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Balls To The Walls Calendar Tips

the skinny confidential office | by the skinny confidential

A lot of you guys have asked how I organize my calendar.

To be completely & utterly honest, I am EXTREMELY specific about it.

Really though, it’s rather obnoxious.

Like OCD-ish sort of obnoxious.

First off, I used to be a rebel.

Like a rebel who didn’t calendar properly.

According to TSC Team, they’ve never seen worse.

Seriously, two years ago I would just go with the flow, you know? Sort of wake up & do a million things at once in no particular order. Just kind of did whatever I was feeling. Super laid back. To be frank, I was perplexed on why anyone would do anything any OTHER way.

But cracks started to show.

As I began to really aggressively grow the brand I realized, SHIT, there’s a serious need for a LEGIT calendar.

I mean I always had a calendar BUT I needed like a gnarly, GIRL BOSS, NO BULLSHIT calendar.

Basically I couldn’t fuck around anymore.

This was/is business…& I needed to get my shit together.

And as annoying as this is to admit, it worked.

& it worked WELL.

Having a real deal, balls to the walls calendar that accounts for my whole day has been game-changing.

Sure, pre-SERIOUS CALENDAR I’d write down my schedule before…& sure I’d ‘try’ to add it to my iPhone…& sure I’d most definitely miss conference calls, appointments, or deadlines.

So YES I’m a firm believer that if you want to grow any idea or company, spend like an hour a week ( I usually do this on Sunday’s ) making your calendar Gone With the Wind fabulous.

the skinny confidential office | by the skinny confidential

Here are three tips that help keep mine on track:


Ok so, if anything happened to my phone’s Google calendar App, I’d cry a couple of Lauren Conrad tears. Really though.

Every morning before I start my day, I pull up Google Calendar & it’s perfectly color coordinated with times, names, & conference dial-in’s. EASY. I like how it goes start to finish & guides you through the whole day. Plus the colors are cute & coordinated. AKA meetings= pink.

Now don’t think I’m crazy but I literally keep a schedule from 8 AM to 8 PM.

This calendar tells me when I’m working out, talking on the phone, posting social media content, e-mailing, planning posts, shooting posts, meeting TSC Team, filming video, editing posts, working on TSC Bombshell Body Guide, taking meetings, hanging out with friends, going on dates, running errands, going to appointments, AND even getting my nails done.

Also, a lot of what I do is multi-tasking. Like walking on the Treadmill & returning e-mails, so I will schedule those together.

ALL in my Google calendar. Literally, I’m surprised it doesn’t tell me when to sleep.

I even went as far as to schedule an hour for reading…

Also, my entire month is scheduled in advance. Obviously things are added last minute but my calendar is set up so things are scheduled weeks & weeks in advance.

Trust me, as a former flower child business woman, this way is more efficient.


Speaking of flower children, my white HUGE desk calendar is very vintage-esque because, who writes anything down?


Writing my thoughts out of what I have to do just WORKS.

A huge to-do with a couple of PRIORITY thing to do that day keeps me on schedule.

I don’t know why but something about the whole writing things down with a ball point pen is therapeutic.

It sits & stares at me throughout the day taunting me to GET IT DONE.

Also, recently we bought a HUGE white board for our home which has really helped too. Highly recommend both.


I hired someone who’s main job is coordinating.

He coordinates every last detail.

This has been really essential to grow The Skinny Confidential because it’s allowed me to focus on what’s important.

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend finding an intern who can help manage your schedule to get to your goals.

Have them help you map out a plan of action & strategy. Work backwards. If you want to launch an eBook, have them help you set up a timeline working backwards on a calendar. Does that make sense?

Say you want to launch your eBook in June. Set the work in your calendar ( a little a week ) months before June. So when June comes you’re not overwhelmed. Planning is key.

calendar tips | by the skinny confidential

Typically every time I do a post like this you guys have 29384237 more amazing tips to follow. So add to my list, I’m open to testing out your calendar tips.

NEXT UP, I’m thinking: how to schedule blog editorial content. Thoughts?

Also, PLEASE do not forget to enter the giveaway because the $1500 of beauty & wellness goodies are too good. Enter HERE.

