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Elemis Peptide Day Cream



Ohhhh here we are again! You know I just CANNOT keep my mouth shut when it comes to insane products.

Picture me like a guinea pig trying everything & anything for you. Even my team has become guinea pigs. We are constantly seeing what works & what doesn’t work to bring you the latest & greatest. I like to weed out the bullshit, you know?

Today I am sharing 3 products that I keep going back to- they’re all by brands I like. I feel completely confident recommending them to you. Because I know you will love them all so much that you will tell your friends.

My brain is always thinking A-Z when it comes to product recommendations. I don’t want to recommend products to you, have you buy it, & have it sit in the back of your makeup drawer collecting cobwebs. NO, NO. I want you to LOVE IT. So much so that it’s sitting front & fucking center on your vanity or even in your kitchen. I want you to use it. Use it so much that you buy it again. AND THEN!!! You tell your friends about the specific TSC product recommendation that & rave over it while sipping skinny margaritas at a Thursday Happy Hour. WE DON’T ASK FOR MUCH!

Anyway, let’s get to it. To streamline things, watch the video first:

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DAY CREAM is theeeee thing. Like, I’m telling you! A good day cream that doesn’t crust on your makeup is better than anything.

This day cream is delicious, plumping, & makes your makeup GLOW like a supermodel. I feel like this one also mattes & blurs the face so it’s kind of like Facetune in a tube which we love. IT IS SO SUPER LIGHT too but the way it mixes with foundation is SO BUTTERY. I like to mix a dollop or two with my CC cream or foundation & actually apply it with a beautyBlender. It’s full of cold-pressed Honesty Seed Oil which helps support the skin’s moisture barrier. AND THEN it contains Swiss botanical extracts including Butterfly Bush, Thyme & Mallow to help protect the skin from pollution ( which is so ideal, especially if you live in NYC or LA ( me ) ). TAKE IT TO YOUR TITS ( so Caroline Irons of moi! ).

Elemis also makes this yummy mask that you can’t go wrong with either. This mask is full of botanicals & after I take my makeup off with oils & cleanse my face ( with a gentle cleanser typically !! ), I will do a serum & then end the day with this mask a few times a week. This is weird but I like this mask because it’s cooling. I AM JUST OBSESSED WITH COOLING YOU KNOW !!! LIKEEEEEE ! I want inflammation down at all costs. I can’t F with inflammation. So, to know that I’m laying my head down on my silk pillowcase with a cooling mask before I go to bed feels RIGHT. You apply it at night, wake up with DEWY SKIN, & wash it off. Easy. Basically you’re being efficient & preventative with your skin when you sleep. ANOTHER BONUS OF THIS MASK: it’s filled with botanical extracts like Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange which are a real delight to wind down with. Turn on your salt lamp, perhaps some ocean sounds, dim the lights, grab your silk pillowcase, slap on your peptide mask AND get that beauty sleep !

Side note: huge fan of Elemis- it’s been a brand I have been loyal to for years. There are so many products to recommend for their line BUT I don’t want to overwhelm you, you know? So my overall advice here would be to start with a day cream because there’s nothing better than a moisturizer laying right underneath your makeup.


LIKE ! CAN ! YOU ! EVEN ! first off these are 79 cents, so get 3- no really, I bought all 3 colors. If you’re not into the whole obnoxious, Jerry Maguire ear buds situation like I am, use these adorable holders for pills, hair ties, vitamins, spare change, perhaps some ginger mints? Anyway, I always have my shit falling all around my purse like a chaotic psycho so pretty, efficient things like this keep me organized- you know what I mean? You don’t want to look like some bitch who doesn’t have their life together because the contents of their purse is all over the place (me). 79 motherfucking cents to keep your life organized- buy 3.


