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Calories, Smalories: Why I Don’t Count my Cals

Lauryn Evarts, talks why you should not count calories and blogs on weight loss.

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Lauryn Evarts, talks why you should not count calories and blogs on weight loss.

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Calories, Smalories! Recently I have received a lot e-mails in regards to counting calories- so, should you or shouldn’t you? Truthfully, I never, ever look at the calorie count [ I mean my OCD would be off the charts if I even attempted to do this…]. For many people that’s how they maintain their weight- and that’s completely fine because everyone’s body responds differently. As far as results go, my body tones up quicker when I pay extra attention to simple sugar. Sugar turns into fat [ particularly on the ass, thighs, & stomach area ].

Something that I will never forget: a couple years ago I heard Jackie Warner [ an amazing trainer ] say this…”choose foods with five grams of sugar per serving or less. Sugar hides in foods under clever names like beet sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, invert sugar, lactose, maltodextrin, marital [ a sugar alcohol ], mannitol [ a sugar alcohol ], sorbitol [ a sugar alcohol ], sucrose, & turbinado sugar. These sugars are in everything from protein bars and shakes to breads to diary. Sugar is found not only in things that are sweet but in processed food like ketchup, spaghetti sauce, & BBQ sauce.” <<<<<<< EWWWWW- personally I like to know what I am fueling my body with!

Jackie then went on to recommend specific tips to break that evil “sugar habit”: rid simple sugars from the fridge, in replacement buy fruits [ think: apples, pears, berries, & citrus foods { these are natural sugars } ], exercise regularly, graze on healthy snacks throughout the day [ I picked some of my favorites above & below: see sugar grams ], drinks lots of water, & cut back on caffeine.

See, easy, peasy. Do you count calories?

Lauryn Evarts, talks why you should not count calories and blogs on weight loss.

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Lauryn Evarts, talks why you should not count calories and blogs on weight loss.

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Lauryn Evarts, talks why you should not count calories and blogs on weight loss.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I have some questions regarding fruit consumption. If I’m trying to lose weight, how many servings of fruit should I limit myself to per day? Should I only eat low-sugar fruits or does it really matter?

  2. Guilty!!! I used to!! But I have found eating clean– no need 🙂

    And I live by the ‘just a taste’ rule– you can eat your fav ice cream, choc cake, etc… but just have a bit. You will enjoy it more- and really, no one needs more then a few bites to satisfy that craving!!

    — and yes, I am that girl at my corporate job who sometimes buys a Snickers bar, takes a bit and tosses. It = GUILTY!!

  3. I like your article on calories and for someone like you who knows what she is doing it isn’t a problem maintaining your ideal weight. For those who aren’t as knowlegable here is some food for thoughts:
    Everyone has a BMI and daily minimal caloric intake just in order to maintain their current weight. If you eat fewer than 500 calories less than that daily calorie intake your body will go into starvation mode and will not let go of the extra calories plus, once you do lose the weight it will most likely come rright back on do to the increase metabolic effeciency. Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you aren’t measuring you’re guessing.
    Chips & junk food plus vitamins isn’t a substitute for real food. How do you know if you are getting all the essential vitamins & minerals in your daily meals. You get a nutrition report card for each & every meal that you eat.
    Not just calories because their are empty calorie foods. We score you in accordance with the USDA nutrition guidelines on protein, carbohydrate, fats, omega-3s, omega-6s, etc. Take the guess work out of eating there is no substitute for real food. The question is are you getting enough of the good stuff that your body needs?
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    For every member referred to us from they will receive a complementary 2-week free trial. AND, if they decide they want to sign-up you will receive a $50 commission on each membership. Membership pricing:
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  4. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight 3 times in my life. 30lbs 7 years ago(gained it all back plus more), 40lbs 4 years ago (gained about 20 back), and 18lbs since January. The first 2 times I was counting calories and depriving myself of the right food. I was obsessing over what I ate and what I was burning. This time around I started following “The Ab’s Diet” and can’t even begin to tell you how it has changed me. I not only lost weight but I am at a healthy body fat percentage and have muscle! I eat all day and I am not really even killing myself at the gym. I am making better food choices and I lift like 3 days a week with some cardio in there too. I am no longer obsessing on counting calories and I allow myself to indulge here and there. I feel this is a diet I can keep up forever. Yay for power foods!!

  5. what about yogurt? even plain greek yogurt has 7g of sugar per serving. their flavored varieties have upwards of 20g! i have found a brand, siggis, that still has high protein (14g) and their flavored varities are 9g sugar per serving. should i switch to eating a yogurt every other day instead of everyday, because of the sugar content?

    also, are you talking about ADDED sugar? so fruits don’t “count” towards the 5g or less rule?

  6. I try not to focus too much on calories either, although this is a new thing for me! I’m learning that my body can actually handle way more than I feed it, and that more calories may look scary but my body performs better eating them!


      I googled this immediately! I wish they had it in my state 🙁

  7. You are soooo right about the sugar. Too many servings of sugar makes me all bloated and gross. As soon as I stop eating it, flat belly is back!!

  8. I tried to count calories once but it took so much time and I was too lazy so I stopped it. My question is how should I eat after workout (running/jogging about 30 min + butt workout) ? I love your blog and you’re really pretty! 🙂

  9. I think that calorie counting can lead you to making MUCH healthier food choices if you’re trying to lose weight and not be STARVING.
    If I eat a 1400 calorie diet, I try to get in a lot of fruits and veggies because they are low calorie. If you try to get down to 1400 calories eating junk, you are destined to be very hungry. So, I think calorie counting is a decent way to teach yourself you need to incorporate natural foods!

  10. I love this! What a great rule to follow without being obsessive over calories! I do fall into the calorie trap and wish that I never started in the first place. It’s time consuming and not always the most accurate thing to do! Now I focus more on the types of food I am consuming rather than the caloric total of them!

  11. Thanks! This is a big help. I have a weakness for desserts, so I try to cut out sugar in other places like apple and grape juice, sugary cereals, sodas, salad dressing (bye bye catalina!), etc. So i’ve been aiming for “less,” but having a number to aim for when I’m looking at food labels in the store really helps!

  12. Get the new iOS and Andorid app , which enables you to track your nutrition, calculate units and calories and set goals to help you moderate your diet, meal. ..

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