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Buzzkill City: What To Do When You Have Writer’s Block

writer's block | by the skinny confidential

Oh me, oh MY. This one’s for you bloggers, writers, & even vloggers.

We’ve all been there. & especially if you’re a blogger: writer’s block. IT’S A BITCH.

I’ll be the first to admit that creating content on a daily basis can be, well, draining. Not here to complain, I love, LOVE my job. But coming up with new blog posts every single day has its cons.

Going off on a tangent here — I’ve always been a very open person. I’ve never had an issue expressing myself. Before launching this blog I knew that the whole journey would not always be pretty. I have no filter, I don’t bullshit, & can’t post pictures of macaroons & peplum dresses all day. That’s fine & works for some people, but for The Skinny Confidential, it just wouldn’t work. & ultimately, here’s the bottom line: when you put yourself out there & write down your thoughts, feelings, and opinions for a living, you’re going to get backlash. SO YAH, you SEE? CONS.

Another con? Writer’s block.

( Side note: if you guys are interested, I can do a full fucking post on pros & cons of blogging as a job. There are tons of pros but like everything in life, there’s ALWAYS another side. A SIDE a lot of people don’t always get to see ).

SO. Writer’s block is very real… another con of putting yourself out there as a content creator.

Some of you will really relate to this!!

Imagine turning in a two-ish page paper, wanting it to be edited, clean, concise, & all around PERFECT for your teacher every day of the week. That’s what it’s like for a blogger. I don’t want to ever put shit out there. Sure, there’s spelling errors or whatever but I do the best I can. & of course, I’m not perfect — don’t want to be, don’t pretend to be.

Ok clearly the tangent thing is a theme in this post.

Anyway, back to writer’s block.

The main way I combat writer’s block is by keeping an ongoing list. The list is in my iPhone & literally 29873432 pages long. Basically I write down random thoughts all throughout the day. A lot of them come to me in the shower, at a Pilates class, or during sex ( I AM KIDDING, JUST KEEPING IT LIGHT HERE, GEESH ). The shower & Pilates though, totally not kidding. For some reason I’m very much inspired while using coconut body wash or spread eagle on a Reformer?

So the list keeps going & GOING. But just because I have a list doesn’t mean it always works.

Take before we left for Venice & Florence for example: for some reason I was entirely uninspired for like two weeks. Two straight weeks of feeling……….MEH. BLAH. UGH. Not into it.

So what did I do?

Well shit, I knew we were going to be going away so I decided to disconnect from blogging for a few days. Normally I would have NEVER allowed myself do this, BUT I was so uninspired that I knew if I didn’t step away, I’d burn out. Do you know what I mean?

Almost like I needed to rejuvenate & refresh.

Blogging just for the sake of blogging is doing you guys a huge injustice.

After coming back from my trip ( I probably took a total of 8 days off ), I’m back & ready to write & create.

So YAH, if you’re having writer’s block: take notes & step away from the situation.

Don’t step away for too long though.

Then the whole ‘stepping away’ thing will become a fearful experience & you may never get back into it. I suggest 5 to 10 days. Take a break. Get re-inspired. Talk to new people. Eat good food. Step away from the phone. Be present.

For me, being in another country completely filled up my gas tank, you know?

Other easy tips for writer’s block: workout, go for a walk, READ A BOOK ( this helps me A LOT ), listen to a podcast, change your environment, &/or time block ( will do a post on this ).

Creativity comes & goes, and when it comes: EMBRACE THE HELL OUT OF IT. Use it to your advantage. And when it goes, step away from it.

Be easy on yourself but not too easy. Writer’s block is totally normal. If you’re a creator of any sort ( hey! I’m talking to artists too ) what do you do when you get blocked?

OK, ok just had to get those thoughts down for some reason.

Can we also talk about how I’m at an all new low tonight, eating almond butter straight from the jar? Truly though. Like, with a huge spoon too. WOW.

– lauryn

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  1. This is such a great post! That is the one thing people always ask me, how do you keep coming up with ideas? I also read a lot of books, articles, and keep a list of stuff. I would love if you did a pros and cons post about blogging. I would love to see what your thoughts are on that!

    1. What are some of your favorite books Alexis? Always looking for suggestions!
      Thanks for all of the support. I will definitely get started on a pro and con post!

