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Two Hair Products YOU NEED


Wait. You guys know the whole washing hair thing really isn’t for me.

In fact, the dirtier, the better ( so sue me? )……….I feel like the longest I’ve ever gone is 2 weeks? A week & a half is fun too. If I’m lucky, once a week it happens. But that’s just if I’m lucky.

If you follow along on Snapchat, you can see I love a good week & half-ish blowout. For the record, a blowout is a luxury I am 100% willing to spend money on. The reasoning behind this theory is actually very logical. When I get a blowout, I get one hour to myself. The hour is extremely productive because really if you think about it, I’m killing two birds with one stone. E-mails, check! Conference calls, check! Fresh / ready to go hair, check!

( Side note: scheduling conference calls in the first half of the blowout is my favorite thing ever, try it ).

Really though, you walk out of the blowout feeling like a real Pantene Pro V commercial with a full, uninterrupted hour of work behind you.

You should know, typically Drybar in Del Mar has amazing WiFi. The champagne is always a plus too. Unless of course it’s 11 AM & you’re feeling more of a cucumber & lemon water moment.

The logic behind this is simply that the alternative to a blowout is to waste an uninterrupted hour of work on washing it myself – and my hair never looks as good when I’m doing it myself. The hour of work is worth the dough. Time is money, right.

Is this theory off-base? Thoughts?

Ok well let’s get right into the whole reason you’re reading: two hair products.

These are two products that I literally bring in my purse to the salon OR use at home. They’re nothing fancy. Straight to the point actually. I’ve used both of these for YEARS & honestly haven’t ever swayed. It’s like a bad boy, motorcycle riding hottie ex-boyfriend you can’t quit. I always go back, you know?

The first product is SO MUCH YES: purple shampoo.

Every girl needs some purple shampoo.

That’s right, even if you’re brunette. Why? Because !!! It takes the brassiness out of hair. Just ask my friend, Erica from Fashionlush. You know the orange-ish, sometimes yellow-y look? Well purple shampoo dilutes that while kind of cooling it down. Personally red / orange tones are not flattering on my skin ( which is also why I always ask for spray tan shades that don’t have ‘red tones’ in them ) so the purple shampoo removes all those unflattering tones immediately.

I use it every OTHER week, not every time. It’s overkill. You’ll also need conditioner because purple shampoo NEEDS something moisturizing to compliment it. Lastly, make sure you leave it on for a hot minute. Don’t rush to rinse it out, you know? Just let it chill so you can soak up all of its magical goodness.

This one is $10.76 & it’s the holy grail of shampoo in my opinion ( << nothing sponsored, just LOVE ). I pair it with this conditioner ( $9 bucks! ) — there’s a set deal too if you want. Use both every other wash for best results.


Ok on to the next:


When I was introduced to THIS little gem, I immediately fell in love.

First of all, this makes your hair smell amazing. I swear even when I’m not wearing deodorant ( ….LOL ) people will comment about the light, fresh smell. It’s not attributed to anything but this thick dry finishing spray.

The best thing about this product though is that it sort of gives waves with that chic, edgy vibe. It’s hard to explain but it takes the 4-year-old curl out of the equation. Basically makes the curls less precious? My waves DO NOT LOOK the same without this product. After waves are added to my hair I add this thick dry finishing spray to complete the look. I spray it about 6 inches from my hair & kind of shake up the hair. If you’re curious about more hair details: sex pot curl breakdown here, video tutorial here.

It gives the perfect finish to a wave or curl. SO IDEAL.

Honestly I wouldn’t even want my hair done if I didn’t have this product. It’s that good.

Oh, if you’re going to get this, no need to buy the full size. Just get the travel size. It’s less expensive & fits in your handbag so I actually like the smaller size better.

What is your holy grail hair product? Don’t get too crazy, you know I hate to wash my hair so an expensive shampoo is not my favorite! HA.

Talk tomorrow, happy Thursday!

– lauryn x

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  1. Rusk Deep Shine Oil. Smells like sweet potatoes (oddly), but I love it. I add it to the middle-ends of my hair after I shower or I take a little bit on dry hair for some extra shine/good smells.

  2. Literally stopped half way through your post to buy the purple shampoo and conditioner. Can you please stop recommending things so my wallet can actually appreciate me? Just kidding, please continue.

    1. Such a game-changer. How have you been enjoying them Janine? Ah I can’t help but share everything with you babes LOL!! xx

  3. I love this texture spray! PS: I added this article to my weekend reading list on my blog! Would love for you to check it out! xx

  4. Your hair in that top photo looks amazing! Clearly I need to get to experimenting with more products!

    By the way, I’m hosting a blogger linkup on my blog today. I’d love for you to come share a post!

    Style by Joules

  5. I have to ask, how do you deal with not washing hair + working out? I can’t seem to make this work if I am working out frequently!

  6. Obsessed with purple shampoo and conditioner too!!
    I use Pravana Perfect Blonde Toning Mask and Fanola ‘No Yellow’ shampoo, they are both amazing! Also, in between using purple shampoo, I like to use the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness shampoo, it removes any mineral buildup from hard water (I live in LA and the water is terrible) it also helps prevent blonde hair from getting over-toned from the purple shampoo since it can build up on hair causing it to darken and prevent the shiny bright blonde that I love.

    Love posts like this, more please 🙂


  7. A couple shampoos I like are Living Proof and Kevin Murphy. I also have a Kevin Murphy serum that I add in before I blow dry. I think most shampoos are good, the key is just scrub your scalp real well and make sure you rinse everything out, even more than you might think you have to (Which they will always do for you at the salon). For thick hair, brushing your hair before you wash it is another thing I try and remember to do. Or even brushing it in the shower (yes, I have the wet brush!)
    You have got me curious about the Oribe spray!

  8. In for the DL on your extensions! How long is your natural hair? What kind of extensions do you use? Have you experienced breakage? DEETS PLS

  9. How do you put your hair up for your workouts?? I can’t seem to escape the ponytail dent!! Help!

  10. I LOVE a good blowout and 100% agree that it is worth the money spent. I look forward to trying this dry texturizing spray to my curls! They need all the sex and all the drama they can get! Thanks for sharing!
    xo, Heather |

  11. Purple shampoo has seriously become a life saver for me! I’m so excited to see that you talked about this! It seemed like every time I dyed my hair, my blonde would turn into the heinous brassy, yellow color. Which was farrrr from the nice ash hue I was always aiming for. I live in the Sunshine state so the sun didn’t help make it any better either. I started using the purple shampoo by Keratin Complex. They has a debrass shampoo and conditioner and it’s been amazing. Not sure if you’ve ever used it before but it’s worth looking into. Honestly for my mess of head, it worked wonders.

  12. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

    I loved your hair texture, currently I am using hair growth serum that helped me in improving my hair texture. 🙂

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