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Updated: March 26, 2017

Like I said, nothing with #BEAUTYJUNKIEWEEK is sponsored- it’s all BADASS products. I mean at this point I may just be a human guinea pig because I feel like I’ve tried 27171718 products. And when I love something I COMMIT TO IT. It becomes a staple.

And boyyyy oh boy when it comes to a mask, I commit.

Especially my latest fav.

Full disclosure: the ingredients in this mask aren’t amazing. They’re not organic BUT the efficiency of the mask balances it out. Like I’ve always said, balance your life like a bank account. Sometimes you get pure almond milk, but you wear a non-organic face mask because of its magical powers. You gotta live you know?

You should also know it IS formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, & Phthalates- which is cool.

Ok let’s break down my favorite mask of the moment: first of all, it’s peel-off. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about peeling off a mask. Especially when it peels off in one pull. Like OMG YES ORGASMIC KIND OF YES PLZ. A single sheet style, one pull.
ANOTHER plus, is it is silver.

Ok so I have a few comments here on the perfect silver color. It brightens your eyes which is fine- especially when you’re like me & leave the mask on for an hour and a half. ( Which is slightly psycho because the directions say to leave it on for 20 minutes. But that’s neither here nor there ). But it is fun to have super bright eyes & teeth for 75 minutes. You feel like the Tin Man.

At $70 bucks it’s a bit pricey buttttt worth every penny in my opinion. Plus it’s a cute purple jar that looks chic on a vanity. It’s honestly the best mask so I feel like I have to do what I have to do here.

As Sephora says: “An instant firming and tightening silver peel off treatment, plus a convenient brush for application. Gravitymud Firming Treatment is an innovative formula that changes color from white to a brilliant chrome and peels off to leave skin feeling tighter and more lifted. Mega-targeted ingredients work together to help skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined.”

I like to use it twice a week before makeup application.

Afterwards my skin feels instantly more firm, toned, & lifted. The mask contains hyaluronic acid to plump skin instantly, plus anti-aging gems like Icelandic kelp, algae extract, & antioxidants.

OH? AND THE BEST PART IS, IT SMELLS like a tropical Pina Colada. It must be because it has marshmallow + licorice leaf.

So yes, that’s right- smells delicious.

Makes me want to grab a beach towel & head outside.

If you want to see it action head over to Snapchat now: @laurynevarts.

Has anyone tried this mask? Thoughts? Any other masks I need to try?

Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend!

x lauryn

shave your face | by the skinny confidential


Updated: March 24, 2017

shave your face | by the skinny confidential

…& no it doesn’t grow back darker & thicker.

At least for me.

Had to start off with that because it’s the first question EVERYONE asks.

Some of you may already know this fun fact because I sort of broke it down in 2014.

In 2014 I was still hesitant though.

…Fast forward to 2017 & I’m a full-on, die-hard face shaver.

And before you judge hear me out.

First you should know the hair on my face is pretty much blonde. Like I don’t have a beard. Not that there’s anything wrong with this- my point is that I still shave my face even though the hair isn’t super prominent. ( Although Michael sometimes points out a black hair on my upper lips when the sunlight is shining directly on my face…& then I tell him to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS ).

You should also know I’ve tried every single thing on the planet.

Nair? Doesn’t work on my face & it smells too strong for the face.

Waxing strips? OH HELL NO. IT MAKES HYPER PIGMENTATION aka my sun mustache WAY worse. Really brings those brown spots to the surface.

Plucking? Who has time?

Threading? Meh.

Anyway, the other day I realized I needed to do part 2 of shaving my face because it’s evolved really. I was listening to LadyGang ( who just came on TSC HIM & HER Podcast ) & Kate Sommerville was the guest.

She’s BIG on facial shaving.

If you don’t know who Kate Sommerville is, she’s basically the SKIN QUEEN. Kate went on to say that Elizabeth Taylor’s dermatologist shared that Elizabeth shaved her face, as did Marilyn Monroe, AND Cleopatra. Not only that, Kate also said ALL HOLLYWOOD actresses shave their faces, they just won’t admit it.

Well. I am admitting it. No shame in my razor game here.

