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Updated: April 22, 2017


Ok so I’ve written a post on all natural beauty products before BUT today I wanted to dig a little deeper & discuss 6 that are really working for me. As you know I am constantly trying new products- HUMAN GUINEA PIG OVER HERE! So when I find a few standout, I take a picture, write down some notes, take some photos…& plan a blog post.

To make it as efficient as possible for you, I’ve narrowed it down to 6. OH & of course, I’m giving the 6 standouts away to one lucky winner. Read on for details.

With that, let’s get right into my 6 latest favorites ( IF YOU KNOW OF ANY I’M LEAVING OUT, please share! ):



OMG, really like this. Basically it’s from the brand, THE BEAUTY CHEF & it’s an organic, bio-fermented & coconut-infused probiotic. If you don’t have a probiotic YOU LOVE, be sure to check this one out. It seriously supports the gut. Don’t forget your gut guys! You take this formula as a daily shot ( my style though? ). The shot is a medley: aloe vera, lemon myrtle, coconut water, AND filled with probiotics. YES PLZ, CHEERS !



Speaking of the brand, The Beauty Chef, you also gotta try this gem: BEAUTY POWDER !! THAT’S RIGHT: an all natural powder that’s filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, & extra probiotics designed to improve gut health and enhance the skin from the inside out. It’s kind of a drinkable tonic that you can throw into a berry smoothie. Ingredients? UM INSANE: organic Maqui berry, chickpeas, lentils, mung beans, rice, linseeds, buckwheat, millet, alfalfa seeds, quinoa, chia, pepitas, sunflower seeds, green tea, ginger, turmeric, & more. Plus there are NO artificial colorings, flavourings, preservatives, lactose, dairy or sugar…::DUMPS TWO SCOOPS INTO GREEN JUICE::


WELL DUH. You know this though. Not only is it…$8 bucks but it’s helped my hyperpigmentation SO much. I put it all over my face at night, mix it with CC CREAM, & even take makeup off with it. Rosehip oil kind of does it all. Plus it’s my fine line cure. I swear by this day & night. Make sure you’re getting the organic/raw version. Some rosehip oils can be SHADY! I always go for this one.



This is basically oils & Vitamin C on crack…I was sent this to try & it’s hard NOT to fall in love with it, you know? The elixir is full of bitter orange blossom, sweet iris stem cells, &…what else? Vitamin C. If you’re looking to soothe dryness, diminish the appearance of sun exposure, inspire collagen production ( RAISE YOUR HAND EVERYONE? ), & up your skin’s antioxidants- then this baby is for you. Plus the bottle looks pretty on a vanity! HA.


OK this one is PRICEY BUTTTTT it’s definitely one of the best natural skincare products because I feel like it’s super anti-aging. Go for this if you’re looking for an all-natural investment ( it also lasts a LONG time ). This one is pretty much a skin reset. For the girl who’s fed up & wants something that kind of does it all. It’s known as “your ultimate weapon in the war against skin aging.” The reviews are all insane too- plus it’s 100% natural & non-toxic. Many people in the skincare industry highly recommend this magical elixir. Sign me up!


It’s no secret that one of my favorite brands is Eminence…so are you shocked that I live & die for their body lotion? Also if we’re getting into it here I am a huge fan of their BODY sunscreen too. Arms, neck, & hands guys! Anyway, their coconut body lotion is the perfect post-shower lotion & gives you a nice dewy glow. DID I MENTION IT’S A BODY FIRMING LOTION?! That is right: firms & tightens skin AND is anti-aging. Filled with coconut, shea butter, & grape seed oil- just how I like it. If you’re into the science-y part like me, you should know it contains: plant-based hyaluronic acid, natural retinol alternative, green apple stem cells, & Biocomplex.

So there ya have it: your fountain of youth awaits YOU!

Oh, & I can’t forget the giveaway: going to give away all six of these on TSC’s latest Instagram picture. Head over to Insta for more deets.

Happy Thursday beauties,

X lauryn


Boob Job Realness 1 | The Skinny Confidential

Boob Job Realness | Part II

Updated: April 20, 2017

Boob Job Realness 1 | The Skinny Confidential


HA, I KID but for some reason Boone was very much about this video. I feel like he thinks he’s a real star. Pixy made a cameo but she was a bit bored of Boone’s narcissism.