This is not just any diffuser. This is a matte black, perfectly sized, ceramic vibey diffuser that doesn’t look like some nasty, big white, ugly humidifier. Personally, I cannot start my morning without tangerine essential oils cascading throughout my house but it was a real fucking buzzkill when the diffuser didn’t match with my knife collection. Then i popped by a friend’s house & saw that he had 2 of these matte black diffusers that were VIBEY. Naturally I needed 3. And now you should know that they look very sophisticated & classy next to my knife collection. Now, I am satisfied. Here’s how they’re extra vibey though- this may seem weird but you do come to this page for specifics soooo- when this diffuser is misting, the scent comes out it in the most SEXY way. It’s hard to explain over IG but like the flow of the essential oils reminds me of the smoke that comes out of the hot-tempered, blue caterpillar’s hookah in Alice In Wonderland– you know what I mean? Like the mist just creates this very therapeutic, sexy situation- very feng shui-y. This is on the pricer side ($108) but worth every penny because it’s a pretty fixture that creates good energy in the home. ALSO, it comes in matte white. Other pluses: time setting option, runs for 7.5 hours, easy to clean, & it has a little light around the bottom that gives off more delicious ambience. The cord isn’t overly chunky which we love. Throw on some bossanova, light some candles, dim the lights, grab a glass of Pinot, & diffuse some tangerine- it’s a thing.

SO YES! Those are my standouts. Hope you loved this in-depth description- do you expect anything less? HA. G2G get my face prepped for bed !


GIVE ME THE JUICE. Like all of it. We need all the help we can get here.

x, lauryn

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++ This post is in collaboration with Elemis. As always ALL opinions are my own.

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The Skinny Confidential Beauty Vault Reveal + 3 Tips To Keep Your Office Organized


As some of you guys know, I recently moved into The Skinny Confidential HQ ( we’re calling it the TSC Dreamhouse because we want it so Barbie hot pink that it’s obnoxious ).

One of the requirements of moving into a new office space was that I wanted a closet that we could put all the giveaway goodies in. Think of it as a beauty, health, wellness, skin closet where everything is organized so we can see it all & grab it for giveaways.

Coincidentally we found Howard Hughes’ old office where he used to keep his safe. It’s where he kept his money & now it’s our giveaway closet. Cool right?

It’s this huge, shiny black safe situation that has this big spin handle like in the bank. It’s vintage and retro- we love it.

We put in shelves from the container store & organized it with labels facing out ( obviously ) so we can streamline the whole giveaway process.

We have bookmarks, stickers, popsockets, beauty & skin care products super accessible & easy to grab.

I wanted to film a little BTS for you guys of the beauty vault. I filmed this on my phone so it was very in-the-moment. If you guys like videos like this let me know & I’ll do more office tours & show you more of the Dreamhouse.


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As you can see the inspiration is different shades of pink, lots of skin care, &  things that are easy to grab & go.

One of these days I need to have a meet-up in the office with lots of rosé & aged manchego cheese.

As you know, organization makes me horny. It’s super important that everything is laid out & efficient so I wanted to share 3 tips for keeping your own office organized:

♡ Pick your color tones: we went with black, pink & white. I recommended keeping the shelves white & maintaining a bright aesthetic.

♡ Make drawers for different products: we have different drawers for skin care, wellness & food. There’s a shipping station & we have envelopes all organized in one spot. Keeping things separate is super efficient.

♡ A clear desk means a clear mind: keeping your own work zone tidy not only keeps your desk organized & looking chic, but it helps your mind feel organized too.

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x, lauryn




Picture this: you wake up on a Saturday after one too many Pinot Grigios. Things are not hot- like perhaps you left your makeup on. Like yikes, that’s a fake eyelash on the pillow !! You’re cursing yourself & suddenly you look in the mirror & things are even bleaker than you expected: YOUR UNDER BAGS LOOK ALL tired & sullen, like a FUCKING basset hound. You’ve been there right.

Me too.

Which is why I am an eye pad addict.  

