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algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential



algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidentialWELL, WELL, WELL! Look what we have here- another SKINCARE post.

Shocking! But not really at all because you guys are like me AND JUST LOVE SKIN. I have been looking at my analytics ( for once in my whole life ! ) & have really seen that we all share the same obsession: SKIN. I can’t say I’m surprised- but really, are you?

Anyway, I figured this would be a good time to have a happy hour-like conversation with you & we could go over the products that have been keeping my skin VERY hydrated after surgery ( boob job revision if you didn’t know ).

So yah, I have been sharing here & there on IG Stories but you know that isn’t enough for me ( or you! ); I like to get specific & IG Stories is hard to keep organized. HENCE THE BLOG POST! Ok, ok- I’ll get to the point: POST-SURGERY SKIN VIBES.

I feel like the best way here is to just breakdown each product/tool & tell you WHY I LOVVVVEE. Shall we? Of course we shall ( but then you shall tell me some of your tips below? ). With that:


IDEAL FOR POST SURGERY…because did you know Karl Lagerfeld BATHES in this stuff. That’s right- yes, I kid you not. The second this stuff arrived on my doorstep I ate it up. Skin felt: FRESH- CHECK ✓, DEWY- CHECK ✓, TIGHT- CHECK ✓. I’m SO not a fan of over-cleansing. I like to cleanse in the morning or night but not both, so this cleansing milk solves the problem. Because here’s the catch- you don’t use water with it. That’s right, just use an organic cotton round & rub it all over your face. I’m a fan of going upwards here but you do you. This magic milk also removes makeup.

OH & did I mention it’s for babies too? Which we just love. Because if it’s fussy enough for a baby’s skin, it’s good for troop TSC. We don’t ask for much.

You can find this at French pharmacies or online.

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director of Glamour UK says “it is the secret to my skin, because it makes it so soft. It brings my face to life. I’ve never talked about it because I’ve never wanted to share it, but I do think this is a wonder product. People always ask me, ‘What are you buying in the French pharmacies?’ I’m always saying, ‘You can get everything everywhere now, but this is the one thing.”

For the naysayers who are going to ask: “why not use micellar water?” Well it’s different- it’s milky, you know the consistency. The micellar water smells & feels chemical-y to me. I hate that, you know? When products are ruined with that chemical-ish smell. Anyway, my magic milk obsession certainly doesn’t smell like your tile cleaning spray. My skin also feels softer after Collosol.

Again, perfect for post-surgery or any kind of recovery really.algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidentialalgenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential


WE MEET AGAIN! Really, we’ve been here before. If you haven’t stocked up on collagen lip treatment, what is life? Lip wrinkles are a thing. And this treatment is all the rage. Like no prune lips for us TSC-ers. Only nice plump, hydrated pouts. This stuff is BADASS- if you want to get scientific because sometimes you do? Here you go: it has botanical lip enhancers + hundreds of beads of micro algae oil in collagen water to help visibly fill out lips/improve lip definition with long-lasting benefits. JAZZ HANDS because it’s filled with active plant collagen AND Alguronic Acid ( which helps smooth the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles on the lips and mouth area for a youthful, more enhanced appearance ). WE LOVE TO KEEP IT YOUTHFUL!

While we’re at it we need to discuss THE LIQUID COLLAGEN. It very much goes along with the whole theme of hydration here: you know for the last 3 to 4 months I have been using liquid collagen by Algenist ( remember! I told you this here ). Anyway, I’m telling you there’s something about this stuff guys. It really is gold. My skin eats it up-ESPECIALLY AFTER SURGERY. I was as dry as a desert. Between the lip treatment & the liquid collagen, I’ve been good.

Funny story: my whole team of girls ( Emily, Val, Mimi ) are all huge fans too- even Arielle, my photographer, is on board. We have all fallen in love- & that’s when I know a product RULES. One that I can recommend to you knowing that you will receive it in the mail & love it. One that I know you will tell YOUR friends about & one that I know will make us a real hydrated bunch.

algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidentialalgenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential

ELEMIS’ INSANE Frangipani Monoi Body Oil


This truly exotic oil is rapidly absorbed providing superior moisturization for dry, parched or mature skin. Smells like coconut & flowers.

