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Can’t Leave The Grocery Store Without…

grocery list | by the skinny confidential

Hello hello!

So I’ve been studying my own habits lately.

Is that weird?

It sounds conceited but it’s not really, because I’ve only been studying my grocery habits. What a bore, right. Ha.

Maybe it sounds strange but a question I get asked a lot is: what are your favorite snacks?

My snacks begin at the market SOOOOO on that little note, I’ve complied a list of ten things I absolutely HAVE to have while grocery shopping. If you haven’t noticed yet, I like my routine, so these ten things make a cameo in my cart weekly:

1.} Avocado, or actually more specifically Whole Foods guacamole: 

Ok so, currently have a full blown love affair with Whole Foods guacamole. 1.) Because I can’t eat hard food ( JAW SURGERY ) so I literally stuff my face with WF guac. 2.) It’s all natural with avocado, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemon, & lime. YUM. And 3.) it’s so DAMN FRESH.

I eat this on my eggs, plain, on chicken tacos, on top of lentils, & weirdly, I’ve been dipping raw cheddar goat cheese in it. Hey, you do what you gotta do when you can’t crunch on chips, ya know.

Also, avocados always have a place in my cart. I love snacking on them because they’re SO filling. Cut one in half, add chile flakes, sea salt, & lemon and ENJOY! Healthy fats are so good for your skin…& YOU!

2.} Grapefruits & Meyer lemons:

This is a no brainer because I drink TSC Pink Detox Drink every morning. I have both of these citrus-y, juicy fruits on hand 24/7. Grapefruit goes in my daily drink and the Meyer lemon goes on…well, err everything. Seriously: pizza, steak, sparkling water, berries, salads, dressings, salmon, pasta, & like six million other dishes. I’d rather die than give up lemon.

3.} Steel cut oats:

Yum. One of my favorites. I go through a container a week. I love steel cut oats ( about 1/4 cup ) in the AM with magic seeds, mashed berries, coconut sugar, & almond milk. So simple, so easy. It’s full of fiber so it helps everything stay regular. Fiber is GOD.

Bob’s Red Mill is my favorite steel cut oats brand because there’s no added shit.

4.} Raw nut butter:

I’m obsessed with adding raw sunflower or almond butter to my oatmeal, smoothies, or…just eating it plain with a spoon. It’s full of protein & super filling. Make sure when you’re reaching for nut butters it says ‘RAW’ in front of the nut butter of choice. The raw/organic is more expensive than un-raw ( is that a word? LOL ) but it’s worth it! The benefits are endless. I like unsalted too. Keep it simple! You can find my pick of choice on Amazon, as well as in stores.

Realness: I shove so much nut butter in my mouth since surgery, it’s almost disgusting…the things you’ll do when you can’t eat hard foods. HA!

5.} Berries, specifically blueberries & raspberries:

No brainer. I add berries to everything. I’ve been having a real raspberry moment because they’re easy to mash.

Berries are full of antioxidants & ideal for smoothies. I always reach for organic if possible.

6.} Non-dairy milk:

Drinking non-dairy milk just tastes better than regular milk. My favorites are unsweetened coconut milk ( like this one ) & unsweetened 365 Whole Foods almond milk brand ( because it doesn’t have carrageenan!! ). Huge fan of adding coconut milk to my cold brew AM coffee or making PUDDING. Check out this recipe, it’s fabulous for breakfast.

I tend to add almond milk to my smoothies & oatmeal because there’s some protein in it.

And listen— yes it’s ideal to make your own almond milk at home but really who the hell has time for that?! If you do, I’m jealous. One day. ( A girl can dream. )

7.} Wild salmon lox:

Fabulous protein! I reach for wild salmon lox & add it to toast with chopped onions, capers, and lemons. You can also do this with crackers. SO yummy.

Sometimes when I’m in a rush, I throw kale, chopped carrots, onions, pieces of salmon lox, & lemon into a bowl. It’s like a 5 second salad. YUM.

8.} Kale or arugula:

Kale, I use in smoothies. Arugula, I use for salads. Sometimes I’m in a kale mood, other times I’m playing for team arugula. Both of these lettuces are full of antioxidants & minerals.

Also, do NOT be afraid of kale. Learn how to massage it ( yes this is a thing ) & you will love it.

Kale is also delicious with olive oil, lemon, pink salt, cracked pepper, & sliced grapefruit. YUMMMM.

9.} Cage free eggs:

I do not leave the grocery store without Vital Farms cage free eggs. They’re non-GMO & DELICIOUS. I cook them with grass-fed butter & then throw them on top of a bed of arugula. Usually I cook 3 scrambled eggs & ALWAYS use the yolks— they’re full of benefits. Another fun way to use eggs is in TSC 3 ingredient pancakes.

Overall, I’m a huge egg lover!

