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Mini DeLites: CABO VLOG & Stuff


CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

Well hello.

Cabo was a ball but I feel Cabo is always a ball?

Seriously I’m a firm believer that they pump the air with Xanax.

Or the sand has acupuncture needles…regardless I’m always SO relaxed & a die-hard fan:


CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

Maybe it’s just the 439723479 LBS of chips and salsa? Or perhaps the waking up to the sound of waves? OR MAYBE the extra spicy margaritas?

I’m slightly obsessed…

Which is why we’ve decided to get married in Cabo. Think a very, VERY intimate wedding. Closest friends & family.

That’s a whole different post though, let’s just discuss the vacation for now.

For some reason Cabo is one of the few places that I can FULLY relax. Sure, I do a little work here & there but overall, it’s very therapeutic to kick back, drink coconut margaritas, eat chips, & read…under an umbrella of course.

And aren’t vacations nice? Well, apparently they become even nicer when your fiancé decides after 6 years that he’s a professional photographer.

( & he’s actually good? )

So bizarre. I’m learning new things everyday.

CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

{ 1. top ( similar ) | pants ( similar ) 2. bikini top | skirt 3. hat | sunglasses | bikini  4. bikini | choker }

Ok, but packing for Cabo was a bigger challenge than I thought.

I don’t have a ton of Mexico-ish clothes so I had to get creative. Luckily this time I borrowed a couple of pieces from my friend, Erica, mixed in some blacks/whites, AND found neon bikinis that did the trick.

( Full outfit collage coming soon on all my Cabo outfits too! In the meantime, I shared a bunch of my Instagram outfits in this post ).

Very important to have brights when going to Cabo because FLORA FARMS (!!!).

WHAT’S Flora Farms, you ask?

Well, it’s just really the most magical, little farm on the planet.

Think farm to table fresh food ( their pizza is better than a New York pizza, hard to believe but I’m telling you ), carrot margaritas ( UMMM ), live Bossanova ( I LOVE ), a mellow crowd, the freshest herbs, a tiny veggie market, & just a lovely, perfect vibe. Here’s a peek:



Yes. Just go there next time you’re in Cabo.

Trust me.

In fact, I would have stayed there WAY longer but Michael is one of those slam food down his throat, chug the margarita, take one picture with bad lighting kind of diner.

Like he’s in & out. HIGHLY annoying when you’re somewhere cute & charming.

I could have stayed for hours.

Given the option, I may have even camped out in the sunflower fields?


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Particularly thrilled for this vlog because it’s the first of MANY.

Yes that’s right, from now on every time we travel you guy can now expect a vlog.

Hopefully next time I’ll hold the camera permanently because, let’s get real, Michael’s angles are dreadful.

I turned the camera on him & look what I got:


CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

{ 1. bikini | pants ( similar ) 2./3. dress ( similar ) | white shoes | 4. black crop | baggy pants ( similar ) }

By the way, patiently waiting for more wedding planning which is rather surprising.

( I can’t tell if it’s the wedding thing…or I just want to go back to Cabo? )

And for the record, I have not managed to figure out save the dates, a wedding dress, OR anything else really….besides the location.

But rest assured because I DID pick the margaritas. It was a close toss-up between ginger, guava, & spicy, so I picked all three. You would have too.


CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential

On that note, for the first time in 5 years, I have to give photo credit ( I hate saying PHOTO CRED, like OUCH, lol ) to Michael Bosstick.

The times… they are changing guys.

Do you guys have any secret, special spots like Cabo? What’s your favorite place to get away…you know, somewhere where there’s Xanax in the air.


Talk soon, lauryn x

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++ Pre-Cabo diet & exercise tips here | The Skinny Confidential hat here.

CABO DIARIES | by the skinny confidential


  1. Oh it looks so dreamy there! I’ve never been but I can totally imagine it being very relaxing! Can’t wait to see more vlogs!


  2. Lauryn, my absolute favorite place in the world is Lake Como! I know you and Michael traveled there last year but you stayed in a very fancy hotel. I have some friends that own the cutest hotel on the lake 10 minutes from Bellagio, called Crotto del Misto. They have an AMAZING restaurant and just an overall amazing view. Its definitely not 5 star but what it lacks in ‘chic’, if you will, it makes up for in view, food, and people. You guys definitely need to check it out next time you are in the area. It has such a quaint and cozy vibe. They grow all their own vegetables, catch their own fish in the lake, and cure their own salamis! Best Italian food ever!!

    1. This sounds INCREDIBLE! I just visited Lake Como for the first time in November on a day trip and I’ve been dying to go back ever since! So glad I came down to the comments for this! 🙂

  3. Hi, can you send the link to your cropped top and skirt floral combo? I have browsed Forver21 site twice now.

  4. Impressed with Michael´s photography skills! It´s been fun having him become more part of your blog and I am OBSESSED with your snapchats!

    By the way, if you love Mexico, I highly recommend Oaxaca…I just posted a travel diary on my blog!

  5. Sayulita, Mexico! My fiancé and I (we’re 6 years strong too and taking foreeeever to start planning) FINALLY at least decided to have our wedding there 🙂 Like you, lots of deets are TBD but chips/guac/margs and street tacos are in the lineup for sure. Congrats!

  6. Love love love! We are off to Cabo for my birthday in May (just booked it last weekend!) & staying at One & Only, as well so I am SUPER stoked! Will def peruse some of your Cabo posts for some reccs bc your taste is just exquisite! Edith’s looked absolutely beautiful – I love all the vibes with the twilights and candles. Also, loving the VLOGs! A super fun way to remember and look back on the vacations. The wedding will be absolutely beautiful and intimate is totally the way to go… not to mention the food & bev will be on major point!