Where do I begin: holllly eye pads. Cannot live without them really. I’m serious- they are just LIFE changing. As you can imagine I am very specific about my eye pads. So specific that I have taken a LONG time to vet them for you. After much trial & error these are TSC-approved eye pads. Ones that will make you look like a supermodel after a night of too many chilled goblets of wine.

Every morning is the same old story: I wake up, open the shade, meditate, drink my lemon & fresh mint water, & throw on my eye pads. & quickly here’s a Skinny Confidential HOT TIP for you: keep your eye pads in the fridge. I have a mini pink skin care fridge ( you know this ) but I used to keep them in my fridge– when they’re chilled they really tighten around the eyes which lifts the under eye. Anyway, mine used to be next to the avocado mayo & goji, coconut, acai BlenderBombs in my regular fridge. LOL. The more extra the better here.

Alright let’s break my 3 favorites down shall we?

The Skinny Confidential: EYE PAD FILES


THESE ARE GOOD. Kind of slimy but not to the point where they’re falling down your face you know? They stay put. I love these in the morning while I do my facial massage. There’s something perfect about them because they stay put but also you can do lymphatic drainage under the eyes while they’re on because they’re slippery enough ( what up, collagen & hydra-gel ). I love using my fingers or facial massager to go around the eyes while these eye pads are on. They come in individual packets & they’re fab for travel. Great in the fridge too, of course. THESE EYE PADS VERY MUCH SMOOTH, TIGHTEN, HYDRATE, & reduce fine lines & wrinkles. I notice it.

Pulling out my magnifying glass to inspect the ingredients for you, as always:

  • Plankton Extract: plankton increases the release of adiponectin- a protein which helps to regulate a number of metabolic processes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: an essential component of skin, hyaluronic acid is VERY IMPORTANT for maintaining hydration levels, improving skin texture, keeping it soft, supple, & hydrated.
  • Chlorella: THIS MY FRIENDS is a green/brown algae with proven anti-aging benefits. It helps support the skin while firming- you can feel it immediately.

You should know this brand doesn’t screw around- these eye pads are free of: artificial color, parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, & or mineral oil. No testing on animals too which we love.

YES PLZ. Sign me up!


So these are FUN. Not only are they rose gold ( OMG ), they work.

I am a fan of this brand because it’s clean beauty. So I feel good about using their eye pads, k? You know you’re not getting some weird shit by your eyes.

With these specifically, I notice brightening. They brighten you up. This is great before an event, you know what I mean? I feel my eyes appear more hydrated too. I feel like these are fab for someone who has dark circles or uneven texture- you can’t go wrong here.

SO HERE’S THE BREAKDOWN OF WHAT THESE ONES DO: the rose gold foil helps retain heat & prevents evaporation, allowing the maximum amount of serum to easily sink into your skin. YUMMM. There is also a cellulose fiber that delivers key ingredients efficiently, giving you all the skin-loving benefits you want & need. Hyaluronic acid ( one of my personal favorite players ) delivers hydration to help diminish the appearance of fine lines. And then let’s round it out, shall we?? Aloe leaf extract & lavender oil offer a cooling effect, while soothing & calming the under-eye area.

Sleep sound because there are no parabens, sulfates, &/or phthalates. Love this.

These are for the girl on the go who wants to brighten the fuck up. You can wear these under your oversized sunglasses if you want to be extra efficient.


To be totally honest here, I don’t know the ingredients of these. I just like them. They feel good. Especially in NYC when I am traveling. I notice my skin is just not the same in New York City so my friend & NYC-based makeup artist, Nick Scalzo, recommended these & they’re kind of life-changing if you’re hungover or ate too much spicy pasta ( ME ). He’s insane by the way if you’re looking for makeup in NY.

If your skin is sensitive, try these ones. They’re ideal for sensitive skin because they’re soaked in serum powered by algae extract, Vitamin B3, amino acids, & allantoin to provide immediate results under the eye area ( AND I MEAN 911, IMMEDIATE- like you see results right away ). Algae extracts boost skin’s firmness by protecting collagen. Vitamin B3, a natural illuminator, defies dark spots, helping with skin cell renewal. As you can tell you will feel youthful after these ones !! And plus: no parabens or sulfates.