Kate also said it makes your makeup go on smoother, gives you glowy/dewey skin, AND it exfoliates your skin BIG TIME which is fucking fabulous for anti-aging.

If you don’t believe us then why do men always look so youthful? One of the reasons is they shave their faces their whole life. Think about it.

Another fun fact: it allows oils to absorb better AND YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE MY OILS ; ).

I shave with TINKLES ( found on Amazon ). I shave my whole face. I go upward. Always use a clean TINKLE. People might tell you otherwise but I think it’s so important to use a clean Tinkle so you’re not shaving with bacteria. Also, obviously be very careful over a pimple ( if you have a pimple, use this clay treatment– a real game changer ).

shave your face | by the skinny confidential

1. Does it hurt?

NO NO NO. Not even.

2. But doesn’t it grow back thicker & darker?

Nope. Not in my experience!

3. How often?

I shave once a week- sometimes I’ll do touch-ups.

4. What do I need?

You can use a TINKLE OR sometimes I use a MEN’S razor– I find they’re awesome for the face.

5. Does a leg razor work?

I wouldn’t use a women’s leg razor. The texture on the legs is different than on the face.

6. Any other tips?

Do it on dry skin. Make sure your skin is VERY clean first too.

7. Quick how-to?

As Popsugar says: “Pull the skin taut, then start shaving downward on your skin in short strokes. You can’t just drag the razor against your skin — it wouldn’t do anything. Also, hold the razor at a 45-degree angle against the skin. Don’t freak when it looks like you skinned a lamb. You have more hair on your face than you think!”

8. WTF do I do post-shave?

Make sure to add oils to your skin post-shave. I am obsessed with pure rose hip oil right now because it’s helped with my brown spots.

Another FANTASTIC way to shave is Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning “is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.”

I would Dermaplane ALL the time but sometimes I get too busy or I’m traveling to I whip out my trusty Tinkle. Follow along on Snapchat because I’m getting Dermaplaned on Friday at 12:30 PM pst & I’ll video the experience!

By the way, if you have facial hair & it doesn’t bug you- LEAVE IT. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I’m just not a big hair person ( on me ) unless it’s on my eyebrows, eyelashes, or head. You do you, boo.

Do you shave your face? Would youuuu…?

x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest TSC HIM & HER Podcast episode…it’s all about e-mail etiquette! 

++ more beauty tips like this are in The Skinny Confidential Book

shave your face | by the skinny confidential



Mini DeLites: Beauty Junkie Week

Updated: March 21, 2017


{ Caboodles life }


{ favorite chapsticks because they’re pink tinted }

Switching it up over here & for one straight week, all day, everyday we are going to do #beautyjunkieweek. Make sure you’re following along on Snapchat ( BEAUTY GIVEAWAYS ) AND Instagram ( going to do INSTA LIVE + mini Insta blog entries ). All the content will be beauty, beauty, beauty…& nothing is sponsored. Of course I’ll go in-depth! After some intense Twitter polls, I saw that you guys want a lot of beauty content. SO I want to make sure I answer any & all your questions. Obviously I need more than a week but I’m kind of loving a themed week here?

Ok so on another note: what is new?

Nothing much here. On Friday I had dinner with a friend ( chopped salads & rosé ) and then on Saturday we woke up, worked out on the beach, ate brunch, podcasted, & then celebrated my brother, Myles’ birthday with chips, salsa, margaritas, etc. Yesterday was spent off social media, in bed, reading, & watching Hand of God ( a new show on Amazon that’s just insannnnnnne ). Pretty mellow weekend.

What else? Oh, Michael & I did 15 days sober so the rosé on Friday was festive. We cut out red meat, dairy, & coffee so we’ve been feeling GREAT. It actually was surprisingly easy. Dairy really slows me down, man. Anyone else? Also I have been stepping my workouts up a lot. You know, you go through phases I feel like. Anyway, I feel much stronger thanks to the right vitamin medley ( post? ).