    I have 2 places where the xanax is in the air (ha, love that) but they are both soooo so so different: Japan & Fiji! Seriously, 2 of the most magical places I have ever, ever been! From the vibes, to the people, to the architecture, to just everything about it, words can’t do it justice!

    PS – the photos are absolutely stunning!! That lighting is incredible.

    Happy wedding planning! x Shannon

  7. All I have to say is you guys HAVE to stay at Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy. You will die. Lemon soufflés. Linguine puttanesca. You can thank me later.

  8. OMG this is giving me such flashbacks!! My sister was all set to get married at the same hotel (same wedding planner too!) when a hurricane hit two years ago and destroyed the hotel (it won’t happen at your wedding, i swear!) – two weeks before the wedding. Luckily they were able to move the whole thing to Hawaii, but I know first hand how beautiful a wedding there would’ve been. Gorgeous choice, it’s going to be an amazing day!!! Oh and CAN I LIVE AT FLORA FARMS!?!?! Seriously, BEST place ever!!!

    xo Annie

  9. So in love with this post! That floral 2 piece set and that palm print suit are the cutest things ever! Love!! XO


    1. Hi Jen!

      You can find the songs here:

      Halcyon Birds by Brocken Back
      Memories by Petit Biscuit
      Gold by Kiiara
      Coming Over by Dillon Francis, Kygo, & James Hersey

  10. Xanax air for me is definitely Jamaica! Montego and Negril are both amazing spots but definitely the calm waves and warm ocean in Negril is the most relaxing thing in the world.

  11. OK booking a flight to Cabo like right now! I loved the vlog and am looking forward to your post about all your outfits you wore on vacation! They were all so cute!

    1. Hi Kaylee! You can find it here:

      Halcyon Birds by Brocken Back
      Memories by Petit Biscuit
      Gold by Kiiara
      Coming Over by Dillon Francis, Kygo, & James Hersey

  12. For me, my favorite getaway is Sonoma or all the way up to Healdsburg. It’s only an hour drive and all of sudden we are away from crowds and fog. I love to find little picnic spots, swings tucked away in the trees, sunny patios.

  13. What songs are playing throughout the video?! They were awesome! Cannot wait to hear more about your wedding planning!

  14. Guyssss,

    Amazing vlog, loved the tidbits all put together into one video. Definitely super fun and I loved watching it. looking forward to more 🙂


  15. What a fun blog! I used to live in cabo and had my wedding there it was the most amazing thing! Everyone was so CHILLED and relaxed it just made for a better environment, can’t wait to see the full details! xo C

  16. Hey Lauryn, can you share links for the music? Especially the acoustic song you guys are raving about in the car!

    1. Hi Lisa! Here you go:

      Halcyon Birds by Brocken Back
      Memories by Petit Biscuit
      Gold by Kiiara
      Coming Over by Dillon Francis, Kygo, & James Hersey

    1. Hi Sara! Here you go:

      Halcyon Birds by Brocken Back
      Memories by Petit Biscuit
      Gold by Kiiara
      Coming Over by Dillon Francis, Kygo, & James Hersey

  17. Always love your content. You two are too too cute! I’d only ask Suzzie to lay off the caffeine. Video made me a little dizzy. Otherwise congrats and best wishes…loving the both of you on the blog. I think so many girls find it hard to stay healthy when their beau isn’t. It’s encouraging to see you two compromise in your relationship in a healthy way. I’d like to see more on how you balance your daily life and relationships. Maybe some TSC rules for a happy life???

  18. How did Michael decide on which camera to buy? I’ve been debating, for a while, buying a camera, instead of always using my phone. I don’t want to go out on a whim and spend a chunk of money on a camera that ends up being pretty shitty.

    Would love some tips on where to go to buy one, or any tip on attributes a camera should have!

    <3 Megan

  19. I live in St. Lucia so all I have to do is go outside under a tree for a relaxing spot. I don’t know if we have Xanax in our air but I love my country, it’s my Cabo.

  20. Thanks for sharing Lauryn – such a beautiful way to get a glimpse into your trip! Loved it and can’t wait to see more. Xoxo!

  21. Cabo is definitely one of my faves too! For a closer, not have to get on the plan type of place, Borrego Springs is a hidden gem…just like you said there’s definitely some xani in their air or something…tons of sun, quiet, pools, palm trees and desert air and skies. Take a trip out there! xoxo

  22. Love the vlog! And your snaps. And Michael being more a part of blog. You 2 remind me of myself and husb – before our 4 adorbs but cray babies/kids ???? joined our happy union ? – as a Positano native said to us once – oh no kids yet – so every day still like the honeymoon ? Would love to have worked/be working with my husb the way you guys are. Your love comes shining through – illuminating your work. My only wedding tip you seem to follow anyway – the wedding is just one day – the union it celebrates is the true highlight and magic ✨

  23. Can I ask what hotel you are staying at? I’m planning a trip to cabo and that place looks relaxing and magical, as in I don’t think I’ll have to do much outside the resort other than hunt out good food joints!

  24. GO Michael! best photog there is.

    That’s really the dream, no? Having your boyfriend take your photos and being good? HA.

    Loved the VLOG. So glad you had fun and can’t wait to see wedding planning!


  25. Loved this post! I’m headed to Cabo in a couple weeks with a few girlfriends! Any nightlife/beach bar suggestions? I’m 100% going to Flora Farms.

    xx, jen

  26. My wife and I love Cabo we always go to a haunted place I was hoping if maybe I could find another two or three couples with similar interest that would like to rent a villa then you can get a chef I host and might be better we need to split the cost though they start at around 800 a night

  27. Lauren, do you have a restaurant recommendation list for Cabo? I’ve been to Flora Farms and Acre (love both), but are looking for good options in San Lucas Marina area, thanks!

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