So that’s the eye pad scoop!

AND ANOTHER TSC HOT TIP FOR YOU: ice rolling while your eye pads are on! If you’re like me & get swollen THIS IS THE TRICK OK? Right now I’m using a steel ice roller as opposed to plastic ( I am constantly trying new things so always trying to find what works BEST FOR YOU GUYS ). I like it because it holds the cold for longer.

OK. This post has made me want to go put on my chilled eye pads- I think I will go for the brightening ones considering my eyes have dark circles on them ( we were up late last night working- in Reno for an exciting podcast with a legal sex worker from the Bunny Ranch- long story, just stay tuned ).

I hope you love these eye pad recommendations- I have tried 23094324 of them & these seem to really get the job done.

With that, happy Sunday & see you tomorrow! xx lauryn the forever eye pad queen ( !!! )

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++ my pink jacket.


So I Got My Lips Done- Let’s Discuss


So I got my lips filled on this latest NYC trip.

If you follow me on Instagram & IG stories I made it a point, to well, get to the point.

Basically I want to continue to start conversations around things that are supposed to be “secret.” The truth is with social media so many people, influencers & celebrities are getting things done all the time & keeping it hush, hush.

Which by the way, this is totally FINE- like do what works for you.

However, for my platform I want to continue to discuss taboo topics & approach them in a non-judgemental way. Every single person deserves to feel their best so do what works for you. Here’s my two cents: go to an artist whose work you like, don’t use a Groupon ( I have personally heard horror stories so I feel like that is work, go slow, do your own research, & do not let anyone tell you what or what not to do with YOUR body (for my lips specifically, I wanted a little more fullness with the ‘M’ of the lip lifted- no duck lip).

For me, I noticed after double jaw surgery that my lip was like turning in- they weren’t as plump either. So I want a little GOOSH- you know a little filler. It hurts a little, not too bad. I definitely would recommend going to someone who numbs the area. Make sure they numb around the lip too. I wasn’t too swollen. To be honest I sort of liked the swelling. It was fun for a minute.

ANYWAY here’s a little breakdown for you ( & make sure you read on because I also interviewed the doctor, Dr. Lara Devgan, for all the specifics at the bottom of this post ). Dr. Lara Devgan is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, the Chief Medical Officer of RealSelf, the CEO of medical grade skin care line Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, & the host of the hit podcast Beauty Bosses. She is passionate about getting the tiny details exactly right in surgery & injectables. Let us know any of your questions below too; we would be happy to answer them all!

Check out the process, k:

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Quick Q & A with Dr. Lara: 

Who is a candidate for lip filler?

Dr. Lara Devgan: Any healthy adult without open sores or active infections is a candidate for lip filler. Common reasons for wanting lip filler are to improve volume, to soften fine lines and vertical lip wrinkles, to achieve better symmetry, to create a more sultry look, to replace lip volume that has regressed over time, or as a fun little pick-me-up. Results can be anything from incredibly subtle to very dramatic, depending on your unique anatomic characteristics & goals.

Walk us through the whole process?

DLD: If you’re thinking about lip augmentation, we will first do a full review of your medical history, followed by standardized medical photos, & a screening questionnaire to understand your goals. Then I’ll chat with you about your particular concerns, review old pictures or inspiration images, do a full physical exam of your lips or any other areas you are thinking about, and discuss the extent to which we can address your concerns.

Next, we will apply numbing cream, go over consent forms and instructions, and answer any of your questions. For the procedure itself, I will measure and mark your lips to get the results as precise & symmetric as possible, then I will use a micro droplet injection technique to help build your ideal lips. Afterward, you apply ice, avoid physical exercise for the rest of the day, & go about your day.

Tips to be mindful of when getting lip filler. Fill us in!