Don’t sue me here: I USED THIS ON MY TITS!!!!! I need to keep my boobs nice & soft after surgery so this oil saved my girls. I even added this to my chest & shoulders after surgery too. Dr. Lancer who’s like this famous Derm. who does Kim K.’s skin told me that you should never forget your chest, SHOULDERS, & back. SO NOW!! LOOK AT ME!!

I AM NOT FORGETTING. And neither are you hopefully because this post is maybe inspiring you to remember those shoulders !! And boobs…of course.algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential

algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential


You know I loved these after surgery…I mean I used them 23402 times on IG Stories. This mask smells the part: WATERMELON MADNESS. I like the way they come too- they’re in these cute, little watermelon packets that look perfect on the IG feed. You will like, trust me. I like to mask on the weekends while I read. WHEN I MASK, I commit to it- you know?

To get detailed: WHAT’S IN IT?

This one-of-a-kind sheet mask gets its jelly texture from a blend of watermelon extract and natto gum. That’s right, it’s a sheet mask made out of watermelons that gives you all the benefits of the amino-acid rich fruit directly into the skin. HYDRATION SITUATION!algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidentialalgenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential


This is called “I can’t lift my hands above my head after surgery so I have to be strategic”. More than a facial massager, this is a makeup remover. And yes, it also massages your face which is a real plus. I put oil ( as you can see I used The Vintner’s Daughter oil ) to remove my makeup or get the lymphatic flow going. If we’re getting specific ( & we are since this is like happy hour, right? ): I also used this pink Foreo on my chest- I wanted to get my circulation going, you know? Dr. Barrett ( my surgeon ) told me that he’s never seen a patient heal as quickly as me- I attribute that to little things like this that ADD UP. Every step counts. Especially when it comes to skin!

algenist collagen liquid serum and lip | by the skinny confidential


OH WAIT, you know I can’t forget about the pink box– I wouldn’t do that to you. A TSC reader, Heidi Mares, recommended this gem for my skincare AND I LOVE IT!! Isn’t it perfect. Everything fits right in it. I lugged this around in the car which was easy & efficient post-surgery. Like, I didn’t have to go digging for my oil when I was tired & lazy.

With that: what are your TOP hydration recommendations- get into it. I want all the details.

I’m off to watch The Soprano’s- we are RE-watching it. I’m having such a Tony S. moment. I JUST love him so much. Maybe more than lymphatic drainage. MAYBE.

Hope you’re all having an insanely productive week.

Kiss, kiss, & lots of collagen, lauryn x


++ more lip collagen realness HERE.

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tsc him her podcast cupcakes cashmere grove la



tsc him her podcast cupcakes cashmere grove la


Wow. Let me just say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the show and spend the evening in the park with us. You are all incredible and it meant so much to meet and connect with so many of you. What a badass group of gorgeous women.

This episode was family friendly as we chatted with Emily Schuman and Geoffery Fuller from Cupcakes & Cashmere. We cover working together as a couple, building a personal brand into a mega brand and product line, and challenges of parenting.

We also answer some audience Q & A on relationship advice, balancing being a mother and running a business, plus we share personal development book recs. For full details check out the show notes: HERE.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, don’t worry you can check out a peek below. Plus we will definitely be planning some more live podcasts. Be sure to comment what city you want us in below and on my latest IG. With that let’s dive in:



+ full podcast episode
+ how to brand
+ social media strategy


♡ @koparibeauty
Ahhh Kopari is one of my favorites! Their coconut cleansing oil is FAB. You have to try their mini oil pullers too. So efficient. They gave so many goodies for the swag bags. Hope whoever came grabbed a lip gloss!

♡ @tavinoir
My friend, Charlotte, is the founder of this company AND GUYS, they make the cutest socks. They’re like these sassy, PINK barre socks with the stickies on them. You can wear them to Pilates…or the bar- like the actual bar. They’re THAT amazing.

♡ @lorealmakeup
If you do one thing to take care of your skin PLEASE remove your makeup at the end of the day. This allows your skin to breathe and helps maintain healthy, glowing skin. Loreal makes it easy with scrubs to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. NO EXCUSES.