10.} Lentils or chickpeas:

Last but certainly not least: LENTILS!! Lentils are insane. They’re one of the best carbs you can put in your body. Lately I’ve been making lentil tacos on lettuce cups. I add mango salsa, goat cheese, chopped onions, garlic, & raw jalapeño. They make a great meat substitute ( especially for vegetarians ).

I’ve also been drawn to chickpeas lately because they’re super easy to mash ( again JAW SURGERY! ). I mash them up & add lemon, garlic, & a little hot sauce and throw them on top of a salad. Soooo good.

When you’re picking out lentils & chickpeas make sure there’s nothing else added besides, well, lentils & chickpeas. The less ingredients the better. By the way, LOVE/LOVE/LOVE this brand for lentils.

+ Little trinkets I like to always have: organic turmeric powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, fresh basil, fresh mint, cayenne, grass fed butter, coconut oil, dark chocolate, apple cider vinegar, & nutmeg.

grocery list | by the skinny confidential

Having a foundation of a list before you walk in the grocery store is always a good idea. I like to be in & out ( usually I grab a green juice or cold brew coffee with cinnamon at Whole Foods while shopping ). My market experiences are usually ten minutes. Hi, bye, in, out.

Also, from experience: DO NOT GO GROCERY SHOPPING HUNGRY. Trust me, I know this first hand. It’s just a bad idea. First you’ll start off eating way too many lukewarm samples & then you’ll go to the cereal aisle & start grabbing like cocoa, berry crunch shit you never knew existed. And then you’ll end up on the baking aisle & it will suddenly dawn on you that you haven’t made brownies or Rice Krispy treats in 2 years, & ‘oh doesn’t that sound like a fun treat?’

Literally this happened the other day & I ended up with hummus in every flavor & one too many varieties of French cheeses.

Anyway, just avoid the grocery store when hungry.

What’s your must-have grocery item? Add to my list!!

Happy Thursday! x

{ my full grocery list, plus a 90 day full meal plan (!!!), will be added to The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide next month…stay tuned! }

  1. LOVE your list!! I’m obsessed with adding coconut sugar to oatmeal & berries as a snack! & agreed with never going grocery shopping whilst hungry. I’ve made that mistake way too many times haha! x

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. Angela, smart commitment! When I shop hungry I leave with waaay more than I need. Thanks for reading! xx

  2. I always have to get Almond Milk and berries! I use a ton of tumeric as well for RA and I go through it pretty quick. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing what other people always get at the store. Have a great day!

    1. I’m OBSEESSSSEDD with turmeric. Taking it a lot during surgery recover to reduce inflammation. Thanks for reading Alexis

  3. We love so many of these foods too, especially the berries and salmon! Love that you made this shopping list.
    The Twinne Twins

  4. Love your list! Have you found a brand of lox that’s low sodium? Love lox but have searched Whole Foods high and low for a lower sodium brand with no luck. Sigh. The bloat is real with regular lox.

    1. Savanna, have you tried the fresh fish area at Whole Foods? It depends on the store but they’ll usually have it in the butcher area. Otherwise, find a small local butcher shop. Make sure you ask the butcher behind the counter if it’s WILD, ORGANIC, salmon lox. With no antibiotics. No farmed fish!


    2. I’ve always looked in the packaged section at WF but have never thought to check with the WF butcher.. . good call, thanks!

      Btw, love your blog and thanks for the reply! The Skimm and TSC are my AM essentials along with my coffee 🙂

  5. I haven’t even attempted making my own almond milk and won’t even try because I feel like that requires more effort, and I don’t have one of those cheese cloths or whatever you need to make the milk.

    HOWEVER…making your own almond butter is the easiest thing in the world if you have a food processor. Just toast two cups of almonds in the oven for about 10 minutes (the smells that radiate are incredible), put your toasted almonds in the food processor with a dash of cinnamon and almond extract and just press ON for about 10-15 minutes. You may have to scrape the sides every few minutes as the nuts tend to stick to the sides of your processor. No joke, the raw homemade almond butter is amazing, delicious and the cheaper alternative! xx

  6. Yum! What a great list. Many of those are my staples too. Now I want some lox haha. Question for you: I don’t think almond milk has much protein so are you’re buying one that is fortified with extra protein?? And if so, I need to know about this!!

    1. Hi Emily, you’re right, almond milk doesn’t have A TON of protein, however it does have a good amount. Plus, it has tons of calcium, little fat, and other good stuff. If I use it in an after workout smoothie and what more protein sometimes I’ll add organic, plant based, protein powder. Def try that!


  7. I recently decided to clean up my diet and have been relying heavily on lentils and chickpeas for my meals. I just discovered this delish recipe that I know you will love: roughly blend chickpeas with avocado, lemon or lime, salt & pepper and if you want to spice it up a little, cayenne. I turned it into a sandwich, but you could totally eat it without the bread!

    xo Annie

    PS When you can eat a bit more food with a crunch, check out this raw walnut taco recipe by Marco Borges!

