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Beginner Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

Today we get to welcome Lori Harder to the blog. I mean, jazz hands right? If you have yet to

Angel Investing 101 With Kira Jackson

Today on the blog we are welcoming SUCH badass, go-getter. Like you guys don’t even know. Kira Jackson is smart

Introducing The HOT MINUTE PLANNER: The Perfect Everyday Planner Because We All Need a Fucking Minute

OFFICIALLY FREAKING OUT. Like SCREAMING actually. FINALLY. An exclusive drop, just for you. Ok so, TWO years ago I shared with

Meet The Skinny Confidential Team: Parker Miller

YOU.GUYS.OMIGOD. Today on the blog we have someone who is KEY in operations here at The Skinny Confidential. Parker Miller.

How to Decline a Meeting to Get Shit Done

So excited that Samantha Heapps is back on the blog today. If you have yet to meet Sam, check out

Angie Lee on Business, Routines, CBD, and the Secret to Success

Angie Lee and I met online and immediately I found her content to have extreme value. She was always putting

Passion, Hustle & Barbie Cakes with Brittni Popp of Betchin Cakes

We are in for such a treat today. Brittni Popp from Betchin Cakes is here to give us all the

The Life-Changing iPad Situation You Need To Know About

I have to tell you, I will never go back to a traditional laptop. I can’t believe I’m even saying

How to Manifest Something & My Favorite Crystals To Help You

You guys…it’s time to manifest your best life into existence. If we aren’t actively manifesting our best life into a

Launching a Podcast, Scaling Your Business & Leaning In To What Makes You Unique

Zack Peter is my babe. No really. He is my mentee. He is larger than life, incredibly talented, handsome, charismatic,

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Leaning into Your Emotions To Build Your Business

So excited to have Scout Sobel on the blog today. If you’re an entrepreneur, a hustler looking to step up

Tips for Financial Freedom, Investing & Saving Your Money

Recently Michael & I did a semi-solo episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast all about finances. I

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