Ok so ya, today we are talking about boobs.

Boob jobs, boob tube, boob doctors, boob sites, boob everything.

Even some nipple talk too.

The main reason is because I did an Instagram LIVE on boobs last week & I felt like I didn’t get to answer every question. I have a weird thing with answering questions- always want to make sure I’m thorough with you guys, you know?

Boob Job Realness 2 | The Skinny Confidential

If you want an instant boob job & don’t want to go through the surgery, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this very amazing push-up bra. It’s the one I wore pre-boob job. Really it’s an instant lift & holds the girls up.

As you remember we’ve talked about boobs before but there were some specific questions- hence the follow-up post.

Some SparkNotes from the first post before you dive into the video:

A question I get asked a lot: How do they feel? Well, they feel like a boob. I wish you guys could feel them through the computer HAHAHA. I’d let you. I mean, in all honesty if you really, really tried to feel the actual implant, you probably could. But I feel like mine feel pretty real. I guess you’ll have to ask Michael that question. He felt my boobs pre-boob job ( 8th grade #TBT ) AND post boob job so I feel like he’s sort of a connoisseur.

Oh & before anyone hops to conclusions about how I’m a hypocrite because of my healthy lifestyle & blah, blah, blah….


CONSIDER THIS: The reason I love wellness so much today is because my journey has paved this path to health. I am a firm believer that my past experiences have shaped my life today. Each & every experience has led me to share the importance of wellness, health, & balance. Without having ‘stuff’ or adversity or challenges, life would be a real bore.

If I were to sit here and say “I’m Miss Perfect who’s been healthy my whole life & never done anything wrong”, that would be pretty damn boring too. LIKE YAWN, YAWN, YAWN.

I’m here to say: I’ve been down & I’ve gotten up. I’ve been unhealthy & I became healthy. I’ve gotten a boob job & here’s what I learned.

This isn’t an excuse, it’s the truth.

boob job realness | by the skinny confidential

Also, getting boobies taught me a few lessons; this sounds weird but wanting something for so long & putting my own money together to get it ( I paid for them in full at 18 from a boutique job I had in high school ), taught me the following: 1.) how to make my own money for something I really wanted, 2.) the drive to get what I wanted when I wanted it on my own terms, & 3.) PATIENCE- because well, shit. I had to save for 4 years.

Also I feel like it taught me how to figure it out- & be resourceful!

Ok so, would I get a boob job today?

I don’t know. Probably, yes. I think I would. But I’d certainly do more research, eat healthier after surgery, & talk more to my family members/friends than when I was 18.

Oh & honestly, after I have a baby I’ll probably have to get new implants.

Everyone says you have to get new ones after ten years, but I’ve talked to a lot of plastic surgeons who say otherwise. I think everyone is different & you should do what works for you. Personally, I’m not going to get to that ten-year mark & be like “OMG IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS, I NEED NEW IMPLANTS.”

Because well, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Trying to be as transparent as possible here because I’ve gotten A LOT of questions & want to make sure I’m giving the full rundown.

If you want a boob job, don’t base your journey off mine. You do you. Everyone is different.

OK! More questions are answered in the video:


OK to recap, we discussed:

Boob tube
Push-up bra I love
Boob job | part 1 post
Boob tube post
Dr. Harry Glassman interview


Top is Nightcap & sold out | similar here
Black snake skin pillows
Lip plumper
Falsie eyelashes
CC cream
White nail polish

The Skinny Confidential on boob tube.


Ok so RealSelf is like the Yelp of plastic surgery.

Basically it’s the largest/most trusted online community for people interested in plastic surgery to learn & share experiences about cosmetic procedures. There’s literally like 9 million people who go to RealSelf each month to find out which treatments and providers are legit.

Plus the experiences are UNBIASED- which I love.

You can find tons of photos with medical expert answers. It’s like an online resource for those looking for the right doctor/clinic.

The best part? It cuts the bullshit out of it because it’s reviews/BTS/support from real people. They share their treatment experiences with photos, along with doctor reviews, costs, & candid, real deal opinions on what’s worth it ( or not ).