♡ @katherinecosmetics
Huge thanks to Katherine Cosmetics. She filled the goodie bags with so many fun makeup products. Next time you’re in Flower Hill go say hi ( her branding is so fun ). I heard she even has wine at her store. Wine & makeup? YES PLEASE. Oh, all her makeup is natural AKA no animal testing, parabens, or gluten.

♡ @foursigmatic powders
We have been drinking this company’s mushroom-infused elixirs and coffees for over a year now. When we need a break from coffee but still need that extra morning jolt and focus, the Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga is the way to go.

♡ @rebbl
so delicious in an AM smoothie. Try their chocolate protein & thank me later. I do it with added protein & chia seeds over ice & it’s kind of the best smoothie EVER!

tsc him her podcast cupcakes cashmere grove la

♡ @labno25
Lab25 is the fashion destination for unique up-and-coming designers. From spicy red pants to perfectly tailored crop tops they have it all to keep you looking and feeling your best.

♡ @dagnedover
By fusing fashion with athlete-caliber function, these products are designed to support you in living smart – even if it’s as simple as packing for a commute that goes from home to the office to spin.

♡ @ritual
Forget everything you thought you knew about vitamins. Ritual is the brand that’s reinventing the experience with 9 essential nutrients women lack the most. If you’re ready to invest in your health, check out Ritual.

♡ @glowskincarela
Steam, cleanse, custom mask with lymphatic massage, serums, moisturizer and lots of SPF. This 25 minute facial is perfect for the girl on the go, who needs some lymphatic drainage and an amazing glow.

♡ @garnierusa
Garnier is working to create a cleaner, greener, gorgeous future. Through a wide range of quality products plus sustainability initiatives, together we can create Beauty Responsibly.

♡ @poopourri
Personally, I am a huge fan of the lavender vanilla & the original citrus. Spritz it into the toilet bowl before-you-go. The spray is a pure blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS that creates a film on the surface of the water.

♡ @blogdoo
My company that I co-founded with Erica of FashionLush. It’s by bloggers, for bloggers. Your one-stop-shop for blog design. Stalk our site.

tsc him her podcast cupcakes cashmere grove la

♡ @kimkellyfit x @tscbody
WHOLE BODY HEALTH & personal/group exercise trainer who I LOVE SO MUCH. So much actually, Kim is the featured trainer on TSC BODY GUIDE. Our collaboration launches soon so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve been REALLY refining this guide. It’s my exact workouts I’ve been doing with Kim for the past year & a half. She’s CHANGED the game when it comes to my fitness.

♡ @lovesuja
Be sure to check out Suja’s NEW PROBIOTIC MEDLEY. It’s REAL good & full of good bacteria. My favorite flavor? The Pineapple Lemon Cayenne, duh! Spicy AND good for the gut. I’m in.

♡ @thistleco
Healthy meals, made easy. No more groceries, cooking or take out! they fill your fridge with super healthy, plant-based meals for less than the cost of going out. VERY TSC.

♡ @lalicious
I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THEIR BROWN SUGAR VANILLA SCRUB. I use it every time I shower. You know if you watch my IG LIVES. But really, it’s such a good product. And it smells INSANE.

♡ @spindriftfresh
If you follow me on IG Stories or Snap you know I DRINK GRAPEFRUIT SPINDRIFT A LOT. It’s so good with fresh basil & lemon. YUMMMMM. Plus their branding is on point, you know?

♡ @dangfoods
A family operated company working to reinvent familiar foods into tasty, globally-inspired, better-for-you snacks. Using minimal ingredients, all Dang products are non-GMO project verified, gluten-free and a majority are vegan and a good source of fiber.

♡ @ladureeus
Ever heard of the macaron? Ladurée invented it. Founded in France in 1862, it is possibly the most well-known luxury pastry shop in the world.

♡ @sockerbitnyc
A goodie bag isn’t complete without some candy right? Sockerbit created an epic candy bar for everyone to enjoy some sweets during the podcast. I love the sour watermelons.


+ SIMPLY comment the next city you want a LIVE PODCAST in on my latest IG post.

Thank you for your attention!

x, lauryn


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skincare sale picks from the skinny confidential dr dennis gross kate somerville



skincare sale picks from the skinny confidential dr dennis gross kate somerville

Hello, hello!

I’m back with another reminder to take care of your skin. Surprise, surprise.