  • See a reputable plastic surgeon or dermatologist whose results & before & afters you like.
  • Shop for quality not price. It’s your face and bad things do happen. You want to make sure you are trusting your face to an expert who can help you through any circumstance.
  • Know that immediate results will be slightly swollen, sometimes 20-25%.
  • Voluptuous lips are usually not built in a day. If you desire a full look, you may require multiple sessions and multiple syringes of filler.
  • Do not use permanent fillers such as silicone in your lips. This is often a recipe for disaster!

Why do you think it’s taboo to talk about when so many people are getting it done?

DLD: I think the stigma around injectables is rapidly decreasing with people like you being more open about it. A number of my celebrity clients have come right out and talked about it, and more and more people are following their lead. That being said, I think a lot of people are afraid of being judged. People can be cruel, usually as a defense mechanism, if they are jealous or curious but they don’t know how to categorize their feelings. A lot of people think they are “not the kind of person” who would do injectables, and when they see people like them doing it, it can inspire a lot of internal conflict.

How important is it to go to the right person?

DLD: You only have one face. You absolutely should trust it to an expert. Imagine giving 100 strangers a piece of paper & pen. How many of them will make a picture you want to hang up on the wall and look at every day? Your face will bear your doctor’s hands for months or years, so this is something I would invest in.

How long does it last?

DLD: Months to years, depending on the amount and type of filler, as well as your metabolic rate. For lips, average is 4-6 months at this time.

What exactly did I get! Please explain in specifics for the incredible TSC community:

DLD: You got Revanesse Versa, a pre-hydrated hyaluronic acid filler that is excellent for precision work when it comes to fixing asymmetries. It is also a nice product for mobile areas because it looks natural at rest and in motion, so this is great for lips. I used a combination of techniques including microdroplet injection, threading, fanning, and tenting to build vertical lip height & accentuate the Cupid’s bow.

Pros & cons of lip filler:

DLD: Lip filler is one of those tiny instant gratification procedures that makes a patient feel instantly prettier, more youthful, and more feminine. When done well, it’s all pros! The cons of the procedure are that the lips are quite sensitive so it can be a bit uncomfortable. Bruising and swelling are possible. The products don’t last forever, so it can also be an investment to maintain.

Where can everyone find you- pimp yourself out!

DLD: Follow me on Instagram @laradevganmd and @devganscientificbeauty. Instagram is the most fun because it’s so visual & you can see a lot of my work & before/after photos. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & my website of course. You can also check me out in the popular press including Allure, Glamour, New York Times, NY Post, & more!












SO YES! THAT’S my lip filler experience- always want to bring you guys along for the ride ; ). Especially in the day & age of filter everything.

Anyway, I just don’t care what people think about me. At the end of the day, I know I am not for everyone- like what you think of me is none of my business. As always, I am not telling anyone to get their lips filled, I am simply sharing MY journey.

JUST DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY !!! & always know: i will never judge you for anything you decide to do.

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

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But seriously, I am sick of it too. Such a drag.

So basically as you guys know, I had double jaw surgery about 4-ish years ago. Well, recently I realized that my lymphatic system in my face wasn’t draining properly- this was causing me to swell up like a balloon any time I stepped on a plane, traveled to higher altitude, &/or drank too much alcohol. Even salt! Like forget it- one too many grams of salt & I was immediately Fat Bastard.

I was over it. Personally, I became convinced that the reason I was swelling so much was because of the screws & plates in my face. I mean it can’t be GOOD for you to have metal in your face blocking your flow. My acupuncturist told me this too- he said the screws/plates from double jaw surgery were JUST BAD. Especially because it goes against everything Chinese medicine says.

So I said to myself “fuck it- I want this shit out!”


If you can’t tell, when I get my head stuck on something, I get my head stuck on something. I couldn’t let it go.