By the way millennial women in the US show higher interest in Breast Augmentation compared to any other cosmetic treatment on the site !!

And no, not sponsored by RealSelf- just want to make sure you guys get the 411 before you commit to a cosmetic procedure!

Leave any questions below- happy to answer them all. As you can see I’m very much an open book on this subject.

AND HAVE YOU JOINED TSC SECRET FB GROUP?? THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD, JUICY TIPS. I’m kind of obsessed with it. You guys are amazing to share all your tips & tricks with every girl in the group. JOIN IF YOU WANT A NON-JUDGEMENTAL, COOL SPACE TO ASK ANYTHING.

Alright! Going to bed, I was up at 5 AM today so I am POOPED- 5 AM & I just don’t mix. Anyway, we’re interviewing a rad guest tomorrow on the podcast so be sure to follow along on Snapchat.

Chat tomorrow, x lauryn

P.S. Michael really, really likes them too. HA!

+ read part 1 of my boob job experience.

{ photos & video }

Boob Job Realness 3 | The Skinny Confidential


mini delites boob glow - b


Updated: April 18, 2017

mini delites boob glow

{ Michael’s THREESOME…cake for his birthday }


{ pink, hand-blown glasses by Capt Neptune }

Hiiiiiii guys !

Forgive me, I’m slightly buzzed from an acupuncture high…weird but I get like high from acupuncture & Chinese cupping– anyone else? I just got done with a session by Taylor Taylor ( two last names, what up ) in Hillcrest. He’s seriously the BEST ever. I cannot tell you how much he’s helped relieve my anxiety. LIFE CHANGING, I AM TELLING YOU.

If you went to Coachella & you’re feeling…like dog shit- call him up. He has you covered.

We went to Coachella for the first time ever this year but surprisingly we were pretty tame- nothing crazy. Not too much champagne actually.

A lot of you have e-mailed me an amazing question that I have to address on the blog: “Lauryn, why are your boobs glowing?”

Well SHIT, I wish they glowed naturally but THEY MOST CERTAINLY DON’T.

They’re glowing because I’ve been using a lot of sheer, shimmery oil on my neck bones & chest. It works super well after a level one spray tan. I figured I’d address the question here but it seems to be the theme of my e-mail inbox this weekend. Strange, but everyone loves a good boob glow right?

Ok what else besides boobs?

{ new glittery TSC iPhone cases }

If you haven’t noticed, you should know I’m very much into the whole Instagram LIVE thing. You gotta get on board if you haven’t met me on LIVE- here’s the thing: it’s like we are hanging out in real-time, in real life. You talk to me, I talk to you- full on convo. It’s fabulous & I couldn’t be more obsessed. Really though, it’s a platform that has absolutely no censorship or facade- because it’s REAL TIME, NO FILTER. If you fuck-up, you fuck-up & that’s that, you know?

So on that note: I’ll be on Instagram LIVE this week!

Here’s the schedule for ya:

♡ Tuesday, April 18th at 6:15 pm PST: a pantry tour plus tips & tricks to organize your own pantry on a budget
♡ Saturday, April 22nd at 5:45 pm PST: get ready with me…a night time look

** follow along here.

None of this is planned or rehearsed, just in the moment. WHICH I LOVE.


summer festival outfit by amazon

{ festival getup…summer lookbook is out too !! }


{ Palm Desert vibes | art by: @theaestate }

This is going to be a fun week on The Skinny Confidential…I have some sassy posts planned for you guys. In the meantime make sure you’ve entered the MEAL PLAN giveaway because it’s a good one.

With that I’m off to read, drink some ginger/turmeric hot tea, & enjoy flute meditation music on my new noise canceling headphones. Some of you asked about the mediation app & it’s called Relax Melodies ( I do the flute mixed with the rain sounds ).

Happy Monday!