  2. I love this! There should be more chat from bloggers about the difficulties of constantly producing content. Well done you on taking a step back and a moment to find yourself again. It’s so hard to do these days when we are constantly itching to look at our phones! Getting out into nature really helps me, that and talking to my mum – a strange one maybe but she always has new tales to tell. Did you enjoy Italy? Hope you drank some Aperol Spritz…

  3. I love this! There should be more chat from bloggers about the difficulties of constantly producing content. Well done you on taking a step back and a moment to find yourself again. It’s so hard to do these days when we are constantly itching to look at our phones! Getting out into nature really helps me, that and talking to my mum – a strange one maybe but she always has new tales to tell. Did you enjoy Italy? Hope you drank some Aperol Spritz…

    1. YES! Italy was beautiful and SO inspiring!
      I will get working on a list :))
      Thanks for all of your support Harriet. Love your ideas about taking a step back!

  4. Lol, love the humor you throw in there throughout your post. I think we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to writer block. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be creative and innovative. Your advice is so true though. Sometimes a change in scenery or just getting up and taking breaks after being at it for awhile is all it takes.

  5. Writers block is so real. I can relate to harnessing the creativity when it comes, because it fades as well. I would LOVE a post on the pros and cons of blogging. So interested to hear your take! I started doing the iphone notes idea and it helps so much. I also write my topics on sticky notes so that I can move them around on my content calendar. Then I don’t feel like I’m FORCING my creativity one day, and if it’s just not there, I’ll switch things around.

    1. LOVE your sticky note idea Kate! Flexibility is so important for creativity.
      I will get started on a post :))

  6. Love your style and your writing. It always just feels like I’m having a conversation with a girlfriend, but way more informative. 😉 Thanks for keeping it real!

  7. OMG, yes 100x to this. I totally agree in stepping away to avoid burnout. YOU HAVE TO! I believe in listening to yourself and doing what you need to rejuvenate and refresh- just wrote a post on this actually:

    Thanks for always keeping it real- love the no BS approach!

  8. Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to know writer’s block is totally normal. I more commonly have “photo block”–I sometimes think of posts I want to write, but have no pictures to associate with it and then nothing every comes together. Stepping away for a few days sounds like a great way to rejuvenate!

  9. love this. as a new blogger, I’ve only been creating daily content for about 3 weeks now and can see how – especially for a blogger with your history and success – it could get draining at times.

    would LOVE to see a “pros & cons” list about blogging.

    thanks for always keeping it real! xo.

  10. I’ve been blogging for about 9 months and in the beginning held myself to way too strict of a schedule. I wanted to post 5 times a week, consistently on the same day and at the same time. It really kind of took the joy out of blogging and was stressing me out. I’ve slowly learned to let my posts come natural and if that means only 2 quality posts a week it’s 100% ok!

  11. Love this post…I get writer’s block and artist’s block from time to time…but I think it’s the mind’s way of telling you “hey – I need to chill out for a sec before I combust.” You should definitely listen to that shit. 🙂 Love the idea of a post on the pros and cons of blogging.

    1. Completely agree Morgan!!
      I will get working on that list :))
      What are some of your favorite ways to reset?

  12. I’m like you, I constantly have a list because creating content all the time can be draining creatively. Whenever I have writers block I do something I would never usually do whether it’s eating a foreign food or meeting up with a new person I just get out of my comfort zone and things start to come at me! Thanks for sharing

    1. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to boost creativity Courtney!!
      Thanks for reading :))

  13. Love this, Lauryn! One thing I’ve always been self-conscious on was the pressure to produce content everyday – especially while working full time. I found I started making really lame “filler posts” so I made the executive decision to commit to 3x a week. I do get down on myself about it to this day, but it allows me to maintain (at least in my opinion) quality over quantity and I’m trying to chip away to get to at least 5x a week. It is HARD though, so mad respect to how you do it (with such phenomenal quality). & I agree! Traveling is 100% what keeps me inspired, as well!

    I would LOVE a post on, honestly, the cons of blogging – and it’s weirdly a breath of fresh air to know that bloggers I admire (i.e. you!) feel the same writer’s block. Thanks for always keeping’ it real! x Shannon

    1. You are SO sweet Shannon. Thank YOU!
      Quality over quantity is definitely the way to go! Don’t get down on yourself. You are doing an AMAZING job pursuing your dream.