So I found a jaw surgeon in LA ( as you know we recently moved from San Diego to Los Angeles ) & immediately booked an appointment. It all went well. We didn’t remove every single screw but the majority of them. Immediately after surgery I SWELLED RIGHT THE FUCK UP. Which is to be expected- it happens after an invasive surgery. But now, 3 weeks later, I am feeling better…& I should add: more contoured & less swollen than before the surgery. WHICH WE LOVE.

You could definitely say it was a success…& I am convinced my theory was right.

Anyway, so that’s my jaw drama. & while we are at it- let’s talk tips to fight inflammation because boy I am the fucking queen of that. AHEM:

♡ Watermelon juice!!!

Watermelon juice was my main request because it’s non-acidic. I like to add a TON of lime too. Lime is acidic but turns alkaline in the body. So watermelon x lime is just fucking gold. I’ve been downing it like a sorority sister downs Jungle Juice at a frat mixer. Watermelon juice is just perfect in every way. Go for the juicy red flesh at the center of a watermelon because it’s the only nutrient-rich area, forget the white part. The white part sucks, kinda. Some other benefits: watermelon is great for blood flow, it’s anti-inflammatory ( perfect for surgery ), & has TONS of vitamins and minerals. ALSO IT’S A DIURETIC. Cleans you out. Bottoms up!

♡ Next up, Mr. raw coconut juice.

I like this baby for its electrolytes. Raw coconut water is filled with electrolytes which REALLY boosts hydration. Hydration is key in sickness recovery. I always search for the pink coconut waters because supposedly they contain more antioxidants. This one is my favorite brand by far! Love it when it’s a baby pink mixture ( this happens only sometimes depending on the coconuts they get ).

♡ Heyyyy Kefir!

Since I had to take some more antibiotics for this surgery, I needed something with probiotics to coat my stomach. This kefir smoothie makes all the difference. Kefir is a whole different blog post but basically it’s “a sour-tasting drink made from cow’s milk fermented with certain bacteria. Also, a great source of probiotic bacteria and yeast, and requires daily maintenance, if using milk kefir grains. It is generally more sour in flavor and of a pourable consistency. Milk kefir may also be used in many, many recipes.” When I take antibiotics I ALWAYS balance it out with a probiotic. This is why kefir is amaze; it balances the antibiotic out by promoting good bacteria. This smoothie is simple. Nothing crazy because I definitely don’t want to shock my system.

♡♡♡ TSC Kefir Probiotic Smoothie

1 banana
1 cup kefir
Handful of kale
1 splash almond milk
Handful of ice
Top with cinnamon ( << an anti-inflammatory )

Directions: blend. Garnish with cinnamon & cheers!

♡ Now let’s talk about liquid gold!

A full blown Vitamin C juice!! My favorite…orange/carrot/ginger/turmeric. SO healing for the system when you’re in recovery ( or on any day ). The orange relieves constipation, is full of potassium, & again, turns alkaline in the system ( so it’s essentially NON acidic ). The crunchy powerfood carrot does wonders: they’re full of fiber & literally flush nasty-ass toxins from the body. SO cleansing. Ginger, one of my favorites, is a real life saver because it takes away nausea. And typically surgery brings on nausea, yuck. Ginger also reduces gas, has a warming effect, & stimulates circulation. Lastly turmeric root!!! My home girl. Turmeric ( like real turmeric. Ever seen it at the grocery store? It looks like a sick bug. You can actually buy it online too ) is the shit in juices. Turmeric root is INSANE for inflammation. I’ve been shooting it in shot glasses #rebel.


Here’s the deal. I’ve been doing ice facials since Sonja Morgan from RHONY recommended them after a brutal hangover circa 2014-ish when noble Countess Luann was yelling at Heather Yummie Tummie about being ‘uncool.’ It really wasn’t until my brutal jaw surgery that I discovered the IT beauty tip of 2016 ( AKA MY LIFE LINE ). IT FIGHTS INFLAMMATION- I DO IT EVERY MORNING. TRUST ME.