Until tomorrow, lauryn x

+ read more about acupuncture & Chinese cupping

{ home deets lately }


mama beauty tips | by the skinny confidential

Magnetic Lashes, Micro-needling, & Beauty Hacks For Mamas

Updated: April 9, 2017


Ok so not much of an intro here because I feel like a lot of you already know Weslie. I mean she’s guest posted on The Skinny Confidential many times ( see here: coffee enemas, hair care, tricks & tips, eyelash extensions ). You can also find her on her new & improved blog, Double You Dot ( my blog design company, BLOG-DOO, actually designed her new blog with her husband Brono…& it looks SICK AF ).

Weslie is a breath of fresh air.

I actually met the mommy of 3 on Instagram 5 years ago & clicked with her immediately.

She’s a very down to earth chick who beats to the tune of her own drum. Seriously though, Weslie makes you feel like you’re in her inner circle in the most relatable way. She’s the farthest thing from catty & is all about collaborating. Basically she rocks.

Her husband, Brono, is super creative & her kids are just SO, SAHHHH CUTE. Like they couldn’t get any cuter.

Ok so I’m going to be guest posting on her blog in the next two weeks— be sure you’re following along! On that note, let’s dive right into BEAUTY…SPECIFICALLY FOR MAMAS.

It’s Friday. Grab a glass of champagne, maybe some Cheez-Its, & get comfy because Weslie is going to break this shit DOWN. Shall we? Alright:

Hey guys!

It’s Weslie.

Lauryn asked me to share a few mommy beauty tips, and before I could even finish reading her email I already had 2 tips that I’ve been dying to share with you right off the bat.

1.) Magnetic Eyelashes, by OneTwo Cosmetics

You read that right. Magnetic lash strips.

mama beauty tips | by the skinny confidential

Guys, these are a game changer. Long gone are the days of glueing strips to your eyes, applying coat after coat of mascara, or carving out time for lash extension fill appointments.

These things seriously upped by makeup game while saving me time and hassle during my makeup application and removal routines. They’re easy peasy, lemon squeezy… while giving you extra dramatic flare.

I have three kids.

Three still pretty young kids at 8, 5, and 2 years old. This means I’m right in the thick of it—I’m at that stage where I’m highly needed for every little thing-by every little person. Emotions run deep, and energies are high 24/7 around my house. I don’t know about you, but for me as a mom, I just don’t want to make the time for extra fussiness in my beauty routine. Less is most definitely more these days.

This is why I explain myself as the beauty minimalist. I want the least amount of stuff on my face as possible while looking put together and like I actually tried. This means that I expect the few products I do choose to use to make a very large impact. These OneTwo magnetic lashes definitely do just that for me. 

The photo on the left is my natural lash with a light coat of mascara, and the photo on the right was taken less than a minute after the first, but I’m wearing my magnetic lashes.

mama beauty tips | by the skinny confidential

Pretty crazy difference, eh?

So…how do they work?

♡ There are two lash strips per eye.

♡ You separate the lash strips and place the first one on top of your lash line.

♡ Then you take second strip and place it underneath your lash line.

♡ The magnets do their job and connect, then they are secured to your lashes.

In simpler terms….you sandwich your natural lashes in between the two magnetic lash strips.

I’ve been wearing mine since November, and they’ve never slipped out of place, or have fallen off once. I love that they accentuate the outer corners of your lash line, and that they’re not too obnoxiously fake looking. No one has come up to me yet and said, “Whoa I like your false eyelashes!”….This is major plus for me.

There was a learning curve when I first started to wear them. For starters, I found out  that they look best when you apply a base coat of mascara concentrating on the middle, to the inner corner of your natural lashes. This helps to blend the magnetic lashes with your natural lashes more seamlessly.

Figuring out how to actually put them on took a few trial applications, but after a bit, I got the hang of it. Now I can put them on in about 15 seconds per eye. Seriously quick, guys. 

And the same goes for taking them off…I pinch the outer corners together, then gently lift them away from my natural lashes. That’s it.

It may all sound too good to be true, but it’s not. They’re real, and I love them.

Click here to shop

2.) My second mom status beauty hack is MICRO-NEEDLING.

It’s my opinion that micro-needling ( also called dermal rolling ) is the future of at home anti-aging skin treatments.

So what is it?

The idea behind micro-needling is this:

You gently roll the entire surface area of your face, neck, and decollate with a tool covered in hundreds of tiny needles, then you apply an anti-aging serum to sleep in overnight.

