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Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy & My Secret Potion: EGYPTIAN MUSK OIL For The Win PLZ!

How did Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy smell, you ask?

Well maybe you don’t, but I do.

In ANY CASE, today I’m going to be EXTRA creepy & really dissect it for you.

BECAUSE Abdul Kareem Essential Oils Egyptian Musk is the scent.

It comes in a baby bottle & is avail for a cool $16 bucks. That’s right $16 bucks will make you cool as shit just like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

The smell is perfect because it’s not overly perfume-y or cologne-y like that annoying dude in the elevator that *tries* to hit on you. You know the one that’s soaked in cologne head to toe- such an overkill, you know. I always tell Michael: one spray & you’re good, TYSM.

You see with this, you don’t ever have to worry about smelling like a questionable duty-free perfume shop.

But I’ll get back that to that in a sec. If you don’t know who Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy is- WHATTT (?????)— you need to investigate her ASAP. It’s true, I’m a real detective when it comes down to it & had to read every book about John F. Kennedy Jr.’s beautiful, charismatic bride. I’m actually JEALOUS I’m recommending these books to you because you get to read them fresh…Ok so how can you stalk Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy too?

Here’s your CBK homework:

Start here: Fairy Tale Interrupted: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss
Then read ( TRUST ME THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD YOU WILL NOT PUT IT DOWN ): What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love
End with: The Other Man: John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, and Me

Recap: first one is about JFK Jr.’s assistant. It will kind of introduce you to the relationship the power couple had. AND then grab What Remains. Overall the author, Carole Radziwill ( that’s right guys, Carole from Real Housewives of New York City ) is just such a good writer- it’s BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. Just could not put this one down- the cover could be more creative if we’re being honest here but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover, k? Top it all off with The Other Man. It’s a juicy, JUICY read. One that will have your mouth hanging open. Enjoy every page.

Moving on.

Let’s go back to the OG secret sauce: EGYPTIAN MUSK OIL.

Uh-huh. It really is this secret, magical smelling oil ( swear on my life, guys. It’s that good! ).

Just so you know & full disclosure: it has a musk base & kind of blends in with your skin. You will smell…clean? Ya, clean- that’s how I would describe it. Weird? I know. It’s a day-or-night fragrance & one you can wear alone OR with something stronger. Pick your poison. Kind of a fan of mixing it with this blood orange medley during the day AND then going for Dolce & Gabana mixture at night. But you do you here.

Application is always straight outta the shower- it just stays longer for some reason. Like it sticks right.

Throughout the day I find myself smelling my wrist & smiling. Like I’m in on a real secret.

The trick is where to put it too. For me, I carry it in my purse always & put a dab on my wrist plus a dab on my neck. SEXY. Light but elegant. Chic-est.

You get my point.

I feel like all TSC readers should walk around smelling like  Essential Oils Egyptian Musk– kind of a branded TSC-esque scent. Ha! Fun though right? We’re all in on the secret.

Anyway. Where am I going with this? If you’re someone who doesn’t like to smell like a flower shop on crack, you will love this understated, effortless smell. P.S. none of this is sponsored, I just felt like you needed to know that I actively stalk Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy- & you should too…really, there was something so freaking chic about her- the way she carried herself just screamed confidence.

WELL I JUST MADE YOUR WEEKEND PLANS FOR YOU with all these book recs. Really, you won’t be able to put them down AND you’ll want to smell like Carolyn immediately, darling.

xoxox lauryn

+ Other products Carolyn loved ( because I’m psycho like that! ): Bobbi Brown sheer lipstick in ‘Ruby’, Kiehl’s ‘Creme with Silk Groom’, & Janet Sartin ‘White Astringent.’ 


  1. OMG!I literally bawled,and dunked out when they died!Was so jealous that she was able to wed MY future husband!Well,I was preggers with husband #2’s child So only in my dreams.When I was younger,my buds always said I sort of looked like his sis,or somehow related.Have large eyes?Anyway,Am all over those books.And that one pic just after they were wed;him kissing her hand?Priceless?

  2. I can’t fine, Jane Sartin ‘White Astringent.’ I only found Janet Sartin, is that the one? I also am stalker level obsessed with CBK and JFK Jr….adore them!!!! Thank you so much for this!!!

  3. I always love how you share your secrets and don’t keep them to yourself and I’ve been looking for some good summer books, can’t wait! Thank you!

  4. Loving this post Lauryn! I’m obsessed with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and have been for years. Is there anyone who could ever exude confidence, class and elegance so effortlessly? No.
    Their wedding picture is my screensaver 🙂 Even though I’m single at the moment (promised myself I would never settle and only want to marry once) my wedding is all planned. “Theme” you ask? CBK of course! My dress will be the spitting image of that beautiful Narciso Rodriguez silk dress she wore. Hair and everything the same. Done. Easy and breezy 😉 So yes I’m psychotic too, especially when it comes to this post. Thank you!! R x

  5. Omg yes – thank you, Lauryn! I want to order this asap but the links aren’t working. I remember you mentioned it on Instagram live.

  6. Just finished What Remains all in one beautiful beach day on vacation. Carole Radziwill’s book is one of the best I’ve read in ages! Other books are ordered to be waiting when I get home – great reccos!

  7. This stuff is amazing. I’ve been wearing it (and Face Stockholm Cranberry Veil lipstick) since the 90’s when I read Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore it. I’ve also read it’s a fave of Sarah Jessica Parker. Two of the most sophisticated New Yorkers to walk the earth loved it, what better endorsement? It’s very subtle, not perfumey at all and yet every time I wear it I’m told how amazing I smell. Magic oil!

  8. Are you referring to a deceased person? The same Carolyn that died tragically in that plane crash? This piece is so incredibly disrespectful it’s not even remotely informative or entertaining. Is there something wrong with your head or fo you just lack a ton of manners?
    I hope none of her relatives read this or the fact that that you put down to fandom in stalking is just flat out rude and creepy.

    1. Why do people have to be so “fucking” nasty?! When it comes to Carolyn, perhaps this is a divine gift from her to users from wherever she is. Of course we’re not her, but maybe we can live gratefully with this scent, since she couldn’t.
      I bought it on my trip to NYC, and I’m very proud. Everything has gone well for me since then.

  9. I always fascinated that woman. A real shame that in Spain this fragrance is not for sale, because I’m sure it would sell very well.
    It’s funny, I’ve always admired people that everyone talks about, but in reality nothing is known, that’s Carolyn. She was a private person, which made her very intelligent, keeping the mystery around oneself is a very intelligent attitude because it saves you many dislikes.
    I always read that this fragrance is so subtle that it does not even show when you wear it. Another feature of Carolyn, to pass as unnoticed as possible. I would go even further and not use it daily, only on weekends and social events. That would make it even more mysterious.

  10. OMG!I literally bawled,and dunked out when they died!Was so jealous that she was able to wed MY future husband!Well,I was preggers with husband #2’s child So only in my dreams.When I was younger,my buds always said I sort of looked like his sis,or somehow related.Have large eyes?Anyway,Am all over those books.And that one pic just after they were wed;him kissing her hand?Priceless?

  11. So I have worn various Egyptian Musks — Auric, Abdul Kareem, Common Scents, an amazing brand that went out of business out of Oregon, and the list goes on. I , CBK it seems from this abs other pieces I’ve read, wear this pretty much every day. It really is good for all occasions. And it becomes part of you. Like friends and ex boyfriends will say I knew I smaller you — in a good way. I do mix it w a few others w sandalwood or musks occasionally. But yes I gave tried so many more costly perfumes — Creed, Bulgari, Tom Ford, etc. I always come bck to this.

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