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iron out wrinkles reduce puffiness skincare routine by tsc youtube channel



iron out wrinkles reduce puffiness skincare routine by tsc youtube channelAs you guys know, I had double jaw surgery a few years back. Surprise surprise- I’ve talked about it a lot. Can you blame me? It was very intense. I was so inflamed – I seriously looked like the Nutty Professor, just look at the pics. I had to get really creative with techniques and one of the best things I found was facial massage. It made all the difference. In fact, I don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

I’ve talked about facial massage and gua sha before, but I wanted you guys to hear some specifics ( as always ) from Mo, my amazing facialist. She seriously knows her shit. She is so knowledgeable and so good at what she does.

If you haven’t heard of gua sha yet, let me fill you in:

“Facial gua sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. It helps break up fascia — the connective tissue that hugs muscles but can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation — and can even help to make your face look slimmer ( albeit temporarily ). Devotees swear by its ability to ward off headaches and jaw pain and brighten skin ( due to the boost in circulation ). Some even consider it a Botox alternative for its ability to unkink settled-in muscle folds.”source

It’s so rejuvenating and repairs all your cells while fighting inflammation- which we always want. It’s an ancient Chinese practice and it just WORKS!

WARNING: if you Google gua sha, DON’T GET SCARED! Facial gua sha is different than BODY gua  sha. Watch the video and you’ll get it.


Gua Sha Benefits

♡ Natural, alternative therapy
♡ Helps iron out wrinkles
♡ Improves circulation
♡ Amazing for lymphatic drainage
♡ Can be done on any area of the body
♡  Reduces inflammation ( no, but like, BIG TIME )
♡ Helps with headaches
♡ SO good for neck pain


rose quartz gua sha tools
camellia oil
rosehip oil
jojoba oil
Mo Heal.ThyGoddess

I really love rose quartz tools the most ( so does Mo ). You can get jade too, but there’s something about rose quartz that just feels so healing & beautifying. Plus, it’s pink! You should also know that Cleopatra used to soak in a bath with rose quartz crystals – so ya, there’s that.

When doing this at home, the key is to always work from the inside of the face then go outwards. And ALWAYS scrape UP, never down. Don’t ever pull your face down. This is so important, I can’t say it enough.

It’s also CRUCIAL to drink water after any kind of lymphatic drainage. You want all those toxins to come out in your urine. Buh-bye.

Make sure you use an oil with your gua sha tools, too. You can use any kind of oil. My favorite is a rosehip oil, always cold-pressed. Elemis’ Superfood oil is also fab for this.

Gua sha is de-bloating, de-puffing, detoxifying, and it’s anti-aging. The list goes on.

Gua sha tools are great for babes on a budget. You guys know I love the Clarisonic but it hurts the bank account. If you aren’t ready for a big investment, then gua sha tools are the perfect addition to your skin care tool box.

You guys know I LOVE getting all your tips and tricks too, so if you have anything to add let us all know below.

Make sure you follow Mo on Instagram. She’s always sharing tons of valuable tips.

Happy massaging!

x, lauryn

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vitamin e oil skinuva scar gel boob tube by tsc tips



vitamin e oil skinuva scar gel boob tube by tsc tips

A lot of girls get boob jobs and think that’s the end of their journey. No, no, no babes. After care is JUST as important as the surgery itself. ( If you aren’t up to date on my latest boob job, definitely check it out. )

Post op care is sooooo important – today we’re going to discuss 3 things I’ve used that have made all the difference.

If you’re going to get a boob job you can expect a bit of scarring afterwards. I went through the nipple so I have a little half-moon scar under my nipple. I’m all about keeping it as small as possible.

Dr. Barrett was, and is, a HUGE advocate for after care and keeping scars minimal. That’s why he recommends a particular scar gel, but I’ve added 2 things that have really helped.

You should know that you don’t have to have had a boob job to use any of these 3 things. They all work on old scars, stretch marks, and just improving the overall elasticity of the skin. You know we’re all about prevention over here.



This scar gel comes highly recommended by one of the best boobie surgeons in Beverly Hills – that’s right, Dr. Barrett. He’s such a big fan of this product because he’s seen it work on so many people. You can’t just leave your scars high and dry, ladies. You need a scar gel post op. The trick here is to put a little bit on your finger tip and really press it into the scar. You need it to seep in.

WARNING: It might look like you have a bit of nipple leakage ( HA! ), so I like to use this in the early morning so it sinks in and right before I go to bed too.

This scar gel:
+ reduces appearance of scars
+ improves texture of scars
+ helps improve the overall color of a scar

Again, this works on old scars! They key here is to use it consistently and rub it deep into the scar.