I get asked A LOT about affordable skincare products. A lot, a lot.

There are SO many things you can do to maintain your skin on a budget, from slathering oils like jojoba or rosehip to using your hands or a vibrator for facial massage.

Today though we’re talking INVESTMENT products. These are some of my FAVORITE, MASTER LIST products. You’ve heard me talk about these items before and that’s because they’re that good. These are items I invest in because 1. they WORK and 2. our skin is worth the investment. AND GUESS WHAT?


ALL OF THEM. For major discounts until TOMORROW. That’s right – the prices go back to normal next week so make sure to stock up today.

Let’s dive in:


supergoop spf sunscreen importance by the skinny confidential


If you do ONE thing for your skin PLEASE wear sunscreen DAILY. Even if you don’t plan on being outside much it’s important to put it on. Sunscreen helps protect you from the sun to prevent lines and wrinkles. It’s important to wear at LEAST 30 SPF. Did you know that indirect sun exposure from going to your car or the store adds up over time? We’re talking the equivalent of 3 days laying in the sun over the course of a year. Dr. Dennis told us this on the latest TSC HIM & HER podcast episode after he did a study. Gnarly huh! Also be sure to wear giant sunglasses and put SPF on your eyelids. Try the mist sunscreen too –  it’s how you can wear sunscreen without messing up your makeup. No more excuses everyone.


Dr. Dennis knows what’s up when it comes to prevention and anti-aging. He’s been a guest on TSC HIM & HER Show twice ( pt. 1 & pt. 2 ) and he never fails to teach me something new. From his peel pads to the facial steamer and now these goggles you can say I’m a fan. Using LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production, you can expect improved skin density and smoothed fine lines. These goggles are easy to use and even Michael gets a turn. You can learn more about why I love the peel pads in my PM skincare routine video.


Another skincare powerhouse is Kate Somerville. Her products are expertly crafted to give you results. We got the entire scoop on TSC HIM & HER podcast 109. If you’re looking for some major hydration check out dermal quench. It plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Another must have from Kate that’s also on sale is Exfolikate. Using scrubbing exfoliants and fruit enzymes, this product will brighten and renew your skin. You can see exactly how I use it in my AM skincare routine video.


Coconut oil is great for pretty much everything right? From cooking to beauty to sex it always works. Kopari is amazing because they’ve figured out how to create the best experience with coconut oil. It’s chic and easy to take with you anywhere. My obsession is the coconut rose toner. It tightens and balances your skin. This Kopari set is perfect for the girl on the go because each item is travel sized. Walk off your next flight with dewy, hydrated skin. Yes plz.


Here’s a little bonus for ya ( yes I realize this isn’t skincare ): the KARDASHIAN BLANKET IS ON SALE!!! I’m on a mission for everyone to try this blanket because it’s 100% TSC-APPROVED. In fact, it’s a thing. Like DM pictures of you in the sumptuous blanket, tag me, or hell- even email me. Once you get one, you will get it. If you’re on the hunt for a chic, buttery, perfect blanket- THIS IS IT. Promise.

Remember skin is in. LEAD WITH YOUR SKIN. Happy shopping & enjoy your Saturday!

x, lauryn


ingrid the method fitness french tips by the skinny confidential



ingrid the method fitness french tips by the skinny confidentialINGRID IS BACK!

If you don’t follow Ingrid, you have to because she is FAB. If you remember correctly, I stalked her on Instagram for years & then we finally met in Morocco. You can read about that whole dance here. When we finally met in Morocco, we connected instantly.

Ingrid, Gil ( her husband ), Michael & I met in this tiny, hip joint in Morocco. It’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite restaurant so we felt very glamorous. Ingrid recommended we order white wine because “it’s a skinny drink- easy to sip, not easy to chug like rosé, so you don’t get too buzzed.” Then she ordered apps for the table- veggies with a small side of pasta because she’s all about balance.

Anyway, I invited her back on The Skinny Confidential for a few reasons: 1.) I think she provides a lot of value- she is always sharing ( not hiding!!! ) her tips, tricks, & secrets. 2.) Most importantly: the French way is JUST different- there’s something effortless & chic about how they eat, drink, & workout- and I want in on it. If I want in on it, I’m sure a bunch of you guys do too.