Let me set the scene, years ago: I was actively perusing Amazon ( SHOCKING, this is something I do on the regular ) & was searching ‘jaw surgery book.’ Weirdly, an ice roller popped up.

So I was like, “umm, yes. This will make life easier PLUS give me a little lymphatic drainage while I’m rolling downward on my swollen jaw.”

Added to cart……..& then shit, the rest is history.

Not only did I fall absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS in love with my ice roller ( I use the white roller with a blue handle ), I also entered into a committed relationship with my ice roller. Like I said: I use it every ( EVERY ) day, once sometimes twice a day for as long as it’s cold ( usually 2 to 3 minutes per time ). In fact, I’m grumpy if I don’t get to use it first thing in the AM! Bye swelling.

♡ Lastly: TEA.

This one isn’t really too healthy but it’s keeping me refreshed. I get a large Starbucks iced green tea with two splashes of passion fruit & no sweetener. Obviously this isn’t like organic, homegrown, gold star tea BUT it’s cold on my throat & feels good, plus it forces me to drink more water. And well, I just like it. Also, I’ve definitely been sneaking some mint chocolate chip ice cream because ‘help me, I’m sick.’ If you’re so healthy, lucky you, drink organic Numi green tea & skip the iced Starbucks.

♡ Oh, & another one not pictured:

I HAVE BEEN GULPING OWL VENICE BONE BROTH IN DISGUSTING AMOUNTS. I’ve been told it’s the best thing you can put in your system BEFORE & AFTER surgery. I add lemon & seriously GULP, GULP, GULP. A post on the broth can be found here.

ALSO: using Valor oil, taking massive amounts of arnica & turmeric ( I AM OBSESSED WITH TRUVANI’S TURMERIC TABLETS because they’re real deal turmeric with black pepper- I take them all the time ), using TONS OF ICE for ice facials ( which has helped me the most, especially this specific ice roller ), dry brushingdetoxingjuicing, applying real aloe vera/raw coconut oil, & also I’m really trying to avoid salt. ANY OTHER TIPS? Please share.

Before we go I also want to discuss pros of having double jaw surgery in the first place because it seems like it’s been an on-going thing. Also this is important because I receive a lot of DM’s on questions about the initial surgery:


+ I feel balanced now. I felt out of whack/alignment for my whole life. Towards the end I started to get used to being uncomfortable. Now I feel at peace. This is me now ( still have a long way to go, but this is without photo editing & no makeup- you can’t edit on Snapchat ). Swollen still, but coming down.

+ I haven’t been grinding my teeth AT ALL. This is huge for me because I’ve been grinding my teeth every night of my life to the point where Michael couldn’t sleep.

+ I haven’t snored once. This is another big one because I sounded like a freaking wildebeest when I was sleeping. Now I sleep like a baby without waking up in the middle of night…& Michael can sleep peacefully. This is AMAZING.

+ My bite fits together. Before I could only chew on one side of my mouth & my bite never fit together. Now my teeth fit together like a perfect puzzle piece & my mid-line is on point.

+ No more headaches, cracking my neck, or anxiety around my neck. I would also try to fix my bite myself by holding my jaw in the proper place. Because the issue was skeletal, it put major anxiety in my shoulders & neck. This feeling is gone, gone, gone.

+ Michael has literally seen me at my lowest point looks-wise, so I’m thinking he’s a keeper….LOL.

+ Lastly, my cheekbones look a little higher. A vain plus, but hey it’s a plus.

So that’s that. Thought I would share the process with you guys because you know I like to get specific.

I am off to eat a sourdough peanut butter & jelly sandwich because I got food poisoning last night. The culprit was either bad shrimp or bad cauliflower rice- you decide. If anyone has any food poisoning tips, I am all ears because man, do I feel queasy. Like I said- it’s always something! LOL.

HOPE YOU’RE ALL HAVING A PRODUCTIVE WEEK. See you tomorrow, lauryn x

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