My favorite tip from Dr. Barrett is to leave this by your toothbrush so you have no choice but to apply it twice a day. Efficient!


I feel like everyone knows about vitamin E for scars, but it’s just so simple and effective.

When I was 8 I fell off my bike and totally scarred the right side of my face. The only thing that brought those scars down was vitamin E oil. I’d open up a capsule and put it right on my face. Now, I recommend just getting the oil in the tube ( this is the one I like ).

Like the scar gel, you really want to rub this into the scar – I like to do it at night. You can even use it before you use the scar gel that Dr. Barrett recommends. You should also know vitamin E is amazing for acne scars, stretch marks and making burn scars less noticeable.

Make sure you get high-quality, cold-pressed oils to sit beside your toothbrush though.


I’ve done a post on Boob Tube before but it is so amazing for scars and stretch marks, I had to talk about it again. This is actually for pregnant women, but anyone can use it. It soothes and protects and is made for keeping the skin supple. I like to rub this all over my tits in the morning, but you can also use it on your stomach if you’re pregnant. In fact, you can use it anywhere on your body where you have stretch marks. You don’t have to be pregnant!

I don’t mind the scent, but Hilary, our TSC editor, is pregnant and can’t stand the smell! She adds a drop of vanilla or peppermint essential oil to mask it because the consistency and ingredients are just insane! It’s too good NOT to use. ( Do your own research on using essential oils in pregnancy. )

Check out these ingredients:

CoQ10: is nature’s wonderfully powerful antioxidant that helps prevent collagen degradation to stop sagging.

Milk Thistle Extract: a natural antioxidant to help prevent free radical damage to delicate skin to keep it strong.

Organic Evening Primrose, Organic Sweet Almond, Organic Olive, & Avocado Oils: all packed with Omegas, Vitamins D and E. Superbly moisturizing, keeping skin firm and elastic.

Organic Shea Butter: is the most potent healing butter; an Omega-rich natural elasticiser that helps stave off sagging.

Organic Rosehip Fruit Oil: increases cell renewal and helps reduce excess pigmentation. Superbly moisturizing and healing.

Blueberry Extract Antioxidant: eases skin inflammation and reduces sag by strengthening collagen and improving microcirculation.

Red Cabbage Extract: a wonderful source of Vitamin C and E plus phytonutrients that help fight free radicals and detoxify.

Green Cabbage Extract: helps increase blood circulation to ease swelling and discomfort. For years breast-feeding mums have applied cabbage leaves to their boobs to relieve swelling and pain.

Hibiscus: contains a firming agent, that also calms and smoothes skin, increasing moisture and suppleness.

See? There’s no nasty shit, aaaaaaand did I mention the Kardashians are obsessed? They are. The size of this is perfect too, because it’s under the max. fluid allowed on an airplane. Win!

These 3 things are superstars when it comes to minimizing scars, new or old. Trust me.

Don’t be scared to bring your products down to your nipples, guys. So many people only worry about their face, but your neck and chest, and YES, your fun bags, need love too. Every single dermatologist I’ve ever talked to says this same thing. Don’t believe me? Listen here and here.

Gravity is real and not our friend, so why not do all we can do? In fact, breast skin care is on the rise. You can find boob masks and creams on the market these days and I’m here for it.

Anyways, if it all goes to hell, at least you still have Woo lube. Make sure some of the lube gets on the girls while you’re having fun, because coconut oil does the trick too!

Do you guys have any tried and true products you use for scars? I want to know so tell me below!

x, lauryn

+ If you want to know more about boob jobs, listen to Dr. Barrett’s podcast episode. So much good info! He talks about how big you should go, best after care practices and answers all your burning questions

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lymphatic drainage massage facial facialist at home by tsc



lymphatic drainage massage facial facialist at home by tscMany of you have asked me how to ask your facialist for lymphatic drainage. As you know I love to micromanage, so today I invited my facialist, Mo, onto The Skinny Confidential to share some of her techniques for lymphatic drainage.

You can use these techniques at home, daily in order to reduce puffiness and bloating in your face. Plus, you can show this video to your facialist if they’re not sure on what you mean when you say you want your face contoured like Kim Kardashian through lymphatic drainage.

This feels like HEAVEN. I do it in the morning, at night, while in traffic, during meetings. Really, anytime is a good time for facial massage. It’s easy with your hands or you can even use a device like the Clarisonic. OK – let’s break it down:



+ Mo  @Heal.ThyGoddess
+ gua sha boards
+ AM skincare routine
+ PM skincare routine


+ facial massage tools
+ vibrator for facial massage

Thank you for your attention! Tag @theskinnyconfidential on IG doing your facial massage so I can check you out.