Ingrid is the founder and creator of THE METHOD®. More than a workout, it’s a lifestyle based on the principles that THE MIND controls THE BODY. Strength, health & well-being start in your POWERHOUSE – THE METHOD® builds your core as your foundation with a cognitive brain to body technique called CONTROLOGY™ Integration. This innovative system induces seamless advanced execution of elaborate, complex, uniquely modified movements, and a different approach to weight-loss and weight-management, departing from the word DIET and focusing on managing! Cortisol (stress hormone) levels, negotiating with the right hormones and taking control of your weight and health is at its root, rather than relying on food restrictions or jumping on diet or cleanse band-wagons. Ingrid got this figured out all the way from Monaco, and if following her hacks can get you to live the stress-free dolce vita she has in France, then listen up:


1 – Always workout on an empty stomach

This allows you to tap into your reserves rather than burning what you just ate. Being on an empty stomach also keeps your energy level high and prevents that morning fogginess. My athletes ( and I work with a few professional athletes ) for the most part, enjoy working out on an empty stomach at least an hour or two before training.

If you’re working out on an empty stomach, your muscles rely on stored glycogen or reservoirs of fat. Besides, by training on an empty stomach or after a light meal, it means that your body is not preoccupied with digesting huge amounts of food, but instead is able to deliver large amounts of oxygen to your muscles and potentially burn more fat!

2 – Pre-workout with COFFEE

What I usually do ( and I got this tip from one of my famous, pro tennis players ) is fuel up with coffee. Coffee gets a bad rep, but for people like me that really need to be performing during workouts ( especially because I line them up with clients every day ) coffee enhances your athletic performance:

a- Coffee is an effective pre-workout drink

b- Coffee boosts metabolism. It contains caffeine, a stimulant shown to enhance our metabolic rate.

c- Coffee enhances athletic performance.

d- Coffee gives better concentration during workouts.

e- Coffee reduces muscle pain.

I added my own little twist to make it even more of an effective pre-workout drink by adding INULIN powder to it. It’s natural FIBER, so it fills me up and keeps me satiated for hours during workouts, and helps keep my cortisol level down by relaxing my digestive system even though I feel full.

3 – Use a trainer whose body shape you admire

Never ever train with a trainer whose body shape you don’t like. Chances are if he or she has big bulky muscles, this is what he/she knows how to build on others, and will only give you the wrong nutritional advice along with the wrong sets of exercises. If you want long lean muscles, your trainer has to have them too. You shouldn’t work with someone who doesn’t practice the same as what they preach.

4 – Skip the weights

If you are trying to lose weight or you are trying to lean out, don’t do weights at the gym. This will not lengthen your muscles into long graceful curves. You certainly need to firm up and get strong, but you don’t need to take on INCHES of muscle and lose your feminine curves. Instead, use resistance bands and weights no more than 4lbs.

5 – Don’t eat fiber to squash carbs

Everyone has been so flooded with information about the goodness of fiber and how it flushes carbs out of your system ( which is true by the way ), but operate with caution here. Eating GG crackers isn’t a license to eat excess protein. I’ve been eating GG crackers for a long time, but when I started recommending it to clients, I realized many of them were hitting a plateau in their weight-loss journey.

I realized that advising eating 8 GG crackers per day meant topping your GGs with proteins x 8 because not too many of us like their GGs without a topping. Adding that to 3 regular meals per day causes excess protein intake. We are already protein-likers, we like our protein, and often we don’t associate it with carbs, but a deficiency or excess in protein will cause your metabolism to go out of wack. With GGs, you heard that the gram Amount of Fiber can be deducted from the gram amount of carbs = total carbs eaten. Automatically, the majority of us will think it is a license to eat more carbs, and I’ve seen this behavior of entitlement cause the plateau in weight-loss with so many of my clients and followers.

I myself realized eating too much fiber to flush the carbs out of my body got my digestive system to work overtime, which is stressful for the metabolism and ultimately raises cortisol levels to unhealthy highs that also cause weight-gain or plateauing.

6 – DON’T use protein powder EVER, unless you have a nutritional deficiency

Let’s say as a vegetarian you don’t get much protein from your food because you don’t eat meat or poultry and even then you can still rely on protein rich real food like eggs, dairy, and legumes. Protein powder is not for regular people, it was originally used for meal replacements like slim fast and for body builders to build bigger muscles.