Ok, I’m off to watch House of Cards. Claire is killing the girl boss game this season. I spent the better half of last night scouring the Internet for business suits because of her.

Chat soon, lauryn x

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  1. This post is EVERYTHING. I’m also obsessed with organizing and calendars and being super obsessive over all the hours in the day. I have two planners, two wall calendars, google calendar, and an app. Why? I don’t know… Maybe I just have a stationary and highlighter obsession. But being organized is seriously so important, especially for us gals that work from home!

  2. Lauryn, I love this post and found it so useful. Truth be told, when you wrote “I woke up and did a million things” I totally related. Pretty much how I work and it needs to change.

    I would LOVE to see a post on to schedule blog editorial content, but also the whole shebang. From scheduling the shoot, to writing, to publishing to when you promote on social media.

  3. Okay, this is the post I really needed. Coming from a current Flower Child (which is weird bc I am also so type A so being so lax really drives me nuts), I need to get it together… but to be honest, I have had no idea how to get it together. In fact, it was a huge resolution of mine. This post was the kick in the ass I needed to get on my google calendar and coordinate things. I love that you have it to the T from your workouts, to dates, to work. I recently read Richard Branson’s book and the one thing he kept saying is that he ALWAYS carries a notepad to write anything and everything down. I admit, I do it on my phone, but there is def something to be said about physically writing it down. I would LOVE a Blog Editorial post. Can you just become a blog instructor please & host the most chic class ever (it could end with blow outs, brow tinting and bubbly!)?! x Shannon

  4. Absolutely love this post and can totally relate. I have started carrying a calendar that is actually written. This helps me so much understand when things are due and when I need to ge tmy shit done.

    I should probably use google calednar too but i’m worried about the two of them not being synced.

    Hope you have a good day!!



  5. Love this post!! I make jokes that sometimes my calendar looks like a kid took a pack of markers to it since its color coded for different types of tasks (school, work, gym, etc) and I schedule my workouts and reading time too. I even schedule in meal prep time on weekends. I try to keep it a bit loose since things come up and plans can change, but it has helped so much in getting more work done. (I’ve even been scheduling in my to-do list using time blocks that you and Michael shared!)

  6. YES!!!! Love this! I am need of some tightening up in the calendar area! Great with writing down but finding that key things like working out or pesky personal upkeep appointments get lost in the work. Thanks for the great post!

  7. THANK YOU!! Sadly, I’m a Flower Child right now. I schedule things but I don’t follow it unless it’s mandatory. . .like, I lose 20 bucks if I miss Pure Barre. I feel you. I know I need to be organized.

    I was actually considering getting an intern. I’m not sure I could pay an intern right now but I was wondering if you knew anything about school credit internships?!

    xo Candice

  8. These are really great tips! When it comes to my blogging I like to overplan content but underplan when it comes to posts. So if my goal is two posts a week, if I hit 3, then that’s a win. One of the reasons I don’t meet my goals is because of lack of content planning, which is where the overplanning of content comes in. Thanks again 🙂

  9. Hi Lauryn, I love this post because I am an organizational planner freak and calendars get me really excited (I know). Is there a reason you like Google’s Cal app better than iCal? Thanks!

  10. I could NOT agree with this post more!!! I recently started blogging and good planning is a MUST!! I cannot live without my planner. Also, I totally love handwriting things too. It’s very therapeutic and makes me feel so accomplished to check things off the list! Loved this post! xo, Kathleen

  11. I also use Google calendar for all of my in real life appointments, but I do all of my tasks on a giant paper calendar too. I just need to physically write them down and see the whole year in one giant glance!

  12. Ah ah! Too funny. I’ve also been inspired by claire’s style and am now totally into pencil skirts! gotta love house of cards. Thanks for these great scheduling tips lauryn! xx

  13. Love this! I am also a reformed non-scheduler.

    One tip that has helped me when coordinating with my boyfriend. I will invite him to events as optional even when he is not actually invited. That way he has line of site into my schedule, and the same for me vise versa. This way we can easily see if the other is free – super helpful! Now if i want to go out with a girlfriend (for example), I try to pick a night when is already his own plans.

  14. ANOTHER awesome post! I love it. I would love reading about a way to schedule blog editorial content. Also, House of Cards is WHERE its AT. Thanks Lauryn!

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