Would love to hear your experiences with at home facial massage or your experience at a spa.

Chat soon- x, lauryn


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platinum blonde hair nourish hacks tips by tsc



platinum blonde hair nourish hacks tips by tscSOOOO surprise I bleached my hair.

Well not really a surprise at all if you follow me on Instagram.

First of all, when it comes to hair I get bored. I can’t do waves every damn day, you know? I don’t want to be square when it comes to the hair. So the decision to go ICE BITCH BLONDE was easy. Justin Anderson ( the colorist ) & his team are some of the best in the game so I fully trusted them to take me from natural blonde to KHALEESI BLONDE. Anyway, I could have just done highlights but I’m sick of highlights- basically I wanted to shake it up. Shock Michael. I wanted a response- HA! It’s all fun. Especially when you can do it safe & sound with someone you trust.

Anyway, this post is to all the girls out there who are ::THINKING:: about going ice bitch blonde. The ones, who like me, have highlights but want to mix it up. I hope these are all the bleaching tips you will ever need. Feel free to show this to your stylist- I mean you never know, maybe they will pick up a tip or two.

When it comes to product, if I don’t like a product, I just don’t write about it. I’m picky ! I feel like I’m trying so many things all the time so when I find something I love, love, love I want to write about it. Sometimes I may even go overboard- like, it can be intense because when I love something I love it. And I love dpHue’s purple shampoo for bleached heads. Did you know they even have a blue shampoo for brunettes? I KNOW, COOL BEANS. But we are talking about icy blondes here- don’t want to get off track. So a standout product throughout this post is the purple shampoo. If you’re going to commit to going bleached blonde make sure you grab some. Purple shampoo on ice blonde hair will get you the right tone, you know? It kind of pulls the yellows/oranges out of the hair & let’s the coolness do its thing.

Now: you should know bleaching your hair can kind of hurt your scalp. In fact, I recommend ( highly ! recommend ) taking an Advil or two before you do it. Just trust me here. Also make sure you can go on your phone because 1.) you’re going to want to IG Story you changing up your hair & 2.) more importantly, you’re going to want a solid distraction. I got in the chair at the dpHue House at 12 & wasn’t out of the chair until 5 pm. I mean you even could listen to the podcast episode featuring Justin Anderson- just throwing that out there. It’s one of my favorite episodes & he goes deep. We do discuss hair but also business. There’s a lot of layers. Anyway, listen to it, you will like it.

Justin & I decided to go ON the root. Initially I wanted root- I like root. It brings out my bold, brown eyebrows. Roots are cool. But he convinced me I needed to have a rootless moment…so I listened to the expert here. And boy, am I glad I did. It was so fun to have no root for a bit. Now there’s a root & I like that too. Again, I like both- I want to always be mixing it up because I get bored.

My biggest thing with bleaching my hair is this: do your research on who’s touching your hair! This is so vital, man. If someone is putting bleach on your hair you want someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing. I would recommend talking to past clients, looking at their portfolio AKA a little thing we all call Instagram, asking questions, & taking it seriously. This is your hair- which is attached to your face. I don’t fuck around when it comes to my hair. I would rather spend money on skin & hair than a handbag or shoes any day. Is anyone else like this?

And bring a picture- get so specific with your hair stylist so everyone can manage expectations.

Purple shampoo, pick an experience stylist, take an Advil ( or two ), & make sure you have a picture of someone’s ice bitch blonde.

So yes, those are my specific tips.

platinum blonde hair nourish hacks tips by tsc

Ok moving right along. I asked Val, who is on The Skinny Confidential team & manages the day-to-day operations, to talk about her bleaching tips too. She has worked on the team for a while & she dyes her hair a lot. Currently she’s bleached blonde too. Val is real into health & wellness and I like her vibe. I think you guys will very much appreciate her tricks/tips when it comes to bleach. With that:

Hey everyone – Val here! As Lauryn mentioned I’m very into holistic wellbeing from meditation & reiki healing to yoga & plant-based recipes ( you can see some of my concoctions in the Body Guide recipes being released later this month! ). I love taking care of myself & experimenting with new practices ( currently trying kundalini yoga ) so I can show up for others. If you have any interest in these topics let me know below and maybe I’ll be back.

I’ve been dying my hair platinum blonde for almost 2 years and there are definitely a few things I’ve learned along the way to keep my hair strong, healthy & shiny. Your haircare routine is just like your skincare routine. You may not think about it at first, but once you do it makes a HUGE difference. My hair is super soft I wish you could feel it!