Short of having such deficiency, having protein powder while eating normal protein portions of  chicken, meat, fish or our 2-3 egg omelette will bring you into excess protein intake which will affect your hormones, and either cause weight gain or hitting a plateau in your WEIGHT-LOSS process. You are not a professional athlete working out 6 hours a day, you don’t need protein powder to build muscles. You need to work out and work out smart.

7 – STOP JUMPING on diet trends

In the majority of cases, weight gain is not due to eating huge quantities of food, eating too many carbs or too many calories, it’s due to wrong diets for your hormonal profile. DIETS aren’t one size fits all. Yes you need fiber in your daily nutrition, yes you need to be mindful of your carbs and your sugar intake, but for many of us, even eating “the right way” sometimes just doesn’t work as we wish. That’s because we have to approach this from a hormonal stand point.

The promise of a high fiber diet for example, ( which is one I swear by ) didn’t work for all my clients. Some experienced more bloating, water retention and overall only lost weight the first month in. There are so many factors to think about when it comes to hormones and dieting, the first one being your cortisol level ( which is your STRESS HORMONE ): triggering a high cortisol level can be caused by very straining workouts, difficult digestion, or stressing out in traffic jams. All this to say, if your cortisol level is constantly skyrocketing, your GHRELIN hormone rises ( hunger hormone ) and makes you crave high-carb foods. Refusing to satisfy the GHRELIN hormone will eventually get your insulin level to rise on its own and BAM: weight gain ensues while you actually didn’t even give in to the craving.

YOU need to stop jumping on all these diet bandwagons and simply find a balanced-nutritional habit that will negotiate kindly with your hormones and with your cortisol level.

Getting on diets is stressful, being worried about whether you will be able to eat what the diet prescribes when you go out will raise your cortisol level and the vicious circle starts again. Diets are not sustainable.

8 – Don’t juice

Just don’t do it- the nutrients are stripped out of your veggies and fruits. The satiation signals only last a few hours at best. You need to chew to feel satisfied and to feel at peace. If you are juicing you are again sending signals of dissatisfaction to your hormones, which will eventually make you more irritable, make your mind more clouded and raise cortisol levels up, leading again to weight-gain. Juicing is not a sustainable solution. You might lose some weight first but the deficiencies it causes will cause weight-gain the minute you get back to real food.

9 – STOP doing CARDIO!

You aren’t sculpting your body lean, you aren’t building muscles and you certainly aren’t burning fat this way. This is such a myth. Cardio and especially sprints & intervals bring your cortisol levels to the roof.

Wait!!! I thought cardio burns more calories. Not necessarily. In fact, when we do too much cardio for our bodies or do the same cardio most days, we burn less calories. When you’re body gets stressed from repetitive movement, it fights with all its might to hold on to what you got and a shift in your metabolism also can happen. It burns fuel less efficiently.

In addition, when we do the same 30-60 minute StairMaster or Elliptical routine most days, your body goes into “auto-pilot” mode—lacking variety and intensity. Lastly, when we do too much intensity, your body goes into “I am running from a bear at all times” mode ( i.e. stress )—leading back to point 1 ( elevated cortisol )—which works against you. Geez! It is a fine line.

Those two conditions in your muscle fibers are the reason you may gain some weight. Your body responds to the micro tears and inflammation in two ways that cause temporary water weight gain…. You will also most likely experience delayed onset muscle soreness in the 24 to 36 hours after exercising.

So instead, rely on high density resistance and strength training. Think power Pilates (something SIMILAR to THE METHOD® ) is great because those programs include cardio sculpt sets. And while the word cardio is in it, because you are not using intervals or spinning ranges of motion, your cortisol level rises only to a healthy level necessary to weight loss.

10 – Intermittent fasting

Cut off dinner time at 8:30 pm to the next day at 1pm. Why? Because 3 to 4 meals a day is a lot of stress on your digestive system. Even if you are a fiber freak, and actually especially if you are a fiber freak.