  8. This list is pretty on par with mine! I’m not actually a huge fruit gal believe it or not, but a few of my other staples are cherry tomatoes, celery, multi-colored carrots, and cukes (ALL organic) to chop and bring with me in tupperware with a drizzle of dressing for part of my afternoon snack that usually includes hardboiled eggs or oatmeal 😀

  9. Sounds just like my list too!!! I will add- in my trinkets cabinet, I always have avocado oil for cooking… I love olive oil as well, but avocado oil can take a higher heat, so I’ll use that when needed.

    When you can eat the crunchies again- look for Jilz Crackers at Whole Foods… they are a seed cracker and are gluten free, organic & paleo… I LOVE the Mediterranean flavor with added garlic & lavender… I’ll dip those into my fav scallion flavor cashew cheese (non-dairy) by Treeline (also at Whole Foods).

  10. This was such a fun list to read, is that weird? It´s kind of like “What´s in my bag” but instead “What´s in my grocery cart?”.

    My list is very similar to yours, avocado, bananas, paper towels, spinach, eggs.

    Have a great weekend and hope you feel better soon!


  11. looks like we have the same taste in healthy foods! where do you get your lox from? i will have to try your quick salad. also love turmeric. i’ve been taking it during my injury recovery.
    hope you are feeling better!

  12. Rice milk, greek yoghurt, cherry tomatoes, salmon, corn fed organic chicken, avocado and eggs is a must!

  13. I’m totally the same!!! I could live a very happy life in WholeFoods alone. Their produce is always awesome.
    <3 Pia

  14. Haha I’m the same with most ingredients in this list, though I love activated nut butter over raw as it tastes better and is so much easier for the body to digest as it means the phytic acid and inhibitor enzymes have been broken down.

    Also, I’m obsessed with activated buckwheat groats / buckinis (I know I sound like an activated freak, but it really makes everything awesome!) as it’s crunchy, gluten free, and high in fibre and protein. Sprinkle it over yoghurt, smoothies, and granola. Maybe when you can eat crunchy stuff again =)

    Same on buying lentils and chickpeas, and one I’m never without is black beans. Absolutely love them!


  15. This is a great list, Lauryn! Avocado, nut butter, oats, and berries are a must buy when I go to the grocery store too! How can one possible live without these foods? I have them every single day! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! You have such a beautiful and amazing blog! You do a really great job 🙂

  16. I love steel cut oats as well – I was raised on gloppy runny and MANDATORY breakfasts of nasty quick oats so I LOVE the nutty and wholesome taste of steel cut! Lentils are amazing as well, if you haven’t you should try Ina Garten’s lentil soup. It is still good even if you leave out the carrots/onions/leeks which will save you some chopping time. A few of my current grocery items: garlic, lemon, and canned chickpeas to make hummus, Raw baby carrots, Cadbury drinking chocolate with unsweetened soy milk, Rajun Cajun bean mixes, black olives to garnish salads and noodles, wild rice, De Cecco pasta (my favorite, “bring on the gluten” pasta!), dried fruit and nuts to try “Oh She Glows” cookie recipes, sweet potatoes, and frozen vegetables (brussels sprouts are good…)

  17. I’m an organizer and I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to help clients eat healthy and keep it together when meal planning. Great, go to list, thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Lauren! Okay, so I swear when I was reading one of your blog posts one day at the end of it you mentioned something about two women who have a daily news type of business where they describe what is going on in the world in simpler terms, and quickly, for women who just kind of want to know whats going on out there! I was trying to remember who they were or what their website was called but couldn’t remember it for the life of me or find it in whichever post it was on your blog. If you know what I’m talking about could you please refresh my memory!? Please and thank you 🙂

  19. Love your list! I loved your book too. Keep it up, knowing many people look to you as a role model. You have a lot of influence – more than you realize. God bless!

  20. Hey Lauryn! I was wondering if you had the chance, could you do a post on shaving/waxing bikini area tips? It’s a little personal but it’s something I would love to hear your opinion on, especially because I am about to go to the beach for a few weeks lol.

  21. Love the list! We’re all for drug store finds. Why pay crazy prices for make up and products when u don’t need to? Def trying the NYX eye powder. Thanks!

  22. I can relate to a lot of these items!! Bananas, eggs, lemons, granola, and sweet potatoes are always in my cart. Just curious, does Michael also have staple grocery store items?! Lol I’m always curious about guys’ level of organization when it comes to food shopping, since we know we are such planners when it comes to food. 🙂

  23. These items always find a way into my shopping cart too! I also find a way to get some processed snacks in there once in a while, which I know I shouldn’t! Plus dark chocolate, that’s a hard one to say no to.

  24. Great list. I think you meant to write “pasture-raised” eggs rather than cage-free. Mine list is pretty much the same. I also go through a lot of spinach, wild salmon and pastured-raised beef.

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