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How To Make Face Bloat Magically Disappear…Thank God

August 8, 2017

Well, hi, hello! BONJOUR!

We are in France ( St. Tropez, specifically! ) for a little work…& A LOT of play. As I said on Instagram: Michael & I have a crush on the South of France. The people, the energy, & man oh man the food. So we decided to say FUCK IT & come live here for a month. We started in Monte Carlo, then Antibes, & Cannes for a few days. Now we are in a rented house in St. Tropez for a month- we are doing a revolving door where a bunch of our friends & family come visit to share the experience. SO you can expect a bunch of comedy…experience is everything! “To roam the roads of lands remote, TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE.” Would LOVE any of your recommendations! You guys have been DM-ing some amazing recs but if you have more share, share! And of course, you know I’ll be snapping Susan’s craziness because YOU KNOW HE IS QUITE THE PLANNER. read more

cat marnell mouth rinse tanning oil highlighter


August 1, 2017

cat marnell mouth rinse tanning oil highlighter

Looking for a juicy read this weekend? WELL SHIT DO I HAVE YOU COVERED OR WHAT?

Just do yourself a favor & check out Cat Marnell’s book, How To Murder Your Life. I couldn’t put it down- it’s that good, guys. I even read it at dinner with Michael one night- like at a restaurant. Sure, he thinks I’m weird but we can’t all be perfect. Anyway- the book is so good you’ll read at dinner too.

( She also happens to be best friends with The Fat Jew- listen to the episode of when he was on TSC HIM & HER SHOW for the juicy scoop ). read more

babes on budget 1b | the skinny confidential

How To Smell Like A Tropical Vacation…For $9 Dollars

July 18, 2017

babes on a budget 1b | the skinny confidential

Sometimes you’re in a PINCH.

To be real with you, when I was in high school & college I was always ( ALWAYS ) in a pinch.

I was broke.

Not like sort of broke either, like REAL broke.

The kind of broke where your credit card declines for a dive bar $10.99 dinner in front of 10 girls who are judging you kind of broke. ( Not saying that happened, not saying it didn’t happen ). It was bad.

Let’s just say money management wasn’t my strong suit.

There I would be at Starbucks using quarters…or nickles ( the green Coinstar machine was my BFF ) buying a grande black coffee, abusing the free cinnamon/nutmeg privileges. To even further reiterate how broke I was? read more

kardashian butt lift | by the skinny confidential

How To Lift Your Butt In 2 Seconds

July 18, 2017

How To Lift Your Butt | by the skinny confidential

{ the back }


There’s a butt lifter in town & it doesn’t require injections or fat transfers! Because let’s just go ahead & address the white elephant in the room: A LOT OF PEOPLE are getting injections in their butt. I have no judgement one way or another towards the subject. In fact, I feel like everyone should do whatever they want to their body. For me, however, I need something efficient & straight to the point sometimes when I’m wearing certain outfits. read more


The LadyGang On Infrared Saunas, Makeup Faves, & Skinny Tips

July 6, 2017

Fempire-448-Edit-gtLADYGANG x The Skinny Confidential


I’ll get right to it because I’m slightly hungover from Saturday’s activities. Ok so if you haven’t heard of The LadyGang, you’re missing out. Just be sure to thank me later because they’re COOL. Like, beyond cool.

( I am so sorry in advance because you will go into a listening binge ).

They’re completely themselves in the best way possible. I told Becca & Jac that the reason I feel like women relate to their podcast is because there’s a little bit of Keltie, Becca, & Jac in every girl. Keltie is hyper organized & kind of the mom of the group, Becca has a super dry sense of humor ( she talks about poop too! ), &  Jac is a badass business boss. The threesome is the ideal medley. read more