All the digestive efforts we put our bodies thru elevates cortisol levels and leads to weight gain. I find that intermittent fasting works great as a way to rest your body and get hormones in check. Now, I am also very careful to advise this because many “all or nothing” kind of personalities are assholes about it and push their fasting limits longer in an effort to be “EXTRA EXTRA” and end up fainting and being unhealthy.

I. F. is not a calorie cutting system, it is a resting system meant to cause less stress to the body. You aren’t supposed to run yourself dry and exhausted on it; on the contrary. So by being “extra” you are just being an asshole! Don’t be one of those! INTERMITTENT FASTING must be done intelligently for the benefits to kick in:

Start your day with coffee and inulin powder ( its natural fiber powder made out of chickoree or artichoke root), and cashew or almond milk ( no sugar added of course ). If you like your coffee sweet add SUKRIN GOLD ( I hate Truvia or Stevia so Sukrin is great ), and drink it in calm and quiet to keep your cortisol low. Go workout and elect a smart workout as discussed here above.

The INULIN will provide you with all the benefits of FIBER without the digesting process of eating GG crackers or all bran cereals. Fiber is indigestible and makes you feel satiated for hours.

Once lunch time comes, don’t let the “entitlement to eat” feeling take over. It’s not because you fasted that you can eat a cow- eat what you would normally eat, had you had breakfast. You will not be more hungry. You will find yourself calmer, and having more clarity, you will feel less bloat, less water retention and will definitely feel and see the benefits of your workouts much faster and better.

My insta is @ingriddelamarekenny. And of course more info is available about THE METHOD® & you can find more about me on

THANK YOU INGRID for coming on the The Skinny Confidential. Hope you guys loved her tips! – lauryn x

+ another post on Ingrid here.

++ more health & wellness tips here.


where to pierce your ears piercing 101 by tsc



where to pierce your ears piercing 101 by tsc

OMIGOD! You guys asked, now it’s my turn to deliver.

PIERCINGS!!! SO many of you have DM’d me asking specifically about my piercing. I wanted to get back to you ALL in a timely manner with this post.

First of all: meet EVAN. I was introduced to Evan by my best friend, Erica of Fashionlush. She raved about him non-stop. Finally I went in & pulled the trigger. Literally. He pierced me! Evan works at Enigma Piercing in Northpark, CA. & is a total fucking badass in the piercing industry.

He takes his craft as serious as a heart attack. He doesn’t screw around- everything is sterile, thought out & well done. You should also know his place of work has the coolest little studs & hoop earrings. We found a few similar earrings to the ones I have here (moon), here (spike),  here (conch) & here (cross hoops) but if you’re in San Diego go see Evan & he will set you up.

Before you meet him & get specifics, I have to note: I prefer bright white, diamond-y earrings because I feel like it brightens the whites of the eyes & teeth…which is ideal…especially when taking a selfie. Evan knows my crazy theories so he really helped me lay my piercings out strategically.

SO WITH THAT, MEET EVAN- he’s going to give you the 411 on piercings & he will break down EXACTLY what I have.


Evan Spencer: I got into piercing at a young age ( 17 ). Before that I was always interested in it.

I grew up in the 90’s when that scene started to get popular in alternative culture, and I was fascinated by it. I honestly wanted to learn how to do it, just to do it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I was able to get a formal apprenticeship at a studio in Scottsdale ( where I lived at the time ) and devoted most of my time to learning everything I could, taking anatomy classes, microbiology classes, learning about appropriate materials for jewelry, and high quality jewelry.

I wanted to learn how to do everything the safest way possible with the best end result. I loved the idea of helping someone create something unique, and being able to facilitate a positive experience.


ES: Oh man, there’s a lot of bad advice and misinformation out there when it comes to piercing. The worst is probably “you can get it at ( insert name of random place ) for cheaper”.

When going with cheaper options, you’ll almost always sacrifice quality.  Some of the worst advice for aftercare I hear is the use of harsh chemicals, or twisting/rotating jewelry while healing.

Also going with a cheaper product as far as jewelry cost is concerned is generally bad advice. There’s so much low-quality, mass-produced overseas jewelry out there now, you don’t really know what you’re getting as far as safe material unless it’s made in the US under our metal standards.


ES: Piercing guns… So this design is based on what is being used to tag livestock. There’s no way to properly sterilize the body of the piercing gun ( it’s plastic and would melt under the conditions in a steam autoclave)  not to mention the people using these devices aren’t properly trained in cross-contamination/preventing disease transmission.