This sounds scary, I know. I didn’t like the idea of hundreds of tiny needles stabbing my face either, but guys, it’s not that bad. It’s really not! The needles vary in size and even the teensiest, tiniest needles work wonders. It feels more poky and scratchy,  rather than that sharp pain people associate with needles. 

So why do this?

Micro-needling is an extremely effective anti-aging treatment.

The needles puncture microscopic valleys into the skin.

These valleys made by the needles do a few things:

♡ Create a direct channel for anti-aging products to dive into.

♡ This makes the product penetration much deeper, and perform better than they would without micro-needling.

♡ Micro-needling creates a very controlled wound.

♡ With any wound on the skin your body sends extra collagen and blood to the wound.  More blood flow means more oxygenation to that area, which increases cell turn over rate. 

♡ Cell turn over rate is the rate in which skin renews itself. The faster this is, the more youthful your skin will become. And extra collagen helps the skin’s elasticity…plumping it up and making the skin more firm and bouncy, rather than saggy.

Do you see how micro-needling is really a one/two punch? You’re creating better product penetration with your anti-aging serums, while simultaneously “waking up” your skin and reminding it to renew and rejuvenate itself more often.

Consistent at home micro-needling, paired with the right topicals, can change the game for skin texture, uneven skin tone, & lines and wrinkles.

Crazy, right?!?

Micro-needling used to be solely done in med-spas and by dermatologists, but more recently companies have come out with at home micro needling kits, which is sooooo amazing for us moms! I use this one by Rodan and Fields  because I trust that its surgical grade steel needles ( important, guys ), and it comes with all the proper cleaning tabs ( equally important ). And the serum capsules that this comes with can’t be beat. Plus, how adorable! Little capsules! I die every time I break one open.

3.) The final mama beauty hack—well, I had to think about this one….

mama beauty tips | by the skinny confidential

So you know how on Wednesday’s they wore pink? Well, on Thursdays, in my family, we groom.

I know this tip might seem a little obvious, but it’s the best/most realistic mom-in-the-thick-of-it with multiple young children tip I have to offer.

It’s this: condense all grooming and beauty treatments for yourself, and your children, into one block of time on the same day every week.

Create a routine and carve out time to make it happen…or it just wont happen. I know this from experience.

I do this because what mom on earth really has time to pamper herself and three, four, or maybe even five other tiny humans on a day-to-day basis? The answer: NO ONE!

This Thursday ritual ensures that my basic grooming and anti-aging skin care treatments ( plus my kid’s needs ) are met on a weekly basis.

Before our Thursday ritual came about I would haphazardly treat my children’s and my own grooming on an as-needed basis. Like blindly catching fly balls in the dark…I would just tackle things as they flew at me.

I’m neither proud or ashamed to admit that before our Thursday beauty day I would go weeks without shaving…weeks, and months without exfoliating my skin. My nails were always chipped with old polish covering over even older polish. My armpits at times would start to resembles Miley Cyrus’—but unlike Miley, I most definitely wasn’t trying to make a point. My hair was dried out from bleach, and my eyebrows were severely untamed. You get the picture…I was a bit of a slob-kabob.

And my kids….ohhh honey! It felt like at least one of them at any given time had raptor claws as fingernails….I just couldn’t keep up.

To be honest though, I didn’t see any of that. 

I was seeing my kids faces instead. I was putting food in their bellies and making sure they had homework done, and clean clothes to put on. More important than looking good has always been feeling good for us, so, I put all of my attention on making myself and my little tribe of little people feel really good.

mama beauty tips | by the skinny confidential

The downside of this was that my life felt a lot like that game Whack-A-Mole. This way of tackling things just as they popped up made our days more chaotic and complicated, and much more scattered.

So, out of sheer desperation (and a few scary photo moments where I really couldn’t believe it was me I was seeing in the picture) I came up with our Thursday grooming ritual. I decided to hit everyone’s basic grooming needs on the same day, in one block of time, every week.

I broke it down into 4 categories; hair, skin, body, & nails.