Just trying to be super healthy over here…as I stuff my face with a green banana chocolate chip muffin. LOL, it’s a healthy one from the new TSC Meal Plan at least !!! And it’s dairy-free, sugar-free ( sweetened with organic maple syrup ! ), & gluten-free ( oat flour ). I am addicted. Michael ate ten so he is too- HA.



Ok let’s get to the beauty details here.

As you know I kicked off #beautyjunkieweek with my make-up organization tips ( helllllo men’s shoe boxes ), so today since it’s ‘Mini DeLites’ I’m just showing you a couple of products I liked this month.

The standout star here is DEFINITELY the sparkly It Cosmetics brush set– I’ve been testing them out & I LOVE. I just love It Cosmetics always- they get it right. The set has: a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, liner/brow brush, & comes in this cute shimmering case that holds each brush securely. It’s very efficient.

{ BYE BYE Under Eye, Great Lash, FROWNIES, perfume roller }

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT: disposable eyebrow/mascara brushes. If you don’t own some- get on board. Here’s the thing…they make SUCH a difference for the brows. It’s an odd obsession, I know. But trust me- when you fill in your brows NOTHING is better than a few brushes up with a disposable brush. I bought a 100 pack & I use them all the time, everyday, after a brow tint or after I fill in my brows. They make the brows look natural. Plus I’m a huge fan of brushing upward because it lifts the face…AKA instant facelift.

Do yourself a favor & keep one in every purse you own. Also feel free to brush your BF’s eyebrows too. In fact, I encourage it. Downward hairs bring the face down!

The hot pink brush is fun too.


{ brush up! }

And can we get nostalgic & talk about Caboodles? Remember a million years ago when I filmed a video on WHAT’S IN MY CABOODLE? I love a Caboodle. It really brings me back to the Saved By The Bell, Lisa Frank, Trapper Keeper days. Right though?! I found this vintage one on eBay.

Ok with that: what kind of posts do YOU want to see this week? Hit me with everything & anything beauty related. Off to read…& eat another muffin.

lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast episode because it’s all about E-MAIL ETIQUETTE. Which is VERY MUCH a thing, right?


{ going to try Lancôme’s latest colors for you guys }


{ some recommendations ^^^ }


instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential

Instagram Live: Makeup Organization

Updated: March 20, 2017

instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential

I LOVE an organized & styled space. Whether that’s your bedside table, vanity or pantry I’m all about the experience. SO the other day after doing my makeup I realized I had a TON of product, everywhere. It was a real mess and therefore time for an overhaul. There are lots of options for makeup storage out there and some of them are crazy expensive. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

SO I went to The Container Store & BOY OH BOY were there some good finds. After I organized the shit out of  my makeup I went on Instagram LIVE and shared the products used & how everything was styled.

Here’s the full breakdown for you!

instagram live: makeup organization | by the skinny confidential



The first step to organization is utilizing all of your space. Using shelves allows you to store the items you use often in a convenient spot while keeping items you use less often out of the way but easily accessible. This open white shelf is great for storing towels in baskets, your makeup & other bathroom essentials. I’m using this to hold & organize all of the giveaway items I have for you guys!


Having a variety of lipsticks is a must. Sometimes you want a sassy red lip & other times you want a little orange moment. That means you need a chic way to store all of your options. This acrylic lipstick holder is exactly that. It looks even better with mismatched lipsticks. Obsessed with contrast.


Shopping in the men’s section is one of my favorite things to do. They always have the best stuff. You can find the perfect hoodie & men’s t-shirts always look effortlessly sexy. So naturally when I chose these boxes and saw they were for men’s shoes I wasn’t surprised. These are great because they’re bigger than the standard boxes so everything can neatly fit. You can see exactly what you have and where things are without digging through mountains of product.


Instead of the makeup filled boxes sitting on my countertop I placed them on this white tray. This really helped to pull the whole look together. The tray helps everything feel finished & less cluttered. You can also use trays for styling your coffee table and your entryway. They work pretty much anywhere you have stuff lying around. LOL.


Another crucial component to organizing your makeup are these dividers. These allow you to separate your products & keep them neatly in place. Use them to separate your eye makeup from your face makeup, your cleansers from your oils, your zit tools from your chapsticks, etc. You get it. These are also great for keeping your mascara from sliding around everywhere.