The piercing gun pierces with the piece of jewelry, which creates a tear in the tissue rather than a clean wound, which makes significant amounts of scar tissue more likely, is more painful, and more complicated for the body to heal.

We see a lot of problems/infection due to the use of piercing guns.

Luckily, these days a lot of people, including parents, are doing research and bringing their children to professionals for earlobe piercings. This way the piercings are done safely, accurately, and with single-use implements.


ES: Is piercing an art? I think this question is a point of contention in our industry. Personally I would view the actual process as a technical skill. However, I think picking out certain pieces of jewelry/having jewelry custom-made, and determining where to place certain piercings or multiple piercings on someone’s anatomy requires a bit of an artistic flair.

I would ask the person wearing the jewelry, do you think your piercings are art?

You may get different answers but you know, in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes.


ES: I’ve pierced your conch, your helix, your earlobe,  and your rook. You’re super fun to work with because of your taste and willingness to experiment with different options.

Generally, you’ll come in with an idea of what you want or a picture for reference. Since everyone’s anatomy is different I get to take a look at your ideas, and suggest something that works with your particular anatomy. Then we get to decide on jewelry options, which is half of the fun!

There’s so many unique pieces being made these days and they each give a piercing a different look.

+ conch: bowl-shaped part in the center of your ear
+ helix: cartilage
+ rook: fold of cartilage above your conch
+ first, second & third earlobes


ES: The online jewelry sales is a tough one to answer. A lot of quality brands don’t sell online. My favorite brand ( Body Vision Los Angeles ) only sells to high-end piercing studios. Of course I’m going to tell you to come into the studio and purchase jewelry since that’s our business model.

The best brands in the industry are Anatometal, Body Vision, Industrial Strength, and Intrinsic. Some pieces can be found on Body Art Forms which is an online retailer, and lately we’ve been looking into starting an online retail format.


ES:  My suggested aftercare is sterile saline wound wash twice daily, and a thorough rinse at the end of your shower. Keep the jewelry clean and the area dry.

I do not suggest the use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Chemicals are too harsh for a healing piercing.  They will kill new cellular growth faster than the body can produce it, as well as dry the area out.

Most importantly, don’t touch or play with your piercings while they’re healing!


ES: Here are 6 tips:

+ Eat a meal or small snack before getting pierced, it’ll make sure your blood sugar is at a healthy level, and make the process much easier!

+ Find out who is an APP member in your area ( Association of Professional Piercers ).

+ Make sure the studio you’re getting pierced at uses high-end jewelry, all US made, either implant grade titanium, or solid gold.

+ Take the advice of your piercer when choosing placement/ jewelry options.

+ Follow your piercer’s aftercare!

+ Pick jewelry you’ll be happy with for the duration of your healing process.

Quality work and quality jewelry cost money, and it will be money well spent when you have a happy, healed piercing.


ES: Yes they hurt! But not as badly as you think. This also depends on the skill level of your piercer, and the quality of the needles and jewelry used. I use only the highest quality, silicone-coated needles. The jewelry also plays an important factor.

You never ever want to be pierced with externally threaded jewelry( where the threads are carved on to post ). This is would be akin to running serrated metal through the wound, and can cause a lot of damage.

Always make sure jewelry for all piercings is threaded internally.


ES: Do your research and find a reputable piercer!

Relax. The more relaxed you are the easier the whole process is.

Ask your piercers opinion on placement/jewelry style or options. A trained professional will have a good eye for this aesthetic, and make will be able to make it compliment and flow with your anatomy.


ES: I’ve been professionally piercing for 16 years. I can be found at Enigma Professional Piercing studios in San Diego, and on instagram @evanspencerw.

You can call me or message me to set something up. I’ll take appointments as well as walk-ins, and love working with people’s ideas and getting a feel for them, so we can create something unique and amazing!

THANK YOU EVAN FOR BEING ON THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL. STALK EVAN ON INSTAGRAM & CHECK OUT ENIGMA PIERCINGS HERE. Tell Evan The Skinny Confidential sent you if you go get pierced & you will receive 10% off your piercings- have fun! & of course, if you have any questions for Evan leave them below.

x, lauryn