  14. Yasss! I write content for other people AND myself (through blogging + podcasting) and writers block IS REAL!

    I do handstands. 🙂 and I read my favorite blogs. (this one included) Reading other people’s writing that resonates with me helps spur creativity. Some days/weeks if I’m really having issues, I just nap it off. It’s weird but sleep seems to REALLY help my creativity!

    Thanks for putting such great content out there! xoxo

  15. I went through the same funk for the last 3 weeks after I had surgery. I could NOT get my shit together. But I finally pulled it together and have been busting ass all week and it feels great. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break and sometimes you need to just push through it. I read all of the books and consumed ALL of the podcasts I could. They didn’t necessarily give me inspiration but they let my brain detach from work and kind of reset. So yeah, these things all helped me also! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hope you’ve been having a speedy recovery Christine!!
      Breaks are SO crucial! Which podcasts are your favorites? Love suggestions :))

  16. About the stepping away-part: I’m not a writer but a campaigner (like, a creator in a different way) and sometimes you just can’t come up with ideas anymore. I’ve learned over the years that when you’re someone who is constantly delivering good work on a high level and might be afraid that something happens or people forget about you while you step away: Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Zilch. Noone will even notice.

    Then you come back refreshed, find your rythm again and before you know it you’ll pick up on a spark again and the fire gets going again. After you’ve experienced this a few times, you get less adraid to take these breaks when you need them.

  17. I think , I am going through those low phase now…..
    Love reading others blogs to get a little refreshed!!!!!

    1. Reading definitely gets the creativity flowing again!! What are some of your other favorite reads R?

  18. I could relate to this on SO many levels! I truly appreciate you being so open and honest. I love your voice coming through your written words, I honestly felt as though you were talking directly to ME, face-to-face. I’m new to your blog and came across it from another blogger who shared this article as one of her weekly favorites. I’ll definitely be coming back 🙂 I think the hardest thing for me to do is step away, and that’s with anything in my life. It’s not always the best quality to have because like you’ve mentioned, you can easily burn out. So, it’s definitely something I have to work In order to really produce great content, you sometimes do need to be present in the moment and allow yourself to truly take in all that you’re in and around, which can then be positively reflected in your work!

    Thanks so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead!



    1. AW! You are SO sweet Jalisa!! I’m so happy you found your way to The Skinny Confidential :))
      Stepping away is crucial. What fun things did you do this weekend?

  19. Great topic.
    I love the part where you compare each blog post to turning in a paper to your teacher every day–it really does feel that way.
    I only started blogging recently, March to be exact. I had the idea in my head for my blog for six years and was always finding reasons not to get started–couldn’t think of a perfect name, didn’t have a good enough camera, and on and on. It took me such a long time to decide that putting something out there, even if it wasn’t 100% the way I wanted it, was better than nothing at all. Even if each blog post isn’t a masterpiece, it’s an accurate portrayal of how I am in that moment on that day, and that IS good enough!
    My blog is just as much–if not more–for me than for people who may read it. It’s a chronicle, a platform, a creative outlet. It pushes me to create and I love that.
    Beyond the recent blogging foray, I’ve been a writer for years and used to work in journalism. The best way I’ve always found to battle writers block is reading. Reading ANYTHING–in-depth newspaper features, poetry, other blogs I admire, anything from a writer who has a way with words is good for getting me back on creative track.

    1. WOW! Congratulations Kaitlin for getting your blog out there!!
      Great tip on reading. Who are some of your favorite authors?

  20. Would LOVE the pros/cons list of a blogger! You’re so right about taking a 5-10 day break and/or reading a book. Those are also my two go-to’s when I just am starting to feel a little blogger burn out. Or… completely unplugging like you did recently! Step AWAY from the social media… haha. XO!

  21. I don’t ever really think about not having things to write as writers block I think of it as resistance. In my mind, a block is jus that there is nothing there. But there is always something there you just have to push through the resistance. Whenever I read really motivating books, or something online I will highlight or bookmark it so that I can come back to read something super motivating when I have writers black. That is what helps me really push through it.

  22. Love reading this as a lifestyle & relationship blogger myself writers block can be REAL and I really appreciated your post! Thanks for being an inspiration

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