Changing your hair is fun: it grows back, why not switch it up! I went from super dark brunette ( I’m Italian ) to bleach blonde. Yes, it can be done! I also have short hair. It’s above my shoulders & a few inches below my ears just so you can get an idea. I can’t even imagine having long hair anymore. This probably helps too.

I’m a minimalist and very low maintenance so even though this hair style seems like it takes a lot of energy I don’t really feel that it is. I spend less time on my hair as a blonde than I did as a brunette.

I spend a few minutes a day on my hair, if that. Usually I simply brush it. I rarely heat style my  hair and I only wash it once/twice a week. The only ‘high maintenance’ part of my platinum hair is the time spent dying it which for me is once every two months. This takes a couple of hours so I bring my laptop and work during this time. Easy. If you want a minimalist skincare routine I gotcha too.

Anyway, it’s safe to say I’ve picked up some tricks for being an efficient blonde that also applies to all hair types. Take care of your hair! It’s with you everyday, all day – just like your skin.

Here is my haircare routine & tips:



The very first thing I learned to keep your hair strong is to brush it everyday. It’s obvious and simple but how many times have you skipped this and just thrown it up in a bun? I can’t be the only one. Now it’s literally my favorite part of my hair routine.

I discovered this scalp brush a few years ago which is the hair equivalent of a facial massager in my opinion. Seriously I’m obsessed with this brush. You get 4 of them for under $5. I keep one in my vanity, one in my shower, one in my car, you get the idea. This scalp brush is SO soothing. It’s the best mini head massage. I feel tension melting away and I always feel more relaxed after I brush my hair. Plus, brushing your hair distributes the natural oils from your scalp which keeps it healthy. Every morning and every night I’ll brush my hair/scalp until I get that ahhh feeling. You’ll know once you try it.

The second thing I do daily is use a nourishing hair oil. I’ve been using this marula oil for about a year and I’m still on my first bottle. I use a couple of drops before I head out for the day so everything is smooth and shiny. This oil is great because it’s clear so it doesn’t mess up your color, it has a handy dropper to easily distribute product AND it smells delicious! Sweet but not florally and deep but not musky.


In order to keep my hair hydrated I wash it only once or twice a week. The first time I wash it I’ll use a purple shampoo and conditioner. This is where my shower brush comes in handy. After lathering up I give myself a scalp massage which also helps to make sure that every single strand of hair gets coated with the purple pigment to work it’s magic.

If I wash my hair a second time I’ll use an ACV ( apple cider vinegar ) rinse. The rinse refreshes my scalp and makes my hair shiny. This works for every hair type! Are you ready for a real hack? Before I heard about dpHue I was using straight up ACV, water and essential oils. SO SIMPLE. dpHue is great because they’ve added some additional goodies into their formula to provide extra nourishment for your hair. If you’re a blonde on a budget you can use this simple at home version.


+ 2 tbsp ACV
+ 1 cup water
+ 1-2 drops essential oils ( I love rose or lavender )

directions: Grab a squirt bottle and mix all the ingredients together. Experiment with the ratios to find what works best for your hair type. Dry hair likes less AVC and oily hair tends to like more. 


If you want silky smooth hair, a deep conditioning treatment is a MUST. This isn’t just for bleach blondes. This works for everyone. Honestly, it took me a while to really get into this habit but once I did I really began to notice a difference. I like to habit stack so typically I do all my beauty pampering Sunday night, all at once, to keep it efficient. First, I’ll apply the hair mask. Next, I’ll shave my face and apply a face mask. After, I’ll remove my nail polish and shape my nails. Then I’ll do some dry brushing and by this point it’s time to rinse the masks so I’ll hop in the shower. Once that’s done I’ll apply some body oil and paint my nails. This usually is about 30 minutes. See, efficient!

I alternate between two different masks. The first is Olaplex. Olaplex is a hair repairing treatment that works to relink the broken bonds in your hair. This means it strengthens your hair from the inside out. Any hair color will benefit here. The second mask I use is the Pravana purple toning masque. If you’re a blonde I highly recommend this. It’s deeply conditioning and purple so it removes all the brassiness from my hair. My hair looks white blonde like I left the salon after using this.


One of the best parts of being blonde in my opinion is being able to dye your hair fun colors. There have been many times where I’ve walked into the office with a new hair color from purple roots to pink tips. I like to keep things playful. I’ve used hair chalk which is great for a weekend, to semi-permanent dyes that last about a month depending on the color. For October I’m going to use this dye for a light pink tint. If you try hair chalk or dye, avoid wearing white right away – the color tends to bleed. It will also get on your sheets and towels. I have a set designated for when I have colored hair.