Our Thursday nights look like this:


I put raw coconut oil in mine and my kids’ hair and wrap it up in Saran Wrap. I let that sit and soak in for about three hours.

Weekly hair moisture mask…check!


While our hair is soaking up all the coconut oil goodness, I switch gears and focus on my face.

I tweeze any weird hairs, clean up my eyebrows, then pull out the big guns.

I use my PMD self microdermabrasion device all over my face to quickly take off the dead skin cells built up over the week, then I micro-needle my face, neck, and chest.

Lastly, I apply my anti-aging serum.



I dry brush over my entire body working off the dry/dead skin, then give myself an airbrush tan. Yes! I spray tan myself! …And It’s easier than you may think…

My favorite solution is Norvell Organic. It’s organic ( obvi ), and free of parabens, allergens, and never tested on animals. Major plus.



You have to let the airbrush tan sit on your skin for 2-3 hours before you can shower, so in that chunk of time (plus, the oil is still in our hair, remember) I pop popcorn, put on a family movie and go through the kids one by one and do a mini pedicure/manicure on each of them,  then turn to my own nails.


mama beauty tips | by the skinny confidential

Our Thursday ritual has quickly become one of my family’s favorite traditions. It’s been wildly successful! We all look a little kooky during the process with oily hair, and me especially with an overly bronzed body, but we’re in it together. We know no one is coming over, and we’re definitely not going out.

It’s the best multi-tasking family thing we do—- popcorn, movies, and girl talk ( with two added boys ), & getting what needs to be done, done. I’d call that killing two birds with one stone.

So, if you’re a mom with multiple young kids…try this out.

Get organized & condense everything into one chunk of time, once a week and stick to it. Pretty soon it will be routine and everyone will be one the same page. It’s awesome!

follow Weslie on Instagram.




Updated: March 30, 2017

Like I said, nothing with #BEAUTYJUNKIEWEEK is sponsored- it’s all BADASS products. I mean at this point I may just be a human guinea pig because I feel like I’ve tried 27171718 products. And when I love something I COMMIT TO IT. It becomes a staple.

And boyyyy oh boy when it comes to a mask, I commit.

Especially my latest fav.

Full disclosure: the ingredients in this mask aren’t amazing. They’re not organic BUT the efficiency of the mask balances it out. Like I’ve always said, balance your life-like a bank account. Sometimes you get pure almond milk, but you wear a non-organic face mask because of its magical powers. You gotta live you know?

You should also know it IS formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, & Phthalates- which is cool.

Ok let’s break down my favorite mask of the moment: first of all, it’s peel-off. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about peeling off a mask. Especially when it peels off in one pull. Like OMG YES ORGASMIC KIND OF YES PLZ. A single sheet style, one pull.

ANOTHER plus, is it is silver.

Ok so I have a few comments here on the perfect silver color. It brightens your eyes which is fine- especially when you’re like me & leave the mask on for an hour and a half. ( Which is slightly psycho because the directions say to leave it on for 20 minutes. But that’s neither here nor there ). But it is fun to have super bright eyes & teeth for 75 minutes. You feel like the Tin Man.

At $70 bucks it’s a bit pricey buttttt worth every penny in my opinion. Plus it’s a cute purple jar that looks chic on a vanity. It’s honestly the best mask so I feel like I have to do what I have to do here.

As Sephora says: “An instant firming and tightening silver peel off treatment, plus a convenient brush for application. Gravitymud Firming Treatment is an innovative formula that changes color from white to a brilliant chrome and peels off to leave skin feeling tighter and more lifted. Mega-targeted ingredients work together to help skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined.”

I like to use it twice a week before makeup application.

Afterwards my skin feels instantly more firm, toned, & lifted. The mask contains hyaluronic acid to plump skin instantly, plus anti-aging gems like Icelandic kelp, algae extract, & antioxidants.

OH? AND THE BEST PART IS, IT SMELLS like a tropical piña colada. It must be because it has marshmallow + licorice leaf.

So yes, that’s right- smells delicious.

Makes me want to grab a beach towel & head outside.

If you want to see it action head over to Snapchat now: @laurynevarts.

Has anyone tried this mask? Thoughts? Any other masks I need to try?

Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend!

x lauryn