Well there you have it! I got SUPER organized. Now I’m off to have some fun with the family. It’s beginning to warm up in San Diego & the longer days feel so good. Excited to rock a maxi dress & sandals again…With lots of sunscreen of course.

Have a LOVELY weekend!

OH & Instagram LIVE was such a blast. I’m loving it right now. What do you guys want to see next?

lauryn x





Updated: March 22, 2017

HAIR CARE 6 | by the skinny confidential

{ no extensions !! after the treatment }

HAIR CARE 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ the goods }

My hair has been through the wringer lately.

No fun, especially when I focus so much on wellness & health. The past month I’ve really been looking to find more natural products to incorporate into my routine…but I wanted something that would make my hair smoother & help with hydration. Something that isn’t full of chemicals…but something that gets the job done you know?

When Kérastase invited me to try their Aura Botanica line of products, I WAS GAME. Even more so because the line is of natural origin. Yes that’s right, it’s filled with so much goodness like Samoan coconut & Moroccan Argan oils (see my obsession with oils getting deeper? Because I can’t stop ) & products in the collection also include avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet orange essential oil, rosemary extract, & rose floral water. Kérastase’s Aura Botanica products are hand-picked, responsibly sourced with NO silicones, NO sulfates, & NO parabens.

YES PLZ, JUST how I prefer it.

HAIR CARE 3 | by the skinny confidential

I arrived at the salon, Evian in La Jolla with my hair QUITE dirty. Like dirty as in I had not washed it for…about a week & half-ish. Let’s just say there was a lot going on.

The hair stylist, Ashley, first offered me an Aura Botanica conditioning treatment and explained each step which was very awesome because I love to know the WHY.

The collection consists of a shampoo, conditioner, a nourishing oil blend which gives your ends a super moisturizing shine, & a finishing moisturizing oil-mist. It smells like essential oils- WHICH I LOVE. The story behind the products is that it took YEARS in the labs in Paris for Kérastase to whip up a naturally based luxury hair beauty product formula that was sustainable, responsibility sourced, & healthy. Their goal was to source raw ingredients & perfect the formulas. Sounds like my kind of beauty product.

“The new Aura Botanica range is made for the woman who believes that responsibility is a must, performance a right and glowing, healthy hair is the essence of self-expression.” -Kérastase

HAIR CARE 7 | by the skinny confidential

The in-salon treatment itself started with a relaxing scalp massage with the oil blend. And OK let’s get real…what is actually better than a scalp massage? After the shampoo & conditioner, Ashley added the oil-mist with ANOTHER scalp massage. Everything smelled DELICIOUS.

She then started on the blow-dry. To be honest I wasn’t expecting SUCH a difference in my hair. If you saw on Snapchat my hair looked so soft after it was blown dry. The real thing that sold me? How my hair FELT. It was lightweight, bouncy, & shiny. I mean you can see for yourself in these photos- the before & after was HUGE. And like I said my hair has been looking like it’s gone through a bad break-up lately. It’s been neglected. So to sit down & give my hair some TLC was necessary. It was also so helpful to not only find a collection that works, but one with natural-based ingredients.

HAIR CARE 2 | by the skinny confidentialHAIR CARE 1 | by the skinny confidential

If you’re looking for a salon in your area to try out these products, just make sure you find one that’s trained by Kérastase ( salon locator online ).

Always been a BIG fan of Kérastase but now I’m an even bigger fan with this new line of products. FOR SURE booking another appointment in a month & a half. Any natural hair tips/tricks you guys have? Give them up PLZ!

hair tips | by the skinny confidential

{ NOPE jacket }

And be sure to follow along on Snapchat because next week I’m giving some Kérastase Aura Botanica products away for you guys to try out!: @laurynevarts.

Tonight we’re taking it easy, enjoying a few glasses of sparkling rosé so I MUST get off the computer- bubbles await. Hope you are all having a productive week. I’m SO ready for the weekend.

Talk soon, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with Kérastase. As always all opinions are my own.

{ photos }

HAIR CARE 5 | by the skinny confidential