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What’s In My Caboodlllleee? <3

The Skinny Confidential talks diet and fitness.

All my friends gave up their Caboodle in junior high.

But not me!!

OHHHHhhhh nooo.

I looooveee my Caboodle ( << not sponsored, just realness ). Still use it to this day. They’re the best things EVER. Reasons? 1.) they keep all my makeup super organized. 2.) they’re so cute/chic. 3.) Caboodles are fab for traveling. And 4.) I’VE SAID IT ONCE & I’LL SAY IT AGAIN: they’re GREAT for people who are overly organized.

Seriously though, they really settle down my obsessive organized side.

Plus when I carry around the black makeup case, I feel like a real deal makeup artist.

SOOO profesh.

Ok, so ta-da here’s what’s inside my Caboodle:

♡ Products:

My Caboodle
Smaller Caboodle
‘That Gal’ face brightener
Red lip liner
Red lipstick
Orgasm blush stick
Brow makeup brush
Brow powder

Eyelash primer ( << MY FAV! )
MAC ‘In Extreme’ mascara
Urban Decay’s ‘Perversion’ mascara
Ardell ‘Double Up’ lashes
Eyelash curler ( << the BEST! )
Fav drugstore eyelash primer
Fav drugstore mascara
Navy drugstore eyelash curler
Lip Venom
Beauty blender on stick
Airbrush ‘brush’
Peppermint Chapstick
Beauty blenders
Brush cleaner
Mini Wet Brush

♡ Clothes:

White top
Red lipstick

Question time! What do you put your makeup in? Any other makeup products I absolutely have to check out? Are you guys liking the video tutorials? Anything you want to see next?

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was non-stop so I’m ready to take it down a million notches & get in bed with a cup of mint tea, my puppies, & the latest episode of Shark Tank.

Don’t forget to pull out your Jan Sport & Trapper Keeper when you dust off your Caboodle. LOL.

love, love, love- Lauryn xx

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Caboodles! What a blast from the past! I didn’t realize they were still around. Of course my middle school Caboodle was no where near as chic as yours. I may need to run to Target now ;).

  2. I used to have a caboodle back on the day! I just bought a pencil plastic case like the ones they used to give us in elementary school the other day to use for traveling with my makeup! I love your videos they are so professional and informative! I am in love with tartes bb creame foundation for everyday and the gym! Xo C

  3. I love this video! I like the caboodle idea, I may try it. I am currently using Muji drawers but I have a lot of overflow on my desk/vanity because they don’t hold all my products (consequence of being a product junkie). I’m going to check out this caboodle idea and see if I can organize my products better.

    p.s. i would love to see a makeup tutorial!

  4. SO awesome, I used to be seriously obsessed with Caboodles, I didn’t even know they still made them! Honestly, organized makeup is the best. I currently dig through a messy bucket box every morning and am constantly convinced everything is lost. Love it!

  5. Lauryn, your teeth are so white! Other than oil pulling, what routine do you have for getting and maintaining super white teeth?

  6. i store my makeup in one of those clear acrylic organizers; it’s perfect for when i’ll be at home for awhile, but it’s a nuisance when i’m traveling because i have to pack everything up! i’ll definitely have to look into getting a caboodle. loved the video!

    xx. Ellie

  7. Haha I LOVE the caboodle! I’m a type A organizer so I am ALL over this!! xo

  8. You HAVE to check out Tata Harper, May Lindstrom , Kjaer Weis. All natural products and makeup that have changed my life and my skin! This is a great website that has all the products…
    MUST TRY! xoxox

  9. You would LOVE the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, especially with your love for highlights and a great glowy look. It is seriously amazing – gives you a glow without the shimmer / glitter look. Definitely check it out next time you’re at Sephora! 🙂

  10. Love this, great alternative to the icebox that seems to be all the rave. I also, love adding moisturizer to foundation and the day and night foundation. i recently started my utube page this was very inspiring thank you. xoxo

  11. I’m absolutely a makeup junkie. I currently use an organizer from Lori Grenier on QVC. It’s for the countertop and not portable, but I really like it for regular morning routine. Favorite products are Tarte mascara, Tarte BB cream, Tarte full coverage foundation, Bare Minerals mineral veil, Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow, and Clinique black honey lip.

  12. can we talk about how much i love trapper keepers and jan sports and all of those things!? this is great. i must admit that i only use a little makeup pouch bc all i wear is stuff on my brows and eyeliner and mascara. so boring 🙂 ok maybe i have a lipstick stash in another location that i use on occasion 🙂

  13. I LOVE benefit’s that gal brightner! Makeup trick that I learned from a pro skier: put it on your lips before applying lip balm/gloss…it helps lock in the moisture and the highlighter gives a perfect pigment. I put it on before bed and my lips will still have a glossy finish when I wake up in the morning. Amazing

  14. You have officially inspired a Target run. I loved my Caboodle in middle school and didn’t know they were still around. I also just discovered makeup primer and now won’t put makeup without it. Love it!

  15. Awesome post! Brings me back to my hot pink caboodle days.

    I’m interested in how you maintain such clear skin. Other than a clean diet, what treatments do you suggest for clear skin and how often would you say they need to be done? I do my usual at home Clarisonic routine but sometimes I feel like I need a little extra bump of clean. There are so many facial treatments out there. What really works?

  16. Ah this post makes me want to purchase a Caboodle & get organized !! Lauryn I would love if you did a video on your morning & night skincare routine… You seem to have the most flawless, smooth, glowing skin!

  17. Loving these videos! : ) Would you mind letting us know what shade of bronzer the Mac bronzer you wear is? When i click on the link, it just takes you to the bronzer but no ‘color’ selected. Also, the same for the lipstick link….and i didn’t see any called ‘rouge’ 🙁 Thanks!!

    1. The bronzer I use is by MAC & the color ‘golden.’ And the lipstick is called ‘Bang’ not ‘Rogue.’ Sorry for confusion!!

  18. I don’t think the link to the airbrush brush is correct. Could you please check it? Thanks

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