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Looking for a juicy read this weekend? WELL SHIT DO I HAVE YOU COVERED OR WHAT?

Just do yourself a favor & check out Cat Marnell’s book, How To Murder Your Life. I couldn’t put it down- it’s that good, guys. I even read it at dinner with Michael one night- like at a restaurant. Sure, he thinks I’m weird but we can’t all be perfect. Anyway- the book is so good you’ll read at dinner too.

( She also happens to be best friends with The Fat Jew- listen to the episode of when he was on TSC HIM & HER SHOW for the juicy scoop ).

The way Cat writes IS SO ONE ON ONE- just how I like it. She is not afraid to go there either- she is who she is & I love that. After I was done with the book, I did what I do best: STALK…EER, investigate. From the Kardashians to the Kennedys to supermodel’s best kept beauty secrets, I just can’t help myself. SO lemme bring it full circle here, since Cat was a beauty editor- I found her beauty tips ( which you will appreciate even more after you read the book…so perhaps this post is more for myself…like to have it one file. Sometimes I do that with The Skinny Confidential– I use it as like an archive of things I want to remember. HA ).

OH but this will tickle you: most of them can be found at the drugstore for under $20. HELLO YES.


Tanning oil is not only for tanning. In fact I DEFINITELY recommend that you don’t use it for tanning. Wear SPF, stay out of the sun & get a spray tan. HOWEVER tanning oil does have some other uses. When I was in high school I would use it all the time just to smell like a tropical vacation. Cat takes it to the extreme, naturally. She uses dark tanning oil day or night. Anywhere and everywhere.  This tanning oil has a dark tint so it also make it look like you have a fresh tan too. Win, WIN. We’ve talked about doing this- Cat & I have this in common. I like to wear it at night to make my legs shiny.

Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse | $8.91

You might be thinking “UH- WHAT? Lauryn why do I need dry mouth rinse?” Well, let me tell you. Ever wake up after a night of drinking completely parched? You chug a glass or two of water but it doesn’t help? Enter Biotene Dry Mouth. This stuff is a savior- trust me, because I ordered it & put it to the test. Using this takes away that uncomfortable feeling of dehydration. LIKE NO MORE DRY MOUTH. I don’t love weed because it makes me feel lazy & let’s be real- I’d eat the whole pantry, BUT IF YOU LIKE POT- this is for you. Dry mouth be gone!

For all you champagne lovers: simply pair this with the hangover elixir.

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss | $4.99

Every woman should find the perfect red lip for their skin tone- I feel like we’ve discussed this at length though so YAWN. However when you find the color that compliments you, it’s orgasmic. Finding your shade hard. It’s rough out there- there’s a lot of options. Back to Cat, she says a red lip is sassy & sexy & totally relies on Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss. Kate Moss is a style icon for a reason so find your shade & LMK what you think.


Highlighter is one of those products that really completes a look. It transforms your makeup from dull to glowy, shimmery and dewy- plus it does what its supposed to do: HIGHLIGHT YOUR FEATURES, duh. Just like mascara, a highlighter doesn’t need to break the bank. Drugstore brands get the job done. Focus on formula & color. This highlighter is one that Cat raves about- being a beauty editor for YEARS, she probably has tested TONS. LUCKILY, it’s full of white tones as opposed to gold, just how I like it. The white tones help bring out the whites in eyes & teeth. Plus it’s under $10.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength | $32

Everything starts with your base. Taking care of your skin with eye pads & masks is essential, we know this. It’s all about prevention- IF YOU CAN PREVENT IT- WHY NOT? SO since I’m a total mask whore, I figured why not try Cat’s favorite? This mask helps reduce the appearance of dark spots & discoloration- very much needed on my end. It’s great for anyone dealing with hyper-pigmentation which is common if you’re on birth control. FML.

OK Michael & I are on the plane now- in fact, I just denied a Delta warm chocolate chip cookie because I’m trying to be good…which is V depressing because do you know how delicious Delta warm chocolate chip cookies are? ARRRGHH.

…We’re heading to one of my favorite places in the world- can anyone guess where?

What are some of your top beauty picks OR books you can’t put down? BEAUTY & BRAINS go hand in hand. & of course, bonus points if they’re inexpensive.

x, lauryn

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