My final tip for blonde hair is to avoid heat styling your hair. Embrace your natural texture! Before I had blonde hair I would constantly be blowdrying, straightening or curling my hair. SO much damage. Now I’ve switched heat for dye I guess. Most days I simply let my hair air dry and add some oil to it. This has also shortened my daily beauty time which is awesome – like I said I’m low maintenance.

IF I decide to heat style my hair I use this heat protector spray. First,, I let my hair dry naturally to about 70% then I’ll add the oil and heat spray. If you apply product straight out of the shower it won’t absorb into your hair as effectively because the water molecules are taking up all the space! Always let it dry a bit first then apply product.


I dye my hair around every 2 months. At the beginning I would bleach it at the root and get it done monthly to avoid branding. Your scalp will get tingly. For the most part I never had a problem here. I never took Advil but I could definitely see how it helps. However, I had one experience where I was almost in tears. It hurt so much that I decided it was time to stop that.

Now I get my roots touched up every two months and get it done as a dirty root ( you can google this to show your stylist ). This allows me to go longer between appointments and to avoid bleach on my scalp. As Lauryn said: go to a blonde expert. It matters. I’ve had some not so great experiences with switching stylists.

Ok – whew! I think I’ve covered all my blonde hair care tips. If you have any specific questions for me comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. Back to Lauryn & Justin!

& now let’s talk to the hair king himself…Justin Anderson & his dpHue team ( I already screenshotted all these tips- they’re FAB for bleaching your hair ).


+ This isn’t for everyone!

+ Make sure to have a professional do it! I have seen so many DIY videos gone bad.

+ Usually I suggest to do this process in two sittings, a week apart. When you’re going from a natural dark shade to a platinum blonde your hair may need a break in between processes. Luckily I had my team with me the day we did Lauryn’s hair…so we were able to watch it super closely and speed up the process to get it all done in one day.

+ This isn’t a sustainable color. You can get it touched-up a few times, but after that you will need to give your hair a break.

+ Don’t wash your hair the few days leading up to the bleach and tone. The natural oils on your scalp will help lessen the irritation of the toner on the scalp.

+ The night before you go platinum I always tell my clients to sleep in Olaplex No.3 to strengthen their hair before having it bleached.

+ Platinum hair can turn brassy from environmental exposure + hard water. I suggest using the dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner once a week to neutralize yellow tones and keep blonde bright.

+ Over-shampooing can dull platinum hair & also dry it out. I suggest using the dpHUE ACV Hair Rinse a few times a week. Use it in place of your shampoo & conditioner. It will remove impurities and product buildup from your hair without removing the natural oils that keep your blonde shiny & vibrant. This will seriously be every platinum’s favorite product!

+ When you go platinum you are pulling all the pigment out of your hair, which causes hair to be more dry. I suggest using the dpHUE Argan Oil Therapy everyday on wet & dry hair. It will add moisture back into the hair without weighing it down. The clear, lightweight formula can be used throughout the day to tame frizz. Also — being clear is important. A tinted oil can change the color of your hair…so I would stick with a clear formula.

+ After you get it done don’t wash your hair for a few days to let the natural oils get back into your hair.

So yes, there you have it. How to bleach your hair like a boss. I’m confident these tips will be a resource for anyone who’s looking to go VERY blonde.

Have you guys ever bleached your hair?

Would you?

Are you thinking about?


See you tomorrow, lauryn




tinkles face shaving anti aging by tsc



tinkles face shaving anti aging by tsc


Are you ready for the ultimate skincare prevention tip?

SHAVE YOUR FACE. If you’re not on board yet, get on board. You heard here first years ago when I came out to the Internet that yes, I shave my face & yes, it works.

I’ve been shaving my face for YEARS & I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Have you ever wondered why men seem to age more gracefully with less wrinkles? I HAVE. My theory is it’s because they shave their face practically their whole life. It exfoliates the skin which increases cell turnover for smoother skin.

Want another reason to shave your face? It creates a smooth canvas for your makeup. I can tell such a difference when applying makeup on a shaved face vs unshaved. It slides on and helps you achieve that dewy glow. IT’S CRAZY HOW NICE OF A FOUNDATION shaving your face creates for your makeup to lay.

On that note, let’s break down EXACTLY how I shave my face ( & NO it does not grow back darker- at least in my experience ):




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+ SIMPLY tell me your weirdest beauty tip on my latest IG post.

Thank you for your attention! I will see you tomorrow & in the meantime, get to shaving your face. I’m serious- it really works & it creates the most glowy canvas.

Would love to hear your experiences with shaving your face- the good, the bad, the ugly. Give it to me! & of course, don’t forget to use a clean razor!!!

Chat soon- x, lauryn


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