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cabo style | by the skinny confidential

FOREVER 21 Floral Print Maxi Dress Selected Black Skater Skirt Janessa Leone Klint Hat Patagonia Fitz Roy P-Label Logo Hat KAREN WALKER Super Duper Retro Sunglasses | Palm Print Bikini TopOff-the-Shoulder Mesh Crop Top Frankie’s Bikinis Malia Wraparound Bikini Top

Still in a total CABO mood after sharing my & Michael’s first EVER vlog

Sooo I figured I’d share some Cabo style favorite items.

Some of these are 100% Cabo style staples, like the floral maxi, sunglasses, & hats. I’m also kind of dying over palm print bikinis lately. Aren’t you?

BTW— what did you guys think about the Cabo vlog? Would love to know. What do you want to see more / less of?

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  2. Theses fashions are very beautiful, love the black swim suits and some of the other dresses!

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