the BODY GUIDE over Skype. Later I’m grabbing some authentic Mexican with my friend Westin. Skinny margs, spicy guac, tomatillo salsa & chips galore – YES PLZ!

See you tomorrow,

x, lauryn

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